The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, March 13, 1899, Image 2

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A W.oU.j Newspaper Issued Every
Monday Noon by the University
Publishing Association.
Kntuml as iMjeoiid Class Mall Matter.
Geo. L. Towne Mannplnp Editor
M.I. Stew art Kdltot-ln-Chief
J.T. Stunner Edgar Clark.
Clinton Harr.
Edgar Cnuuli. Unu-o Mae Millan.
Ada Whiting. Melon Woods.
It D. Amirusoii. Clydo Van Valin
ioii.s iii'iiuireiuentN. The university
roaches out to help the teachers of
the state Ininirdiu'tH.v In Its kiiiihiiov
school, wnleh hit" prospered during
the hienniutn that the w$rent for
the (trst time in 'MS modi It a summer
sesHin of the university, evtending
the time to a term of six weeks. Tihla
will enable teaehera to gain credit in
the university and to have nmre thor
ough vmrU done for Mioni.
Benton Dale-
.Alum u
The Nebrnsknn will be sent to any
address upon receipt of the subscrip
tion price, which Is one dollar a year.
Contributions are solicited from all.
News items such'as locals, personals,
reports of meetings, etc., are especial
ly desired. The Nebrasknn will be
glad to print any contribution rela
tive to a general university subject,
but the name must accompany all
Address all communication to the
Nebraskau, University of Nebraska.
'llic "l M. I- A. iloente. u
la lion for the energ.v and pifcdi it has
shown tin year. .Not ni has. the
iiicmlietvhip 'toll been largely iucroas
fi. lull il" llieMeHIV of oil 111 HMI1.-.II! i
much iikhv tliiMi in proportion. The
new quart, rs in the bi.-Miieiit are an
evidence if ite piosperit ami aotixit.
1 lie oiat.irio.V. ..jiiIo-I i oxer ami
the iimxers.itj'.s icpnv nlatixe to the
.late eoi lest h.i been ohm-en. The
net step in the sericte i- the xxiiining
of the nrl pkiee at llie e tt t i I)
held . Hellenic preparatory to the
irrealer roiiet In lie held .u l.involll
m Max. Why not m-ivI a .ro tk
jTJition" to IteliexueV It i. only a short
ili-tHiitv ami IT" .l rale can be e-
eliriHl. ,
mt. w.Mtirs UBi'our.
Dr. II. l. Nam, its ehalrinan of the
zooiogietil Miu-coinnnttee 01 tliu sol
ene coniuiitucc of sixty, Nutiioiuii I'd
uetitional association, lias jwst pre
pared and sent out the tl new letter to
the committee wil'li reference to the
leport to be made tin is year to tlie
gen nil association on tlie subject of
touching oology in secondary schools.
The correspondence which lius Ik'cu
going on for a couple of years in tills
matter will ne concluded this year
with the presentation of tlie report to
tlie gvneral association. The report
xxill be xvrltten by Dr. Ward in accord
ance xxfth tllie " from
the xnrii us member of tlie sub-coin-mlttcc.
The Itcgent liaxe established with
in the bienuiiiiii unixprsit.x county
scholarships to henellt the poor, Imt
ii'erviiig Ihi.x-. and. girl- in the
school-. ittviriiiir a higher education.
The. scdicmc is an adaptation of one
i that has worked well in other states,
t uotnhlx New York and IKinoix. A
I scholarship is oiicred in each' county
mnintninintr a first chiss three or four
year iMirh school. The fcholctrship
will he awarded in .student, passing
ifie best 'niK'liiie examination pro-
' vided th-- candidates meet the require-
iiK-ii'ts for adiniHsioiv lo the loxvcst
work carried at the university. A
j scholarship nmy be witb or witiiout
I privileges. If the candidate has p.-ou-
j ninry need, the scholar-hip will esirry it the prixllege of Htpcusing
"iwi me jhi.viii-im oi any ice or ie
jHisit of any kind at the unixensitx.
except tlie mntrieiiliitioii fee required
1 1 i.v the --tut ute. The utHvondtv county
scholarship- arc lint one of the ninny
means bx wliieh the uinivcrshx eii--oiiRifr
noed.x stiiilents. The genu
inely di4ih-rniie spirit of the unixer
sitx make it pusiWV for a larire niini
Imt .f tlio het t4idellt to hei thein
m'1w lix outride xxork.
Course 2S Weens.
Fees $05.00.
Otfors great inducements to slit
dents of medicine in tlie west.
Methods of instruction most satis
Clinics in bo'li surgery and medi
cine held in the following hospitals in
this city: County, Methodist, Child's,
Immanuel and Presbyterian hospitals
Catalogue sent and questions an
swered by !:. W. CHASE, Omaha,
Nebr., Continental block.
The University of Nebraska
Is butter fitted than over before to give artistic instruction in
Voice Training, Piano Forie Playing, and all
other principal branches of Music,
1 he (entur.x .Mazine itois .xenr of
fers to the iiieiiMierts of te chirei of
"'J7, "lis. " and lwau in American co5-lege-
tfcfcV'priea. of $230 rnch. The
.ue iu be gixen. one for the bei k
em. one of the lierJ e-sy ami tile
third for the let Mory Mibmit4cl to
the judjr .- in the Competition. llc
i . nire ipHirtunitj for oine o. the
lliemlier if these cJbmm- xxmo liaxe lit
eral x aspinilioiis. and hou"d Ik- taken
,iH.tnla$.re of.
The Hagenoxx xtringed cpiartet xvere
"n Deiiiiison and Manning. Ioxx-n. last
xxeek. While there they nrrangcil for
i a return next year.
Mi- Cave and l.eynolds and hc
: mandolin elidi fnrnislietl the iniisie at
, l4ie onilorical contest Friday ex-eiiiiig.
John Kandolph is giiiii;; a cour.-e of
illnstrate lectures on historical sul-
jeds on Mondny afterniKiii ln'fon' tlie
hlo-n deiartmc!it. Henry Eatne is
ghlng- a similar conrw before the pi-
pil of i he piiHiforte dejiartinent.
Henry Kaino furnished the iniiIt
at chapel last xveek during the absence
of Dircelor Kimball in Omaha.
The follow iiifr new student.-, enter
ed lat xxeek: Snrnh Dertrain. Tinlic
Kinkaid. Mrs. John Ord. Jessie I'.yeo.
Helen Fiijrerald. Frank Vlctery.
1 lie pirMt-ts for a Mj.i Uii-t- ImiI
team are exceedingly briglit. A larjfe
iiuniiHT .tie praelicuig l.r llie leant
.Hid fot m jrlx exerx m:Ii.jii i lien
are scUT.ii aij.lii1e. jol M-heil-die,
too. ir- Im-iii arraiit-d. xxaieli in- '
cliideis g-aiue xxith Kansas. Missouri
and hixxa, and ipoxides for hii eastero
trip. It seems likely that 1lioe xvh'J '
like lo see good bate ball will liaxe
an .-veeiiein opjHirtitiiitx ihi- xar.
'J he iMJiiiber of iuatrieuilei for til is
xear has JWlrf Jon. .i laiger iiuuWkt
linn iias exer been ru-iied befor- in
one y,vr. I hi doe t.vA iiieMi, of j
eniiiM-. 1 luil th 're hate been exactly
7M iiexx ft ikIci.1- rejfol reil. tor Milne
of tllrhe are old t-ntldentlt. li--eiileiiif
for graduate xx.jrk. Neeitlwle there
is concliiKixe piMiof in ihii that t'le
uiihentiix i- ii,l jfi.(;iijf an I the
xnrk r jOil-) n eaeli ,i ,ei-or .11.1
inwtriK ;ir . oejuently iiu raiiiijf.
In xiexx of UW fan. if then- were
ii" oihei Jri.rn!iiiil. it txoiild Mem
thai ihe :eif:iiui' Jioii thnk eri
oiifl.x liefme n-hi-iiie ihe a!nr-ad ioxx
apjimpiiali.ui for th salaries of the
iiliixersilx'- teneliiiiv foree. The iiim
ierit i-hii most eaxilx ! eriidcl in
this Hin. and eMfM-cialU jiih4 ntf this
eriiieal jM-riol of it dcxelnpiucmV.
'llie bieaiHh of the uuiw-rwityV
xxrk for t.iie state Is i Memlinj.. ,fc
a part r,f the etluea! uual miHciii the
iiniieiv iv it. ended voting- n mCi)i jj,e
need I. of icacln-i Tlurl -nine l.-aeli--t'
eertifn.l1 I. haxe Iwen i,t.iud to
L.'ra'liiali- .if ihe iinixerwilx takinff tlie
. U. or li. -. detrree. anl in addition
theielo ue.-eisKf till y Hiuietiliv the
re.juirenienls of llie tinixeositv t aeh.
ers rtiutw vn.Uijrnf nf two year, of
KTHH-ia! and trnfes.iotial frtud'v. The
!at leinKlnDure ernKiwerel the re
Vn1 1,, ?t.,- Hiew eertlfH'alev. The
iniinlier taken aod tlit unread of tlie
ide throiio-h the uid-sh im
teaehllifr Is H tT4ifimion ladieiile 1hal
the h wVA oeove Jienefiei-iH 'nM.
leeifllirni U onraUel to thm in jn-un
oher t-11 e. twl eillble p-rjiliHl" of
ih" nniv'riiv to filn ftmrwr rifovui.
1'ion out-Me tlie .t1e The rr9dune
of n'.Miv.' .., V ,'tl,,,,,, -lm-1n"
t..r'tl-ir .,.m11i'i. ., Hhfi1riiH to
nil i wn'ti 1-iini- . u, pre-
AXXfir.NCKM i;.t.
I.'ne.i'n. Neh.. March 10 19. To
ihe Kd'nor ! 'llie Xeiiiastcan: !"
!mi- 1 i -iniioiiiiee through your eoj.
eiiiii. hat I am a eanlidiHe for r!ie
no'iii licit ion for mayor. Miiojeci to the
ileeitsi'iii of ihe rtijHibllejin prlniaris
to I' held on Tuehday. March 14. 'J'hia
is at, edneaiional center, nutl all who
ir- in1e-e-, 1 iii the elncaliulMl ia
stltiiiioiit. of this city sJiould hax-e a
sNeial intercut in eeurin giKMl city
poxerniuent. The fae.tlly and tti
lent, of the a4e unixersity an, many
of them, xoter. and all have nx-ans of
iatliu-neiiig voters wlifch they shouUl
not neglect. It Is to be IiojmyI. there
fore, that all Inl.Trwted in the nnixer
shy and tJie city of Lincoln, will not
consider it a saerlflre Inn a duly to
go to toe mite on tlie 14th and cast a
xoie. and ue their influence in ikiiiiI
iiaiinv iu-!i candidates. a in llieir
.iudiMuent. will In? for Uc 14 itMcre
of ihe iiuixerwiiy and llie city. During'
ihe two rvr I have uceu n iiieni!er
of the eity emneil 1 liave trlwl. with
other, to remote cUmmcs. in tJie ttiti
nieiuil ailntinistntfioii. to conduct the
eity biiMinesM in an eillcicnt and mi
iioinleal mail tier.
In my preneiw eandidaey I have not
Miiiidit the Kiijmorl of aoy Ke-ial in
ieret or clt. but I do solicit ihe
siipMoi of everyone who Miami for a
clean and iiiiirlliil adinlitU4ration .if
eity affair. H. J. WIXXIIT.
The Htirlington Koutc has ctablished
a twiec-'.ixvcck tmiri-t car lino from
Kansas City and Lincoln to Iltittc. Spo
kane, Taeoma and Seattle.
Car.-, leave Kaunas City and Lincoln
every Tue-day and Thursday, arriving
at Seattle following Friday anil Sunday.
They are upholstered in rattan. The
bedliueu and furnishings are clean and
of good quality. The heating, venti
lating and toilet arrangements are all
that can be desired ami each car is in
charge of a uniformed Pullman porter,
whose ole duty is to attend to the
wants of passengers.
Cars run through without change of
anv kind and the lertli rate from IJn-;
cofn to Taeoma or Seattle is only $o.OO. j
To intermediate points it is proportion- j
atcly low. i
Montana and thePtiget Sound country j
are now enjoying :i period of unex
ampled prosperity. A- a consequence. I
travel to the Xorthxxest is rapidly attain-1
ing large proportions. Thi- nexv tourist-1
car line has been e-talilislieo with a vioxv
of caring for the Burlington's share of
it in the be-t possible manner.
For lerths. ticket- and full informa
tion apply at H. it M. depot or city otlicc.
corner Kith and O street.-.
G. W BONNELL, C. P. & T. A.
Students will receive full information by ap
plying at the School located directly
South of the Campus, and can
enter at any time.
Tuition is the Lowest Consistent with Sound
Stand at the Head
in fine Merchant Tailoring. We take the lead
in the great central west. We can suit you
in both style and fit.
d. l mine aoTnmQ store
i 2 17 O Street.
Ready to Write
Instrument of To-day is
WnTERnnn's - idehl
- .raunmm rcn
an indispensable convenience for
Business .Men
Teachers and
Every Pen warranted 10 give atis-
faction. Prices according to value.
Catalogues furnhthcu.
L. E. Waterman Co.
t.trz'tt I'ouiuin I'm rUnulacturcr in llie
157 Broadway,' New York.
Northwestern University
The high stanJarJ and progressive
methods which have given this
School its enviable reputation tor
over thirty years are carefully main
tained. For circulars of detailed informa
tion address the Secretary.
Dr. N. S. DAVIS,
2431 Dearborn St., - - - CHICAGO. ILL.
Prices from S15 Up.
jASk W iUK &
tegs. SZ -J AO ffiit f k.i ?r
TJfiiwlA Best
Tl.' iau rjritstraii'iii Utr pli,t tntiiiin .'!.-. ha nit.-liiHl
I'im-t.x-lJirw. 'Ihi U fu.r of m
ImU -aii.liljifct im.l n4hlrtj. ctiic
'i'hrt' ( utlll Mvmmhi of mi Intloor
mivi with tlie OnuUia Y. M. C. A. 'I'iu
trttmUiav t-iilMuillfH 1o that mmh-k4.
tin lix l)r. Uiun i. lill iiikKt
tliSr -iiKi1cmii(.n.
Dr. Loonhrrlt's
Cures Nervous Ills.
'l'"i;?.V'a""" ' " Xfwu. IIS
nrt I'll! t 'Hon uuV flk. l j(y
H.tX f s ltny , Tn mu
trre. IJrojrtfUu c or drtm AniM'iU
C . UuvolL Vt a.
Vrrt AdvUjry Irnt. for frn.
Harvard University
HClh Annual Announcement (1898-99).
In and aft.jr Juiii'. 1101. cundidap
for dnii-.,ioii tuunt iin'iit a tUrmi in
Art l.itoraturo, I'liitogophy, Scioni'O or
.Mdl'iii from ii riu-iii'tii'iiul tutWftrn nr
jX'll'lltili.' M'liool. with tllO OXl't'ptloil of
uiieli iereJiiJ. of feiiitubli! ag ami Jiltalii
uioiit. a may hu admittiid Uy pot'lul
iiim! raciiiiy iKuii in euun i&o.
For duUdlud iiifoniiution coiicurnliig
connive of iiitriit'tioii, or cataloguu.
Unrtat.1 MwJicuil Hehooi. liuntoo. Mm..
COLLKGB men everywhere are invited to eend fir the Waihburn Souvenir Ltloc.
1: car.talm nearly ; r prtralu ofartms and collegian, let5e (ivitig torn- -ctount
it th coastrucuon of Woshbcn iatr me-.ia and a complete Hit of net pr.t-I'.rst-ctaM
taarJr cealers the xvorl-J over rrtl Wa!trurn. or Instrument r-.y be
obtal'wj fro-i i":j naleTS
Lyon & Healy, Chicago.
Turpin's School of Dancng.
Childron's class, Saturdays 2:30 p. m.
Ladies' and gentlemen's class. Mondays 8p.m. Assemblies or
Advanced Class, Wednesday Evenings.
Tlio AeadDuiy.ouVrs udvanUiujo for cotillion cIijIh. private part'. w
Is nowly fiiniitlii'. and dc'.rated. Will ! rented at reasonable rate
Tor further information adiire.
Ntw CIiiki far Children and
Adult nuw I' rml g.
And "QUALITY" about the
photographs made at the
Elite Studio
That make them famous. All on ground floor. 226 So 1 1 th SU