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Vol. VII.
1'ltIOK 5 CKNT3
Resolutions Passed by the State Senate Charging
Him With reconduct.
The Affair to be Investigated Further upon the Return of the
First Nebraska.
There lists been considerable space
given of l:te in the daily papers, in re
gird to Colonel John M. Stiiisuuhurg,
tin reccntl.V npointed colonel of tlie
First Nebraska, now in the Philippine
nothing which cnVls into promi
ni nee in any way. one who Is well
Ki ami at the I'niversity cannot fail
to Ik- of interest to university stu
dt uts. All cadets of last year reinei.
Im r Colonel Stotsenburg, und know
how he endeaored to instill into them
si'..e of the real spirit of militarism,
lit believed that the regiment of ca
di 1s should have practical knowledge
of military affairs and during- me
course of the winter gave many intci
e-tiiig illusthtted talk on etiinp life,
on fort life, and on many other phases
'I he Slate Hoard of Agriculture met
in its thirty-niiitih annual session last
Tucs.u, afternoon in university ehup-
L'M 131W1TV NOTKti. 1
Tliu fourteenth bionniul report of'
the board of regents to the governor
luis just been transmitted to the leg
Is'nturc, and In It are some ln'tcrest-ui-g
statistics. It shows that the unl
vcrsit. has increased In attendance
the past bicnnlum from l.f.OO to 1,'JIj.
1U enrollment has gained 25.07 per
ccnl. The number of collegiate stu
dents ha.x gained III per cent and its
gia.luatc students 201.. pur cent. The
gain in the school of mechanic arts
has hi en U'fl per cent ami in the
school of agriculture 51 per cent. Fie
ht.mlied and seventeen students hae
graduated the past three years out
ol its 1,073 alumni. It lnus irrautcd SO
hither degrees the past three vears
as nguii'.st 50 during the previous bis
tort, of the university. It has gained
pi Hit nuiturity of it students, The
nurnge age is now 22 years. The
.vomcst student is 1.1, the oldest 01.
It has ten more countries ami states
reprcMUted than two years ago. Six
more counties in Nebraska are rep
lcscn'led. making seventy-live counties
in ill. It has S72 women enrolled, as
A One-Sided Game Was Played Last Tuesday
Evenining The Final Score
Was 51 to 7.
I, continuing in session the greater "JP"1151 01 two yen is ago. In rccog
xirt of the followimr da v. President iiitmn of tills constituency the olYiee
Dnnliltk called the meeting to order. ,,r 1)'", of Women has been created.
and the roll of counties was called. ,l ' issued seven county scholar-
to which forty delegates responded. -'"I,s d thirty-nine teachers' certiti
Tliis was a much larger uiiiii'ucr than '" since .In tie. 1.VJ7. It has 005 stu ji. attendance at the last meet- ,,ls fathers arc farmers,
iiig. . tv nty-six laboring men, llfty-nine
Chancellor MneLenii' addressed th l miitt-r.s and many whose parents aie
mecliii". emending a hearty welcome. P1 Chilis, lawyers, etc. It has re
n'ter which he gave a brie'f, but con-' l'0,,',1 "tny gifts from friends, cs-ei.-c
statement of what was being l,,,,-H. exhibitors of the ret'ent tnms
ilnw along agricultural lines in the -Mississippi and international e.vposi
universlty. The delegates expressed " t ent 104 volunteers to the
themselves as beinr surprised and :u'' Spanish-American war, of whom
uiii i-vigui were ouicers. 11 nas ine
Schedule of The
Examinations Which
Will be Given This
inueli pleased with the chancellor's re
pcri. Reports were read by the president,
secretary and treasurer.
liotli president anil secretary en-
of the subject. In fact in everything tert( i,,to the subject of the future
lit did hac as coiiiinandaiit of cadets, (f t,0 stnte fair, neither of them ex
tended to put the practical side of mil- pressing themselves as having much affairs to the front. No com- - i,or. f its continuation, so long as
pla.nts were eer made against lilm ;,.... location remained at Omaha. Later
while he held his university office. ; .. M..Vsion this became the most
He left Lincoln as a major of vol- .important subject of discussion, the
unteers, and has since been promoted oninion becoming general that much
to the rank of Colonel, owing to tnc in,, ,a,i resulted to the agricultural
resignation of Col. llratt. Soon after interests f the state from its change
liiipi-iMi'v lwgae to ls mtl" against ,f -fwi.tlon.
him individually, and later a petition T,c need' of a monthly or quarterly
has lieen signed by many of the rcgi- bulletin of agriciilturar crop stntisti-
meiit and sent to the war department ,.., ,at -,,. emphasized. Mr. John
.. . . . 1 T.1..1 .....I . - . . .
ii-siviiiLT mat in uc wiuiiiraw 11. inc.
charges against him are brough
in the following rcsoliiitoiis, wliicn Tuesday evening two games of . any 1, 2 or 3 of the 1st, ;id and 5th
basket ball were played in the gymna- la.x
aium. The llrst game was between "7 I' m': All dashes and divisions
.1 lis 1- 1 .1 in i 1. .reciting at 3 p. in., any 1, 2 or 3 of
Hit. Phi Kappa ami the IM11 Delta tho 2d. Ith ami 0th das.
Theta fraternities. But the game of WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25.
the evening, however, was the meet , 1" " iu: All chimes and divi
btlween the university and the nionv: reciting at 10:20 a. in., 5 days or
lUaiie college tennis. ' tiai&, or any 1, 2 or 3 of the 1st, 3d.
In the ilrst game each f rat was sup- "ml 5th days,
ported by a large number of sympa- 10:20 a. in. 12:20 p.m.: All classes
thi.trs, who cheered on their favor- j and divisions reciting at 11:20 a. 111.,
"Hex with enthusiastic applause. The , ' hiy or 4 days or any 1, 2 or 3 of the
Phi Deltas had the best of the game - Lst, 3d and 5th days,
fr mi the start, but hud to work hard -7! p. in.: All classes and divisions
nevertheless, as their opponents werei retiting at 1 p. 111., o days or 4 days
determined and fought html until or ny 1, 2 or 3 of the 1st, 3d and 5th.
pist hicnniimi Veneered the electrical
la'ioratory and shops, extended the
iiiir building and the barn at the.
1 inn, erected si new carpenter shop
am! foundry and the college of me
cimnic arts.
1 1. the report the regents asked for
licSlcr library faei'ities, provision for
botanical and ireolairical surveys in
Nebraska, a new boiler house, steam j Stebbin
iii.hh .tiKi iiricit iiiaueis ior ine steam and provision for the interior
cmupli-tioii of the north wing of the
evilege of mechanic arts. They also
n-U lor two htikltKts ''or th relief of
the ovcit'rowded condition of the uui-
xersil!. One is to be a new buiMim
for the fann school and experiment
The HvoV of ebraska. statistician of the ! stJSJu'n' !1 "'"f. hshling, power
t out deiiarliuent of agriculture at Wash- ,"'1 "''IS1,I,I,'' l't and a green-
noiite. an ai ine larm. I lie other is in
wtrc introduced in the house of rep
r vfiiiatnes of the legislature now in
-i i 1. : It is common rejiort com
jiig fnun the sons of Nebraska parents.
MfMiig tht-ir country in Manila and
I lit Philippines, of unjust and iinsol
durl; treatment of the men in the
1 irt NcbninKa regiment, by Colonel
s trsenlnirg, and
Whereas. These charges have lieeii
..i:i. ii It 1 1 with the fcceician of
ir alitl
Wt.t-reas, The humblest private vol-
1 wr Mildier, whether at homo or
1 """ miles away is entitled to the
1i 'I iroeetioii of evtrrv right, theit-
I r
lt I-1, That our sennioi-s and n p
i - ir.itiui in ctiiigress 1ms rciieted
' r'i- the honorable sveretnry of war
"(1 11 h (olonel StolHeubiirg from
' I irst NebniKka tduiitwrs. United
s it- .irni. ami reliirn him to duly
i' )u- -i-gular army. And
Li -iJ.I, That iijKin the return of
'' l"n-.t Nebraska ri'giiiient to Aiik-i-
1 1 lien ti-siimoiiv can bi- !uard. that
' ' ' . Iiareo iilliers.ill lielii'i !,
'I.e Iri.iiilh f tin- men of :hi- r-if-
' ' iii -tiniild lii- fnlh iinestiifiiietl and
1 I'limoijiiieilt iiitlieleU as Hie ea
, 'ken. liK"re.
I ' i-il. further. That the secretary
" !' alito r-iue..led to hear and
' 'luiiie all eharifeik now on tile. 111
1 1 .-lee of the adjutant ifPiieral of
11111 against iilliivtn, for tinl:i-
' "1 .inm re. illation. towarU -'l-
I xihliers 1 10111 the Mtate 'if Ne-
irs'ion, ns earnestly recommended to
Protdilcirt McKinloy as director of the
I' nitcd Slates census. S. C. P.nsset of
Oibbon wns elected president and
Kobeil W". Furnas -as re-eleetel sec
neiari for the coming year.
be as a relief building on t'he campus, the form of an extension to
Crant memorial hall and to be known
as the iiniiersity MiMiers iiiemorial
had. This will provide ftir an en
Si.iVtM armory, women's gymnasium,
an.liioriiim for tiiinineiKcineiU-.. cou-
eerif, etc., furnisli a chapel of proper
K!e ior tiaiiy meetings, gne accom
iinMlntioi for the exposition organ
about to he giien by the alumni and
affoid additional class rooms.
Dr. !L II. Wolcott has recently been
elected one of the editors of the Quar
terly llulletiii. publishetl by the Mich
igan Ornithological club, "the most
llii!ithing organization of its kind in
the couirtry at the proeirl time.
lLimiltoii W'. Mnbie in the Atlantic
M ntl.Iy of November, LS9S, speaks of
the growth of universities in an ar
ticle entitled "Tin Intellectual Move-
Otis Weeks graduated from the civil
eneineering group ol the university
in 'W He filtered in the fall of '01,
I a ire. gradiiated from the high
seiicol the previous spring. He vas
.i e ol tuir caecirtinHy "military" stu
dents, having captured at different
liineK the goltl medal for the best In
diti'liinl tlrill in the manual of nvrms
and the silver medal for the best drill
in Hie artillery. Weeks wsis sili-o in
th coii.iauy that made itself famous
by winning the maiden driM in the
naiioiinl enmpetitive drill at Omaha
111 1SW. He was also a memlicr ol , ,. ei . ii the !." s.iys: "Wisconsin,
the f.rst "Junior Prom." coinniittee. Miuitoiotn and Nolmislm have liown
Alter graduation Weeks began at ' a similar breadth of iew in building
timt was called.
'i he feature of the game was the
roueli plu.viug, the officials making 110
uttenrpt to hold the players to the
Slebbins and Pryce tlid sonic good
team work and threw most of the
goals. Pcarse. and llenediet of the
Phi Psis phiyed the game for their
t-ain, The score was 25 to 4. The
live-uj was as follows:
Phi Delta Theta. Phi Kappa Psis.
forward Pearse
MeCreery forvvsird .... Manchester
Prvc (Cajit.) . . . .center P.enedict
Ili.V.lie guard Christie
Lukcy guard ..Ilituliiuan (Ccqit.)
The game betvveeni the. '"yi;ge
teauio was an easy victory for tlie
university. The team played well to
gether and has improved much in
1 heir team work since the last Wes-
Itxnii game.
Tht game was quHe scientific and
tl.e work of both teams was vigorous
an'! rapid, but Doaue did not play
together and was unable to stop the
combination play of their opponents.
'lucre was very little fouling, most
of it being done by Domic. The uui-v.-nilv
team made but one foul.
In the first lmlf Doaue took a
irai'L and iimdc three goals. At wood,
who played center for Doaue, was
cry active and got the ball several
li.ius from Moore. He also yot free
4 ( p. in.: All classes and divisions
reciting at 4 p. in., any 1, 2 or 3 of tlie
2d, 4th ami Oth days.
S 10 a. in.: All classes and divisions
reciting at 10:20 a. in., any 1, 2 or 3
ot the 2d, 4th and nth days.
10:20 a. ni.l2:20 p. 111.: All classes
and divisions reciting at 11:20 a. in.,
any 1, 2 or 3 of the 2d, 4th and Oth.
2 1 p. in.: All classes and divisions
reciting at 5 p. m., 5 days or 4 days
or an. 1, 2 or 3 of the 1st, 3d and 5th
40 p. 111.: All classes and divisions
reciting at 5 p. m , ny 1, 2 or 3 c
the 2d. 4th and ftth days.
S 10 a. 111.: AM classes and divis
ions reciting at is: 20 p. 111.
11:20 a. in. to 12:20 p. in.; All class
es aiiil divisions reciting at 1 p. in.
2- 4 p. 111.: All classes and divisions
reciting at 7 p. m.
40 p. 111.: Any classes not pro
vi!e. for in the above schedule.
1'r. Peterson offers the following
new courses for ne.vt semester:
1. The Icelaudie Sagas; three hours,
open to advanced students; time of
leeeliiiy to be determined.
'. llenrfk Ibsen's Prose Dramas:
I lie Doll's House,"
OhoAts." "The
a 1 umber of times, but only succeeded I Wild Duck;" open to everybody, two
in scoring one goal. The score at the hours. The English translation will
end of the first half was 20 to 7 in be the basis for cross work, but stu-
lavoi 01 the university. 111 tue sec- uenis using me uermaii version or
the hot loin, as does everyone who
voiiM learn all lie ought of his cho--t
a profession. He -ent to Porte
iiniiith. N. II., working as a section
hand: then he Iiccnme seel ion boss
f ir th- Hoslon it Maine railroad. He
is now Hssiaiutrt road master for the
Vainc Central, with headquarters at
J.!. That a copy of :he-e re soli-
-I1.1H be T'llii-liiitted ti tlie s e.
. id war at uliee.
lesoliit ili p.iSM-d the M'll'lte
nlv line ilis-eiitiiig vote. but
c on.i ieiufo'e uiinn and im-
1 il arKiiioeiiift in ilie house.
1- the fa- ki fir asjains! him
1 j U lie fol'mvcd willi interest
tiMvrsii stulein.
Miss Helen Wooda entertained Fri
.!; ai'.l Sat unlay evenings at her
1 i , 1 weiit. -sixth and J streets.
1 he gi.esitt spent a most enjoyable
ewnii, at cards. After many heans
1) il U-en won and lost a very tastily
prepared luncheon vas served. Tlie
i' L..V. injr ere present: Messrs.
dark. IL Raline., Itlekard. Craudcil,
Haci-. Cnsi-aden. Hoecker. MaiM-hes-ter,
IL Shedd, (I. SliwW. Ha-t, Har
iii.iii. SI. off. Matsou. Pancoast. fiet
iis. Van Va'in. ISariier. Morrill.
('alii!'. Mi'Creiv, Kind. Hartlett. L.
1 -
1 1
N'orsim ver. Co'.Iett. Chrintie. Fricke,
.1 i in of some of the faculty Wifeei.liorn, O. Prown. Ihiner. IleMl,
1 liient stii'ienl Interviewed I'eaise. ("npp. Sehlek. w. L. Htwiwn,
nhieet M-.-ms to 1j that the il i'tie. Lewi. Watklnn and CIHand;
hiv- evajrarerated. and - 1 Miss- Mh"r. MtiJHean. Johnon.
ie tin cause for the comprint It. 'dee Norn llrldw. Maconiber.
' tie First Nebraska is a vol- ' mo- Jiaomr. ihkp.v. uajnen.
1 ii-'imi'i't. unused to tegular Vaikins. Htuarl. VWHna;. IIave. Har-
' f r wrviee under a n ruJaV 1 ri-. Wirt"horn. Maefarlande.
'flicer; that many of the,m (Viirane. Garten. MeMenemy. Cole.
It the tiere ." iny on a ort , f-nra Macombcr. Cunnlntrham. Jaek-
eveiir-v.!'. and were not pre- ' n, OuteiiH. Hammond. Wlnwr.
f r 11. i-rwiMe-ft of netual er-' ' -!l. Veil. Vrenil. rwi. Tan-
iin". Polk. Fuller. Haeeker. Davl.
."'ir-rai P1 nndfnb1ed1v aoon , ll.ineliardt. Webber and Welch Mr.
'- way hone and then firit urn! Mrs. O. Ji Wootls. P. TL Wooda
up i.nd supporting state universities,
v. 1 k li are repaying the commuuity
an hi.i.drcil fold for every doLar ap
projinatcd to their use."
.vii IV.vptiun mummy in excellent
siait of ireservaiion. together with
i" gail d' com leil Karcophagiis, has
been placed on exhibition in the new
case In -longing to tin Morrill collec
tion am' is attracting a great deal of
attention. The utaie museum lias a
complete set of Peruvian mummies,
donated by Minixter Patrick I'agan a
few years ago. The prevent Egyptian
miiminy was sent to the alate miiseiiiu
by 1 he Rev. IL V. Rourigcr of Craw
ford, Neb. An interesting feature of
;!w ,!n wooden sarcophagus is the
f 1 flat no nails, screw or bolts
a. re known at the time and the
'. huh
ond half of the game the guards de
termii d to shut Doaue out, which
vas done. The half closed with a
score of 57 1o 7.
At wood ami Morse of the visitiig
1 -a in deserve special mention. At
W'.cd especially put iii a strong game,
but in lite Jimin was poorly suji
Mirled. The entire university team
sin wed up vvcH. W. K. Antlreson
gave an exhibition of hi high jiunp
inir several 1 1 lines. Story. Mtiore and
CorJejoii workwl the "triang.e" with
good success, as the seore shows. The
line-up was as follow:
("i.iveiIly. Donne.
(oMejoii.. forward.. Steena f'upt.)
Sl'iiv forwaid M ire
Moure center tvooltlu
Auiireson (dipt. . .gu.inl . . ..Sefhtd
IS. Andresiiii. . . ..mi iril P. ice
The offiela'n of the trime wire: W.
cifi'9, Pryt'e Dr. White; umpires.
Cliumcn, Pierson.
the Danish original will receive credit
lor three hours. This is the course
which, owing to lack of time, was
abandoned Inst semester. The time of
meeting will be determined and stu
dents should sue the instructor as to
D;! at once.
'J. Tlie class in Swedish, having com
pleted the preliminary grammatical
work, can now with profit be joined
b. students who are of Swedish par
eirtaije and know the language. In
t tin it ion with this eon rsc such stu
dents 11111. under Certain conditions,
rieeive additional eiedit for this gen
eral ki.owl.'dge. Two hours. Tucs
da. ami riiursthivs at 0. Frithiof's
S o.l fiom i 111 lil..riirv ..lit. tilll l.n
I" ........... "...W ..... ..w
0D. JWl'MtY 23.
t- l2fl a. m.: !) classes and divi
si !- reciting at a m.. 5 days, or
structure in dmve!cd together 1 di. . or any 1, 2 or 3 of the l?t, 3d and
Dflian Literary Mjele.y, Friday eve
ning, January 37. 190:
by wooden iicitk. A!l cracks aad ! 5i'u days.
fial were filled vvltli a lasting o-' I0:2-a. m. 12:20 p. in.: A!
1 lenl. then painted w-iMi enamel in ' and dlvis'oe reciting at J i
the tiut 73iryntuin atie.
The great evnosltion pipe organ
iii-iciiaseti ov ini aiutniu ami nre-
il-iy ur 4 das. or any 1,
Ji. .1! and rtii !ays.
2 4 p. 111.: AIS clashes a
. 111.. 5
I of the
1. Mi:sie Piano Solo
2. Verses Mr. J. F. Itoomer
3. Muh Vocal Solo
4. Oii.tion Mr. C. F. Horner
.".. St ry . ... Mis Jesie Mct'a lum
0. Mi- Mixed Quintet
7. I. 'citation MIkk Xora Davis
5. Mu'-i' String Instruments
,0. 1. ne.... "The Fnd of the Cam'."
This list of i-lmracterH in the fart'e
1 i!iv '.iof
Matd to the university has arrlvd , ree in g at 2 p. m. .. il 1 - or 1 -!iv-.j
I- I IIMTllll HIM In Iw.itwr flMnln.1 a4 ISo I Ctr IIIIV 1. Z Or 3 O It 111' 1st. .ill .ill!
went end of the armory. It Is too da vs. it
!.ire to go into the present ehio ! j 4-fl p. m.: All c',as-e and divLioi-s Ii.uiBOii Kmilh. the new woman's cue
eil will remain in the armor- nmll j ree! ling at 2 p. in., nn 1, 2 or 3 ot my.
,i ,.
- r
leree can le seCnred
inl M- Wooila.
fe new relief hiti'.ittw willed Is i-j i'r -i"-' i " IMhias Crcen,
,wir for it. s- 12 a. in.: AM c'-i -.- and divi-' -bfimpion.
rew feafiirp lt.Maraild bv M- ' 1m re-iiim' at a. m.. :nij 1, 2 or 3 , """ ' "" Uptodate, the bone of con
V Wion. dean of women. 1 it I of le 21. th n-fl flth ay. ; ten Hon.
ted limMeh rornn fp -ottw w '', Vi:0 . m.-?-"0 n. m.: Ml elaae (r, yrMlmn the la.h of the old
! inn frietiT fl '.o"?ii-t im'l 'i'u i : -.' i'i'-i " if" i"i" ' iii l' n mi., wnj
' col that tin alrofolv wi'lil r ..
' 1'pcnmi. a favorite nook of the
o:inr ladii.
- - ... i nmiinii
1. ' ! '! of te " 4th artl rin ia-. .--".
"-- ii. in.: All elniHi and d'vl-lon Mr. F'.ickenbneker,
iei p y at 3 p. m.. 5 diyw, o" 4 dava or j ' el.
ta-e struck