The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 04, 1898, Image 4

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    "Mr. Chancellor, on behalf of the
f.ionltv and studontsx of tho Industrial
lulled of tula university, I plodp you
.mil tin ooiiiinoiivvonlih of Xobniska this bitildlnif ahull hi' used to pro
uioir that I'dui'iitlon of tho people con
templated by tho not of congress 1
plfiljfo Mill that It shall ho di'dloatod.
n tin- words of that not, to tho pro
nn. lion ur 'tiir llhoral and prnotloal oil
in .it inn of tho Industrial classes In
ill, iwrnl pursuits and professions
.H lire.'"
riu procession was thon rofonnod In
ilu same tnnnuor as it hud ontorod
tho nrii'on and tho lino of iniiroh wis
taken up by tho way of tho south sldo
..f tho iimory to tho drivoway, to T
-tree! and tho Imok to tho south on
n.inoo of tho now building. The ohaii
..Nor introduood Itoxornor Uolooinb
n siiinr that tho luttor hud boon
kind oimiip.1. to have his plowing and
i. iiim liiiililni down on tho farm to
. i tino t toxvi. in order to dodlctito tho
i. iililin
In roph tho jroxornor poUo of tho
import. moo of tho occasion and said
thai lu would bo willing to lot over of hi- fence oor tho stato
n down rather than to miss this oo
. .i-.iu. Ho said that tho frlonds ami
students of tho I'liivorslly cmplit to
iio ooniiratulatod upon thoir excellent
piojjrovj. and conveniences. Nebraska
is a stale of schools mid universities
iii.I tho pooplo arc ili-MMod to oilnc.i
i mi. They believe in irrowth and do
xelopmcnl ami mij.'lit bo called i v
i.iiiti.iiiniis. l'roirivss in iho past has
lioon exeeedinirly jjrntifyinu vol no
ifliiMition will bo allowed to t ihi
p,.ioo. Thi' is a pront institution of
li.iiintr in srionoo and literature Tins
imildinir will bo for tho dis-siinil.u on
..f iiiforin.ition in tho oonunoiior uulns
Imos of lifo. (nrpinterx and
i.s will mini a knoxvlodiro wh.oh will
make tlioin inuch nioro usoful ut.
ons to tin stato. Thoy will be i-.ip
i.niis nf industries and dood I'hori
still i.hUii for nioro sliulonts. h.iw
oor. tho niinloipart of this Itutt.l in,
will soon Iio necessary Ve mwh Impi
Li have tin- oainpus ;i mass n1 im i.'
injs sheltcrnm 1.1HHI students
Ho closed by inivei up a li.uxl-oilit
..innioininoratiio tabU-t bear mi; ''a
i..i1owinp insoription:
Tho I niM-rsitx of Nebraska.
Moohanio' Arts Hall.
North Wimr.
(.ifi of tho People.
I.oirislntnro of tv.iT.
SlhAS A. 1I01.COM U. tioxeuioi.
niAKl.KS H. MOKUll.l..
1'rosident of Hoard of Itopont-s.
f.or those oNoroiM's were ooiuploi
o.l. tho jrovernor. ohanoollor a ml
Hoard of uoponts inspected tho build
in p, which was upon to tho pirtdio all
tho afternoon. Tho different de
partments, which will occupy quar
ters in the bnildinpr. pin- receptions
in their now homes.
number of iflie larger UnivorsitSes
are antmuiK'ing the nrst meeting of
their whist i'luls for tlie winter.
The Stale Utwivorj-ity of I own Is
ptvttv s,-,. over her dofowt liy l)ikc.
ami is calling for now men. liophig to
-tike a liraiv," ns they sy.
t tho Kaiiu-Ntt)niskn game K. U.
will bring out a now boot lil button,
whieh she -sus. i "2 inehi-s in dl.-vm-oter
nml li.i-s a rabbit on it"
The I niversity of irgiida had late
h a Iwture on the "Honor System 1"
liic l'niveis,ii ." liirphn.sts- -xxiis put on
the fact that'thc Ilimor SjMwn covers
inon- than iho ev.iiui nation room.
The U-lnml Stnnfonl rnivorsity bus
hogun enrly in Uie mutter r dolmtos.
lVsndi. t4it4r oTiiss ikbat they bavo
twenty-four men in the OhthoI de
Itille. The 1'olirkttl rtcieiioe depaiMnent oT
( oruell bus arranged a imiiix of w
leeturet, in journallftin 1o Ik- given ly
Hon. Kdvxnrd llsvMiier of tllie Om.i
Im Hee.
'IMi.. I I Wlrl'V Tiul.c it.,. ., ..,.. r.
. ..- ... .. .,..... ,.... .
weight of ilieir foot, ball team al 1'Ji
isiuiids. Tlie line averages 202 jiounds
.ld to this a sx-xeiity yard punter ami
she iih'jijs. ipiiie formidnblo.
'riu. f.ill.tvi ilt.r l.bti. lv-li il(.ii.tu..l 11.
t tlie newt Ikj f the loxxai I niver
sity VnleUc Jteiiorter "tuKnt. art
.msiotih that the in1riK-Uir hIioiiLI v
iirforino! ttii"' t the ringing of tlie lirt
Itcll is for the d'lsmi-tsu! or
ohieK "
Thox- xm siiiitlaiii tbat aio jin-jmr-.iiory
xxork should bo done here may
U' iiiit.-7,lsl in iho fallowing idipjHij
Ikhii tlie Miehigun Daily. "X i-lafe in
itrepamto-ix lisi. will be formed
ami hki'1 for the flrKt time 'Monday,
(K'l. 37. .n ::1". p. in. in tlie k-eaure
room of Hi- ihyioal linhrnlory."
The M'inor of KanMiit University
vx ill wear eap and goxvris during tlie
entire yeir. An effort to hu-ve 13ie
faculty wear the iip 4ind goxvn of
their respective oo!lege was unsue
eessful. Chancellor Snow- voiced the
M-nitiinonts of tbe opposition in tfliofec
wKjrd.: "I do not like t!he distinction
made y the different gowns. Too
much distinction approaches snobbery.
In the becond place we lay ourselves
open 1: ridicule by tlie state."
i MicSiigcin. and Wisconsin Univcr
'iiios every sfadent is a menibexof Uhe
Mhlet ie Association and debts, if any,
me raibed bv mab meeting and sub
KTiption. Mh-liigan had a debt of
fourteen hundred dollar, at the Wgin
ning of this year, anil at onu infu
ineeHng, with over a tliouwintl inant,
raised two hundred dollars more Ulian
thev nei-di'f!
l-.iao Fraer, wrfi-eatit nf Troop F.
1 I s (,l)ov (axalry die of mn
il Upturn! fnir Slptiininr II in
s" IX ' ' I ii "11 i' I I i , uri
I' .
Head al tho Oliver Thouire Krldtiy
livening hy A. K. Sheldon
I lonrn with surprise and a heart that
Is sick.
And a sorrow my soul cannot shirk,
There Is up on tho oainpus a now pilo
or brluk,
Dodicatod to hard-listed work.
It has loujj boon my hope a I looked
from m lair
On this world full of shadow and
That I'd sonic dn, he called to a "Var
sity chair
Whoio I'd never bo bothered with
Whore I'd sit with my books in my
study at onuo,
(tow nod and sllppore' and .smoke
like a Turk;
I'd (I ion in and I'd think and I'd do as
1 pioase
uil never be troubled xxiili work.
Now mt dream Is dispelled iiihI my
hope is despair.
That picric tin llesh like a dirk
Tor I don't waiit to till n 'VnrMxt
nd Ito : profiss.t of xxmk
I don't tliiiik I'd like to pui ovoi.ills
ml sJioxtl a ..ittl.iail .if
ml my la' arms uniiM .u lit lnl 1 ho
muscles xxit, gone
To .iiiii.I .in .iinil by j
riledomcsii. .s'liii.inix s.-li.Mil I Would
If the ffiil- I mijrhi smile at and
lit.! il l-kt
in maki- oak.
lit p
Il vx.iui.l be ju-1 t.m darnoil much
like xxork.
Sit toil lU-s-cx. Mi .111.1 ( h.111
eoiliti M.i'Ia-.iii
That I ilon't xx.iit ic. Mil.ttt ur
I'.ilt 1 umi.Ix lltlll tlnil, tl .1 M. IX i.nxx s'in
1 can lie 1 pruft -tr nf v..rT
Once more ii. jjnj, oll 1lu. illivt.,..j
Hity biillditift-hin Im-cii loxx.-red to half '
iniiM. one in. no Nebraska box lias
ffheii up hi- life i ,,s .unmix On
the .'ill ,,f Oi tuber, rtliui Charles
nun- ,,i-sci ,,m,,v at Main!,. U,
,""" I "" I IsT'i al M.nli- mi
'lnl tn.i.'.iaii.l from the hh
Nebr .
of 11ml nil,.... !., (.
place in '07. The s.nne xear
tillered the CjajJ Ktijpjh,., , ,,1r ,,.-
iMitiniiii .,f the I nixcrsitx, ,, NN,n,.
'" xv M n.i, i a)i cnliMe.i ,, v(m
I'o.x J s) Nebr.Mti Wjii, s i, , j, 1(.
imiji i ntix u ,,i Ut ran ,
jnmr JBifilUr BBB !BflBi JSBt wmiHBiKl Errv 1 1 1 LSJWrBfiBlflp1 1
The sludout body olianpos s,.
idlv that It Is oulv a matter ot .i
fow years till the best "indents an- toiot
tou at thoir alma inator, ami oxen
those of the allium! xvho hnxo been
most active on behalf of tho nnixorsity
lire seldom kiioxxu to tho students for
the tluic beinp unless Ihclr nciixity
has been of a form which would biinj,'
tlioin directly in oontnet will the stu
dents, Sonic xxeeks apo one of the
Alumni brought those facts to nur no
tice by willing attention In tho Ne
biiikan to the uonilnutlon of Mi Lin
coln liost, 'Ml, for the ollloc ! dis
t rift jinlijo. Thus put upon impiiiy,
wo are ghnl to nrosont to the -Undents
of the rnixorslty a few met,
gleamed from those who hnxo known
him as a student mid ns nu alumnus,
concerning a man xxho has boon oni
ons In behalf of Iho liiixersity since
grndtiiition and xxho gives promise of
a enroor hiphlx creditable to his alma
Mr. l-'rost is one of a fiiinlh of nni
xorsity people. Indeed it has boon said
of them that the.x are an aluniiu as
sociation of themselves. i. stern.
Mrs. ticorgc H. Howard, ';i. Mrs. .
. Snoll. 's-.'. ami his wife. .Icnnie Hon
nell 's'i. aio mi the roll of nn .iliitn
nl .issoci.iIkiii. ami liuth ho and Mi
Frost hnxo been eleoled to I'lii Hi-tta
K.ipp.i Ml of lliolii Ii.ivi Iteoli .iimtnir
th, must ,ntui of nm ilniimi m th.
ei x ici of tin I luversty .n all w.-a-
sums Mi Frnsi has lieen iresiicu1
. if tin- alumni .issncial i.hi. ami either
he tr line of his near relatives xill al-
xxay bo found doiiijr tlie hard xxork
f the JeijUiii xxheii the mii'i'i1
1 ihi 1,41 ui rolls 1 .1 1 I
In -oIhmiI Mr. ! ittst jj.-.l in the
l liitm society, ill xxlnch lu xa- veiy
active. Itoin lix i-oinmoii lln
Itcsl in llu -iiulx n Ii - .li
In n prc-t nled ii in tin I 1- ilt
..I. I ut. 1 -m 1. t ,, i, , s ) 1
ilsli.p ..tftstei hx tla ' 1 i 1 1
x is 1 lii io I'h I'.i' K i .
ttf .1 e'.iss ,if ell xen in vln. i m -inn
.xtll kiiuwii ii.imes is ( s Ml, ii 1,
j. 1-r.mUurU-v, . (). .lones ami Missi
(,''J-r' Miss ( anijilii II .mil Mr- I! I! ,
Mlii " mti. All Ti'ti-t -tinlictl
.ii .IhIiii- Hopkins uiiixejil x for a time
ami linn picpill'od for llu liar in the
tilln i nf Savxver V ncll On entcr-
n (- the profession In vxa soon taken
into ihe firm, which under the iinine
of Sawyer. Knell A I'rost has lolij,' b.'eii
re. .,nieil as one ol the lemlnij,'
him- n l.i in il n - Mr snoll was for
i i im ioiini nttorm v and Mi s.ixv
Xli i ml I lilted S11i s il-tll(t .it
lorno.x, Mr. Frost has boon in a busy
otliooaml lias liiul advautapo.s of which
lie has made the most, Aiuoiip the
members of tho bar, who know hlni
from dail.v oonlaot In tho courts, his
thorough iunl!llcatioim are xxell
known, .mil his nomination uxor older
ami more experienced competitors is
duo lo the olVort-s of t In bar. The oiil.v
ehnrpos that liaxo been made ap.ilust
Mr. Frost are that lie is young and
that he xxas u stippoitor of the pro
hibitory aiiieiidiucnt to which he
pleads giilllv. s he has reached the
age at xxlileh a distinguished Nebras
ka u xxas thought old enough for a
piesiilcnllai nomination, the bar of the
coniil.x are xxilllug to waive gray hairs.
In the midst of business. Mr. Frost
has not forgotten to keep in touch
with .choiarl.v pursiills. and with the
great center of scholarship in our eoni
nuinit.v. It is most gratifying; to sec
this, ami it is not les gratifying to
see a seohar and a university nvm se
lected for the judicial nomination. If
there is any one ul the 1'nlver.sity who
desires to knoxx xxho ought to be judge
of the disi i ici court of Lancaster couu
tv. ho ha only to ask any of the older
I'liiumi oi mix nl tlie professors xxliose
lot Ills i.-i;!.i f.i.... .,, t-... i,i
.in oinph.iiio .inswor
..:.... ... iwwi'.
i I lit- Noii.ors spoilt a xoiy enjoyable
as well as pntlitable evening. Thurs-
! i vith ( i .in. I i-s Mao-
I., .in .il tin n hom. mi II street Afti-r
a i recepi mil. .hirintr which
le ii .his iefrcslmiciit xxt ii s,.-,.( 1,
Ml- l!i -se an. I Mi- Wilistor. the
j.'"o't- were nixileil iit i.i tho lliird
' tltmr Thoie they xx.-re cnlcrtuiiicd by
' -exeftl evcllclil seliol inn- In llare-
, -. . i . tvjn foll.iwcil by interest
ni-r an.l nisiriiet ie speech. -s from rop- ix, .it ihe iilTei-nt colleges
mil 1h -111.I1-11I
-1 .1 ill. .il i- 110111' iniide by llu-
1, , 1.1 pi... uri it 11 Mit I nixei'sily
1 111.1JI1 in 1 oly.iii iniilt for the
I' . -- -- 1 p I t.inlri-
mil. ns .irt Im-iiij.' s.ilcte.l frailli Ihe
ni,. ,i i 1, tin 1 ..1.1 - 11. tents. Ii the
eoilllllllli e ulltell t'lllisisls of I'rilf.
losshi. o .(..lies. I', r C lark, .Mtvs.
(leitiinle l-ixxs llanlv. II Ci. Khedil.
ami D .1 riehorlx.
I'm ident nell of M ii-hiKin I'ni
ersily. 1hl.iiM t)l(. M'cietJU'X of vxnr.
sniccc.ilc.l m "n-ttinir a lai-t: ihiiii'Imt
of tihe I'n'ixerKlty itndi-ntx . j-'ha rfjeo
'from the army lo enter sehuiol. Miiny
'of t hosi' rclc.icI from ilutx liaxc l tit
4iken uji tlicii xxork as pioinied. unit
I'resnliciit Mijrcll Injriii- lo )u
w i- "fliin II nnmed " a- u. scilKiiifri
lint- jt
Lincoln and iiburn, halls Citv 'rlnson
and Kansas City
City Ticket Offico, 1039 0 St.
H. C Tovvnseiid. G. l & T A
F. D. Cornell, C 1' T A
Three reasons vxhx the .
...duos the verx best xxork xn't
rally no wear on the linen.
pr, 1
All xxork guaranteed A tn i i i
a patron Call up ;o
1144 O Street
You'll Find It's a Good Place.
121 North 1 1th Stiect
Oysters. Fish and Game in Season
Ooon alll nicht. Gixe ns a ."
We make a Speciabtv of 15 Moan
Spwial aitotuinn gixe- to
121 North 13th St.
If ou have not yt t found
a fountain poll to jour
llUine. try the
Write for Circulars A com! accni &
In every rollt'Ri' and li..'h scho
VVJntewa VV
a I lo.lruotitti. bt mkil Ul 11. r z it
VIUUIfomiMHii lucrum f &?J.
m Tkei .&rt Urn- IT JiW1
I aim Tbrw oitur'- I'r. ri "
liUn oi'jiortotjiir t i ii t AT
T fimrptKitiUmikij'l f ro- A
AT pCt SlvdrDU ktlllfl
II m.m H Hgbt Tlnof tltr-rft kfl
H II ITI D f"11 ' ft"irbiM nirr RiHH
lllllllt M'l1 t MlltltlM-dMilMI Ml
I Will W 5; j TrlrAoe Iu1141d. UnKUlI
J 1(11.
Manufacturers of lutrb 1. 1
UATi:itN'iT ji;w.u:
kati:i:nity STVriDXI.I.
St nd for Cutu tttfuc a nl I'nw 1. si
ile-iiMis on jjiini. anoa
140 142 woodward Ave. - DETRC T WlCk
s,. & c.
Stiidouts uoil, a Si i ultv
1144 O ST.
Good HurtB rs X. x rurinturc J " ' rt
Quality Rather
Than Quantity
('resident Eliot of Harvard, m
"The Internal muni jh a wondi 1 1 s ' ""
Iiuot M'ufliMiiscol aci urutoinl"' """
Best for the Household
Wotds arc easily found. Pronunciation
is easily ascertained. Meaning ?
easily learned. The growth of wor
easily traced, and excellence of quW7
rather than superfluity of quantity eM"
cchrires its every department.
VtrlUlMUl IHHItH KLHl on ajpli i"""
G. & C MERRIAM CO., Publisltfrt-
) FiKiicio, u. m