The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 14, 1898, Image 3

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w ,0 IX)!. Cafe, fioutli lltih. Open
s.hi.K ilted Ms parents in
fl'nl ! "'l!i'
,.,rl rru-Kf. mi ipw ww l i mm
iwvin V. 1-nmbwinon, Dentist, 1U05
Alex. Mk. Tel. 245.
.hi'iurUor Mucl.enn took lunch with
,n.Ji.nt Mehinley Wednesday,
vhvi.i1 enters fvr lwk promptly
'ini I meiity l'k Store.
V-mmuiV. J-uncfli Itooin, US South
wutli. Open day ami nigiht
',.,1 1 liiiiK' ami Cruig Siencor wore
,,N'ii t ho campus this week.
iir s K. Cook, practice limited to
I car, wo!" nm wi. i-io u ou
Yirl l'nik' of I'lnttsmouth spent
Mtuixla.v m the city greeting friends.
(lkjX0,ii LeatJior isue liyiniwi-
in, jj,,, ;.. tiwi J'linu owm,
t Mr. ! iM'iioor, ', litis returned
,i v, ivitj mm win register ror
Mi'ili Mt- -imiiiii iniM" iiinr v.inri
Iniii.iiv iiiiiHtle nt the Mmlonts
t. ifu.n.intce every pair or shoes
;0pi SUllM.IVUruil. A.IV. 1U1III UlWlVi,
:i U birvi-i.
,isii,i. I liunccllor Shedd was
.i .....iimiik I Jt-faiti. Ill 4.1ii iiv.
.,, l Ml' nil. .". iimivio.H Vi.v wv
tdiliuii W.tlmvMlnj.
vnil "' ''" unicivity Iwy will
jtt. the -i i 'his mil in behalf of
her rxiw'UM' jwrtiejs.
A lure up'J OI university letter
'jivr jiikI rii elopes at the Students
miI Muri, lr-" 1 MITOI.
I!.. mler-on, ex-president of I'ht-
ii.-o mi i rn gue a snort talk in
1hoIuimI Mmiflay morning.
loli n li'iiiiiiv a senior of the law
iwriiiK nt iv secretary of the fusion
hum ii' eommltitee.
Our Students' $3 ami $3.60 shoes arc
best on earth for tlie money. Foot
Worm Store, 1.213 O street.
Miv. is on the university
nk Im. Miss UoIhmMss has charge of
h cIih ilium elasse.s nt present.
Tin- s.-,-. .ml ursity football team
nte.l Hi. high school eleven Friday
fT.nii'ii " n score of 12 0.
Tliniii.i- U.xltl.v. 'OS, of Xebrashn
n lms i- turned to the university
il ri-aist. ml for junior law.
Tlir (.jinliirr Tailoring Co., does
-st cln.- work and tilic prices ore
Brtsonnhle S. W. eor. and 0.
Mm'-. I Kei.l, I5, nnd nieinler of
'In K.i 1 1 1. 1 I 'si fraternitv is up, de
limit' i Mej-v of Chielann:iurji fever.
Mrs. Miirion Trent Taylor enter-
aiiiii! ilie nieinlMM-s of Ktn;i Aliihu
Thtfn inovt ilelifhtfully last at unlay.
TKuiii. -.iili-jr,' has ehallened ihc
inrs ' Im.s In a mint lln1. 'i o
w n"l il-- will he arninjred laier.
llif i. ,i Diner Tailorlnfr comiinnv are
I'K'Mf out thrir men's furnishinfj
wis nt cust to make more room ior
lli'K .ne iiHiuy wills for Jill ldnds
w-ooii.l hand loolft,. We t-ell theni
r stiiii.-nts nt the Students.' Supply
f'liini li;iliinl. a former universitv
smi.-iii .June down from N0irnskji
it sjitnr.a and "tool; in" the ftto-
I1 .llllie
IV sifiii.i flu fraternitv initiated
Piiiii su.,,..z 0f u0i,n.jl.o j.,. Kptwl
H.iwUh.,m!i (f riiitUsinoiiUi Friday
tVin.i I'r, sident, Anderson of Chi-
"at!' i iiiivit made a short, address
"'li- si i.i.-iits in the chapel lonilay
I'lMfess.,!- HnxikM, head of the elee-
fim ciiL'itKfrs, took h!s eJast, to Oma-
nihil ln 10 inspeot the electrical
'liilut ,,t it,,. fnir,
.! . ,i (. fjw. lvn.vlw.r t. (i iielis...
f '' 1" !n ,umj i.M iii(i(e everv effont
f4-I' ins student friends, n't tOie
P'tnwiriii ii.itsiin.. 117 1al Rt
t udfti t s. l,0 ...idli in linvn t'hflir
rk (loiiP Iiv iiTwIujIfisf, 1,nelinri
OUllI Hit rtin'iye 5lin niirrii X- Tfilililn
-ine,ii s. K. eorner 12tfli and 0.
I. '
lire 1
I iii'i'd ji fnnnidiiii in... (it ri...
ii.. " ' -.... ,. .. .-. ......
j" "'" '" al sanitate juM tt,U ki of
S " "" "" ' witiaN'ilN- for tflie Ne
,"Ki.ii ,ii i,Uve H $. S(i fouirtaJn ikmi
3llr.l.rt ...I . . '
,, - .,,.-., ,,, yOU.
v'Nit t.H. MetropoHtnn llnrber !hop.
B ou pet iir,t elflse work at low nriecs.
utir eia, i.v; ffliampoo, if: slilnes
' Willi tlekeits. ISIS 0 Street. II. T.
. ('. (in'tnlyJuer, one of the IVntt
HVluinln s'ommit-Hionerts. of the intiiK
.MisHlKxlppI oNpos" n, and ex-edltor
of the Shield or 1'h, Kapm l'si, visited
IiIn fmternity brothers this week.
There isn. marked inereuso. of enthu
ilasm 1n the debating elubs this year.
A elose enittst. for plncoH on the inter
state tlebates enn be lookel lorwwtml
Mr. ,1. T. Uuirer, '(), one of the .See
oml Nebnishn, retrimont volunteers,
is in the city the lirst of the week.
Mr. buijjer will enter .HiooI tus soon
as he is mustered out of servieis
Lewis Oottle, 11)00, was on the eain
Ius yesteruy on liis way to rejoin his
regiment at Omaha. He has been aiek
fov four weeks with typhoid fever nt
his home in Kdjar.
A neat and ery useful little stamp
lnx.k will Ik- plven jvii ff you will eall
for it at the I legem Shoe Stoiv, 10:t(.
O stnvt. As we have only a few of
these Irooks eome enrly.
Unrton Christie, 'fit), of the Second
Neliniska n-R-iment who has lust iv
eoveivd fnnn a seeiv nttnek of ty
ho fever, gnnMed friends on the
campus vSnttmlny.
F. II. ltrew, 'eft gunni on the
Wes.h.yn fmtlvill tun of Inst vear.
is piuetlejng on the gridiron and is an
nsptomt for rigin ,.mi of the tlrst
latoicollcuinio IJurciui.
Cotlrcll & Leonard
tW'tW llromtwnT
Albany. Now Va'rU.
Mnkcri of tlio
Caps, Gowns and Hoods
To tho American Colleges and Uni
versities. Illustrated manual, samples,
prices, etc., upon request. Gowns for
the pulpit and tho bench.
The Sophomore will give their an
nual hop in Patrfcireh hall, eorner of
Fifteenth and O streets, on Friday
evening, Oetolior JJl. Tickets may be
obtained of any of the committees.
Mls?vs Tukey and Cunningham. 'Messrs.
(Virli-. MeKMHip nnd HectY.
Ait'st.s lCinily Weeks, Wilson l)a
vidson. and Frank llnin. The senior
irirls n-,u-ted their division to eome
o in caps and gowns the first day of
the seeoml smester. II. llobb.ns, former univer
sity student, who is attending Prince
ton university, visiter llhrrr (lagv
'lis, nt lti-ooklyn, X. Y.. Snndav. Mr.'
(Sage Is attenOhig the llrooklvn Art
'Nie svnior class met Tuexlay to con
sider the l)o.uxl of editors for tlie class
book. The names siiggeMlel bv the
executive eonimittce, appointed for ihc
purjiose, weiv unanimouslv neceiited,
and aiv as follows:
Frank Berry of the class of '!W w;us
in Lincoln Sunday. .Mr. Harry lms a
posMon in the Xebraska building :it
the Trans-Mississippi evjosition. Ho
will resume his university work Xo
vember 1st,
The sjKHiial die-stamped V. of ..
peitnaut statdoiiery, made at the. spe
cial orer of the Students' vo-Opcm-tive
ltook Co., 225 X. 11th st., has just It is elegantly embossed in
scarlet and cream, with the V. of X.
Hnimut, a la llarraixl. Yale and
l'riiiceton. It Is the swell est station-
en- ever hroughl to Tjitneoln.
of sjmvious ami fraudulent imita
tions of the Waterman lVns.
Buy the genuine
which has a tveonl of in years of
.success!, atul lias been during all
that time, as It still continue to
be, the bcsl toumlain pan over made,
ami the standard of the world.
Do not be deceived by inporfeot
imitations, but see that lite pen
you liny is stamped
Fountain Pen
ami have it endorsed as such to
you by us or yoir dealer.
All our pens are pmrantcod.
L. E. Watcrrrun & Co. ,
Course 2S Weeizs
Fees &G5.00.
1!. 1). Anderson, who went to Crete . WC5. ,
Offers great inducements to stu
dents of medicine in the west.
Methods of instruction most satis
Clinics in both surgery and medi
cine held in the following hospitals in
Uhis city: County, Methodist, Child's,
lmmanuet ana rresDyiermn nospuais
The Conneticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.
For Premium Kates write or call on
HORACE G. WHITMORE, U. of N. 95, Gon. Agent,
tsm&l , ill
i3ti 'K'B
iJMB 'fMm
mm Wm
la Km
fresh from the hands of the finest
tailors in this country Made as
only one house can make them
fashionable in cut, elegant in ma
terial and finish, reasonable in
price, the size to fit you, cour
teous salesmen here to show them,
perfect freedom to come in and try
them on, and one thing moreyoa
have the fullest guarantee Ibitb
every Hart, Schaffner Q Marx
coat; this is their trade-mark:
OopjTlRht, 1S99,
By Hart, Schaffner & Man.
Bf-I VvuwuHH 1
iMMier. Donne, 'D7, hat, on
'" nehool and will train for
I'mi inn of tackle on the llrwt elev-
""' ft i. n,U t, utetr'i!c for tflie Xe-
Sitiuxla, to coach Donne men in Im,
ket ball rejiortj, that Doatie hitenKls to
exiiend all her energy in basket nail
mid track work. There were about
thirty candidates for M)sitious on tbc
t-m and some of 1lie men sliowed up
well. All were heartily in favor of
the iriniig-ulnr league lx-tween Wesley,
an. Domic and the univerMity.
The Delta Gamma sororJety held
their first initiation of the year at the
home of Miss Helen Wood's on Mon
day evening. The following young
ladles were initiated into the myste
ries of the order: llerberta ,1 ay lies,
13d hh .lackson. Wood .lohnson, Maud
and Gertrude Maeomber of Omaha,
JSKlfwki lliieeker of St. "Paul. Mjniie
soln. Xina Bridge of Fremont and Al
ice Fuller of Lincoln.
Sat unlay evening Cnancellor ami
Mrs. MncLciin gave a Tceeptfon to tiie
members of the fresh mar. class. Thej
were assisted in receiving by Dean and
Mrs. Sherman, Professor and Mrs. Wil
moii, 1'rofossor and Mrs. Uichards, Mr.
and Mrs. Davisson, Miss 131en Smith,
nnd Messrs. Hjirrj' Shedd, Weslorman,
Dales and Crabt.n'e. DidicJous refresh
ments were served in the dining room
by Mioses Bnrr and Ttouton while the
sweit strains of llagenow's orclHifltni
floated down from the ball above.
Catalogue sent and questions an
swered by E. W. CHASE, Omaha,
Nebr., Continental block.
Our coats at $7.50, $8.50, $10.00, $12.50 and $15.00
are the kind the tailors charge $35.00 to $40.00
for. We would like you to stop at the store and
try on some of these coats. It will pay you.
IO13-1019 O Street
Before engaging Music call on
When You Write
To Your Friends
who are coming west to
visit you, just add a post
script like this: "Be sure to
take the Burlington Route.
It's much the best."
You are quite safe in
doing this because our ser
vice from Chicago, Peoria,
St Louis and Kansas City,
in fact all eastern, south
eastern and southern cities
is just as good as our ser
vice to those poirr.s. And
tuat, as everyone who is
acquainted with i: will tes
tify, is the best there is.
Tickets and time tables
on application at B. & M.
depot or city ticket office,
corner 10th and 0 Sts.
G. W. BONNELL. C. P. & T. A.
Lincoln, Neb.
I BM. .!
i Mi
""(.'. l el,,,.,, iii the doparuneot oi
K. I' lllll'llljr tin. ill-iw
'on. Proprietor.
Mtirgniet Ouster, who had
incut oi
of Mrs.
le 1n
on Tuesday
I; :""'. win multiline
;.... n,.
to conduct
L iIr' u,"'''i Turpin gave a dance to
L:.'1'm',''l fratornl'tles of the uui-
fit.N on Iridnv ovenino- nf 11 ivmAi
r' 'id, hull , ,,.;. ti.., ?.,,. ,.. " "" "inns I1IOCK. JlllH
., -" " oigoyeii.
Iir . V1 to vvi(lK ' gnuo Siitr
in ix'oriers.
!' ilwii to wWnwm tlie gaum Satr
J and visited )iBs Phi Delta Theta
ilmiV."!". . Dnwnport is one of tlie
,Ul,U ,,'", I'fflflmt Wiiortorfi.
The very Latest
Styles in Men's Shoes
The Best in quality
at any price
We make these shoes
and sell direct from
the factory.
JRGQonts - $8.50 ) u j a u a
University - $3-00 Hand Welted'
One Profit: Maker to Wearer.
REGENT SHOE CO., 1036 O Street
Office on ground floor.
ond get
The University of Nebraska
Is better fitted titan ever before to give artistic instruction in
Voice Training, Piano Forte Playing, and all
other principal branches of Music,
Students will receive full information by ap
plying at the School located directly
South of the Campus, and can
enter at any time.
Tuition is the Lowest Consistent with Sound
Turpin's School of Dancing.
Children's class, Saturdays 2:30 p. m.
Ladies' and gentlemen's class, Mondays and Thursdays 8p.m.
The. Academy offers advantage for cotillion clubs, private parties, etc.
Is nowiy furnished and decorated. Will bo routed at reasonable rates.
Tor further Information address,
1132 N Strret,
Lincoln. Neb.