The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 14, 1898, Image 2

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I'ri.hiN Noon by tilic I'lilvorslty
i'ubllshliiK' AsHovintion.
Kntoml as Foeoml Clis Mull Mutter.
Geo. L. 'l)nie Managing1 Editor
M. 1. Stewart l-Mor News Dop.
.lohii '1 Sunuiior swocht Editor
Kilgwr II. C'lnvk Associate Wili'or
A. A. HiseholY Associate Editor
A. M. Hull Cartoonist
Kdgnr Cmnffli Editor l.oewil Dtrpt,
liuiee McMIUnt jw)oUiti Editor
Clnru Hammond ssoointo Editor
(.corv llart.ett sswointo Editor
15 1). Awlnwon Vaeooiulo Editor
(. linton ltnvr ssocfci1o Editor
T. W. llrovv n ioolflU Editor
F. I".. n.'inonts... Editor Alumni Dent
The Nehrasknn will be sent to any
address upon receipt of the Hiibsorip
tion price, which is one dollar n year.
Contributions are solicited from all.
News items such as locals, personals,
reports of meetings, etc., arc especial
ly d...ed. The Xebrasknn will bo
glad to print any contribution rela
tive to a general university subject,
but the name must accompany all
Address all communication to the
Nebraskan, University of 2c
braska. it will not be long till the prelinw
n.ii 10tvrtes a iv hold. Those wni
1mv wjnnnioiv. tdiouM lx tdiirrKi-ng
alKiut 'tiiifir preparation.
I'm- 1.MUH Saturday Indu.gvd in
too much fouling and oil' tide playing.
Such tatties are altogether too cost.y
and iH'sidej. ge.s the team a IkuI repu
tmtion. t)i November r... the university tnm
wil plaj KaiiMi.s at liwrence. With
out doiibt. thi.s will be the grert g-.unc
of the season and the one nliows all
others that we want to win. Manager
IJivehoff is making arrangements for
a railroad rate low enough to make it
Ksh,i'ble for a large inmilM. to go wiMi
the iim. TJieiv ouglm to Ik r0( Xe
a ember S. tim you go?
' There is 'a difference," said ex-lres-nhni
ndursoii of Chicago univer
v,t between knowing thing.', and
Oci'iig ediuiited. He eplainel by say
ing that then- are large nunibei-s of
in. -n who are lvnlh walking .ncyelo but are not educated .n ed'.l man. lie v,in. is one who can
Hunk clcnrU and eonsoienl i.iuslj . and .- press linnself in iiersji.fuouh
language. Tlii. is no doubt true and
-indents Hli.oild think of it more than
Hie ordiiuiril do.
The attempted jiiHtifientJon of the f
action of the liiion boys' deluing
.bib in .lfiKiuneiiig the action of ihe '
late thlet ic aswieiation on the part I
if the'rian jilaces that jiajK-r I
upon the side ol IJie disgriunie.l Kll
tieuiiis and tin would-be 1kvo '1 . e
nuealleil lor ail tuck upon l.ocoe
l'.nind 4ib i deMrrc ooudemiiSMiou
.iii.I ilie reM-niiiiiMit of overy ftiir
inmded student in tile university. The
artiele (li'K-ncs no titientAon, as l.hey
show tiiroiigliout the coloivsii igno
rance of Ihe writer. )le evidently did
not read the noliitior jia.Hl 1. tlie
mass meeting nor has he ery noticed
Hie constitution of the athletic board,
publ shed ever; jear iii Ui- miliver.s vy
aleinlar. If lie did he would not utd
-i li ridieiij.nis (jiie.tioiis in "lln. A.
I'.im'IhiIV been rtelwt.-d foot Imll
manager b;, iliih new board of triiH
tees,.,M If the writer lias any iniagivlngs as
1o the iiiaiiuer in which the a . will
V- conducted in athletics Uiis year, an
llivpectjoil of t ll- JMTHOIlliel of the
pn-MMit '.,... ..I ought t Mf hi mind
at r.t. 1 1 is interesting to imitc that
tin M!tM hiix taken nn mi-t
in athlel-.s. een to mt ron iiuy t he
kith bout-, ii'ti rw. his. nanie npM'ar
upon the loll of 1 horn who paid lift)'
cents for th benefit of athletiies in
the uiiixc. siit The 1 itne wns ripe for
Hiusi- )tl were wally in1trwtd in
ithleties. for pure and eleini sjiort and
ii't for polities, to take a hand a they
did in Hie biM election.
The action taken b the athleHe
boanl hiHt Tuesday ndght oughl to
commend itself to everj fair minded
student in the iiniversify. In the jmst
all the financial affairs of the tiiiiii
nger. have been veiled tin -tera-s. Fn
der the new rluc of Hie board,
which fire published in the im'WK eol
inrnis of the Xebraskjin tills week, ev
er; one will know evfietlv how much
there I in Hie treasury nd mv
luueh in needel to p the debts.
There w'll now In n eomjdete sys
tern sue, n linv sueeinififii liusinis
must hrwe. and -i 'omplete not of
iMH)ks will tc Kept by il- iiimiHMul
m'cix'Uu.n. Ilx' llnuiiciiii M-.-ivtai'v,
too, couid not lime been more wisely
chosen. Mn Wwtormnn, eeryono
knows. Is thoroiiirhly caixnble "d the
whole .iiilwndty whvll hne eourpUMo
eonlldcnee in liiiu. lie will reeetw nil
tlie Mitdi, pa, n U Ihi' bills ami make
a weekl, riH)rt of the eomirtJnn of i
the Irenstiry. This report, will he pul
.Uhed In tlie Xelmustaiu.
In tlie past nil kinds of bill have
been mwii11 to the teiun msinngeva.
iv iitHtuiH'f lust year (here wns a
bill for n pair of nhoen thai ome one
htul trough! and ehnrged lo the team.
No one knows who got ihe shoes,
nor whether they were footlmll shoes
or putont leathers. I'luler the new
rules of ilie board no bids will be paid
oeept those liu'iirred upon the order
of the secretary.
It will be infinitely better for the
team mnnnnvrs. They will not need
to loose sleep for fear 1ihe, will not
have money enough to jmy the e
peiwes of the tnins. If (lie jnme do
licit Miy for themselves ever, body will
know it and there will be no orenaion
for iiiijupst suspicion. Let every stu
denl rejoice that at hist athletic sport
are upon it tinn business basis.
'Plrt Ntntinin Tencflior, puhlisihed
by .1. S, ltiuM and .1. V. CroRtfiM com
tnins nilMeis by mnny of lilie lemWnip
sslmwl men of tlie .tale. The nolo ni
tielos by Prof, ltriuivr of Hie FnviHI
t.. Slnt SiiKi,;.,iiid n3 J.u'ksoii, .1.
Y. DinsmiVire. ,1. V. Snjlor. C. (J.
IVnw of OmaliH mid niimv tMttiM.
"fiitudie.s- 1n 12tnx)xnu Hi.mory-nivok
anM limunii' Civilixation." 1v l'iof.
FHur. pnllih.-.l by .1. K. Miller. 1jii
Hlin. is ,v( const rueted as to e invnl
unliCe o teaeliers of hi)ory in wliooN
wlieiv tllir library is limi't.-cl nml iu
diwd of gix-ta't liue to elasos wlniv
tliii' HlrrtiTy is more vr less complete.
It is a lKok eonltiiin'ing woll chosen) evi
t4tuts fwni the soimvs of tHie ix'rio.1
of InMory whic'h it Cowrs: Hhriv i
after rtioh sx-lculon n list, of from
tflilxT to tvn pietion-s so elOll lis to
eveivisv tDie tlionslit of the tuden:r.
hi h'iis in'tT'otluHiom Prof. FMnir e
jilaiiu. tlie source nirtJiodi. t3ie lnl oi--tory
meitlliod' 1n 1iSsiors so 3..rrly and'
indicates o minutely' eneh sitop to lw
thkti lOinit onip wholly uiMicquaintd
witih the metltlnirl eouM use 1Hii! hook
without misgiving's h to the ivills.
The Mnve jurizes for ilie Century
Mhgnxine'sS enmlietirioii for tJie linst
sory. jioeiii ntnd efsy omi to ti
diiiiit.s wfliVi itH'eivi! tfliip degree of It.
A., in T-OT. hnve bceai won hy .xiting
wviinen. siClQiough more m.n tlwi'n wo
mvn enUoml ihf cOmixjtltioii. Ta"0 of
iBic jirle wiiuiws are Y.nssnT gradu
ates, and one iV from Sinitii,
'Plie lvport of tQie ,oifieHtlon will
appejiir in the Xovcmtr CenUTy.w4tIli
tflw ijT s-ttwy. "A Qurs1Joii .1 1Inpl-iH-s."
Iiy Ais Ounce M. Cwllnher of
lvs(-e, Ol.. wflio irraduntcd at Vnssnr.
1! .. 1S07.
it li the aim of encouraging literary
aetiit among Colicne grndniiile. t'he
( .nlrur, will eotitinim. ti gi-e antimal
h three pri"s of ?-j."ift each, oiwn 1o
tin- .Hiiu'jM-tilioii of pers-ms wffio w-ee-e
the depTee of ltaehc'.or of Arts
in niiA aollege or uiiivcrsHy in iti
I'uitisl Stales, the work to' be don.
with in one year of gniduation.
M.-si-.. llouuhio.n. Mifl'lin & Co.. of
Itostoti. New 'ork and (liicngo, as
loin,., oi iinme.iii.ite puttvlicaittan n
No. l.'7 of their Hixer-sid lihMrature
Sris "Ode on a (.rccinn I'm and
other IVmmiis toy .lolin Iifv" I'npcr
i-o.erss, i.'i '.nits, oiwl(l.
Tililis lrook. w'hicili wi;5 he a most
w.mtny addition to Hw 1-10 iiitmiieTK of
Mie Kiverddt Literal inv St-riets uliriiady
pulii;4)itl. t'miitHiiis in ndtlkion to l!le
tiHe ioeni nKHiit n dreii of K.W3
pninis suilnllc for school j)uroe.
lc.ld.i wwrml of t(h .crinM-ts. Aiiwvnj"
them iiim, ben mentiiowVI, ''On Tirol
Ixwikling iutjo Chapmnn's llosmpr."
"Isjibelln." "f)de to a Xiphlringwlr."
"I'iiiitIk of 1'iiM.ion." "Unew om tlie
MenuiaidV Ttnern." and "ilyiifiion."
Tlie limofc fi ik lieen edited with eis
jMeiai ivlnlio-n to ihe -i.s. rvwun. witHi
nintes: nunw (.f tiiie lonirer jkhiiis
.oiita'in imt roil net ioti-: and tjioiv lia;
b!i w rl'titen c-iccia.'. tor thi Ki
t'hwi an eveelleii biotrr iphicnl skeit'h.
Tin K-jtcniilM.
.It.- IM'i,is;il' ,
iiiiiiiiM-r of 1th. Ki
ll Kuu'lih -lub. e hi.
t.iiii linn.' siM.i , : 1 iv sir, mi..' arti.'l.-s.
T..e, "Xn r.i , f i.. St. inn. "
ll. iv.'.-IH- lhnll. I,. 1- :i til ii'. .if
l.'-.'riitnji lv , n 1 ,, ,,,. i,,,, ;,,
ii' 1-' men k 1 ,, iilll '1
.liking.' friii tQi -I. 1 iii. i, .if HIij. 1
t.-n.U .Vtllflljs.' n ili-ll-M'.'tli r' i-u.
IT ti I .1 lllllM. I111' ,lM l.lulft. t.l till.
iiiii 1 it w i.'u 1 .11 1 1 inh rc.i I.
Tm nii in. "( -imiiMis." h Mr. Iiij-
i. 1. Kruw im-.iu- in hi),. dud rvaliy
il'H 1 i .i.-l ci'1'.lit 1.1 jit n '-1km'. l"'l
Nl I ' II i-m .1 (.iH'fu) iutimff 11 u
n- r. iliiiy
i'ii- ''ni In ll.irn SiJie.1.1 W iu-t.-iii-'l
iii'i.ic--iinji ihroumlnotiit. proili
h'IiIj IxwiiMe it i- ti ivcMtfie rtorv mill
njipwi' .j-iM-.-twilh 10 Kiop rcsuffm.
'WllWMI l.rlllJKir-ll with MMTM- of Hi
short rtorio in 11k- l.-iulln inntfn.iiR
we fliwl 'thoivc in tin. Iflot. wt.ronj.'cr
ill tllHMIII'. JiljL'll. I- in MMIItinlt nitwl
mipNior in lit.nii-' 'xcpM(Jib(. Wo
rontHzc fhnit tliii. is luii mitm. mt
fully lirilhf Hun it. I. iiKurhod. Vi
1iop Mil. nNi'itii.'.'iiuuit will vmi1 innic
tiliilfc liljiHi Mnnrtiir.1.
'Phi I'n.bin l.if.
drill iK'sai 'I'hurwiuy
wil) iii',.t for
.'veiling1 t 7
Prnotlcc limited to Discuses of Women nl
t(KftO&t. Hcs.: 18l3VnsblnRtonSt.
Hour: 2 to 4 p. m,
lMli unil 0 Ms,
I'oloiiliono M.
Lincoln, Notr
130 South 11th Street,
Uoonis 80, 27 nml 1, llrownell 1UU. Tliono 5.10.
Hooms over VostornUnlon TolCKraph.
Teoth Kxtrnrtctl without l'ftln.
Olllce: Cor. lllhnnftOSts.
Lincoln, Nebraska
rl? MUM. F WEST.
Onlce: lOiS O Street. Over Fltwralu's. Tol. -116
Residence: lTMKucM Ave. Tcl.M3.
Hours: 2to5p. m.
Sneolnltios: Diseases ot Stomach nnd Kldnoy.
Rooms er-s.
Hurr Hlock.
1ncoln, Nch
E. 1. H01.Y0KIJ, M.l). R. A. HOI.YOKK.M . .
Res. Telephone 411. lies. Toler-hono 4i3.
Physicians & Surgeons,
Ofllco. 1ST South llth street
Ofllce Tolephone -til.
Lincoln, Xob.
Telephone CsS. P. O. Box H.M.
Private Hospital.
S03 South llth street.
SjKMflal mtuntttici to ot -women. Uv
ory convenionce for surnlcal cases.
U.of N. '92.
1381 O street.
Hours: 8 to 10 a m-. S to 4 p. m.. 7 to b p.m.
Sundays. A to 4 p m.
Phones: Olllce 3!9. res. OPO-1710 D stn-et.
Llutoln. Nob.
Special Attention to Errors of ltefractlon.
Practice Llniltod to EVE. KAR, NOSK and
1131 0 Street, - Lincoln, Neb.
Oniee 1130 O Strom.
Olllce Telephone -itG.
IiustJonco Telephone 4M.
Lincoln, Nob
Oi'i'iCE Hotiits: S DM) ays: IS tol p.m.
S to h p. in. 3 to 6 p. in.
Otlloe ei uud 86 Hurr Illoeh.
Ret... W(0 South 17th blruot.
Tulephouet.: Ollico, (&0; rusldanuti, 'V3.
M. B. KETCHUM, M. D.. I'lUK. D.
Prof. OpttliOtuiology. Otolog y and
Lincoln Mudlful Collogo.
obt a thorouirti. privuto rouro lu retructlou,
SjiectiioliH, lilted.
Ofltw.SKifci ntbkl Hour.. 0 to l!:W-2of,
J. li. HAQGAftD M. D.
Ilctildeiut 1110 Gtret., Tol Sit.
omee laa 0 Btreet. Room 17 anfl IB.
Over Miller & Patau's, Tol. tm
PrHctlco llmliea to
By. liar. Nobe unrt Throat,
WS O street,
Lincoln, Nobraslta
I'lno Wutoh RgpalririK.
Scientific Refracting Optician
1300 O Street, . Lincoln, Neb.
Particularly to tho young man who thinks of
buying clothing. Tho ono who docldoa to
buy a Suit or Ovorcoat must bo In a predica
ment If ho roads tho dlfforontclothing advor
tlsomonts Our storo Is simple. Wo soil re
liable goods, and aro ono prlco. Our gar
monts don't got all out of shape with a few
week's wear.
prcilNE St iAsTSRFEi,
Book Department
Has heretofore been noted among University students for the very low
prices at which nil supplies were sold. This year, while lower than c cr, com
mensurate with quality, we have materially increased our stock. Wc are
prepared to supply Text Hooks of all kinds at lower rates than were ever
before made in Lincoln. Note the list quoted below.
Wcssley's German-linR. Dictionary So 6o
Wesslry's French-En. Dictionary Co
Cassell's German-Ens. Dictionary i 15
Casscll's French-Eng. Dictionary 1 15
Cassell's Latin-EnR. Dictionary.. 1 15
Bessey's 3rief Hotany 1 00
Remscn's Elementary Clnmlitry. . 71
Graphic Algebra 1 -H
Tisss-n.'. ullInAp it 1, f m
I "-"C1"-' a W.......S., s.. o,s...s..v,w. . ,j
ILauhlin's Mill 2 So
Le Conte's Geology 325
Rolfe's Shakespeare, per, vol 50
Students' Standard Dictionary.... 2 50
J Standard Dictionary 10 50
Webster s International Dictionary a 75
History Paper, per 100 sheets. . . .
Made by
1. H. Evans, Pres. and Treas.
The hvans
327-329-331 North Twelfth Street.
And "QUALITY" about the
photographs made at the
That make them famous. All
History Covers, leather back.
History Covers, cloth sides...
History Covers, board sides. . . .
Fountain Pens, 14 Kt gold, 69c, Sk
and 98c, each pen warranted.
Waterman's ' ' 'Ideal'' Fountain
Pens, $2,50 and upwards.
Lead Pencils, polished, rubber
Black Ink, per 2 or. bottle
Fountain Pen Pockets Sc. 10c and 15c
Student's Note Books
"University" Tablets
Ink Tablets, So sheets each
Soft Paper Tabs, 500 pages each
Examine tlie Policy of the Now England
Mutual. The Values are as definite as those
endorsed in your Bank Book.
This Company has been Chartered
63 Years.
G. XV. NOBLE, Mgr.,
Phone 328 101 ostreet
C. C. Quiogi.e, Sec. and Mgr.
Places as good to trade
at as our's, but certainly
none better. Suits and
Overcoats ready to wear
and made to order.
gEST goods ....
For the least money at
Mayer Bros.
on ground floor, 226 So. llth St.