The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, May 20, 1898, Image 4

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Ill the Gym.
The nnminl exhibit lou of the boy'
gymnasium classes took plneo Inst
Saturday evening nnd proved a if rent
success. Prof. Hastings unnounccil
Hint the object of the exhibition was
simply to llhiHtrnte the regular worh
of tho classes, nml hIiow what prog
ress hnd been accomplished during the
yenr. No fnnoy gymnast Ich would i(u
attempted. He then niinouiu'ed the
records made In the nfternoon.
TJie first thlngon the program was
the Indlnn club drill with Miss Char
lotte Chirk ns neeonipiinisl. Sixteen
men took part In 1iIr headed by Stcb
bliiR. They proved very well 1 mined
nml put up n graceful drill. The
wpeetntorH Rhowcd by their liberal np.
plause how niueh they appreciated
the work.
TIiIr was followed by a three-Inning
game of volly ball between the morn
lap and nfternoon classes. Both Rides
plnjod well, the game llunlly going to
the afternoon cIiirs by a wore of 24
to 17.
Thegencrnl nppimifiiH work proved
pnrtleulnrly intcrcs'ing. The men
were divided Into live ckisscs. 11. S.
Hunt led the work on the liorw, W.
II, 11. Mooe on the buek, Anker
bended the men on the high bar,
Stebblns on the low bur, and Nelson
on the paraJols.
The work of nil was excellent. The
only draw lack wan tho difficulty of
seeing all tie worknt the same time.
The runnlnr starts was one of the
most interesing fentures of the even
ing. Some f the starts were very
Tho first inning of the battle ball
game resulted in a score of 24 to 21
in favor of the nfternoon class, the
seend inning was omitted.
The fancy club work created the
greatest enthusiasm and showed won
derful skill Hunt, Dnvis, Xeilson
and Stebblns took part.
Shane proved the strongest, man In
the strength tests, pulling up .21.
Xielson mnde 20 and Moore 12.
W. V. Ryan led In the "Elephant."
The work of the. evening was closed
with the "pyramid" which reached a
height of four stories. About 250 en
joyed the exhibition and were greatly
pleased with the work.
Dr. Hastings is about to undertake
a series of unique and Interesting ex
periments throughout the state, the
results of which will be on exhibition
at the trnns-Mlssissippi exposition.
They are to lie n thorough physical
examination of the school children
throughout the state.
The work is under the auspices of
of the District Society of the Ameri.
can Association for the Advancement
of Physical Education. The work was
inaugurated by Dr. Porter of St. Louis
who has made exhaustive investiga
tions and has reached may interest
ing conclusions, which further inves
tigation seems destined to affirm.
This society has had printed four
cards. Two of them contain ques
tions on the physical appearance,
form and development of the children
male and female taken separately.
Another, intended for the parents,
has questions concerning the family,
while the fourth is for the Instruc
tion of the observers. Each child is
given a enrd to take home to Ik filled
out by its pnrents and returned the
next day. The children are arranged
in the order in which they sit. at
their desks, girls and boys separately.
The observers stand in line. Each oil
server hns one particular observation
or mensurement to make on each
child. The children pass nlong in line
before the observers. In this wny it
is expected to handle one pupil a
Pnrents are assured that no names
will be published in connection with
individual mensuremeuts and thnt no
personal defects will be pointed out
before the other children.
These measurements will afterward
be classified and from the averages ob
tained, charts and tables will be mnde
out, and will be placed on exhibition
at the trans-Mississippi Exposition.
Theso charts will show the tyie of
ench nge for the state of Nebraska,
viz: just whnt the normal child should
be nnd wil show the proper physical
basis for intellectual advancement.
For instance, Dr. Porter, in one exper
iment, took pupils eleven yenrs of age,
throughout nil grades from the flrwt to
to the eighth, nnd found that the av
erage height and weight Increased
regulnrly from those in the lower to
the higher grades. ThiB connection
between physical nnd intellectual
growth is one of many interesting
i hi --- - mmm m ... Till n.
and luntruetlve results which theso
experiments are producing
Dr.HiiHttugs expects to emplo.x three
sets of Instruments In his works,
enough students having already 'vol
unteered to make OiIh possible. Be
sides Dr. Wolcott, MIsm Anne .Spurck
and Oliver Chambers, tile following
students from Dr. Hastings' and Prof,
l.uekey's departments lno volun
teered. 0. 11. llcdgcook, ?. D. Clinton,
Elmer Barry, C. W. Taylor, It. S.
Hunt, E. B. Brook, D. E. Thoinn 11.
E. Tooth, E. A. Hose, V.,S. llnlley, (I.
A. Johnston, V. V. Muloit mid Misses
Sndlo Smith, Mary SuUK-un, Alberta
Spurck, Bertha Downlng,lertha John
ston, Nona Johmton, Jeinle I'entzer,
and Charlotte Alexander, Kellogg.
IHsey and Herbert bail a'bo volunteer,
cd but have since jolnedthe army.
The base ball team li charge of
Manager Hyon le.fl ycsterlny morning
for Wyinore, where they played yes
terday. From there the go to Te
eunisch, where they play todny nnd
tomorrow, returning hone Saturday
night. Moore, Rhondes, Kludler, Boed
er, Cowglll, l.oibmau, Rhea, BIIsh and
Melford have been taken. Bliss pitch
ed Thursday, Mel ford Fiidny. Tho
boys nre In the best of cuidition and
aro confident of repeating their recent
Manager Hyon Is arruiglng a trip
through the state for the week after
examinations. The schedule will In
clude towns as Wahoo, Fremont,
Schuyler, David City, Colunbus, Auro
ra, York and Crete.
Preparations are Mug made on a
grand scale for the great game with
Kansas, which Is to take jJaee on the
campus May 30. The thirteen Inning
game at Lawrence shows how well the
teams arc matched and a hat tie royal
Is confidently looked for. Monday be
ing a holiday an immense crowd from
the city is certain and of course all
University fans will turn out to this,
the groat game of the year and cheer
the boys on to victory. Cnptain Klud
ler nnd his men are bound to take this
game and should be loyally supported
by tho students. Tickets will be on
sale Monday for only 2." cents, al
though all neighboring lnicrsltics
charge 30 cents and Manager Hyon lias
been advised to do the same, but. he
decided in view of the recent expenses
of the students to place the admission
fee within the reach of all and count
on the loyalty and interest, of the
school to held pay the expenses.
Owing to the inroad the war has
made on the b.iti'ion, th. recent,
changes necessitated by the enlist
ments nnd tho general unsettled air
among the cadets, it has been decided
not to have competitive drill this year,
As the companies have all been chang
ed over so recently, no company spirit
or enthusiam exists, and the usual in
terest taken in the competition would
be lacking. Under the circumstances
the decision to give it up seems to
have been wisest.
For much the same reason the $20
prize offered by the Farmers and Mer
chants Insurance company to the best
drilled cadet in thelKitillnn. will not
be eon test if for this spring. As many
of the best drilled eadet.s in the school
would not lw present It was not con
sidered fair to the company to decide
the matter as at first intended. For
thnt reason the contest will 1h post
poned. Owing to the near approach of the
end of drill, Major True has decided
not. to fill the vacancies caused by the
enlistment of Captains llendy and
Haggard. The first licircnants of
their companies will enmmiud for the
rest of the year.
(Continued from First I'nge.)
by staying in the center of the senior
crowd, was protected, but le found it
advisible to put the only 'is cap left
in Itnnglinrt's pocket. President Mar
tin, f curing there would not be.
enough left of the seniors for the nf
ternoon picnic, announced their ad
journment, and being afraid they
would be followed, stated that the
seniors, who did not know where to
meet, cpuld find out from those who
did. After the adjournment several
seniors were hanging nroimd trying
to recover their losses. C. T. Reedy was
noticed, seized by u crowd of juniors
nnd sophniorcs nnd carried to tho hole
bnck of the nrinory. Into this .needy
went, Kintoii was near by and soon
followed. Warren and Eddie Morri
son were dropped Into the hole amid
howls and University yolhi. Kodnk
pictures were taken of the quartet in
tho pit It is reported thnt half a doz
en representatives of the junior an
nual board were on the spot, and sev
eral nnnunlH were ordered In advance.
shw nil
Ercrrboay Bay Bo,
Caaonrctii Candv Cathartic, tho most won
derful medical dlaeovcrv of the mn pirns
ant nnd rofroalnnK to Iho taste, net n'Utty
and positively on kUliipyn, liver nml bowels,
cloniiRlair tho entire nyirnn, dlupcl cold',
cum licodnoho, fover, babltunl cnnfulimlion
nnd btUijnoRR, Plcnso buy nnd try a box
of IX i 0. to-dnv; 10, 23. ftl) coins. dolilanU
guurnutood to euro by all druggists,
And Economical
Hon to to Southern California. Tour
ist, cars every Thursday only $3 for
double bcrl'i.
B. e, M. depot, 7th nnd P streets;
city office, corner 10th am. 0 streets,
G. W. BoittteH,
C. P. T. A.
lath House and Sanitarium
Cor. Htii & M Sta., Lincoln, Neb.
Open at all hours, Day nnd Night
All forms of bath.
DRS. M. H. & .1. O. EVERETT,
Managing Physicians.
$1.0 $1.00 $1.00
If at any time within n year you de
sire to trade for one of our REPEAT
ING cameras, wo will allow you $1.00
and take back the one you buy. Tho
repeating camera Is like a repeating
rlttc. You photograph one plate and
Instantly place another in position. No
trouble or bother. You load it at
home and Biinp tho pictures at pleas
ure. Any child can handle it. This
Is a new device never put on the mar
ket before, $3.00, $4.00, $3.00, accord
ing to size and number of plates.
A. H. CRAIG, Mukwntmgo, Wis.
RM T".T: MY wAshbuC"
The Washburn is the one and only
make of world-wide reputation. Sold I
by fust-class dealers everywhere from i
$i5-oo upward. Imitated extensively, '
so be sure that the name "George !
Washburn" is burned upon the inside, i
A beautiful Washburn Book contain- I
ing portraits and letters from the De '
Reszkcs, Calvd, Eamcs, Nordica, Seal-
liii mm ioo oiner lamous artists and
teachers, mailed free upon request.
Address Dept. U,
Cor. Wabaih Ate. and Adams St., Chlcajjo.
Ancuta for
Washburn instruments.
Also general fnctors Shaw, Weber,
Wegmnn nnd Jewctt pianos and For
rand & Votey organs.
130 South 13th Street.
Northwestern University
Medical School.
Tne regular course is four roars:
with conditions for advanced standing.
This school claims suncrioritv in the
extent nnd thoroughness of laboratory
courses nnd in the. great variety of it
clinical materinl nnd the methods by
which it is used in teaching. For cir
culars of information nddress the Sec.
Dr. N. S. DAVIS, Jr.,
2413 Dearborn St., Chicago.
There nre a number of U. of N. men
now at mis school.
I cdbrlClb WdlUBQ Iocoh In v.ry HtHtM
Wo can use BO thin iniintli. No roiiiiiilmilou
oh.rK!l on milury AdilrrsM. XIK lini.
lriktu TirAf11lii.,u, tf,HA,v v ..
ikaIammm 1Iau1..I fm anlinnla iil ..i
u jr.. . ". --
4bA TfijrrtTTlVf.JW
3U0, OalCARO, 111,
You Travel
Always Take
To OM'ATTA All polnta oast,
KANSAS CITY East and south.
DENVER nnd all Colorado points.
CKlDtiN and 8 ALT LAKE.
Hns the best modern equipment.
Pullman Pnlneo and Tourist Slcopors.
Dlnlnir nnd froo viwllnlntr I'lmlr- nnra.
?, ... ..."..'.
i-or tinio sciieiiutcH, i.ieuots, resummons of berths, cnll on or nddred
E. 11. SLOSSON, Gen. Agt 104-1 O St,
1 .tmwtlti Vn1
Villi, Mill,
Experience at this Tnlvervlty has proven thnt tho
I J, 41,., .nltnl.ln ...... t 1...... .... ft I.. ..,. 1.. ..
awr iiiu IlillHMl- lil-ll iwi lllion Kllllll um'a
wrltvs coutiiiu.msh without tdinklnir
uu nuuic, ami money gunraniccil
iVuburn, Fnlls City,
Atchison, "St. Joseph
and Kansas City,
City Ticket office 1020 0 St
H. C. Townsend, G. P. & T. A.
P. D. Cornell, C. P. & T. A.
(Rnscmcnt llurr llloelc)
HAIR CUT, loc. 1I.MR SINGED, 15r.
SHAVE, 10c Si: FOAM, 10c.
11. J, Rubiuson, Prop.
B'. t 1
Dealers h, Rj,
!35 So. 12th St.
Best Route
Lincoln, Wc
....... I
,1. T. MASTIN, C. T.
Gen. Mgr 13. L. LOMX, Q. P. & T.i
III 1 IIIWUXH 1'OIUlV lOr UR(, fit!
It hns the best jjold pens that can
vciunitcu u the pen Is nut sntlsfni'lor
.For sale at Uic Co Op.
'AOI,tiK No. 17,
"Stevens Favorite" Rifle.
" Talre Down " model, sadmh barrel, weight
45 pounds. Carefully bored and tested.
For .22, .25 nnd .32 rim-hrc cartridges,
17, Plain open sights, S6.00
1 8, Tarnet sijrhts, S8.50
Ask your denier for the "FAVORITE.'
If he doesn't keep it, vc will send, prepaid,
on receipt of list price.
Rooklct of small-bore cartridges free.
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co
P.O. Hot I0i
Table board $2.50 Meals 15 eti
-MEAL TICKirrS $2.50
The Model Dining Hail
MRS. ROUT. F1JEEI 1), Prop.
310 So. 12th St., Lincoln Nebraska
Lunch Counter -
III south eleventh
cnrr-'Tar - x r u. msm
& Company,
Ltocoln. Neb.