The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 15, 1898, Image 3

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ltonienihi-r '"' tlurdiH'r Tailoring Co.
Hal Huberts lum returned from his
lionif I" Oiii'ilm-
lissow .IiicKhoii and .Iii.viu'h of Oinu
Im'iiir UsDIng Mth. I'lxli'.
Paul ( use wum IiiIIIiiUmI by l'lil Delta
ifhctn riii'wlii.v evening, April fi.
MIsm llliiiiclii' Mlohe-y received it. visit
j,.om her sister Edith IiihI week.
It (. .Suton '07 visited wltli friends
J.liii-oln during tho viu-iitlon.
I'lii' elieeh rooms were closed for the
FCiihsIit Wednesday, April .
Tin tennis season hus begun and tho
toiuil- eranUs are rejoielng numbly.
-piie I'lilliidhins will give a. sptM-lal
k)V'm program tomorrow e cuing.
Vlie l'. !' N (' w' " "', li '
the 1. ll- " ( ()" tm' CV,,,U,,K "f April
pin- mother of Miss llessle llrown
(nioi i spent the viu'atioit In Lin
coln. Proi. sMrs l.ees. Davis and Itlchnrds
jmu. iuh'ii on ii hunting trip on tlio
Mi- .losie llugoy spent. Iter vnealtou
with ' Margaret Davis at, IMaMs
inout! j, i MeNlsh left, for his home to
M1'vsi . with u very seere atUwk of
tho t-'np.
pin Keppa 1'sl will give, ii. party at.
the 1 meiiln hotel, Friday uvoning,
nril '
Mi- Louise Hound spent her vaea
tidu m. rnirlmr as the. guest, of Miss
May V.hiUnir.
( . 1 . diims. jr.. of Superior. spent
liis x.uMtioii in liineoln with his Hot a
lirotlx i-.
Mi- Kdnu Wetzel anil .Miss Ethel
Collin- .no pledged to Kappa Kappa
lllllllllM. '
l-'re.l llot has been elected prin
riiwl "f Hie Albion High school for the
following ,cnr.
Mi- Carbarn Hurt spent the. spring
taciturn with Miss Anna McCrosky at
lunar "I Tceiiinseh.
V culilcgriini was received from Miss
llirr, I linrsdii, announcing her safe m Rotterdam.
Mi nnit L.vtle and Miss Neva Mor
ris returned Wednesday from a pleas
nt . notion isit in Fremont.
lux. I'oiter, 'US, lias been eleeted au
iimtrui tor in l--njrlisli at the. Vera State for the following yeai.
V. Ii MeLneas, '90, now prineial of
tlu Tun-bury High school, whs a vis
itor at the Inixersity Inst week.
Miss ( lain Hammond gme a very do
liphtful party ti a number of her
friend, on Friday evening, April 1.
HaiTN Hnulb.x has received an ap
pointment from Congressman Stark
to tin- West Point Military Academy.
Mis i:dna lllalne Wirt of Coiinell
ItlulTs is visiting Miss Jessica Morgan.
Mii will remain until Monday evening.
Shah nts in general will be glad to
know that three dozen new chairs
were nieixed in the library last week.
TIu l'alladiau society has benn in
vited li the Orphclhin society of Wet,
Icjan t.i spend an evening with them,
Saturil.ix , April Hi.
A stock of Huntington spccinl die
stamp stationery 1ms been received by
the Co op. It mnkes the prettiest U.
of N. t.iblet yet seen.
Ppei i.d discount to students in bi
cjelo -uiulries and repairing. Good
Ftaiuliuinl tires at $5.00 a pair at A. L.
Girard A Co., 135 So. 12th St.
John 1 Kind is teaching tho eight
and twilxc o'clock classes in Fresh
man ( . nnan, on account of the 111
Hess, ii Prof, lturuett.
Lieut stotsenberg gave a ory intcr-esttn-j
lliistratcd lecture last Thurs
Uaj at iiKMiu on the subject, of "The
Eiikiii. i and tho Army."
Tin- .ipils of the University Con
MTXiit. i of Music will give a recital in
tlio ( Mrsity cliapcl next Tuesday
V in. In unities club of about, txven-1-fu.'
i inhers xvas organized at the
I'oinc . Prof. Hodgmau I'riday cve
ninjr. ,ml s.
Din, .i Willard Kimball, xlth Mrs.
Kimli , went to Chicago this xveck
nn bii . ks connected with Hie Oma
ha K. -ition.
I'lu I Itn Theta Iiiik ple1ged the fol
lowini: p .en: John Hill, Arthur Hay
inoiiil. c 1,,-Hter Suminer, 1). ban aiul
H' H. mhiiikI.
I'rol Ciiiee left the rnixerslty last
f-k t i- a trip to Kurok. H will
inakt- . -tuiiy f tli iihysius labnitor
'"' of l .mpisau UnlxorKities.
Tin- in .t, fran, in t.ho iutcr-fnitor-i.v league will lx playcxl
next 'I liui-Mlav afternoon botxx-eeii Sig
ma (In inn pi,j Kappa l'si.
L'lst, I'riilay the nexv inoinbea-s of tlie
I'aloii l.itcnirv Socictv gave a sjiexdal
"lid M-'ix interesting "program, ropro
ntiiiK features of a AVorld'H (Jongix'Hs.
lrof. lliMlgman re:eive a vory flutr
tiriiiL' ciniiiiiiM, i. in ii late issue of the
'ew York Voice on a speech which ho,. .1..H i !..... 41.,. 1J...I Uilv.
: ") iii-iixeieii uuiiiru hid l"
loa chili
I'lii Delta The.ta expects to outor
"nm Kpsilon irovineu of that, frater
Jty da May 12, 13 and 14. Alwut it
tn delegates from surrounding statr
fu ill i
-" "in do present.
I you want the most artiBtlc work
m tho line of photographs, Clements,
l"o I'Jiotographer, at 129 fio. 11th fit.,
Trli.!;0 yxlr "ork to Huit jou at the
INVEST prices.
MImi ( oni ropcv enU'Haiiiwl MIsh-i-.inina
Ontccalt, Hlnnche Hanvoo
" I'.taina Outcalt, Hlanchc irargreav
"' nnd Margaret Whcdoii at her home
Ji tnirburj during vacation.
nrany, April 2, to accept a position in
tho department of ngrlpultiivo in
Washington He will be In the sub-
depart meiit of groslo1og,
The reason the llnoycle runs earner
than other bicycles "la becauno the
chains runs between tho bearings on
the crnnk. Stop In and examine It at
A. L. airard & Co. 135 So. 12th St.
Tf you want your hah cut- artistic
ally and In tho latest styles, call on
bam WoHtorlleld, 117 North Thirteenth
street. He. has had eighteen years' ex
perience with students and guaran
tees satisfaction,
'The sewing circle of tho college set
tlement has ended iti season and cele
brated by having nu entertainment,
last Saturday evening. The children
were treated to Ice cream and the af
fair x as xcry enoyuble.
The tickets fof the Senior 1'ronuv
nade are out and the committee will
call upon you in tho neai' future. The
city papers have made a mistake in an
nouncing the date. The Prom, will
posit Ixely be held at the Lincoln ho
el April 211.
II karat gold fountain pens at (iOe
each and upwards. History paper (1c
per 10(1. Students' note books le each.
Vest pocket (lerman and French dic
tionaries 21c. Full line or history
covers, botany note bonks, botany pa
per, magnifying glasses, etc., etc.
Art and Music department, llerpol
shclnicr it Co.
Students who are particular as to
the appearance of their shoes have
their repairing- done by II. Capes, prac
tical shoemaker at 133 South VM
street. Ho makes a speciolty of re
pairing round toed shoes and has spo
clal apparatus to do it in tho right
1). X. I.ehmer, formerly an instruc
tor in mathematics in the I'niversit.y,
lias just received a fellowship in math
ematics In Chicago I'lilverslty against
more than one hundred competitors.
Mr. l.ehnicr writes thanking the Ne
braska faculty for their work In his
Miss Marion Treat of the Conserxa
tory xx as married to Prof. F. W. Tay
lor, at her mother's home In Chicago,
this week. Prof. Taylor has been con
nected with the Unixersity school of
Agriculture and at present is tilling
a position under the management, of
the Omaha Imposition.
The senior electrical engineers are
now wrestling xxit.h their theses. It.
promises to be a race between the
I nixersity and the theses to see which
xvill be out first, xxith the odds In fav
or of the t'nixei'sity. Many of the en
gineers are f erven ty praying for war
xxith Spain, that being preferable to
tlnlshiug their work for the year.
Kxpensivc principles are often ex
pensive to the rider, liny a Hayeycle
and you will get a wheel built, on me
chanical principles. The Hayeycle is
lisiilt so that it rides easier than any
other make on the market. Come
a. id sec it and xe will liroxe this to
you. A. I.. Ciiranl & Co., 135 South 12th
Among the I'liixersity people who
went down to Omaha last, week h
hear Melba and the Damrosch orches
tra in the "Harber of Seville" at. the
Hoyd xvas one parly made up of Miss
Louise Pound, Miss Ollxe butta, Mrs.
C. F. I.add and Kokcoc Pound. Others
were Mi's. C. II. (iere, Mariel, Kllen and
Francis (iere, Helen Harxxood. Helen
Welch, Lena Deweese, Hessie Turner,
Kugcnia Oetner. Miss Treat, Prof. F.
W. Taylor, .1. I. Martin and .lohn
The I). It. 1). ('. xvill go with three
or four car loads of jieoplo to Wes
le.xan I nixersity on next Saturday eve
ning. Thereis to be a joint, debate be
txvecn tlie Dcliaii Hoys Debating Club
and the Kverett. Society of Wesleynn.
The question will be: "Resolved, That
the Hawaiian Islands should bo an
nexed to the I'nitcd States." Wesley
nn has the atltrmative. The Wesleynn
speakers are Messrs. hmbry.MoPher
rin and Hand. The Dcliuns will bo rep
resented by Messrs. Theobald, Adams
and Warren. Cars will leave for Wes
leynn at 7:15 p. in.
The I'liion Pacific Hailxvay company,
one of the few remaining railroad cor
porations centering at Omaha that de
ferred taking stock in the Trans-Mississippi
exposition, has announced a
subscription of $25,000. This brings
the total amount subscribed by the
railroads up to $125,000. (ieorge (Sould
lias promised a subscription by the
Missouri Pacific "when ttie road's earn
ings xvill warrant it." The road is ex
pected to subscribe at least $10,000.
The annual meeting for lh'JH of the
We tern Hditorial Federation will lie
held in Omaha during the Trans-Mississippi
exposition. L. K. Huntley of
Donaldsonville, La., president of the
association, says that it Ib the inten
tion to make tho Omaha meeting a
large gathering of newspaper men and
women. The program will include tho
names of nexvspnper peoplo of wide
Unlvct-Hll, Twim Mn.x show Some
'oluls (o Lpnuiiors.
TIH HeiiHonv, Tnii,, Mill n,r to K,.,,8
I.hhI Vinr-VcryStroiiK With tho
Ntlrh-lhn Oiniitiu (lain,,.
I he l nixersity of Nebraska has
made remarkable strides In the na
tional game in (I,,. pUst Uso yem.s
Last xenr it had a team that under
lavornble circumstances could have
went east and won all her games.
Wltli the team crlmileil in uim.i .,(
with she went into loxva and Illinois
and made a icpiitatlou that was re
markable. The team this year lias plavcd sever
al town games and promises to bo as
strong, If not stronger, than last. year,
lo be sure, there are no stars noxv like
Heiiedict and Crelgh, but the team as
a whole Is more even ami promises to
be a much stronger batting team.
In the recent game xvltli tlie board
of trade team the boys shoxved partlo
iilur strength with the stick mid won
lia uli'v by hitting, xx hen the pitcher
let lea men walk.
Thursda.x the high school team lined
up on the campus and the unlxerslty
team showed a great improvement In
team work. Their hitting, as in the
prex ions game, xvas a feature. 'Tho
score was Hi to in favor of the uni
versity. Sat in day afternoon at .1 o'clock the
unlxerslty team will line up against
tlie Omaha Western league team on
the campus and the boys are going in
for blood. Cap Oordon xvill pitch the
game unci he says he xvill pilot his colts
to xlctory if possible. All the boys
voxv vengeance on the leaguers, and
are going to see just how much faster
league teams are than 'varsity nines.
It xvill be a good chance for Mana
ger Hyons to sic up his material, and
he can form 11 fair estimate of what
to expect of them on the Kansas-Missouri
trip, xx hen tliev leave home on
the 2!)th of this mouth.
A large addition has been put on the
grand stand. The nexv part, runs east
and west along the first base line and
xx ill hold about 500 people. A board
fence is being put along the west side
and nui th cud, and everything possible
will be done to keep the people outside
tlie fence from bothering the folks in
tlie stands.
A large crowd is sure to turn out to
see tlie Nebraska boys down the lea
guers, if such a thing is possible. And
rooting xvill help: come out and root.
A. C. Foster, former manager for
Sxxift & Co., has been appointed gener
al superintendent of the Trans-Mississippi
and International exjios'tion.
The I'nitcd States government ex
hibit .it the Trans-Mississippi exposi
tion will excel by nil odds that made
at any former exposition. The build
ing alone will cost $70,000.
A prize of $100 in cash is offered by
the business men of Houston, Tex.,
to tlie individual who xvill prepare a
design that will best represent Hous
ton at the Trans-Mississippi exposi
tion. The concession allowing the Vene
tian boatmen to row their gondolas on
the waters of the lagoon at the Trans
Mississippi exposition, has been award
ed to l'. (J. (iridium and W. S. .lardiue
of Omaha lor 20 per cent, of the gross
A ventilated water' proof
ket, the invention of Dr. J. .7. Stevens
of Clinton, Mo., by means of which
the dead xxlien interred can be preserv
ed for an indefinite period of time, ill
be exhibited at tlie Trnns-.Mississ-ippi
One of the most important matters
that will come before the meeting of
the Commercial and Industrial asso
ciation of Alabama, to be held in the
near future, is the matter of sccurlnR
au appropriate state exhibit for the
Trans-.Mississippi exposition. An ef
fort is noxv being made to have the
state authorities take the matter in
hand, with the assistance of the gox
eruor and provide a fund for the ex
For the lienetit of intending exhibit
ors at the Trans-Mississippi and Inter
national exposition, diagrams slump
ing the equipment for fire protection
of buildings and displays are hcing
sent out to insurance companies by uu
thoritv of the managers of the exposi
tion. The supply of xvater will be fur
nished by the Omaha Water Works
company, pumped from the main sta
tion on the banks of the Missouri riv
er, seven miles north of Omaha.
Best Work.
west Servict
Established i88q.
Miller & Paine
iUnjolkAYt SjJ
Hat Designed by Mme. Pouranne.
Wo have just received by express from New York an
ollier line of trimmed hats. The regular millinery prions
ol these is $5.00; our price is 3.85.
Exquisite showing of roses, violets, sweet peas, lila v,
e'e ver blossoms, poppies, etc. Among those as among the
hats, department store prices reign supremo.
The NebraskaU'niversity
School of Music
Pipe Organ,
Piano Forte,
Voice Training,
String Instruments,
Wind Instruments.
Uarmonv, Counterpoint, History.Gen
eral Theory, Sight Heading.
Frco Scholarship in all Departments
Orchestral Training,
Military Band Training,
If yoii are thinking of studying music Investigate the merits of this scbool.
Most complete and g
Modern equipment. H
O-von.tfifli nmi-pt.ABTr.
Telephone 199.
Mr. Albert Turpin9s
'Banohity Scftoot
Now open for Season 1897-08.
Adult clnsses every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Juvenile, Wednesday 4P.1L,
Saturdays. 2 P. M. Assemblies every Thursday eve. S
Hall for rent. Special rates to clubB and fraternities. Call at 11&2- 'M.St,
lor terras, etc. Ofllc'e- hours v ao ii:au a. in. a 10 o p. m. u