The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, March 11, 1898, Image 4

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    lit the Gym.
Mm him mitl hound hciimiii Iiiih
again arrived nml the ciomh t'minti
runs mill Intro ami hotmd eluise will
ho the order of thi' ilny for nu tluu
to iMiini'. The runs will tiilc thii'i' c-v
erv Saturday afternoon, nml nil who
ilt'Hlrt' an' Inxltod to Conic out mill
tn Ui n run over the country.
Two more now games- linxi' lu'i'ii In
trodueod In tho gymnasium ohiHHOH by
Prof Hustings. Thi' new sports tiro
milium nml Imttlo hull.
Tho Imlor pentathlon ttikos place In
tho urinor.x Friday oxotilng, Mm oh 23.
Tho bo,x u iv showing grout interest
in tho oM'iit anil mv training hnnl.
h nn instance showing whnt is to ho
opoitod in tho wny of records Hone
iliot hns already raised his polo xtnilt
eight Inohos nhoM his record of Inst
Miir Vilniissloii to this oontost will
bo b ticket nml onl.x onought tick
ets will bo Issued to till tho capacity
of the nrmory. In onlor to uoooinuio
il iti those who ih'lro to ooutrilniti' to
tlio expense of tin pi'iitnthloii nml
who wish to inmtre god sent, reserved
sent tii'Uots will lio plnoo on stile.
Prof Hustings intends nest your to
offer a two jours' eonvo of training
for phxsical directors in thoor.x nml
practical gymnasium work. Tho
iinirso prepared will oinhitiiv tho sub
jects of nut tiro jsmietry. physiology
of bodil.x exorcise, tho history unci
philosophy of physical training, Ulno.s
uilog.x phxsical diagnosis nml nil sub
jocks connected with tho theory of
phxsical training. The work will coi
tnin twelve courses in theory nml
eight courses in pi-.ietii'e.
Continued from first page.
1 una l.iukox Mnrlo Kennedy
Niilie drns
( lanilin Scott Hose Long
Plio tirst half was played according
to the oftieinl rules, the men's game.
I he second half and the "Midgets'"
match .leeoiding to the .Smith College
vulos, which do not allow knocking the
1 nil from the hands.
The oftieinl wore rearts: Nebraska,
goals from the Hold. Louise round 3,
Harriet ( ooke 1, Helen Wolcli 1; goals
from the foul line, Louise Pound 3 out
of possible fi. Iowa, goals from tho
Hold, Lrina l.inkoy 1; goals from tho
foul lino, Emm kinkoy I, Stella l.oyor
4. out of possible IS.
1 inal sooro: Xobniskn 1.. Iowa 7.
ho Nebraska girls did not try
niiiin of their trieks or attempt mueh
t unci rtoil work. Only ouee did thox
resort to their renowned "tandem"
pla . and then they gathered in a
1 isc ions goal from the field as a re
sult Thox 1 rusted mainly to their su
perior height.
No one was hurt, though In practice
games someone has been almost sure
1o emerge noticeably damaged. Miss
llili n 'Welch was knocked out for a
hile in the first half, but reappeared
after time for recuperation. Miss
Mnric Kennedy, guard, xvio had boon
phiMiig an excellent game and had
successfully blocked every attempt at
a goal from the field, gave way xolun
turilj and heroically in the second half
to Miss Hose Ixing, so that the latter
might take part in this.the only match
of the vear.
s for the game itself, it was exult-
itg and perilous for ihe spectators.
I lu- iroticliod down in their chairs
and hung in a state of suspended ani
mation, for the pigskin ball was liable
to be thrown among them at an, mo
ment as if propelled from a catapult,
and followed by a wild rush of the
plajers surging after it with 'tremen
dous onergx in one resistless gob. Lit
t'o things like nroken anus or frac
tured skulls wore dared recklessly.
I lie contest made a magnificent spoo-
i.iV and the spectators -were active
participants in the various vicissitudes
and excitements. If they couldn't un-
lirstancl all the'callings of fouls they
could understand and appreciate gazelle-like
runs, artistic zig-zags, high
jirmps, 'aerial flights, long thrown, ue-
iijtte toswings inio tlic basket and
he thrilling features of hot scrim
mages in which there was Hireling
and writhing oi tangled players on the
nrAnlry lloor.
The game was retarded at ex-citing
points hi the peniigtent calling of
fouls, but still It waged Lot and furi
ous, uhdlhe players bounded biielc'and
forth like hail pellets In a .lanuary
sleet storm,
Hetvvecn halves the ".Midgets" fin
ished their match, ending with a score
of 15 to 12 in favor of Miss Pentzor's
The second half of the Jovva-Nc-
brasku game, with changed rules, was
not loss exciting limit Mil' llrst lime
won lour limbics down the Hold with
oriiiiiuonlul iirlbiiline en route. jilt
edged throws from the foul lino, jump
after the sphoie whloli would be
thnughl "bull's" oven in u Hold dii,
contest for records, t'ninplleutod orlw
crosses nml wild slides for the home
plate, In nmoiig the spooUilors, ninth'
by the players In groups of two and
three ut n time. I hero was tlelorininn
tlon on oaoh classical brow, In the o
huhorniiee of their ohlltiratlon the
girls Mcciiu'd soniot lines to pass from
point to point without touching 'he
At the close the crowd surged ttoro
the hull to oongniliilnti' the winners
nml n input hire with (lux tlcfeiited.
while the eaplalit of the xietnrltnm No-
linisKans was tosseti jojousiy into ino
nlr b, her eoniiuilos to glo oprosnloii
to their elation.
In the hour from 10 to II, when the
lights went out, there wns n reception
nml luncheon to the players uud in
vited gnost In the band room below.
'1 ho following wn the menu:
Uluo Poliit.s, with Siloed l.oiuou.
Ton.stcd Wafers.
( hiekoii Snltitl, Sandwiches.
Sum logo Chips,
lee. Cake. Mneni-oons
Those seated ul the table were Mrs.
A. R Moore of Couneil HlutVs, the Iowa
liln.vors unit substitutes, Miss MacOill,
the conch. Miss kolY nml linii'e
lliirdmnu. all of Couuell Hlutl's, the
Xeliraskti tcain. Mis. .1. II. MeMurtrv,
Misj. Chaiieellor Mael.eiin, Mrs. . ,1.
l'.rvan. Mi-s. ti. M, kainbertson, Mrs.
1 M. llnll. Mrs. C. II. (lore. Mrs. I.. C.
lMelmnls mid others. The lights were
turned out a few minutes after the
last course wns served, as the guests
v ere leaving the building.
The visitors spent the morning look
ing over the grounds and buildings,
iuciilctitnltv being invited into the ev
ocative office and treated to bonbons
bv the ohnncellor. Ttio.v wont nvn,
at 2:30 ii. in. The 1'niiorsity girls
mueh enjoyed meeting them, and sev
eral friendships were struck up in the
course of the visit hen. They wore
found to be pleasant, charming girls,
full of the spovtsinanly spirit. Tneir
only shortcoming xxtts in the matter of
Tho girls mnde a lot of money tvom
their match, and linxo now a good
sized account. The Hist impulse of the
management was to turn it over to the
Athletic association or to the baseball
boys, but on second thought this seem
ed hardly fair to the girls, for bas
ket ball represents their only athletic
ewni. and has to be to them xxhat
football, baseball and Held dnx, rolled
in one. xxould be to the Iki.xs. The
iiionex will be used to bring a crack
team hero from the ottst next our.
when there is a return of the basket
ball season and basket ball xvcathcr.
The team to be brought out hero will
probably lie from Northwestern uni
versity, if the Northxxestern girls suc
ceed in getting permission from the
authorities to make the trip. This
point is still in doubt just at present.
The athletic board met last Satur
day and transacted several Important
matters of interest, liy recommenda
tion of the base ball committee, 11. M.
lionodict was appointed field Coach.
For those, xvho htixo soon Mr. lleiie
tlict's xoIk on ihe field, no word of
commendation need be added. If lie
can ii J 1 the position of coach as well
as he covered second base last year,
Nebraska will have a team to be proud
I. S. Cutter was appointed the ofti
einl representative of the board to so
licit work, funds and material for the
building of a cinder track. Mr. Cut
ter lias already done great son ice in
the mutter of soliciting athletic troph-1
les and this action of the board is a
deserving recognition of his work in
the pant, lie hns alroad.v met with
ooiiHldornblo. huccwhs and encourage
ment In the working of the nexv pro
ject of ihe finder palh. and the plan
is thought to bo entirel.x feasible.
The athletic annual was formall.x
discussed and officially approved l
the board. The board recommended to
the chancellor that the I'nixersit.x
make an aproprintiou toward the an
nual as matter for l'niverslt,y adver
tisement. As was announced in ihe Nebraskan
last xveek the. business end of the an
nual will be in charge of Mr. "V. H
Oury, manager, and I. S. Cutter as
sistant. Those of the editorial staff who
have already been selected are. IL E.
ncnedict, 1. i). Andreson and H. C
Swallow These men arc without
doubt three of the best and foremost
in I nivcrsitx athletics, and can be le
ponded upon In ninh the ntnutl to u
successful Completion
Mr. Otirx'H proposition to uhmuiuc
all of the lliimielnl responsibility nml
to turn oxer imc-huir or the net pro
ceeds to the cinder truck enterprise
xviih reatlll.x ucceptetl by the honrd.
The constitution of the State Ath
letic association xxns brought before
the hoard anil the mat tor was referred
to n committee xvhlch will doubtless
net favorably upon It,
Bath House and Sanitarium
Cor. 14th A M Sts., Lincoln, Neb,
Open ut nil hours, Ikij nml Night
All forms of bath.
ruKKisu, m ssi .x t koman.
DltS. M. H. .M ,1. O. EVERETT,
Managing l'liysleinns.
$1.00 $1.00 $1.00
If at am time within a year xou de
sire to trade for one of our REPEAT
ING cameras, xvc will allow you .$1.00
and take baek tho one you liny. Tht
relocating camera 5s like a repeating
ritle. Von photograph one pinto and
instantly place another position. No
trouble or bother. You load it at
home and snnp the pictures at pleas
ure. Anj child can handle it. This
is a nexv dexice ncxer put on the mar
ket before. 53.00. $4.00, $.',.00, accord
ing to size and number of plates.
A. H. CRAIO, Mukxvntiozo, Wis.
For flnc PHOTOGRAPHS go to
New Popular Priced
Photograph Parlors.
$1.00 per doz. and up,
We guarantee to please you. Call
and see our work get our prices and
give us a trial. Our motto is lo
please all customers.
32 South 1 2th Street, - Lincoln, Neb.
Pure Drugs,
(iood Stationery,
Fine Perfumes.
Toilet Soap'
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Tenth itud Q Stroii
WANTED Trustworthy and active
gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
rcsponsible established house 111 Lin
coln, Nebraska. Monthly $G 00 nd ex
penses. Position steady, lleference,
Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. The Dominion Company,
Dept. Y, Chicago.
are Just as curable aa other diseases.
Treated exclusively by
SmrirFf 'J 127.8tVotl Llu0l. NebrMlta.
- w, . . ..y, oxuepi ounaays
Trade Marks
rftDVDir.UT6 A.-
II nvnnn innrilnn n .l.i.l ...
qnloklr iisrnrtalii iiiirvimilov free wficthor an
....v..;.iA.i :.;...:;.'. '..'"." '""'.,"- : ""iraunim
i t froo. OliiuHt iicimry for Kecurlmr nutontn.
1'iitoutn tukon tliruuch Munu A t'o, receive
ltetat notice, wliliout elmrco, In tlio
Scientific JfoterittH.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. lowest rlr
filiation of any soleiitlflo loumal. Torms, $;i 11
kl..4.l.l7 iru:0 ouiu uthii iiuwuueiiifirH
iiiajjui Vi Dumuynii iiuwsueuiers
You Travel
Always Take
To OM MIA -All points cast.
KANSAS CITY- Html mill south.
)KN Hit mid nil Colorado points.
:uii:n !:-' rai.t IiAKH.
1U1TTI2 nml lIKl.HiSA.
Has tho best modern equipment.
Pullman Pitluoe mid Tourist Sleepers.
Dining mid free reclining I'hnlr cars.
l'or tline sehetliiles, tickets, reservations of berths, call on or address,
13. II. SLOSSON, Hen. At., mil O St. ,1. T. MARTIN, C. T. A.
Lincoln. No .
3. S. JL CLM5K, Pres. i:. HICKlXsiN Con. Mgr., V L. LOMAX, 0. P. & T.A
1 Oimih-i, Nob.
Expclcneo at this 1 nlxersitj hns proxen that the
j the reliable pen for class room xise. It is nlxxaxs ready for use nm
writes continuously without Klmklng It hn.s Mie best gold pons that run
be nude, and nione.x guaranteetl refundcil if the pen is not sntlsftu'toiy
i'hSe&Md A
uburn, Palls City,
Atchison, St, ph
and Kansas City.
City Ticket office 1020 0 St
II. C. Toxvnscnd, G. . & T. A.
T. 1). Cornell, t. P. & T. A.
(Ilnsement llurr l'loek)
HAIIl CUT, r.c. 1IA111 SINGED, 15c
STTAYW. Iflf. S.V X 1,'niXf iftp
B J. Hobiiison, Prop.
J&. SBSBSBSBSBbMMF7-9'7 W L f-M Jt JT fYSt7 C99ilBSlSBSBsBtlSBsar X
islslsH Vv xHlSfRfS.lWySwLH
!Bi,' m x-vJ.B
slJW, y J . N C lisH
Ai. L. GIRARD Company,
Dealers in g. .
!35 Se. lZtti St. Lincoln. Neb.
ticu Ho utc
Lincoln, ISeb
For sale at the Co-Op.
"Stevens Favorite" Ride.
" Take Down " model, 22-inch barrel, weight
Ai pounds. Carefully bored anil tested.
For .22, .25 and .32 rini-tlrc cartridges.
17, Plain open siffhts, 56.00
1 8. Target sights. S8.50
Ask your dealer for the " FAVOUHT "
If he doesn't keep it, xvc will send, prepaid,
on receipt of list price.
Booklet of small-bore cartridges free.
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.,
P.O. llox 10
Table board $2..v
Meals 15 cts.
The Model Dining Hall
MUS. KOllf. PKEEI XI), Prop.
3J6 So. 12th St., Lincoln Nebraska.
a ivavi m ui.i,nx;'P
Lunch Counter.
III south eleventh
inaBii ii HI Si ffi 31 S" 3PI MfflCJE
w VMVW m . OUf tYKOUSBtUH) if, V