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    In the Gym.
Tho trophy which wna won by tlio
Sophomores in tho Frcshman-Sonho-moro
field day a $20 water set is now
on exhibition in tho window of i-lom-lng's
jewelry store.
While waiting for tho baseball
cage to be completed. Prof. Hastings
will give tho baBoball mon a physical
oxamlnatlon this week and next. All
basoball players who wish to tnlto tho
physical examination should not fall
to report during tho coming wcok.
Tho Armstrong Clothing Co. has
offered a silver cup as a permanont
University trophy, to bo competed for
annually by each class at tho annual
flold day. It has rightly been consid
ered more satisfactory to offer a clas3
trophy than n personal prize, as tho
mon then work purely from unselfish
Indoor baseball practice begins next
week and thero will be regular prac
tice thrco times a week. The Persh
ing Rifles, the athletic class Unm and
the baseball men will hnvo loams In
tho field. A series of games for the
indoor baseball championship of the
University will occur every Wednesday
nnd Frlda" on tho days Jan. 2C-28,
Fob. 2-4 nnu Ml.
Tho third of the preliminary con
tests for tho charter day indoor ath
letic contest took plnco last Saturday
afternoon. The event was the thrco
standing broad jumps. Tho threo high
est were: Swnllow, 29 ft. 24 In.; Le
Mar, 27 ft. 7 In.; V. E. Andreson,
27 ft. B4 In. Tho fourth contest will
be the hop, stop and jump, and takes
place Saturday afternoon of this week.
Tuesday eenlng the basket ball
team picked from tho football boys
played the five o'clock champions. The
game was fierce and at times a little
rough. If the football boys were goal
throwers, they would have led their
opponents even a merrier time than
they did. Considering that thry have
had no team practice, they played a
good game. Fouls by their opponents
that were even startling were unnotic
ed by the football boys.
The second half tho five o'clocks
sUiru-d tho score to run up and tho
game resulted In a score of 15 toll In
five o'clock's favor.
The proceeds of the basketball
games will be used to purchase record
boards for the various athletic con
tests. However, if the basketball
games are not better patronized than
they have been, the number of record
boards purchased will bo rather small.
A fairly large crowd turned out to
fcce the game with the Y. M. C. A.
hojH. i. ut a very few saw the gamo
Tursd.iy evening between the five
oelork team and the team picked from
the foo ball men. Although basket
ball Is an intensely interesting game,
the majority of students In the Uni
versity have never yot seen i played.
There will be threo good games within
the n xt week, which should draw
good crowds. There will bo tho
game with the Y. M. C. A. of Omaha
on Niturday of this wcok and on .Mon
dav nnd Wednesday of next week
two games will be played between
the iootball men and the athletic
class team for the championship of
the University.
At The Oliver.
At the Oliver theater on Thursday
evening, January 20ih, Murray &
Mack, the well and favorably known
Irish comedlnns will appear in this
city In their latest success, -Flnnl-gans
Courtship." a bright plausible
Irish comedy from the pen of Geo. H.
Emerick, author of their previous suc
cesses of the Finnlgan series of farco
comedies. Tills season these favorites
come with the most pretentious com
pany they have yet carried, both In
number and talent, and with scenic
Investiture rarely ever seen on tour
with a farce comedy. They have al
ready become recognized as leaders in
their specialties, and they also essay
to become leaders In their Rtyle of en
tertainment, and tho fact that they aro
so extensively imitated speaks volumes
not only in praise but In encourage
ment that they aro on the right track.
Finnlgan's Courtship" is In threo
arts, tho first the dining-room of Mr.
Hogan's boarding house, tho second
the beach at Coney Island, whore most
of the specialties are so aptly intro
duced; the third, tho hack yard of
Mrs. Hogan, where Hogan and Finnl
gan fight a duel, one of the funnlost
duel scenes over witnessed. Murray &
Mnck will Introduce some of such
specialties ia have made thorn famous,
- their burlesque on "Skirt Dancing,"
and tho "Glove Contest," their side
walk talk, and tho burlesque circus
act. '"P. T. Barnum & Adam Fourpaw
Out on a Lark," are enough in them
selves to satisfy an audience, and yet,
thero la much more.
Prlcpfl, $1.00, 7fic, EOc, and 25c. Seats
on sale Tuesday morning at 10 snarp.
Secure your Beats early as this beau
tiful thentrr will bo packed to tho
doors for these favorites.
(Continued From First Pago.)
sill cd basis.
In 1883 tho Greek lottor societies
first mado tholr appearance and tho
most bitter contest ever fought on
University territory was waged ovor
them In tho llternry societies, and as
time goes on It becomes very doubttul
that reconciliation of tho parties will
ovei take place.
In early day? for many years, Arbor
day was observed with ceremonies be
coming its Importance. One Arbor
day a few members of ono of the fra
ternities, wishing to anticipate tho ef
forts of tholr neighbors arose at mid
night and plnnted a lino elm tree on
I the campus; but when they camo onto
j the enmpus In tho morning thoro was
I no tree where they hnd planted It nor
! were their best efforts rowanled by
1 finding it. It chanced that I received
a telephone message that evening nsk
, I n i', if some students might bring some
' trees nnd plent in my yard. Of course
I was delighted and mado hasty propa
rtion to entertain whoovor might come,
but was rather surprised that they
should not mnko tholr appearance un
til bed time. However, the trcos wore
planted one lino olm and several oth
or vnrletlcs with becoming core
monlcs, and a social time was enjoyed
with tho dozen who came and then
they went away. A year or two afur
that a member of that fraternity told
mo tlit one of the young mon who
helped conceal tho tree had afterwards
joined them and gave thorn their first
knowledge of tho tree which was then
growing beautifully In my yard.
Tho huge boulder which lies on the
campus did not grow thero by any
means. It cost some stratagem and
not a little work on tho part of the
class that had It removed from mam
mlloH nway, to that spot; but the
campus Is rapidly filling up. As each
department has outgrown Its quarters
tin people of the state have made it
possible for It to keep on growing, by
giving It larger quarters and every
building new swarms with life as did
the ono In tho old times.
If 1 work until the 1st of Apt II, I
shall havu been in tho employ of tho
University for twenty years. I navtj
worked under four chancellors and
have been associated with every pro
fessor and teacher since the doors a'u-o
opened, excopt three Chancellor lion
ton, whom 1 have met several times;
Prof. Manley, who resigned on account
of poor health before I came, and Prof.
Dakc, who died previous to my com
ing. If I work until June. I shall have
seen twenty-one classes leave tho L'nl
vorsity halls and seventeen classes
enter, finish their coursu and leave.
Until about live or hix years ago 1
was personally acquainted with every
student; but tho number Is so great
now, 1 am not acquainted with the
great body of thorn. 1 have- witnessed
two serious revolutions in the facility,
and although every participant of ine
first has passed olf the stage; so far
as this community Is concerned, they
havo ninny friends here, and I could
glvo no details of It without being too
personal. My recollections are vry
clear of many things amusing and
many sad ones, all along the years;
hut time fails mo and thanking you
for your kind attention. I will not
trespass longor upon yours.
Tho announcement was made early
last week that the carpentry work on
the cage was finished and Captain
Gordon immediately put his batteries
to work.
The netting for the celling has been
ordered and will be here Monday, the
large cord net that Is to drop down
over the row of windows on tho south
Is being made and will probably arrive
early In tho week. As soon as 'heso
aro put In place all the playors will
bo called together and regular prac
tice hours arranged for each.
Tho plan Is for the pitchers to work
out a very little this week and steadily
Incroaso until when the boys are
ready to practice batting thoy will be
hard enough to pitch to them. This
plan of developing pitchers by having
them pitch to batters has been adoptol
by most of the enstern eollogf. as It
not only affords the pitcher better
practice, but give the rest of tho team
batting practice.
Tho team, however, will do most of
Its training In the evening. All tho
players, oxcopt possibly tho pitchers,
will roport at 7:30 p. m. and a couple
of hard hours earnest Indoor basoball
be Indulged In. Tills is to give the
boys team work, sliding nnd goneral
quickness, nnd Is counted to do tho
largest part of getting the boys In
shape. On ono ovonlng of each week
will occur a match gamo nnd large
crowds aro oxpociod to patronize these
games, iib the proceeds go to buy now
uniforms for tho boys to appear in
next sprlnc. The i.nv, - ..t
. upon th h years training with remark
able enthusiasm and good spirits. Why
should wo not go east and beat Chi
cago. '
If tho University of Nobrasku. will
support her team, sho can rest assured
that tho team will keep up tho other
end of It. Think of how sho supported
football and seo what tho boyB did.
Watch her support baseball and hold
your breath,
Dr. Frldtjof Nnnson, tho famous
Arctic cxploror Is to lecturo In Lincoln.
Dr. NnnBcn's achievements havo boon
grcnter than thoso of nny other man
thnt has ovor gono In search of tho
north polo. What ho accompllah"d
hna been tho result, not so much of
greater physical endurance than oth
ers, ns of greater scientific ability.
Ho Is a professor In tho lnrgcs: uni
versity in Norway and before bin
departure for his polar explorations,
was known throughout Europe ns an
eminent scientist nnd linguist. Ilia
lecturo tour In America hns boon tho
most remarkable thing In tho history
of the lecturo platform, no other
speaker over having drawn such largo
audiences where an admission has
been charged. Most of Dr. Nanson's
lectures have been given In cities of
ovor 100,000 inhabitants so thnt tho
people of Lincoln nnd the students of
tho University, may consider tt'om
solves truly fortunate In hnvlng an
opportunity to hear him.
A chess game will bo played between
Harvard and the University of Cali
fornia by telegraph. A unique Idea,
but rather long drawn out.
Just a word'and we'll be through.
Set- our Sprcinl O (or on Nobbv
Clothe which wo have sent on.
Nobby suitings - $15.00up.
Full Dross - S18.00up.
Trousers from - $ 3.00 up-
mnVHJ &(JlN(iEItY,
High Art Tailor.
127 O St. With ltd Young
mc. re gentlemen or ladles to travel
for respons Me, est.ib IshocJ huse In Lin
coln. Nchrnskn. Monthly JC3.00 nnd ex
penses. Position seady. Reference. En
close self-addressed stamp el cnvelnpe.
The D mln on Company. Dept. T Chicago.
Cj. - THE COLLEGE MAX who is i
! ? particular aim t how his hair looks :
will find that Sam UVsUTllrlrt. utter
is fiir)Krii-iKi hIIIi rollfgt men
knows- iiuw to c-m hair: and cut It to 1
suit. 117 N 1.1th I
r, ,...-.-. x
Lunch Counter.
II South Kk'venth
First National Bank,
.INO. I,. CAHSON. President
D. t). MUIIt. ("HHbler.
U.S. IMtKlt.MAN. Ass't Cashlor.
It's the Place
You want to go to when you want to
purchuho magazines, periodicals, howh
paperH and iiovoIb. AlwajH on hand.
Ilth and O Sts., Richards Bl.
C. U. SVKSrKU, Mr.
Bath House and Saullarinm.
Cor. 11th ami M trccts, Lincoln, Neb
Open at all Hours. Day and Night
All forms of bath
Managing Physicians.
Metropolitan Barber Shop
Baketnent Burr Blk.)
SHAVE, 10c SEA FOAM. 10c
J Koberson, Proprietor.
&srkmthm ewmm Ba&a
mm& Qf q 'iiX'
- . i
When you write
to your friends
vho art coming west to
visit you, Just add a post
script like this: "Do suro
(o take the Burlington
Route. It's much the
You are quite safe In do
ing th.s because our serv
ice from Chicago, Peoria,
St. Lou s and Kansas
City, In fact all eastern,
southeastern and south
am cltlea la Jutt as gnoii
ut our Berrtc to Usa
p Lit. And hji as every
one who Is acquainted
with It will testify, :s the
best there Is.
Tickets and time tables
on application at B. & M.
depot or c.ty ticket of
fice, corner 10th and O St.
G. W. B0NNELL. C. P. & T. A..
All tho news all tho tlmo Is to be found
In The Nebraskan. $1.00 prr year.
I'iff ?I cdolmledgedof LM
M, D. EWELL, Dean, Rooms 61
Experience at this Uniwrsih has proven that the
is THE reliable pen for class room use. It is alvvivs rendv tor use an J writes tontin
uously without shaking. It the best gold pens thnt can be maJe. anJ monev
guaranteed refunded it the pen Is not satisfactory. For sale at the . 0 OP
The Arctic Viking, eminent Scientist and Kxplorcr
Will lecture on his thrilling experiences across the Polar Regions. Magnifi
cent illustrations.
You Travel
Always Take
To OMAHA All points Kant.
KANSAS OUT-Kant and South.
DKNVBtt and all Colorado pointB.
IlaB tiie bcBt modern equipment.
Pullman Palace and Touritit Sleepers.
Dining and Kroo Reclining Chair Cars.
For time schedules, tickets, reservation of births, call on or addicss
h. li SLOSSON, Gen. Agt 1011 O street. J. T. A1ASTIN. C. T A.
Intcrcollci.'latt) llunuu
Cotrcll & Leonard,
47-.J 478 Uroailwuy,
Alhany, Now York.
Mukcrfcof the
Caps, Gowns and Hoods
To the Amurlwin Collotfon anil UnlvomltloK
Illustratud manual. Karnpli-M, tirkw. to., uihmi
rcqtioht. Uons for tho I'ulplt ami tho llonch
Students . . .
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New Popular Priced
Photograph Parlors.
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We guarantee to pleats you. Call and
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132 30. I2THST. - LINCOLN, NEB.
r-rVWHMr ate y 77 S Mr
Auburn, Fulls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas City.
City Ticket Office. 120 0 Street
II O, Gen'l P. & T. A.
P. 1). (ohnki.l. f 1 A; T A
8 and G19. Aslilnntl bk., Chicago, 111.
25, 1898,
Best Route
Lincoln, Neb.
(Jen. MWr. E. L. LO.MAX. (J. P. A. T. A
uniaua, .Mti.
"Stevens Favorite" Rifle.
" Take Down " model, 22-inch barrel, weight
AlA pounds. Carefully bored and tested.
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on receipt of list price.
booklet of small-bore cartridges free.
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.,
P.O. llox 10S
Just try a 10c box of Cascarets, the
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'i L-