The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1897, Image 4

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iL'onlinucd From Klrst l'ngo.)
McKIm Uleluid oft for forty yunln
And Shortil hroiiRht It back nftoon.
CowkIU kicked llftocm ynvds ?ml Tnr
kio got tlio bull. l two dowiiH Tnr
Uio Kiilnod tlip'o yards, but failed tlio
third time. Nuhruslui was Klvon tlio
ball. Hay ward, Schwartz and Sliodd
each wont through tlio lino for two
yardH. Schwartz thon mado tlio fltar
run of tlio gnnie, Rolng around tho end
for Hlxty yardH. Tho ball was now
within two foot of Tarklo's goal. Hut
at thin liolnt tho Mlssoiirliins took a
braco and rixvo a lino exhibition of lino
holdliiR. Thoy took tho ball on downs,
causliiR NobrnsU to loso Rround
allRlitly. Mttlo was prettily tncklod
hy Stringer and failed to advanco tho
hull. Tho noxt two downs resulted tho
mine way and Noliraska took tho ball.
Williams carried It through the tackle
to within a foot of tho lino and Shodd
carried It over. Minimi failed a dlf
Ik nil goal. Score. Nebraska 10, Tar
klo 0.
Montgomery look tho nlneo of
SihwuW, who Injured his nnklo.
McKIm kicked out of bounds on tho
kick orf. On tho noxt trial ho kicked
for thlrty-llvo yards. Cowglll caught
the ball and sent It back thirty yards.
Utile went through tackle for three
yards and Kinney through tho center
for one. Tarkio then lost tho ball.
Shedd bucked the center for ten yards.
The next four downs netted Ne
braska ton yards and then Cowglll
kicked for twenty more. Tarkio mado
throe imla on the noxt two trials, and
then, owing to a misunderstanding of
nlKiials, McKIm was downed In his
tracks boforo he passed tho ball. Tar
kio Immediately got possession of tho
ball again on her ton yard lino. In
two downs two yards woro mado and
time was called with tho ball on Tar
klo's twelve-yard lino. Total score:
Nebraska 10. Tnrklo 0. Umpire,
Thomas; referee, Cornell; linesmen,
Uobblns and Krwln; timekeepers, Hull
and Townscnd.
The game between tho High School
boys and the Un.vorsity second team
could hardly be called exciting, as tho
L. 11. S. easily outplayed tho Unl boys.
However, this Is not surprising and
the wonder Is that tho second eleven
did not fare worse. It has labored
under the disadvantage of having
scarcely tho same men out to practice
different evenings.
The only touchdown for Lincoln was
made by Francis in tho first half and
in the second half tho High School
boys wore barely prevented from scor
Tho mothod of training tho football
team at Harvard has been changed
this year. A University team has been
selected, which, barring accidents, will
bo kept intact throughout tho year.
Only one freshman has been taken on
the University team. Ho Is Sawln,
who plays full-back and punts farther
than either Brown or Haughton. Last
year ho was full-back and captain of
tho Cambridge Manual Training
school. During tho last week the team
has been coached by H. Newell, Crane,
R. W. Emmons and W. H. Lewis. The
afternoon work consists of regular
dumbbell drill, five yard starts by
twos, and falling on the ball. After
that elevens are formed to practice
signals. Tho morning is given to drill
with eight-pound iron bells, followed
by a run on the part of those not
chosen to punt the ball. The new pol
icy of picking out the University elev
en very early In tho season is an Inno
vation and Is meeting with general
approval at Harvard. It is expected
this will develop greater confidence
among the players and bettor team
play than his been Been at Cambridge
for sevoral yeais.
Wisconsin's ciow has commenced
fall practice under Coach O'Dea.
Oberlln Col!cg3 has a Princeton
coash this year in the person of S. H.
Thompson, jr. Ho played ends on the
teams of '95 and '9C.
A national University under gov
ernment control is to bo established in
China. The faculty will consist of for
eigners and tho first prosldont will bo
a former tutor of LI Hung Chang.
While visiting Cornoll University
the other day, ex-Governor Flower
handed tho director of tho veterinary
college a chock for five thousand dol
lars, to be used as the nucleus of a li
brary fund.
It Is seldom that Colorndo Springs i
people havo i opportunity to hear
and see a performance of such excel-!
lonco as that given last night by the !
Faust Musical and Comedy company.
Lack of spaco compolB only a brlof no
tice but wo want to say, and will stake
our reputation on tho nssortlon, that
as good a company of musical niul
comedy specialists has not vIMted this
city for three years. Wo do not say
this bocaiiHO wo are paid for It; It Ih
a voluntary contribution and is mado
wholly unsolicited. Hut the peoplo
want to know nnd wo aro willing to
say tho Faust company surprised
everybody last night by their un
rivaled excellence. Colorado Springs
At the Funko ono weok, commencing
Monday, October 25, Prices, fillc, 35t
L'Re. Scats on sale Saturday, 10 a. m.
'In Gay Now York," which will play
an engagement at tho Lansing theatre
noxt Thursday night, Is ono of iho Ca
sino's characteristic bIiow pieces. It Is
technically tho third In that thoatro'H
series of annual rovlows and wns writ
ten by Hugh Morton and Gustavo Kor
kor. Tho production Is directed by
Klaw &. Erlanger njitl theso managers
huvo a peculiar fashion of always
keeping faith with tho public nnd In
frequent Instances giving more than
thoy promise. Whllo "In Gay Now
York" Is called a review, It Is In real
ity an elaborately staged show ploco,
combining bits of comedy, fnrco, bur
lesque opora specialty nnd ballot, and
those rathor divergent elcmonts nro
said to havo been so deftly welded to
gether ns to make a wholly harmon
ious entertainment. A thread of story
has boon supplied by Mr. Morton, tho
nuthor of tho book:, This nnrratlvo
deals with tho adventures of a rustic
couple, newly wedded, who leave their
homo In tho rural fastnesses of Malno
and visit gny Gotham for a honeymoon
trip. Thoy easily fall in with that
type of Now York's worthy citizenship
which Is given prominence In coml'
papors, bunco mon, gold brick opera
tors, Impecunious theatrical peoplo and
that Ilk. This sort of companionship
gives the couple a merry chaso and
Introduces thorn to numerous strange
sights. Incidentally thoy visit tho
Hotel Waldorf, the stage of tho Casino
ard Coney Island. They view a re
hearsal on tho stngo of tho Casino
nnd thlsj gives occasion for tho
consistent introduction of tho bur
lesques upon popular plays that form
a feature of tho roviow. The company
presenting this burlesque Is a notablo
ono both In Its personnel nnd Its size.
Some seventy persons take part In tho
performance. Eddie Foy Is well to tho
front throughout and has a congenial
part In the character of a stranded
leading man in search of an angel. His
song, "It's Fourteen Miles from
Schnoctndx to Troy." epitomizes tho
experiences of a tle-tlred actor. Jean
ette Bageard lends the full measure of
her vivacity nnd volatility to the per
formance. Yorke and Adams introduce
their famous Hobrinc speclnlty nnd
nlso a burlesque of Irving's "Macbeth."
Ice Harrison, Gertrude Zella, Etta
Gllroy, Harry Watson, tho tramp cy
clist, Gclbert Gregory, Arthur V. Gib
son, E. S. Tarr, Wm. Sellery, Jnmes G.
eakes, Alice Veazle and Josephlno
pals. Tho ballets introduced are led
by a dainty little premiere dnnseuso,
Winnie Sennett. Seats on sale Tues
day, October 25, 9 a. m., box office.
Prices, $1.50, $1.00. 75c, 50c, 25c.
Mr. Albort Turpln, In announcing
tho opening of his classes for dancing
for tho Benson of 1897-98, cordially ox
tondB an Invitation to you nnd any
member of your family, and any
frlond or friends to becotno conncctod
with IiIb school, and earnestly InvltoB
your attention to his list of clnflscs,
IIIh ruloB und regulations aro aim
plo and Intended only to ItiBiiro tho
advancement, comfort and enjoyment
of IiIh pupils and strict only bo far as
to conform to tho rules governing a
hlgh-cIasB school.
Tho high social standard of his
classes and tho gcnorotiB support ox
tonded to him (luring tho pnst season
mnkos It unnecessary to go Into fur
ther dctnllB than to respectfully cnll
your attention to tho dates of open
ing, otc.
I Application for inomborBlilp Hhould
! bo mndc on or after Soplombor 15,
i either personally or by mall. 1132 N
j slroot, Lincoln, Nob.
Violinists (verywhero will linll with do-
! llRht tho beautifully prlntod nnd nuthor
j Itatlvoly written book about old violins,
, Just published by Lyon & Hoaly.
Either of tho above b.ioks sent froo upon
application to Dopt. U, Lyon & Honly, 100
Wabash Avenue. Chlcngo.
ANTED-TUVPTWOnTHY AND gentlemen or ladles to travel
for rcspons bio, established houso In Lin
coln, Nebraska. Monthly $65.00 nnd ex
penses. Position steady. Reference. En
closo self-addressed stamp d envelope.
The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago.
& 0 THE COLLEGE MAN who is
t J?parttculnr iilMvit how Ills linlr looks j
JJT will llml Sam WVsti
InrT? Isyenri'viMTleuw with
rfj knows tmw to cut hnlr; i
i sm. 117 N 13th.
tertli'lil. alter
rollt'ge men i
nnd en) it to
. . . ..
Lunch Counter.
US South Kleventh.
First National Bank,
.INO. L. CAIiSOX. President
D. D. MU1 II. Cashier.
I H. S. ritKEMAN, Ass't Cashier.
'It's the Place
1 You want to go to when you want to
purchnso magazines, periodicals, news
i papors and novels. Always on hand.
llth and O Sts.. Richards Blk;.
Intercollegiate Bureau
Cotrell & Leonarfl,
472--178 Broadway
Albany. New York.
Makers of the
Caps, Gowns and Hoods.
To the American Colleges and Universities
Illustrated manual, samples, prices, etc., upon
request Uonsforthu I'ulplt and the Ilencli.
Bath Bonse and Sanitarium.
Cor. llth and M streets , Lincoln, Nob.
Open nt all Hours. Day and Night
All forms of bath
Managing Physicians.
Metropolitan Barter Shop
(Basement Burr Blk.)
HAlIf CUT, 15c. HAIR SINGED, 15c
SHAVE, 10c SEA FOAM, 10c
B. J Roberson, Proprietor.
jMuko Bomo now friomlB thin your among
tlio now Btmlunts who lmvo como in.
We Have Lots
Of old frionclH who aro staying with hh,
ami tho roiiHon is plain. Tho collogo
man is particular. Ho must havo a
largo iiHHortmont to soloct from in ordor
to got tho oxaot lit, shapo, longth,
lignro, oto.
That's Why
Wo havo so many friends. Wo can
always suit thoir iiucuIh at prices that aro
Mr. Albert Turpin's-
Now open for Season 1 SOT-US.
Adult classes, every Tuesdays and Thursdays Juvenile, Wednesday
r . in., Saturdays, 2 p. m. Assemblies ovory Thursday Eve.
Hall for rent. Special rates to clubs and fraternities. 1132 N St,
for terms, etc. Oflico hours J) to 11:30 a. m,, 2 to 5 p. m.
TUP VENT nfll I CRP OP I AW Spring term will opon March S. 1S97. D.
IliC UULUUUC UIT LRU ploma admits to bar. Improved mo hodi
Mnrshall D. Ewlng. LL. I")., M. D, Donn. uniting theory nnd practice Tho School
of PimcUc- Is tho LondlnR Feature. Evening sessions of ton hours a week for each
class. Students cm bo solf supporting whllo studying. For catalogue iddress
M. D. 12 WELL, Dean, Boom 613 nnd C14 Ashland blk., Chicago, 111.
When you write
to your friends
vho nro coming west to
visit you, Just add a post
script like this: "Bo sure
:o tnke the Burlington
Boute. It's much the
You arc quite safe In do
ing this because our scrv
Ico from Chlcngo, Peoria,
St. Ixni s and Kansas
City, In fact all eastern,
southeastern and south
ern cltts Is Just as good
ns our service to those
points. And .hat as every
one who Is acquainted
with It will testify, :s the
best there Is.
Tickets and time tables
on application at B. & M.
depot or city ticket of
fice, corner 10th and O St.
G. W. B0NNELL, C. P. & T. A.,
All tho news all the time Is to be found
In The Nebraskan, $1.00 per year.
Our 'Ninety-Seven
Complete Line of
are the
of our
Years of
Send nine twe-cent stamps for a deck of Monarch Plavlne
Cards, Illustrating Lillian Russell, Tom Monaren Curler
Lee Richardson and Walter Jones. HepiUr 50c cardV
m Twitr.N -
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas City.
City Ticket Office. 1201 0 Street.
II. O. Townskni), Gon'l P. & T. A.
R D. Coimjell, O. P. A T. A.
All the
World Loves
a Winner"
Bicycles I