The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, June 02, 1897, Image 2

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rjrr"tl IflMMLU""
A Weekly Nowopaper Issued Kvory Iftl-
day Noon, by tho Students of the
University of Nebraska.
Entered as Second Class Mall Matter.
r. T. IUloy - - - - Managing Editor
R. H. Baker Editorial
Kate Snow Walker - - - Fraternities
Oliver Chambers ------ Local
B. Mellza -.-- Local
Bam Sloan ------ Y. M. C. A.
A. E. Parmoleo - - - - H. F. Goro
Edith Schwarts - - Ass't M'ffltig- Ed.
The Nebraskan will bo sent to any ad
dress upon receipt of the subscription
price, which Is one dollar a year, or fifty
cents a semester.
Contributions aro solicited from all.
News Hems suoh as locals, personals,
-oporto of meetings etc. are especially de
sired. Tho Nobraakan wilt bo glad to
Drlnt any contribution relative to a gen
eral university subject, but the nama
must accompany all such.
Address all communications to The
Nebraskan, University of Nebraska.
This in tho lost Issuo of tho Nebraska!)
for tho collegiate year, 1S0O 7. Thoso
acquainted with tho cost of printing, dif
ferent styles of typo otc, can appreciate
what tho Nebrnskan has dono during the
year. Thero aro very few college papers
In tho United States that uso "Nonpar
ell" typo, for tho reason that It Is so ex
pensive, It does not 1111 up space fast
enough, and nobody over notices It. In
our own case wo can say that excellence
has boon recognized as tho paper hns
readily mot expenses this year, and Is
ready to start business next year under
tho brightest prospects In Its history.
thud, followed by soreams of gleo, an
nounced to mo that succoss had crowned
their efforts. I don't know how many
went In by way ot the laddor. Tho Dar
ing Ono went over the top sash of tho
! porch window, and got stuok In tho
operation that Is, I bollovo sho got
stuok, for I hoard, very audibly, "darn
It, I can't got In; this confounded, soroen'a
coming ,outl" Aftor capturing their
booty tho Sweot Senior came running
through tho yard with a oroam freezer
In hor hand saying "come on. girls, I've
got It." Thon thoy sat thomsolves down
to feast and had "two spoonfuls apiece."
A pow-wow followed, In which many
cholco expressions and actions were ro
vealed unto the listeners, Buch as "O
gcel there goes my watoh" and otherB
equally edifying. At tho suggestion of
tho Sweot Senior, tho opera of El CapU
tan was repeated, and ouuh songs as "We
won't go homo until morning" ami "Good
night ladles" helped make the night hid
eous. The only ono who did not scorn to be
enjoying herself wus tho l'ost Qrad.
who from her window, plead with the
girls to "come on In," but they only
laughed ut her and told hor to "go to
Just at this point I was discovered.
The- plot had so thickened and had be
come so Interesting that I had revealed
my presence. My ardor was straightway
dampened, however, for tho Ringleader
didn't do a thing but turn the hoso up
Into my window. I escaped but tho wall
paper had a shocking appearance, end I
doubt not that they would havo drowned
us out had not a light appeared In the
landlord's apartment. Tho Daring One
saw It and cried, "Gosh! tho old man's
coming." Thero wan a hurried consul
tation and the Swoet Senior said, "I
move you that wo adjourn." The Prop.
Chom. seconded the motion, which was
put by tho Ringleader, and was unani
mously carried. The Post-Grad. gavo
thanks, but tho moon, myj Roommate
and I would havo voted "Nol" had we
Livery, Baggage
and Hack Line.
121 North Eloventh Streot.
HACKS Nos. 89, 4J, 64, 70, and 86.
All calls answered promptly, day or night
Polite hackmen, always to be relied upon.
Telephone No. 31, Lincoln, Nobr.
Nebraska Pant
and Suit Company
1217 O Street. West Half of Trunk Factory
Pants to order, 3.60, J4. 5 and up
Suits, $18, 920 and up
Cloaking, Overcoming and Vesting
Goods by tho yard.
Alt work llrst-class and guaranteed.
Northwestern University
Medical School.
The regular course is four years, with
conditions for advancod standing. This
school claims super!- yMn the extent
and thoroughness of labuiaory courses,
and In tho great variety of' Its clinical
material thV-nioihods by which it
Is utilised In teaching. For circulars of
Information address tho Secretary,
2431 Dearborn, St. Chicago.
r-;c: txV && g
iAml rjiuft.,
Suitor: "1 would be glad to marry your
duughter, sir, provided " Old Gent:
"Provided what?" Suitor: "Oh, Just pro
vided." New York Journal.
"It's your wife ut tho telephone," said
the ofllce boy. "Tell her I'm out for tho
afternoon." "Ho says to tell you he's
out for ths afternoon, mum." Detroit
Free Press.
"Do you think Senator Snaggs is open
to conviction?" "Wall, 1 dunno 'bout his
belli' open to conviction, but he's bin In
dicted by the gran' Jury twlct er three
times." Chicago Journal.
New Yorker: "You people ure making a
great fuss over that man who lived to b
112 years old In your town. I suppose that (
when anybody gets to be over 100 years old
ho isn't very particular just as lief live In
Chicago as any other placu." Chicago
Man: "Yes. In fact, he'd a little rather. All
his live, enterprising, go-ahead descend
ants ure generally here." Chicago Tribune.
New Yrrker: "Well, would you like to
see how they do things In Wall street?
Kansas Cousin: "That's what I would.
Where can 1 leave my watch?" Chlcugo
Spoken Like a Woman. He: "Do hur
ry, Mollle; the train leaves In twenty
minutes." Sho (absent-mindedly): "Don't
bo cross, Jack; It's such bad form to be
on time." Truth.
Our season Is Hearing Its close. Tho
students havo for tho drat time In our
history seen college baseball. Tho team
has mudo Its Jlrst eastern trip, and comes
back with ample evidence that sln is
strictly In tho same class with the great
eat college teams of the world. And yet
thero aro a few shallow sore-heads
around tho university who presume to
Jeer our players for not winning more
games. Had our boys met Wealeyan,
Haveloi'k, Cotner and teams of such a
class and beaten them 20 to 10, these
samo demented persons would have
said wo had a great team; but when we
go against tho greatest teams In tho
country and lose by a single score In a
clOBfe ai.d beautiful game, they presume
to Jeer tho players. It was a great trip
and our boys played great ball.
"There'B one thing a wizard can do"
but that's only one thing. There are sev
eral things that nine university girls can
do when they feel like it and think that
nobody's looking. You know that some
say we'd havo so mucn more "fun" If
we hud tho dormitory system here, but
they don't live where I do or they'd
know better.
It wa late last Saturday night that Is
I believe It was late for It was after
"frat" meeting and I was Just retiring
for a snoozo until ten o'clock next morn
ing when suddenly out of my east win
dow I saw a stealthy figure tiptoeing her
way nlong tho ilncllned porch roof of
the next house. "Some one walking In
her sleep," I thought, and called to my
roommate to come and see a somnambu
llstlo exhibition. But I was mistaken
tho stealthy figure, now brightly lit by
the moon, crept along to the next win
dow, stopped, peeked In and said In a
stitgo whisper, "I see the Ice cream,
girls," which was answered by a chorus
of "Good!" from another window.
I becamo Interested and taking an ad
vantageous position -with a tablet and
pencil in my hand I viewed ono of the
best "gym exhibitions" that It has been
my pleasure to see.
Tho Ringleader, Who was on the roof,
now cnlle to the Demure One "tnke off
your shoes and come and help me."
Whereupon the other tiptoes to her com
rade's assistance and the two qulotly
pull down tho window sash. It is evi
dently their Intention to force an entrance
Into that room and swipe some Ice cream.
Meanwhile various expressions of en
couragement are forthcoming from tha
Sweet Senior, the Prep. Chem. and va
rious others In tho other window.
Just at this point there Is a sound of
rattling dishes in tho Ico cream room
and I can see by the shadows on tho wall
that tho owner has come In and Is dish
ing out tho cream. "Foiled again,"
thought I to myself, and the Darling One I ,.E' IIallett naa JU8t received some fine
hhIiI niniKi nrn i - . . , ..... i diamond rings which he Is selling choaper
saw aloud, Durn It, are we too late?" I tnan ever ni3 0 8t
men tnere was despair In the minds of
nil save the Ringleader, who utmost said
"Abor Nit" for she was hopeful.
Tho figures disappeared through the
window out of which they had come and
reappeared in tho yard below. It took
about two minutes to And that long lad- Cascareis stimulate liver, kidneys and
der and about two more to put It up to bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe. 10c.
a south window. Then followed sorao of'
the nicest ladder work over seen outside George Constancer's barber shop U lo
ot tho gymnasium. A dull sickening I eate?1 at 1.010 street. Four of the best
- ""h workmen In the city aro to bo found here.
Neraska Tent and Awning Co.
136 nnd 138 No. 11th St.,
Phono 745.
Summer Camping Outfits,
Tents, Awnings, Tarpaulins,
and Covers of all kinds.
Out of town orders promptly attended to
LOUIS DOYLE, Pbop. and Man.
"In writlni' shorthand which do you
llnd the more ditllcult writing your notes
or reading them afterward?" "Neither.
Tho worst dlillculty 1 have nowadays Is
getting my pay." Chicago Tribune.
Mr. Dinwiddle: "I have been reudlng
ubout the capture of a British exjedltlon
by the Sofa tribe of Africa." Mr, Van
liraam: "Havo you7" Mr. Dinwiddle:
"Yes; and I have been wondering If the
Sofa tribe has any connection with the
Ottoman empire." Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Palace Dining Hall
I 130 N Street,
Lincofn", Neb,
The Largest and Best Equipped
Eating House in the City.
Special rates to students. Electric Pans
A. G. OSMER, Phop.
DR. P. D, SiieKWIN
Cataphoresis for PainlesH Filling.
Boom 17. Burr Blk., Second Floor.
'ty totWptiy'
So Home Is Really Complete
Without a new 1897 Model
1136 O Street,
FOR THE .. . ii i .
and WOMEN...
Perkins & Shelddn Cq
1129 O STR66T,
THE Bf CUT PHI I CftC fie I Itir Spring term will open March 8, 1897, Dl
llib umLBat.Uk UT LRCTpioma admits to bar. Improved methods
MAHSHALb D. Kwki.i,, LL.I)., M. D Dean, uniting theory and practice. The School
if Practlco Is the Leading Feature Evening sessions of ten hours a week for each
class. Students can be self supporting wlllo studying. For catalogue address
M.D. EWELL, Dean, Room 613 and 61 Ashland blk. Chicago, 111.
We are the people for Nobby
. Suits to your order. . -
Men's Furnishings.
We will have what you want next Fall.
117 South...
Gadzooks: "What do you suppose will
bu Turkey's answer to the powers?"
Zounds: "Feel my bleeps." New York
"Brown Is a great sufferer from writer's
cramp." "Oh, yes. He's all the time
thinking he's too great to bo what he Is."
Detroit Journal.
When bilious or costive, eat a Cascaret,
candy catharlc, cure guaranteed, 10c, 25c.
If you want sterling silver novelties, go
to Hallett's 1113 O st. He has tho finest
selection in tho city.
Don Cameron's lunch counter, 118 Boutb
Eleventh street.
Washburn ssrisss-
Price have been scaled down as a result of the
Washburn' enormous popularity so that now you
can buy a genuine Washburn of the very latest design
Prom $15.00 Upward,
The new Washburn Mamlolln Is a. radical depart'
ure from former styles. It Is the neitest, daintiest
and lightest Mandolin Imaginable, and its tone ap
proaches very near to that of a hie old Cremona
lolln. Washliurns are sold at fixed and uniform
prices by all first -class music dealers everywhere.
Washburns are the acknowledged standard of the
world. They are used exclusively by the leading
Artists, Teachers and Glee Clubs. Our new Wash
burn catalogue containing portraits of over 100
Artists and full Information, prlccj, endorsements,
etc., will be sent tree on receipt of application. It
your local dealer cannot supply you we will send
Washliurns C. O. D. with privilege of examination,
direct from the factory.
A Washburn Imoroves with aire and makes
Qllt that Increases In value as tie years go by.
It Is really worth many times Its cost.
Corner Wabash Ave. and Adams St., Chicago.
Kvcrvboify Says So. "
Cascarets Camlv Cutlmrtlc, tho most won
derful medical disco- crv of tho ago, pleas
ant and i-ofrvslum; u tho tusie, net gently
nml noHltlvi ly on kidneys, liver nnd bowels,
ck-aiiHing tho entire- s.vstin, dispel colds,
euro headache, fever, habitual coiintlpatloa
and bllloiiHtKs. Plcaso buy nnd urn box
of (J. C. V ti.-ilnv; 1(1, t!.-. Mlcpiiis. fcjoldaud
gi.nnuiUii'tl to euro by all druggists
Don't Tobacco Spit aud Btaoko Your Life Away,
If you want to emit tobac-co using easily
iiiiil loicvcr. liOiim.lo wcll,btivutr, luuguotlc,
J nil of m-w ill o nnd vigor, tulto No-To-Ilae,
tho woudor-worlcer, timt uiulas tvculc men
strong. Many guin ten pounds in ten duvs.
Ovor400,000curccl. Buy No-'l'o-Bao of your
druggist, under guarantee to euro, 50o or
$1,00. Booklet and samplo mailed fren. Ad.
Btorllnt,' HcmcdyCo.jChlcnsrn or Now Vculc.
The University of Nebraska
Offers Complete Courses in thej Offers Free Advantages not
Following Branches; jfound Elsewhere.
Pipe-Organ, j
Piano Forte, 5 Free Scholarships in all Departments.
Voice Training,
String Instruments, Orchestral Training,
Wind Instruments, mit Ba,nd Tfainin'
Harmony, Counterpoint, History, General j Lectures,
Theory, Sight Reading. Recitals.
If yon are Thinking of Stufiying Music Investigate the Merits of this Schoo
Spring Term Opens April 7, WILLARD KIMBALL, Director.
25 50