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John W, Dixon, X vIMtod the unlvor
alty thla wcok,
Phil Russet went to Omaha last Friday
for a brlot visit.
E. A. Wlggonhorn spent last Sunday at
his homo In Aeilaud.
Dr. Frederic Toal of Omaha eonio down
last Friday evening to visit unlvorslty
Miss Nolllo Law will leave Sunday with
hor parents for a threo months' trip to
Albert E. l'nrmeloo was Initiated Into
Delta Tau Delta fraternity last Satur
day night.
Miss Jean Tuttlo entertained a num
ber of friends nt her homo last Saturday
In honor of Mlsa Anna Lytic,
John C. Watson began a serlos of lec
tures on criminal law Wednesday boforo
tho university college of law.
Q. II. Rose returned Wednesday from
Grand Island. Ho succeeded In locating
a position In tho schools there for next
At the meeting of the Missouri botan
ical gardens at St. Louts last Friday,
Dr. C. E. Uosscy met ox-Chancellor J. H.
Chancellor Q. E. MacLcan wnit to
Wakefield Friday, where ho addressed a
district press association at that place
In tho evening.
Nk S, Hanyood, president of tho First
National' Sank, will address tho, political
Economy clnb Monday evening, May 24,
In worn 23, library building. His themo
will bo "A Continuation of the National
Hanking System." All persons interested
are cordially Invited to be present.
Mis. Irene Davidson MoMlohnol'a grad
uation recital was hold In tho chapel last
Monday ovenlng. Mrs. MoMtohnol has
been a pupil of Mr. John Randolph for
sovoral years past and hor oxcollont work
was clearly cvldont from tho way sho
sang tho difficult muslo of tho recital.
Her voice, though somewhat light, Is
very clear and swoot. Mrs. MoMlohael's
talent la not confined tot vocal muslo but
Hho Is Also a plunlnt ot considerable morlt.
T. L. Hall, who graduated last year
from the law school, visited this week
around t .o university. Ho Is now prac
ticing law at Falls City.
This year tho annual alumni banquet
of tho university will bo held at tho Lin
doll hotel Instead of the armory, as has
heretofore been tho custom. A
change has also been made from evening
to afternoon.
History paper, noto book, lead penolla
Dook department ot Horpolshelmcr & Co,
and all school aupplloa at lowest prices
Tho Pnlladlan boys' debating club wont
down to Crete Saturday and met tho
Phllomathlan literary society of Doano
collego In Joint dobate. Tho question was:
"Resolved, that organized strikes- have
been n benefit to tho laboring classes."
D. M. Garber of the university presided.
Messrs. N. C. Green, N. O. Ayer and A.
E. Henry presented tho affirmative while
the Doane men upheld tho negative. Tho
debate was spirited throughout. This
was tho last of a series of debates be
tween tho two clubs.
outlined what soomod best to bo dono
during tho coming year. Heretofore tho
stato soolotles have furnished tho greater
part of tho funds which havo gone to
support thoso Institute's, but under tho
present nrrangomont tho funds como
from an appropriation mado by tho logls
laturo for tho special purposo of carrying
on tho institutes, Tho regonta havo full
control of thla appropriation. Thus tho
Institutes nro brought moro olosoly Into
touch with tho genorn outsldo work ot
tho university and really glvo a prac
tical form of unlvorsrty oxtonBlon work.
Tho organisation and methods ot carry
ing on tho work will bo llttlo changed
from tho former plan, except as Im
provements nro suggested from tlmo to
time. Superintendent Taylor remains In
chnrgo and tho representatives ot tho
stato soolotlos will net as a sort of ad
visory council and will also aid In fur
nishing speakers for tho Institutes. R,
W. Furnas was elected president and
Chnncollor MacLean aecretary of tho or
ganization. Theso officers havo held their
offices since tho formation ot tho society.
Fountain pens, from 69 cents each, to
12.50, all warranted at book department ot
Horpol8holmer & Company.
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
At tho commencement exercises of tho
Sterling high school Thursday evening,
Dr. H. B. Ward of the university deliv
ered the annual class address. His theme
was, "Tho Debt of the New World to
Louts Agassis."
R. A. Emerson returned this week
from Washington to complete his work
In tho university and secure his degree.
Ho will go back to his work In the agri
cultural department immediately after
The marriage ot Miss Clara C Buck
start of Lincoln and Dr. Robert N. Wol
cott of tho state university has been an
nounced. It will occur Wednesday even
ing, Juno 2, nt Holy Trinity church.
French, German and .Latin dictionaries
will be sold to students of the university
for,J1.12V4 cents each. These are the reg
ular Jl.50 editions. Gold iridium pointed
fountain pens are still selling at 69 cents
each. Book Department, Herpolshelmer
and Company.
The address advertised to be given be
fore the Political Economy club Tuesday
evening was again postponed. Rev. H. S.
MacAyeal of Omaha sent word that It
would be impossible for him to be pres
ent. It Is not probable that the club will
make any further attempt this semester
to bring a speaker here.
Chancellor MacLean Is In great demand
throughout the state as a high school
commencement speaker. On Friday even
ing of last week he spoke at Albion, Sun
day ho goes to Harvard to deliver the
annual address before tho graduating
class there, and on May 2S he will per
form a similar service at Kearney.
Tho university buildings will receive a
general overhauling during the summer
vacation. In fact, the work has already
begun. This week a force of men were
put at work to veneer with brick the
electrical labratory, to make It thereby
entirely fireproof. At the farm the build
ing committee havo ordered the fore
man's house repainted and reshlngled. It
Is probable that University hall will bo
scraped and repainted and a new and
largo porch added to tho south, from.
Some Inside painting nnd papering will be
done. Minor improvements will also be
affected at Nebraska hall. Grant hall and
tho chemical labratory by means of
paint and paper.
Arrangomcjitahavo been perfected forthe
annual address to be given beforo the Y.
M. nnd Y. W. C. A. Dr. Beardshear.
president of the Iowa Agricultural collego.
has been secured to give tho address next
Sunday evening at the First Baptist
church. Dr. Roardshear was secured by
the associations because he was so highly
recommended as nn orator and thinker.
Since he has been nt the head ot the Iowa
Agricultural college the Institution has en
Joyed a rapid growth, largely because ot
his efforts. The Christian associations
earnestly desire thnt every otudent in the
university should hear this address, com
ing, as It does, from a man of such ability
and prominence.
Dr. William Trelease, the director of
tho Missouri botanical gardens in St.
Louis, and one of -tho foremost of Amer
ican botanists, will deliver tho annual
address before the Botanical seminar on
Saturday evening, May 29, at 8 p. m., in
botanical lecture room In Nebraska hall.
His toplo will be one which should Inter
est many people outside of the botanical
field, since it deals with a phaso of
library management, of growing Import
ance in these days of departmental li
braries. He speaks upon "The Classifica
tion of a Botanical Library." A general
invitation Is cordially extended to the
university students and all others inter
ested to be present and hear this dis
tinguished L'clentlst.
The Delta Tau Delta fraternity gave a
dancing party to its friends Inst Friday
evening nt Burlington bench. Owing to
tho fact that Mr. McKay is closely con
nected with tho weather department tho
evening was all that could bo desired
and a most delightful tlmo was had.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Summers, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. T. Stevens,
Misses Cnrscaddcn, Morris, Ames, Elsie
Schwartz of Omaha, Hargreaves, Maude
Hammond, Harper, Outcalt. Morgan,
Bench, Lottrldge, Edith Schwartz, Ran
dall, MacMillan. Millar, Clark, Bonncll ot
Chicago, Loomts. MncFarland, Ena Rlck
etts, Lowe, Harley, Griggs, Elliott, Crop
sey, Whedon. Colson, Rlsser, Richards,
Clara Hammond, Whiting, Garten,
Noren, Camp, Woods, Lansing, Mabel
Rtckctts, Cochrane, Messrs. Randall,
Clark, Teal of Omaha, Dr. White, Wlg
genhorn, Rowe, Our', Summer, True,
Davenport, Whedon, Stone, Llndquest,
Doubrava, Saxton, Burgert, Randolph,
Schwartz, Lau, Lehman, Burks, Rlcketts,
Bartlett, Harmon, Manley, Brown, Whip
ple, Kind, Savllle, Bobbins, Teele, Whit
more, Gllmnn, Cleland, Burrows, Weaver,
Weeks. Lehnhoff, Thomas, Kellogg.
Thursday morning Professor Lawrence
Fossler delivered the last number of the
series of chapel lectures that havo been
given during the year by members of the
faculty. The professor chose "Ibsen," tho
Norwegian poet and reformer for the
subject of his tolk. He did well in tak
ing a themo ot supreme Interest to all
students and one in -which he is highly
Interested. Professor Fossler Is a very
uble critic and rovleweiwia all who have
taken German under him know. Tho
hardy Norwegian with his bold prophetic
voice reminds the German professor of
his own countryman, Goethe. He also
likened him to Dante. Ho made analysis
of "A Doll's House," "An Enemy of the
People," and "Brand." Although Ibsen
Is a pessimist, the professor showed tho
fearful earnestness of the mun, his In
tense humanity and his high Ideals. The
motto of Brand, "All or nothing," and
the quotation, "The majority is never
right," (from An Enemy of the People)
show the peculiar strength and daring
or tno author. Professor Fossler asked
each student to read somo of Ibsen's
works and to Judge for himself of tho
correctness of his conclusions and the
worth of his lessons.
Tho class ot '37 has been meeting this
week. Wednesday thoy met to do somo
business nnd Thursday they met to undo
It. For somo tlmo there has been moro
or less dissatisfaction expressed with tho
committee which has In chnrgo tho senior
play, and Wednesday n meeting was held
for the purposo of hearing tho kicks. Mk
Manley, chairman of tho committee, was
there and gave his report as to tho na
ture of tho play and the stage to which
It had progressed. Then tho fun began.
Somo Inquisitive senior Inquired if Mr.
Mnnley's report was he report of tho
majority of tho committee. Mr. Manley
replied that two members of the com
mltteo had been at work with him and
that far It was a report of tho com
mittee. After various remarks which
went to show thnt some people had come
to tho meeting with knives to use on
Mr. Manley, the whole matter of the play I
was referred to a commltteo of three,
which was to report at 1 o'clock Thurs
day. After disposing of the play tho class
passed resolutions requesting that the
latin form used last year In the presenta
tion of diplomas be omitted this year,
nnd a committee "was appointed to make
tho action known to tho chancellor. Tho
chancellor enmo In and addressed the
class. Inviting them to a reception to be
given by the chancellor and Mrs. Mac
Lean to the seniors and members ot tho
university senate. The invitation was ac
cepted. Thursday at 1 o'clock tho class met to
hear tho report of tho committee on class
play. This committee recommended that
the play be recommitted to the original
committee, with Instructions thnt It pro
ceed to work. If this was not the senior
class people might wonder nt their ac
tions, but seniors nro like Chinamen
their ways are "peculiar." Other com
mittees were called upon for reports, but
did not seem to have anything to say.
The class then passed a unnnlmous vote
of censure upon all senior committees.
Someone suggested thnt the class had
better resolve Itself Into a committee of
the wholo In order to get a censure
where It belonged, but It did not go.
Tups, Valises
For Summer Tourists and O there.
Old Trunks in Exchange for New Ones.
Company "A" will glvo a banquet Sat
urday evening after the competitive drills
at the Lincoln hotel. It is expected that
many former company officers and somo
distinguished regular army officers will
be present.
A fair audience witnessed the fourth an
nual entertainment of the Y. W. C. A.
In the chnpel last Thursday evening. The
entertainment wns given for the purpose
of raising funds to send delegates to the
Lake Geneva summer school. The first
number rendered was an Interesting pan
tomime, "Nearer, My God, to Thee."
Seven young ladles gracefully presented
the pantomime of the poem, "Romance
of the Ganges." The song, "Louisiana,"
by Miss Mabel Nicely, drew out a hearty
recall. Miss Nellie Griggs and Mrs. Irene
McMIchael each rendered two vocal solos,
which showed their voices to good ad
vantage. Tho entertainment closed with
a delightful llttlo farcei entitled. "Six
Cups of Chocolate." Following Is the pro
gram: Music.
Pantomime, "Nearer. My God, to Thee,"
Miss Alderman.
Song, by Y. W. C. A. quartet.
Song, Miss Mabel Nicely.
Pantomime, "Romance of the Ganges,"
read by Mrs. Mary D. Manning; Illustrated
by Carrie Day, E. Ruth Pyrtle. Gra:e
Broady, Anna Reyman, Mary Wallace,
Margaret Davis and Mary Hart.
Vocal solo, selected, Miss Griggs.
Pantomime, "My Faith Looks Up to
Thee," Miss Wilkinson; sung by Mrs. Mc
MIchael. Vocal solo, selected, Mrs. Irene Mo
Michael. Farce, "Six Cups of Ch.colate,"
Jeanette, Nellie Griggs; Adeline, 'Theo
dora Auman; Dorothy, Annie Stewart;
Beatrix,, Amy Shlvely; Hester, Annlo An
derson; Marian, Alberta Spurck.
Representatives pt tho state soclotles
which are especially Interested In the
farmers' institute work met in tho chan
cellor's office last Tuesday, Seven 'of
theso state( organizations wero repre
sented. Superintendent F. W. Taylor
made his report of the year's work ana
Hayden, the photographer who 1b now
located at 1029 O street. Is again ottering
1 a special rate to students on all photo-
i graph. His name is a guarantee of good
Tho L. F, & A. Co. have Just received
a new lino of picture framo mouldings,
and havo put tho rates down for students
A full line of art goods. 212 So. 11 th t.
o. -&.. w-i:ric:k:, ifuroif.
By taking Ut
And Norfolk Branch.
All Points in Kansas.
Keep this in mind when going on foot-ball trips or any vacation.
Bcalor In
Fine Watches, Diamonds, Sterling Silverwar,
Clocks, Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Gold
Headed Canes and Umbrellas,
Spectacles, Etc.
Watch repairing, engraving and Optical work a specialty. No charge for exam
ining the eyes.
1143 O Street, - - LINCOLN, NEB.
Funke Opera House Block.
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas Cit.
I vvjicu iiiiiuuD or-cusuvo, (em a. uascurei,
candy catharlc, cure guaranteed, lOo, 25c.
City Ticket Office. 1201 0 Street.
H. O. Townsknd, Gon'l P. fe T. A.
F. D. Cornkll, C. P.& T.A.
Qhas. B. Gregory n
TJ. of W '01. U
Office 1
At 1100 0 St, S
incoln, Neb, H
The Most Popular Photograph Gallery in the State.
SFECIAIOno beautiful colored Cabin et, mounted on a large card, given wltU
each doxen ot our best Cabinets. Special raes to students. T. ft, Towasend, Prop.