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Wednesday Night.
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Vol. V. No. 29
ICOLN, MAY 7. 1807.
Prick 5 Cents,
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But Council Bluffs Takes One From
Tho Boys Show tho Visitors That They
Arc Prepared to Give nil Comers
a Hard Tussle Detailed
Scores ot tlie Games.
After one of the most exciting games
ever seen on tho home grounds, tho uni
versity boys, last Saturday afternoon, do
featcd tho University club team ot Oma
ha, by tho close score ot 10 to 9. The
game was In douubt until the last man
had been put out. Both teams were even
ly matched and our toys won a deserved
victory. At tho bat tooth teams wero al
most evenly matched, but tho university
team excelled In Holding. In Justice to
the Omaha boys It may be said that they
had llttlo or no practice before this game
and they say they will even up matters
'when the university team goes to Omaha,
Gordon pitched a good game through
out, and received excellent support, with
U'O exceptions when the third strike was
missed and the runner was allowed to
get to llrst base.
Tho day was an Ideal one tor baseball
and about 500 people saw tho game from
tho newly erected bleachers. Ladles were
admitted freo and so the receipts did not
figure up In that proportion. However
quite a large number saw the game ftom
outside tho wire, and it Is to be regretted
that among the number were some uni
versity students. Tha band deserves a
great deal of praise for tho assistance
It rendered toward drawing the crowd.
Beside the students there was a large
number of Lincoln fans present at he
game. The girls also turned out, but
there were not as many there as ought
to have been.
Jclen led In the batting for the visitors
wTth a homo run and a three bagger,
while Robinson, Wells, Benedict and Kln
dler did the hitting for the home team.
Nebraska was the first to bat and the
boys started out well by making a score
the first Inning. After Benedict had been
retired on a foul fly, Klndler hit a safe
single and was advanced by Crelgh's sac
rltlco. Robinson then knocked out a three
bagger. Klndler scored but Robby died
on third. In their half, the Omaha boys
didn't see first base an- they were re
tired In rapid succession.
In the next inning Nebraska made four
scores on hits by Benedict, Moore, Wells
and Gordon. The scoro was now 6 to
0, and tho prospect for Nebraska was ex
ceedingly bright. But the university club
team now began to take a hand In the
game and after two men had been put
out, by a succession of hits and bases on
balls, Jelen, Lawler, Robinson and Hoag
land crossed the plate.
In the third, Nebraska failed to score.
Robinson got as far around as third, and
Moore to second but they were unable
to advance farther. In the second halt
of the third, Omaha reversed tho rela
tive positions of the two teams and came
near wining tho game right there. Blt
tlnger. Abbott and Hayes each got safe
ly on base and then Jelen lined out a
homo run into contre field. The next
throe men wore easily retired. The score
now stood 8 to 5 in favor of Omaha, but
the university boys wero not discouraged
and tlioy started In right away to close
up tho gap between themselves and their
opponents. Gordon opened the Inning
with a two bagger. Klndler followed lat
er with a similar hit, and Gordon scored.
Crelgh got safely to first and then Rob
inson onme to bat. There were now two
mon on bases and a good hit from Robby
would put Nebraska In the lead. But ho
didn't make a hit. Instead of that ho
did tho Casey act and to the surprise of
everybody. However a moment later,
Hayes threw wild to first base and Klnd
ler Bcored. Crelgh was put out trying to
get home.
The visitors now tried to clinch their
narrow load and Hoagland added ono
more scoro. This was the last scoro tho
visitors made and during tho entire next
five innings they were held down without
a hit.
After Packard and Moore had gone out
In tho fifth, Wells knocked a terrific long
drive over rlghtfleld. He went around
the bases like a streak of lightning but
if he had walked he would have gotten
around In plenty time. It is not known
exactly how far he hit but it was last
seen somowhere In the neighborhood of
Nebraska hall.
The Omaha boys failed to score In their
turn. After one man had bcon put out,
MeAulinv got safely to ilrst but Lnwler
went out at first nnd Robinson failed to
hit the ball and Omaha got another gooso
egg. Nebraska was only ono scoro be-
hind Omaha and the boys made a great
effort to tlo tho score In tho seventh. Af
ter ono man was retired, Moore got to
second and Wells to llrst. But Just as
the rooters wero expecting to seo Nebras
ka score, Bltttnger caught Gordon's hot
llnor, and Wells was doubled up at llrst
base. But It was only delaying tho Inev
itable tor Nebraska was bound to have
those two scores, necessary to win. In
the latter halt ot tho seventh tho visitors
failed to score.
Then tho university boys started In to
win tho game. Benedict led oft with n,
safe hit. Kinder got to first on an error
Benedict going to second. Crelgh made
a base hit and Benedict camo home, ty
ing the score, Klndler meanwhile going
to third. Robinson knocked a tly be
tween second base and right field. Kln
dler waited on third until tho ball was
caught and then camo homo with the
winning run. This set the bleachers wild
and the yelling they set up reminded one
ot a football game. Crelgh who was on
second base when Robinson hit the ball,
thought It was a safe hit and without
waiting to see, he started for home and
slid In side by sldo with Klndler. The
umpire did not see the play but as the
Omaha boys threatened to stop playing
If Crelgh's score was ullowcd, Crelgh was
called out for leaving second base be
fore the fly was caught.
The university club team In their halt
of the eighth only got a man as far as
second base. Nebraska came to bat for
tho last time but failed to accomplish any
The Omaha boys then made their final
effort to save the game but It was of no
avail. After Abbott had been retired,
Hayes mado a beautiful long drive Intc
left field For an Instant It looked like a
home run, but Reeder had wisely sta
tioned himself far out in the field and
neatlv caucht th halt. Jnion jmAaA in
suspense by knocking a hot grounder to
Crelgh, and was thrown out at first.
Of course the fans went wild. They
picked Gordon up and tossed him three
times, and then tho yelled for almost an
hour. Just to show that they were pleased.
Following is the detailed score
tt of N. AB.R.H.PO.A.E.
nonprilct: 2b 4 2
Klndler lb 6
Crelgh, ss 5
Robinson, rf
Packard 3b... 5
Moore, c 4
Pace cf,. 1
Wells cf 4
Reeder, If 5
Gordon p 4
Totals 41 10 14
27 ft T
Crawford. 3b 4 0 1 3
Blttlnger. 2b 4 1 1 3
Abbott, lb 5 1 1 12
Hayes, c 4 1 0 4
Jellen. If S 2 2 1
McAullffe, bs 4 0 Z l
Lawlor, p 3 J
Robinson, m. and rf 4 1 l l
Hoagland, r. and m 4 2 11
Totals 37 9 1026 15 5
Creieh out for not touching second base.
Omaha University Club.O 4 4 1 0 0 0 0 0-9
Uni. of Nebraska 1 4 0 2 10 0 2 0-10
Earned runs Omaha 4, U. of N. 4.
Two-base hits Abbott, Crawford, Law
lor. Klndler, Crelgh 2. Gordon.
Three-base hlts-Jellen, Hoagland, Bene
dict, Robinson of Neb.
Home runs Jellen, Wells.
Bases stolen Robinson of Neb. 2.
Double play Blttlnger to Abbott.
Bases on balls Lawlor 4, Gordon 4.
Struck out Lawlor 2. Gordon 5.
Passed balls Moore 1, Hayes 2.
Wild pitches ooraon z.
Time of game 2:15.
Umpire Walter Frlel.
The game Tuesday afternoon waa hard
ly u surprise, as the strength of the vis
itlng team was quite generaly known.
Most of the players have been and are
yet professionals, being a remnant ot the
old St. Joe league team. It lias among
Its players, men who have played with
tho best professional ball players In the
United States. It was plainly seen, how
ever, that our college boys played all
around them In fielding, especially in in
field work. Our boys played with more
snap and accuracy. It was only at the
bat that tho U of N appeared weak In
comparison with thelrv sc;ponents. This
Is easily accounted for by the fact that
Whlted Is a professional pitcher. He
was their strongest man, while the visit
ors, experienced men, could find Gordon
a little oftener than they could have done
if he were as swift a pitcher aB Whlted.
Taking it all around, it was an off day
for most of the boys. Hobby fanned out
twlco, Just when a goo. hit would have
oourtted much. He finally got In a hit,
' which resulted In a iomJfrun for him,
though Camp ought t
and put htm out, as
' swift grounder. .s 1
hoyetgot tho ball
t was a medium
dldrft touch tho
ball, ho could not bo credited, with
an cr-
ror, so Robby got tho
homo run.
jcrcdlt ot maklny a
Gordon played n goj
pd gamo from tho
box. Ho struck out toll men,) nnd at crlt
leal times, held the visitors down. He
fanned men at very otportuno times, and
kept his head all through the game. He
was ory weak at thb ba
however, us
me at short.
ho struck out four tlmLs.
Crelgh played a brilliant
Ho never got rattled,
nnd Vy? keeping his
head at critical times
proventod runs In
his man out. Tho
two Instances, and gal
error down to his creilt Is a very excus
able one, as he only got his hands on
the ball utter a dlflldult run.
Packard did not plkylhts usual vamo
by any meuns. Ho
llrst inning, when thoraAjrere threo men
on bases, and a grounderjeame his way.
Ho fumbled It, but with, four chanced of
putting a man out, ho chose the longest
way and threw wild to first. It was a very
wild throw, and by tho time that Dea
con Klndler recovered tho ball from some
where In the vicinity ot the library build
ing, four men had crossed the plate. This
seemed to havo rattled Pack for tho rest
of the game. At bat ho struck out three
times, and never reached first base,
Moore played a good game behind the
bat. He was slow onco or twice In tak
ing advantage of a situation, but he put
up a good game. Ho made a three base
hit In tho first inning and brought In two
Klndler was all right at first base. Ho
got everything that came his way.
Benedict played as steady as usual at
second. He made a clean home run In
the fifth Inning, though there was no one
on bases when ho did It. J
ine university ooys aid not nave a
chance to show what they could really
do owing to the fact that tha opponents
batted the ball out into Ufc field, or fan
, v.i"L irnTr"- iizz. rtck.
ul auutij imtciuiub, etui iviu una Bene
dict could not show what was in them
Whlted, tho pitcher, played most of the
gamo for tho visitors. He is very speedy
and has good contrd of the ball. Ho
struck out twelve mm. If the visitors
had had a weaker min In the box, there
Is no telling how the gamo would have
In the first Inning. Benny started by
striking out. Kindle got his base on
balls and Crelgh gotto llrst by a field
er's choice. Klndler however, was not
caught at second. libby came to bat
and fanned out ver vigorously while
every one was waltln to se him muke
a hit. Moore then stcped up and rapped
out u three bagger, o did not succeed
in reaching home, uiCowgill went out
from short to first.
In their half of the rst. Council Bluffs
mode five runs. Gvion immediately
evened matters by string Gutewood out
but Lucas got a hit. mes followed with
another single, and Cmp was hit by a
pitched ball
Mldglesent it fly out to
Cowgill, who threw time to prevent
Lucas coming in froi third Frlck hit
a grounder to Paek.w aforesaid, and
wltn a chance to retlnhe side, he fum
bed and threw wild, ur men cume In.
Mashek got his base) bulls and came
In on Faulicner's twatso hit. Whlted
and Gatewood were 111 given u cuke
walk to first, but Gon braced up und
struck out Lucas. j
No more scores vfi made until the
second half of the fjth, when Jones,
Camp and MIdgeley, h made a single
In succession. Frf.jiude a hit and
brought them In. Thfle was then lm
mediately retired.
In the first of the t Reeder made a
scratch hit, and Benstepped up and
rapped out a home ruKindler followed
with a hit, und Crelg'ent out to deep
centre. Robby steppep and boldly hit
tho air three times at Moore got to
first on bulls, but CIU hit a gentlo
grounder to Whlted tretlred the side.
In their portion of tifth, the visitors
made two runs. Joigot a base on
balls. Camp made a( and Jones got
to third. Moore thrrlld to Crelgh,
In trying to induce s to come In.
Jones camo in. Mldf made a three
bagger and brought In. Frlck got
to first on bulls. Mouen worked his
schemo successfully failed before.
Apparently ho threw scond to catch
Frlck who was boldealing a base,
with the man on thin ie ball went to
Crelgh, who returnei n time to get
MIdgeley at the plate
Nebraska got two vn the sixth by
a combination ot clrcinces., Covslll
led oft with a lilt. Reached second on
Packard's sucilllce. Gordon struck out.
So did Reeder, but Jones muffed tho ball
and throw wild to first, Cowglll and
Reeder both camo In.
Threo singles In tho sixth gave the vis
itors a score, and In the seventh, n three
bugger end a sacrifice another. This
ended their run getting.
Nebraska made a run In tho seventh
from Hobby's home run, uud lu the
ninth Crelgh got around the diamond
Just on his nerve. Ho made a lilt, went
to second after Hobby's (ly had settled
In right fielder's hands, stole third, and
came In when MIdgeley at third muffed
the ball that was thrown to catch him.
This left the score, S to 12, lu favor ot
Council Bluffs. Following Is the detailed
Council Bluffs AB.R.BH.PO.A.E
Gfttcwood, 2b 6 0 0 0 3 1
Lucas, cf G I 1 4 0 0
Jones, c 6
Camp, lb C
MIdgeley 3b 5
Prick, rf o
Mashck, It 5
Faulkner, ss 5
Whlted, p 5
Totals 49 15 1226 S 7
Packard out for touching ball on third
U. of N. AM.R.BH.PO.A.E.
Benedict. 2b 5 2 10 1
Klndler, lb 3 117 1
Crelgh, ss 5 12 2 2
Robinson, rf 5 110 0
Moore, c... 5 2 0 13 1
Cowglll. cf 4 1110
Packard, 3b 4 0 0 0 0
Gordon, p 4 0 0 0 3
Reeder, If 4 12 10
Totals 41 9 S 24 S 5
Council Bluffs.. ..5 0 0 3 2 110 12
N. of N 2 0002210 1 S
Summary Home runs, Benedict, Rob
inson; Three base hits, MIdgeley, Moore;
two base hits Faulkner; struck out by
Whlted 12, Gordon 10; bases on balls.
off Whlted 2. off Gordon, 7; Wild pitches.
Gordon 2, Whlted 1; Passed balls, Jones
2, Moore 3; earned runs, Council Bluffs 6,
-- i -wiw war-rycrgnTTg&6Vgr
Gatewood; time of game 2 hours; um
pire Frlel.
Tho game tomorrow promises to be one
of the best, as It Is expected that the boys
will be evenly matched on both sides. The
Original are amateurs, but it present are
the crack team of Omaha. They are
young fellows, but skllfull, nnd the out
look for a snappy game Is very bright.
On the coming Thursday, May U, the
ball team Ip.ivps on Its eastern trip. Only
olevn players will be carried and the
number of games to be played together
with the hard night rides .nakes it certain
that all will earn the pleasures of the trip,
ell Bluffs professional team: Maf 14, Pri
me schedule Is as follows: May 13, Coun
day, Drake university, Des Moines; May
15, Iowa state university team, Iowa, City;
Monday May 17, Notre Dame college, at
Notre Dame, Ind : May 18, Northwestern
university, Evanstown. HI.; May 19, Il
linois state university. Champagne, 111.;
May 20, Chicago university; May 21. Wcs-
tern college. Toledo la.; May 22, All- unl-
verslty team, Omaha
The team leaves at 10:13 on the B. i
M. nnd returns Saturday eenlng at 8:40.
The red light will tell the story of each
day's battle.
Thus far our season has been one con
tinual line of victories over disappoint
ments. These disappointments have not
been advertised by tho management, but
it is known by those on the Insldothat
they have come thick and fast at times.
But Yale pluck has characterized all base
ball dealings this season and the ruault
is that we have an athletic park (orude to
be sure,) within roaoh of the students.
We havo a grand stand erected and al
ready paid for, and the beauty of it all
Is that not a penny has been begged. But
the playing condition of the team is even
more satisfactory than financial condi
tions. Dutch Wella has at last found It
possible to cover tho third bag, nnd lot
Captain Packard go out to his old stamp
ing grounds In ceutre field. Pack had his
troubles while playing In the cannon's
ninuth at third but those who are Inclined
to criticise his errors must not forget that
he comes into a new position for him.
probably the hardest position on the team,
and with commendable courage did what
he could to fill up a gap in the team. Tl.o
students must not expect all their boys
to play like old stagers drawing largo sal
Ono of the merits of Coach Robinson's
system is that no one can be heard to say
that he did not have a fair trial for the
toam. Both last season and this has seen
clean base ball in this respect
Were Held on the Campus this After
The Grand Stand Is Crowded Boys Mako
Some Good Records, Encouraged
by Good Attendance Events
and Records Made.
Tho annual field day was held on tho
campus this afternoon. It will bo remem
bered U3 one of the best attended that has
ever yet been held. Tho university campus
had been turned Into a veritable athletic
park. A neat truck was constructed, dis
tances marked oft etc., so that the grounds
were better than could be furnished by
the fair grounds or uny of the city parks.
Some moveable seats had been constructed
at the Joint expense ot the field day und
base ball managers, which wll serve their
purpose for some time to come.
The business like method In which the
exercises wore mutuged Is worthy of cred
it. George Shedd, ably assisted by E. A.
Moore had everything in readiness so that
all upparutus and officials wre on hand,
permitting the events to go off smoothly.
The cadet band added much to the pleas
ure of the program by frequently Inter
spersing tho Intervals between events by
popular airs. The mualc s,eemed much ap
preciated. Tne little grand stand along tho west
sldo of the campus, was comfortably filled
and the large number of young ladles was
quite noticeable. As there was not much
expense Incurred the receipts will leave a
neat balance In the treasury.
Tho events were entered for, purely for
the honor there Is In winning. The ath
letic board recommended that gold and
silver medals be given for prizes In all
events or nothing. As It was impossible
to provide such expenses prizes, Mr. Geo.
.Shedd.acceptd the alternative. .HownvJ.
the honor of the victors win not be unrec
ognlzed. The management has provided
that each winner will huve a tublet In
scribed to his memory, which will bo
Placed m tho armory, along with the oth
er trophies.
The winners win also represent tho ni.
verslty In the IntercoltegUio meet which
will probably be held on the university
campus next Saturday afternoon. Instead
of at Lincoln park, or M Street park as
at first announced.
George ShedU uctod us referee. E. A
Moore as clerk. The Judges were: J, e'
Pearson. W. J. Lowrie. J. P. Cameron.'
A. F. Strahorn, Captain Gullfoyle. Dr.
H. A. Clark was starter; R. c. Saxton!
and J. D. Hastle acted us scorers. Tim
ers were. Profobsors Owens. Davis and
George Shedd. C. C. Morrison assisted.
Captain Gullfole announced the events
and the time made in his stentorian voice
wnlch was very satisfactory to the spec
tators. The first event wu the company relay
race. Before this was ..urieU. one heat
ut me iw yarus dasn was tun. Tne con
testants for tne uusn were; It. U. And
reson, . Anaroson, Austin Cotlett, 11. u.
tiHucock. t-epoon anu Kutiogg. Tne nut
heat was run in two tenons. CoJieti won
in the Jlrst section, in n l.j, Ui Df Aa.
aesou, was lirsi m the cond in n. The
eoond niMt us iun aner tnu company
iUy race. Coiiett. it. u. Andoon and
1'ej.oon were tne runners. Hancock had
quailned, being second In tnc llrst ne.,t
out wart not leellng wel. enough to enter!
. D Axidieson came out nrst. witn Col
iett at Als huols: time n -5.
Tne company imy race wus ono of in0
moat interesting etnis to wUne!JSf on th(J
program. Ten mm. were onoun from each
company. Five cade, stationed them
selves at each end of the 100 yard oOUr
carrying an envelope forward and back,
jJT man ,,nentlntf " to Captain
Gullfoyle. The course thus covered was
VW0 yards. Tne cadets were dressed in
ordinary uniform, and were not permitted
to Uhesi thenibeives of their bloubes
Company D was first to make the run.
Cadets, Marsh, Sears, Parsons, F. C Par-
offl,f " Ca"er' 'Vtlorny. NIckoL
Gnfllth, feawyer. and Hubbard were the
runners. Carter started, and Parsons was
the man who denied tn envelopo to
the captain. l making the transfer, the
envelope was dropped once. Time-2:15 4-5
Company A then pre?nd Cadets Pil.
" -".-". Ayer, Kyan, and Lau
Us runners. The men were all speedy
Is attested by the time made, tw I
They ruf-
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