The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 30, 1897, Image 3

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    Dan E. DePutron.
Hns.... i.
Photographer's Supplies
Sole agent for the Promo Cameras,
the very best In the market, ranging In
price from $10 to $120.
Cheaper Cameras from $1 to $9. Also
agent for Stanley Dry Plates, the
cheapest and best. I have Supplies for
all sizes of cameras.
Call at Room 4, 1041 O Street, and sec
them. P. O. Box 973.
Cntnphorosis for Painless Pilling.
Room 17, Burr Blk Second Floor.
Livery, Baggage
and Hack Line.
121 North Elovonth Street.
HACKS Nos. 39, 42, 54, 76, and 85.
All calls answered promptly, day or night
Polite hackmen, always to bo relied upon.
Telephone No. 31, Lincoln, Nebr.
Nebraska Pant
and Suit Company
1217 O Street. West Half ot Trunk Factory
Pants to order, $3.50, J4. $5 and up
Suits, $18, $20 and up
Cloaking, Overeoalng and Vesting
Goods by the yard.
All work first-class and guaranteed.
Northwestern University
Medical School.
The regular course Is four years, with
conditions for advanced standing. This
school claims superiority In the extent
and thoroughness of laboratory courses,
and in the great variety ot its clinical
material and the methods by which It
is utilized in teaching. For circulars of
Information address tho Secretary,
2431 Dearborn, St. Chicago.
Heraska Tent and Awning Co.
13G and 133 No. 11th St.,
Phono 745.
Professor Caldwell will lecture at tho
graduating cxorclsos at Auburn May 7.
Chancollor MuoLcan goes to North
Platto Friday to speak before tho wostcrn
Nebraska educational nbsoclatlon.
Tho Qleo club Is practicing regularly
now, In preparation for tho Omaha and
Lincoln concerts, which tako place May
11, and 12, respectively.
Phi Delta Thota havo added to their
momborshlp, the addition being a pug pup,
It Is hard to say whether the Phis or tho
pup In enjoying tho honor most.
Dr. Qcorgo Ireland of Omaha, a former
student has already commenced to adver
tize himself oxtenslvoly In tho cycling pn
pors, by hnvlng his wheel stolen.
Mr. Hayward of Nebraska Cliy, brother
to W. 11. Haywanl, has been a visitor
during tho past week at tho Sigma Chi
house. Mr. Hayward Is a "Slg."
"Jlmmle" Cnnflold'n compliments to tho
Nobrnskan, etc., and h'.s regards to any ot
his generation who yet loaf around the
Co-op. Ho also adds that "Tho Rag" Is
all right.
Mr. Leo C. Smith, who Is agent for
engraved calling cards, announces that
tho seniors who want to take advantage of
tho rato. $1.35 for 100 cards and plate,
should get their order In very soon.
The V. M. C. A. will havo Its regular
meeting next Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock. The meetings tho rest of the year
will be particularly Interesting and no
young man can offord to miss them.
Germnln E. Towlo, who wroto "Hairs
From a Bald Head" In these columns for
somo time, has gone to South Omaha to
spend tho summer, where ho expects to
get inspiration for somo hair raising stor
ies for next fall.
Professor Card has Issued a neat bul
letin on "Windbreaks". It has a couple of
fine half-tono engravings. Professor Lyon
Is tho author of a bulletin Just Issued from
the experiment station on "Suggestions
for Chicory Culture."
Hnrry Barbor, '94, who since his gradua
tion has been at tho head of tho depart
ment of chemistry at the Nebraska City
high school, has accepted a scholarship
and nsslstantshlp at Harvard next year.
Ho will work for his Ph. D. In the de
partment of zoology.
The lecture to bo given before tho Pol
Itlcal "economy cluo by N. 8. Harwood
Wednesday evening, has been postponed.
Ho will speak next Tuesday evening on
tho national banking system. Tho pub
lic Is cordially invited to hear him.
' Columbia college of Now York has sent
some specimens to tho museum consisting
of valuable material. A request that wo
exchange has also been received. Tho
department of geology has also heard
from Yale. They want some of Nebras
ka's famous "cork-screws" .here.
Summer Camping Outfits,
Tents, Awnings, Tarpaulins,
and Covers of all kinds.
Out of town orders promptly attended to
LOUIS DOYLE, Prop, and Mart.
Palace Dining Hall
1130 N Street,
Lincoln, Nebr,
The Largest and Best Equipped
Eating House in the City.
Special rates to studonts. Electrio Fans
A. G. OSMER, Prop.
All tho type has been set on the Sombre
ro, and the presses havo been started. A
number of forms havo already been run
off. The book will contain over 300 pages,
but the work Is progressing so rapidly.
It thought that not much time will elapse
before It will bo put on sale. Tho cover
Is a neat design In the class colors, by
Miss Rlghter.
Miss Mame Munchoff, an Omaha singer
of much ability who Is pursuing her musi
cal studies In Berlin, Germany, Is singing
with much success, "Tho Fairy's Song,"
words by William Reed Dunroy, music
by Slgmund Landsberg. Mr. Landsberg
was for several years a reslden; of Omaha
and Is now In Berlin perfecting his piano
To Omaha, Chicago and points In Iowa
and Illinois, the UNION PACIFIC in con
nection with tho C. & N. W. Ry. offers
the best service and the fastest time. Call
or write to me for tlmo cards, rates, etc.
E. B. SLOSSON, Genegar agent.
When bilious or costive, eat a Cascaret,
candy catharlc, cure guaranteed, 10c, 25c.
Cascarots stimulate liver, kidneys and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe. 10c.
J. L. Stephens President; Harry Eulilson Secretary; W. C. Stephens Treasurer.
Juno, July and August.
r y
Penmanship (both slant and vertical),
Spelling,' Business Arithmetic, Rapid cal
culation, Bookkeeping, Business Practice
Export Accounting, Political Economy,
History of Banking, Tariff and Financial
History of tho United States, Commercial
Law, Shorthand, Typewriting, Reporting
Wo can accomodate you in any of these
special branches In any way to suit you,
either for full or part time. Write us
stating what you deslro and wo will give
you a special rate. Corner of Eleventh
and O streets, Lincoln, Nebr, ,
Tho Union boys and Doano collego mot
In Joint dobate at Creto last Saturday
evening. II, W. Rhodes prosldod. Tho
question under discussion was; "Rosol"cd
that tho division ot labor as It now ox
lsts tends to hinder Individual develop
ment." E. W. Ellis, T. J. Bahr, A. Hous
ton, W. II. Hutsoy of Doane appearod on
tho affirmative. G. F. Warron, L. R. Ew
nrt, F. G. Hawxby, and O. W. Melor do
fended tho negative.
E. W. Ellis oponed tho discussion. Ho
tnutntalncd that the division of labor
throws men out of employment, makes
labor monotonous, and makes tho laborer
dopondent upon capital.
G. F. Warren replied, without division
of labor thoro could bo no llfo, no sex, no
society. Tho most civilized nations have
carried It to tho highest degree. It short
ens apprenticeship, Increases production
and facilitates Invention. Mr. Warron's
thought was good.
T. J. Bahr thought the dlvlUon of labor
took children Into factories, damaged
health. Injured Individuals' opportunities,
and caused one-sided development.
L. R. Ewart maintained that responsibil
ity was Increased through division of la
oor. It leads to economy of labor, reduces
the cost of production and enables each In
dividual to pursno that particular lino of
work for which ho Is especially fitted. Mr.
Ewart's delivery was pleasing.
A. Hous;on of Doano contended that tho
homo was destroyed, women were led to
work away from their families, children
thrown on tho streets, by the division of
labor. Classes arc created, Ideas aro des
troyed and education prevented.
G. F. Hawxby argued that tho present
system facilitates production, Increases
national wealth, and benefits society as
a whole. It lengthens life and lessens
crime. It opens new fields and makes tho
homo happier. If tho wholo develops the
parts must grow also. The chain cannot
bo stronger that the weakest link. Mr.
Hawxby's argument was logical.
W. H. Hutsey quoted Adam Smith and
other economists who held that If the di
vision of labor Is carried too far, It would
tend to Injure the mind and tho Intellect.
He quoted Scripture also to make a point.
Ho thought his opponents had failed to
discuss the question from the modern
standpoint. He did not object to tho divi
sion of labor except In tho form It now
exists. He thought national wealth could
be Increased and society in general devel
oped and yet tho tendency might be to
wards tho destruction of the Individual.
O. W. Meier closed the debate. Ho main
talned that in modern times no tendency
had boon carried so tar.fca that of tho spec
ialization of functions. Differentiation is
a general law of development. Tho Indi
viduals form tho basis of society and un
less the Individuals develop, society must
bo decaying. As tho Industrial organiza
tion becomes more complex tho individual
becomes moro perfect. He held that un
equal distribution Is not caused by the
division of labor. Ho wanted to leave with
his opponents tho idea of evolution, of con
s.ant development, of steady progress.
Tho Union boys will hold a Joint debate
with Lincoln normal university next Sat
urday evening. Herbert, Magulro and
Baker will represent the U. B. D. C. on
the negative side of the question, "Resolv
ed, that tho United S.ntes should extend
her dominions."
Heard in tactics Calvary officer In
fantry Is king of the service, and artillery
queen, now sergeant, what would cavalry
be? Sergeant The knave.
French, German and Latin dictionaries
will bo sold to students of tho university
for $1.1214 cents each. These are tho reg
ular $1.50 edi.Ions. Gold iridium pointed
fountain pens are still selling at 69 cents
each. Book Department, Herpolshelmer
and Company.
Hayden, the photographer who Is now
located at 1029 O street, Is again offering
a special rate to students on all photo
graph. Ills name is a guarantee of good
If you have tried him once you found
that Westerfleld did the right kind of ton
sorlal work. Ho has been the students'
bar ber for seventeen years. 117 North
Thirteenth street.
The L. F. & A. Co. have Just recolved
a new line of picture frame mouldings,
and havo put the rates down for students
A full line of art goods. 212 So. 11th st.
A "University of Nebraska" tablet is
the kind to use, when you write home.
The Co-op has a large supply.
Don Cameron's lunch counter, 118 South
Eleventh street.
George Constancer's barber shop Is lo
cated at 1010 O street. Four of tho best
workmen In the city aro to bo found here.
Everybody Says So.
Cascarets Candy Cuthnrtlc, tho most won
derful medical discov cry of the ago, pleas
ant and refreshing to tno tasto, act gently
and positively on kldueys, liver and bowels,
cleansing, tho entlro system, dispel colds,
cum licaditolio, fever, habitual constipation
and biiloiiBiicxs. Pleaso buy and try n box
of O. (3. C tc-dnv; Kl, tf.V M) icnis. b'olil nnd
puaruiitccd to euro by ull druggists.
Don't Tofoaoco Spit and Saioko Yut Llfo Awav.
If you want to quit tobacco uslug easily
mid forever. boiiiuaovoll,Htivinr, imiguoUu,
mil of now lifo and vigor, tako Nu-Tu-liuc,
tlio wondor-worlccr, that makes wcuk men
s'.rong. Many gnin ton pounds in ten days.
Ovor 400,0(10 cured. Buy No-To-Bou of your
druTgist, under guarontoo to curoCOo or
$1.(0. Booklet ntul samplo mulled freo. Ad.
Sterling Remedy Uo.,Chicnco or Now'York.
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
For Summer Tourists and Others.
h t
Old Trunks in Exchange for New Oner;
c. .a.. wxtitc;33z, :f:ro:e.
By i"p h
And Norfolk Branch.
All Points in Kansas. ' '
Keep this in mind when going on foot-ball trips or any vaca tiqn
Dealer in
Fine Watches, Diamonds, Sterling Silverwar,
Clocks, Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Gold-
Keaded Canes and Umbrellas,
Spectacles, Etc.
Watch repairing, engraving and Optical work a specialty. No charge for exam
ining the eyes.
1143 O Street,
Funke Opera House Block.
'Mi iffriTnMl W&frJ ?ffir I
ImmMntkMjSf -
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas Cit.
City Ticket Office. 201 0 Stroot.
H. O. Townsknd, Gen'l P. & T. A.
P, D. Coknkll, O. P.& T.A.
(Jhas. B. Gregory p
TJ. of N '91. U
At noo o st.
Lincoln, Neb. . H
The Most Popular Photograph Gallery in the State.
SPECIAL Ono .beautiful coloredMCab!n ot, mounted on a largo card, given with
each dozen of our best Cabinets. Special raes to studonU T. W. Townsond, Prop.