The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 09, 1897, Image 3

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A Weekly Nowopapor Issucil Every Fri
day Noon, by tlio Stutlants of tho
Unlvarslty of Nou.nnlm.
Entered na Second Class Mntl Matter.
V. T. mipy - - - MnimBlnir Editor
r. I J. linker Editorial
Kato Snow Wnllcor - - Fraternities
Oliver Chambers kocnl
13. Molian - kocnl
Bam Slonn Y. M. 0. A.
A. IB. l'nrniolco - - , II. ,1''. ClaKO
Edith Seliwnrtss - - Ass't M'jrinK EH.
Tlii .VofomsUnn will bo sont to nny nil
dross upon rooolpt of tho sulmorlntlon
price wlueli Is one dollar a year, or llfty
contH a sotnoator.
Contributions aro solicited rrom all.
Nowb Itoms such as locals, panonrlB,
reports of mootliiRs otc. aro especially da
Blrod. The Naliraaknn will bo Rind to
trlnt nny contribution rolntlvo to a gen
eral university subjoat, but ibo numo
must accompany all such.
Addrosa nil communications to Tho
Nobrnsfcun, University of Nobraska.
NOTICE All subscriptions should now bo
poU and collection will bo commenced ac
cordingly. Any ono wlBhlng to avoid tho
Inconvunlonce of boliiB "dunned", should
no )fy tho business manager before Jan
uary IB.
The university Is materially Intorpnteil
In tho bills before the Ipjtriiiture eoncirn
lng tlie grunting of ntnte certlllwitw to
touchers. Tho prlvnie ns well ns the stnu
norninl seivools urroKii i tiu-inmjiNfH all
tho qunlltliiulons necessary for graduate
etlldonts to Ket ii life !iMi'htrV certilleate.
la It ix.hI1p that tliey li.iw roaehed the
Btnndnrd .if itluiMtloii put In vogue at the
university ' Is It desirable and Is It wise
to place all the private and state uarnrt!
schools up in a par In this matter? Tho
granting of state cmllleaie to teachers
Is n matter of no slight importance to the
public school system of Nebraska. The
cflloloncy of the toaehers depends largo
)y on tho readiness and ease with which
applicants get eertllleates. The univer
sity graduates are certainly entitled to Hie
privileges of a state teachers' ccrtllionto,
if training and scholarship eount for any
thing. Wo regret that our legislators fail
to draw any distinction whntovor bo
tweon the elilelency of private nml state,
schools in this roMpeei We certainty iloji
reonte tin I nor ulili which tho reiiuest
of the pi i ne normal ehooN has been re
ceived. Till Is a moiv gnve iptestlon ihnn
a m.'ittii .if mere retinue to state nor
mals, li i- me whli li vlt illy effects the
Standing mil Kt'nwth l the public s 'liool
ReceniK two iirifei-or". hi .ids of de-partmiiii-
look oct ilmi t.i eiltlclsi- nii-ni-bors
ot iilvaneed eluses on acouuiit of
tholr s Illnu; The.". :udents were mostly
Juniors and si nlor- tin the other hand
an Instructor Who! students are in the
earlier veil ft t'le eollcue eouce lum
mndo the statemunt tint hardly a single
paper handed In this year was free from
error In spoiling.
From these dntn wo draw two conclu
sions First, the students of the univer
sity do not know bow to spell when the
come inii, and setoiul. tiny do not over
conii i lil- defect iluiing their college
cour-' Primarily of course, the blame
for ibis state of affairs must rest on the
common -ehools of the state. If the child
Is not taugnt to spill In the grades, the
ohaiin are again?! his ever acquiring this
nbllliv Mut the irgomcnt Is advan "ed
tha ttnrdt .ire onl. tin lun of idi is and
so I oin i- we have tin Ideas, the words
nro of little consequence. This rcutionlng Is
stlM'fil -I il ami Illogical. In the first place.
It cmiiiot lie said that wo really know it
thliiK unless wo can express It accurately
and actly; again, granting for the mo
ment tha spelling Is a minor matter, the
ptlnclple U Involved that It Is only by
careful attention to details that we ever
acquire the ability to hnndlo grwtter af
fairs We must not forgPt that trite say
ing ''u Whatever is worth doing, is
worth doing well." I,tstl we must in
sist th u spi lling Is an important matter
Suppose ,hat our pi ofi Hours paid no at
tention to their orthogiaphy, suppose that
the writers for newspapers, authors, and
nil who write for publication should neg
lect this part of their work, in what hope
ltWoinss would our literature become In
voii d.
Hut what has all tills to do with the
university ' It Is Impossible to have clas
ses in opening hen True, but the stu
dents who go from hero every war to tho
ptlblli scholo of the slate can do much
to correct this defect if they onlv will.
To be .-in o, some will undoubtedly liavo
to lb vote come time to 'Mining thorn-solvi-s
In foro thoy can tuacli oiliora, but
rpsult- win amply repay the labor ilo
inandi .1
There appear to be danger that tho
training for the Held day may drag from
this time on is has boon the enso In the
past two years. Now that the Indoor con
test Is over the coming inn li vens'
should furnish st.fllelent motlvi for keep-,
lug up the irnlnliiK. Arrai.geni' "is nro
. . ... .i. i
being nui'ie ini a jo:nt item u.i m
Donne and Wi Hleynti, its well is in our
own annual event. 11 seoms a p that
.hose who have gotton tholnselvi- hi good
coiulltlon b tho Indoor trnluiiiH f H'e
past wooks shoiiltl loso all that th. havo
Knmml bj stopping now.
A iosHon which studonts of tin unlver
sty hiivo not yet lonrned s thu a. mnl
l lies, nicni il work on n nor be lou with
the mtiHcular 'n poor condition In tho
deslro born of necoBHlty to acconuilisli tho
uinioHt In n given time, many sunlenn nro
tuklni: olghtoen. n'onty or oven wuity
two lioui'H of work w th no com
liensntlng muscular oxorolic. Mm this
Is no more eoonotny than Is the constant
drnwlitg upon the principle lnld 1 In the
Imnk. Host Itself Is not more necessary
to the well be ng or tlio body, limn Is
e.serclse, ami more ntitl be ter mentiil
work can be done when the muscles are
v'gorous, elrculni on brisk and the blood
well oxygeunted. A reasonable amount of
time Is not lost. It Is more than saved In
ihe mprovod quality and v.gor of tin
men al work done. The oven. rig il o'clock
class In tho gvmmtslum will be continued
If n sufficient number express a desire to
carry It on. All who liavo Meld day In
m ml, should cerlulttlv tnko advantage of
th s.
Undo: "Hobby, I suppose you've beon
a good llttlo boy." Hobby: "No, I
hnvon't." Unolo: "Why, I hopo you
lmvon't beon very bad." Hobby: "Oh,
no: Just comfortable." Truth.
Not Unit Had Johnnie's Toaohor:
"And now, Johnnlo, toll mo what tho
Inst commnndmont Is." Johnny (n stroot
car tourist): "IMonse don't spit on tho
Moor." Cleveland Plain Donlor.
rrcshleish. 'oo: "James, how docu the
button como Into my salnd?" Jumos (tho
vvnltor): "Oh I dat nm pnht ob do drcssln',
snh." Princeton Tiger.
Mr. Dyer: "Where Is tho bargain coun
ter?" The Foor Wulker: "Thero nro sov
ornl. What aro you looking for?" Mr.
Dyer: "I am looking Tor my wife." Life.
Society Trials: "That pnwnbroker's
uhlldron seem to wear a groat deal of
Jowoliy." "Yes: It nearly kills mo to seo
his twelve-year-old boy strutting around
with my watoh on." Llfo.
Ho: "I supposo your father understands
that I am not going to mnrry tho rest of
the family." She (ono of many sisters):
"lie says that is the only thing that trou
bles him." Detroit Frco Press.
"It Is queer how spring infects us."
"What Is queer?" "We don't get an elas
tic gait until we leave off our rubbers."
Chicago Hecord.
Ho: "What If the theatre should tnko
lire?" She: "Mercy' 1 supposo I should
become confused and forget whore tho
mirrors nro." Detroit Journal.
St l.ouls proposes to establish a church
for bicyclists exclusively. It hopes by
that means to Induce them to do all their
ocoiching tills side of the river Styx.--Dilccigo
"Do you think Skluuer can make a liv
ing out thoro?" "Make a living! Why,
ho'd make n living on n rock In tho mid
dle of tho oeonn If thoro wos another
man on the rock." Tlt-Hlts.
I romembor so distinctly scorching down
tho rood, tho long lovel dusty rond, where
tho woods thickly fence the way on e'.thor
side, with tho soured pig scooting for dear
llfo JiiHt ahead of my forward wheel.
I romombor how 1 dellgh.od In following
him closer and closer and yelling at li in
In thu loud exultation of my greater pow
er, anil the way In which n squeal of ti r
ror answered ovary yell of mine, it
amused me hugely to see how straight
and s Iff his uncurled tali pointed oblique
ly skyward I Imagined I heard the hot
broezo whlstrug over Its bristled po.nt.
I remember how I dosplsoil his hulking
grncoless gait In view of the rythmic mo
tion of my exhubernnt spoed. I despised
his gait and I despised tho pig for It, and
I remember how I yollod ono more llerco
cry of scorn, and I nm most Drone c
recollect how at that wild sound the bias
swerved on ills hind logs, ns on a pivot,
directly in front of my Hying whoel. And
then and then but I remember no more.
If you have tried him once lyoa found
that Wosterfleld did the right kind of ton
sorlnl 'work. He has been tho students'
bar br for seven teon years. 117 North
Thirteenth street.
A "Unlvorslty of Nebraska" tablet Is
thp kind to use, when you write home.
The Co-op has a large supply.
Hayden, the photographer who Is now
located at 1023 O street, Is again offering
a special rate to students on all photo
graph. His name Is a guarantee of good
Cascareis stimulato llvor, .kidneys ani
bowels. Nevor sicken, weaken or gripe, lOo.
Don Cnmoron's lunch counter, 118 South
lSloventh street. ' '
Wo wish to. call tho attention of the
Professors and students to the local mer
chant ' who advort'so In Tho Nobrnsknn.
lOvery llrm reprqunted hero Is gunran
toed rollnblc, anil patronago that Is ox
tended them, will bo nppreolnted by tho
niatiFigor of this ppor. Whon It Is just
ub oonvonlont, lot them have yaur patron
ago. You will bciiiui by It ns mtioh as
any ono.
Suocossora to Htowlng King and Co.
PA1N12 & WAllFKL-Clothlors nnd furn
ishing goods, Merchant tailors. 1130 O
moot. Your shots shlned frou.
ulHhlngn nnd tnlloi'lug. 117 H. lllh at.
shoo utoro of Lincoln. 1129 0 Btrcot.
service grcntest courtesy. 32S N. 12th.
e'UANClS nHOS.-Uoitnurnnt and short
order hoiifo. 121 N. 11th street.
DON CAMKHON-Luneli counter and
short ordor house, US South 11th St.
II. W. imoWN-Drugglnt, books and
stationery. 127 South 11th stroot.
MILLI3H .vi PAINIJ-Dry goods and fur
nlshlng gooils. 122;) to 1230 O streot.
15 cents. Sunday dinuor 25. 31G S. 12th
CHAHLHS H. aHEaoUY-Conl. Onicc
nt 1100 O streot.
located at 1010 O street.
tho comer of 10th and O itreots.
Hhnlmer and Comptny. 12th and N st.
SMITH rilKMlMn Typewriter Com
pany. Lincoln olllcc, 137 S. 11th st.
T. J. TIIOKP1C & CO Uubbor stamps,
seals etc. 308 8. 11th stroot.
HUTOH1NS ivi IIYATT-Conl. otllco lo
cated at 10U O streot.
C. HHLlCltS-Tnllor. Suits mndo to ord
er. Uopalrlng done. 126 S. 11th.
cer, 'OS, manager, ltth and O St.
DH. S. 10. COOK-Kyo ear, nose and
throat. 1215 O stroot.
H. CAPKS Hoo.s and shoes roparod 13.1
South Twelfth streot.
HAYD10N--Photographer. New location
1020 O streot.
K. HALT.KTT JI'JWKLKll. 1H3 O Streot.
Watch repairing, engraving otc.
Dr. S.E. COOK, practice limited to
oyo, car, noso and throat. 1215 O street.
The Armstrong Clothing Co. for a short
time will glvo to any unlvorslty it union t
buying a suit or pair of pants, a wlro pant
stretcher. It keeps tho pants in shape,
and preserves tho crease.
To Omaha, Chicago and points In Iowa
nnd Illinois, the UNION PACIFIC In con
nection with tho C. & N. W. lXy. offers
tho host servlco nnd the fastost time. Call
or wrlto to mo for tlmo cards, rates, otc.
K. H. SLOSSON. Gonegnr ngont.
Don't Tobacco Spit nud Guioko Your Life Awr.y.
Jf vim win. I to q .a l lUuro using easily
li I fol'OViT, bOi.i.i lu well, Mr llg.llli fimlle,
till of lit w iiio it. id i ;oi', UtliO Nii-'io-Ui.c,
t'i3 w.iud.'i'-woritt r, Una wcuku'cn
i iviiig. Manv g In ten pounds In ten dn,M
Over .100,000 cured, liny No-To-llno of yoi t
drmgUt, inidcf gnni'iiitou to euro, tthi ot
?l li. Iloiil-let mnl H.impln uiallcd free. Ad
Sterling Uoinodyi'n.,uiiiciimiiii,Nov oris
When bilious or costive, cat a Caacaret,
candy catharlc. cure guaranteed, 10c, 25c.
Fountnln pons, from U! cents each, to
$2.50, nil wnrrimted nt book department ot
Horpolshclmor & Company.
Yv i FoilHKS
Liverey, Baggage, And
Hack Line.
121 North lCloventh Street.
HACKS Ncs. :iu. t2, 51. 7fl. and S.5.
All cnlls aiiswtred promptly, day or night
Polite bai kiiu ti always to hi rolled upon.
Telephoui n '1 Nebr.
I tin tint
'ntr Do ) ot piny' a nXweviix "
Tfo Home Is Really Complete
Without a new 1897 Model
WaShbUffl SSft'iz""
Prices linvo been scaled down ns n result of the
asliliurii's emirinous iipiilarlty b tlmt now yon
can buy a genuine Washburn of the very latent ilestlun
Prom $15.00 Upward.
Tho new W ishlnirti Mandolin Is a radical depart
ure from forim r btyleti. It is the neatest, daintiest
nnd llKhtJt Mandolin ImiiKlnililc. and Ithtone up
pniijcliuh wr near to that of a li'ie old C'reiiiimu
iolln. Vasfiluirns aro sold at fijeed and uniform
prices by all rr-i-class music dealers oerywliere.
ashbiirnii are ihu ackiiowledKed btandard of the
world. 'Ihey are used exclusively by the leadbiK
Artists, Tom hers ami Glee Clubs. Our new Wash
liiirn catalotfue containing portraits of oer 100
Artists and full Information, prices, endorsements,
etc., 111 bo Bent free on receipt of application. If
your local dealer cannot supply you we will send
washburns f. O. I), with prlvilct'o of examination,
direct from the fin tory.
A Vmlihurn Improves with oro and makes a
Gift tliut Increuses In value as the years go by.
It Is really worth many times Its cost.
Corner Wabash Ave. and Adams St., Chicago.
L136 O
Perkins a
! M . .
mlf CUT Oni 1 ERE AC I AW Spring term will open March 8. 1S97, Dl
IVLI1 1 UULUkUt. Ul tRSfpioma admits to bar. Improved methods
Maiisiiai.i. . KwKl.t.. LL.I) . M D.. Dean, uniting theory nnd practice. The 8chool
if Practice Is the Leading Feature. Evening sessions of ten hours a week for each
olnss. Students enn be self supporting wlllo studying. For cntnloguo address
M.D. 1CWELL, Dean. Koom C13 nnd GH Ashland blk. Chicago, 111.
Have opened a new Furnishing
and Tailoring Establishment with
a line new stock especially
adapted to Students' wants.
Everything new and nobby...
Dunlap and Longley Hats.
The University of Nebraska
Offers Complete Courses in the
Following Branches;
Piano Forte,
Voice Training,
String Instruments,
Wind Instruments,
Harmony, Counterpoint, History, General
Theory, Sight Reading.
If von are Thinking of Stnflying: Mnsic InmMc the Merits of this School.
; Sprlm? Term Opens April 7.
. j. H fbuB
inK r-j
iw T KAihiniinripvii iiiiji'M' nt i a
25$ SO Li3ill"BMiimHki3 rniir?r:i
,,i .,i i A 77, ! SJ.V ,.7,T ' f ""
I Idenrnl bnidJet free. Ad. STKHI.IM) ItKMKIH
FDR THE , ;'.
and WOMEN..,
G . TO
Shelddn Cd,
117 South...
Offers Free Advantages not
found Elsewhere.
Free Scholarships In all Departments.
Orchestral Training,
Military Band Training,
mmm mmr -
-fenrr(f),,,lon- cr"-, u. wmu .
"IP nr rripis but muso entj nntiirnl results. M-
(.. Chlrncn. Jlnnlre si. Can., orNoff York. '