The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, February 26, 1897, Image 3

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,n I'lwiiUnl bell la being nut tip In
ltl'rlilMorlc-nl Hoylt'ty rooniH.
now course In kIiihm blowing l to bo
offered under l,i'- Houter's liiHtruotlon.
jln Infoinml party will bo kIvoii by Slg
m,i Alpha UphIIoii friitornlty Saturday
Tim gn-on I10U80 bus it niro btincli of
Holers lit present a Yucca plant Is In
V I)UiIiii'hm mooting and election of of
Hc'frn or the Y. M. C. A. will bo bold
it 5 o'clock Monday afternoon.
The fc'l,(1 '"'"I' under the direction of
rrofi'!"""' Kimball will Htnrt out on tbolr
inntinl toin o the stnto Mtircli 15.
Qulir largo number of students are
figuring on attending "Fauiit" at tbo
Funki' upern 1ioiih next Thursday night.
George Constnncor's barber shop W lo
oted at 1010 O street. Tour of tho best
n-orknu'ii In tlio city arc to bo found here.
Mwr- Warren, llawxby. linker and
o Meier have been chosen to ropro
int the Pnlons In the next debate with
About thirty from tho Hchool of music
went to the Lincoln normal to see Mnc
beth played by amateur talent, laBt Fri
day night
Tho ol.iss In coiiHlllutlonal law Is now
comparing tho constitutions of tho United
States with those of England, Germany
France and Swltccrland.
Tomorrow night -tho Union boys will de
late the question. Resolved thnt tho div
ision of labor, tends rather to hinder than
to develop Individuality.
A. J. Weaver wns quietly married to
Miss Percy Morris, at her home last
Tuesday Hoth are very well known as
students of tho university.
Then' will bo a missionary meeting In
the rhnpel next Sunday. Tho subject Is
China." A Chinese quartet and tbo glee
club will furnish the music.
Victor Hosewuter will address the pol
itical crrmomy Hub on the subject of the
Difficulties of City Charter Making," on
March 2 The public Is Invited.
Chancellor McLean has accepted the
Invitation extended by the members of
the graduating class of the Harvard, Nob,
hlRh school, to deliver their commence
ment ycrmon.
The business managers of the Junior an
nual, wish to state ofllelnlly that all sub
scriptions must bo handed In before the
fifteenth of March. The subscription,
not the money.
Thi Mtidcnts of the school of agricul
ture will hereafter be compelled to take
mllitar) training. About sixty guns have
been mm to the state farm In order thnt
the young men may drill there.
One who does not understand bow nur-t-ry
im n propogate the applo tree can
fH-i-x.H tly bow It Is done by visiting Pro-ft-Mor
Curd's class In horticulture. They
um ih.- popular method of root grafting
Miss Hepner has given her class In the
Nrcoml year German, tbo choice between
the reading of six German stories and
rtporilng on them, and n Una) examina
tion at the close of tho semester.
AH M)inents for space In the Junior an
nual In. ludlng exhibits of any kind which
are pin in for an agreeed consideration,
ix-com- due. March 1. Prompt payment
! ni-o cMiry to the speeedy Issue of the
At .( inii-tlng of the Pershing Miles held
on Thursday evening, a committee
a (Hi,.,lnted to confer with tho Lincoln
I'tKht Infantry with a view to arranging
Ut a . ompetltlve drill betweel the two
A i. i . of Norway p!nc, a part of u din
"r ' I' "t that was brouvM over In the
Mayflower by Miles Blandish, was do
Kwltwl m tho historical society collec
tion Ut week. The piece .'anio down In
Un ili-neent to two of the Btandlsh fam
"y w"; lii VM gave It to Mr. Rising of
Iulh Stanton of Boston, Mass., a
noted lecturer on musical topics, will lec
ture at the school of music, this after
noon His subject will be, "Music and
How to Listen to It." An admission of
tnty-five cents will bo charged to de
fray Mr. Stanton's expenses.
The fraternities havo been Ulto busy
"kiatlng new members during the past
k. John Lyttlo Is wearlnff a Kappa
ma badge. The baby frat Is gutting
town to work early. Sigma Alpna Ep
Hon Initiated J, 8. Btopher of Elmwood.
Saturday night. The same evening the
Kt butted Orry Kellog Into Delta Tail
n last Saturday evening at a meeting
g the Union boys' debating club, an at
ttmpt wis made to bring up the question
"l rmclndlng the football resolution
fann-d ,4t the previous meeting. No ac
tion was taken on the matter and tin-
Union boys still stand pledged against
football. The question promises to come
Up beforo the club again, bowovor, nnd
tho admirers of the game claim that the
resolutions will bo reconsidered. At any I set What humus to bo the prevailing bo
rate there are enough footballlHts In tho llof among the legislators that the malor-
club to make an Interesting scrap.
Tbo book department of Herpolsholmot
&. Co's. now handle Holfo's text of Shako,
spearo. Fountain pens, tablets, dlctlon
ules, translations etc. Pocket edition of
French and Germnn dictionaries, cheap.
Mr. Jay Barrett Is conducting a clnss
of teachorH, organized under tbo system
of tbo university of Chicago oxtenslon
course. Tho class meets Friday nights
and has about, fifteen members. The first
course Is a study of history. Professor
Fling gavo a lecture on Grecian history
n short time ago to tho class, nnd a llttlo
later will exhibit his stcreoptlcan views
of Greeco In the chnpel. Professor Dann
has talked to tho class on Grecian art.
A lecture on Unman law bv Charles 8,
Iiiibluglor 'KS, now a member of tho Oma
ha bar, will soon bo given.
S. II. Lyman has returned 'to his home
In Hastings with his diploma.
Miss Gertrude Hansen Is visiting Miss
ltlsscr nnd other friends In tho city.
Professor Burnett was sick and unablo
tu meet bis classes tho first of the week.
Miss Grace Uroady was conllucd to her
home several days this week with an at
tack of grip.
Miss Emily Weeks 1ms boon ollged on
account of 111 health, to drop her work
In the university.
II. C. Burr, who was forced to go homo
on account ol an Injury to his eye, Is
bnck at his university work again.
Miss Gertrude Wright returned to her
home In Schuyler last wcok. She has
been a student In tho conservatory of mu
sic, also doing some university work.
Clyde Barnard of Crab Orchnrd Is tbo
newly elected secretary of the horticul
tural society. His ofllce will be with that
of tho historical society in tho basement
of the library building.
Howard Mcketts, who Is attending the
Northwestern medical college, has been
at home In tbo city several weeks on ac
count of 111 health. He expects to return
In time to graduate In June.
Miss Myrtle Wheeler visited friends at
the university Monday, because the Om
aha public schools bad a holiday on Wash
ington's birthday, and she Improved the
opportunity. She Is a teacher of history
In the high school there.
Mr. E. N. Robinson Is figuring on re
turning to his borne In tho east about the
last of May. This will be Just after the
baseball team returns from Its eastern
trip, and his work as coach will be lln
Is'ied. He Intends to reach Providence,
II. I. in time for the commencement ex
ercises of Brown university.
Mr. A. N. Peterson, formerly 'l7, and
one of the eight Omaha boys who seemed
to have turned the tldo from the high
school of that city, from eastern colleges,
to the university, visited will Ills old ac
quaintances, Monday and Tuesday. Geo.
Ireland, of the same tribe, now '07. of tho
Omaha Medical college was the guest of
Otis Whipple Friday and Saturday.
A valuable addition has recently been
made to the library by the American his
tory department. It Is a set of the con
giosslonal debates covering the time from
1KM to 1M7. This gives the library a com
plete record of the proceedings of congress
from the formation of the confederacy to
the present time with the exception of
a few missing volumes of the congress
ional Globe. Tho period previous to the
formation of the constitution Is covered
by the secret Jurnals, the record of the
period from 1787 to 1SJI, Is found In the
Annals of Congress; this Is follwed by
tht new set, the congressional debates,
running from 1X37. Then follows the con
gresslonul Globe, until 1837, and the record
brings the proceedings up to tho present
lime. In addition to tins mere is ivemon s
Abridgment of the Debates of Congress,
i mining from 17K7 to 1SS0.
The library at tho present tlmo receives
all the government publications of wbat
cvor nature. All these together give stu
dents In American history a tine oppor
tunity to do original work, and Professor
Caldwell sues to It that the materials are
Tho following petition Is being circul
ated and very generally signed by the
students and Instructors.
Wo the undersigned Instructors and
students of tho university of Nebraska,
do hereby petition that the honorable
body of legislators, recognize that the
sentiment of the student body has been
misrepresented by a "rtaln petition em
anating from a few students who are ad
verso to the gamo of football.' Tbo under
signed take this opiKirtunlty to respect
fully urge that no ofllclal action ho taken
against the gamo which has become such
an Institution In college life. The rules of
this game are sure to undergo such
changes and modifications as to remove
any and all real or Imaginary objections-
Hespect fully submitted by the undor
slgned petitioners to tho consideration of
the legislature o tho state of Nebraska.
Tbo above petition was drawn up to off.
Ity of students nro opposed to bootlmll.
It Is thought t)iii presentation of this potl
lon will speedily destroy this fnlse Impres
sion, and also prevent anv action ngalnit
the game.
Manager Oury and Captain Hhedd. dur
ing tbo past week, havo been eudiuvorlng
to get an audience before the commit
tot to which the bill bus been referred. It
If. their Intention to prppose an amend
ment, which will remove tho objectlonablo
features of the game, from the point of
view of the legislators. They want to
amend It so as to icqulro Unit every mnn,
beforo ho goes Into a ganio of football,
havo a certlllcate from a doctor as to bis
physical condition. Another clause Ih to
make It a misdemeanor for any team to
use "mass" play, during tho progress of
the game. It Is thought that mich changes
can bo made In tho bill, If the legislat
ors, listen to fairness.
Tho football bill has not yet appeared
for llnal action. It waK referred back to
tho committee for nmindmcnts, but tho
committee could see no way In which to
change the bill and yet have It gain the
end for which It wns llrst intended. It
has been placed on general file and will
come up In its regular order. It Is now
very evident that the bill cannot pass.
Speaker Gafllln who Introduced tho mens
lire, said that It would probably have to
be modllled and amended before It could
pass. This Is also tho opinion of mnny of
tho members and now that It Is to come
up for final action wltiiout such amend
ments, the prospects for the bill becom
ing a law are rather dubious.
The class of 'to held one of their usunl
largely attended and enthusiastic class
meetings Thursday afternoon. The In
stallation of the recently elected olllcers
with the principal business transacted.
Mr. McKay made his usunl "kick" about (
tbo lnck of class Interest In tbo Junior an- j
mini, his remarks belnp ably seconded by '
Business Manager Pearson. Tho discus- j
slon of baseball prospects uhowed that i
tht class team now In process of organl- j
zatlon would soon be ready to meet any
similar team If not prohibited by the leg
islature. A commltteeb of three was ap- I
pointed to look Into the matter of clnss
Insignia for next year, Nothing further
of Interest coming up, the meeting ad-1
Journed. . '
Beach Coleman has ieon homo on the I
sick list or a week.
Clevo Tissue one of the Junior laws,
was Initiated Into Sigma Chi fraternity
Friday night.
Dr. Green gave the last of his scholarly
and Interesting lectures on Insanity, Wed
nesday evening.
The Maxwell club discussed tbo foot
ball bill Saturday evening. The attend
ance was less than twenty. Tho sent
iment scorned to be unanimously opposed
to tho bill. '
Klrst Presbyteilon, Hev, W. M. Hind
man, D. D. pastor. Theme of the morn
ing, "The Queen of tho Graces," of the
evening. "Why Am I a Presbyterian?"
University students cordially Invited to
all the services of this church.
If you have tried him once you found
that Wcsterfleld did the right kind of ton
sorlal work. He bas been the students'
bar ber for seventeen years. 117 North
Thirteenth street.
A "University of Nebraska" tablet Is
the kind to use, when you write home.
The Co-op has a large supply.
The proprietors of the university lun
cheon room announce that they are bet
ter prepared than ever to serve strictly
home made goods with convenience to
all. A sample bill of fare Is:
Soup 5 cents
Oysters, one dozen 20 cen8
Plum pudding i 5 cents
Sandwich 3 cents
Bread and butler 2 cents
Coffee, tea or cocoa cento
Milk 3 cent
Two Joughnuts 3 cents
Pie , 5 cents
As a result of a uquabUe with the barbs
the class of '09, of the university of Minn
esota will publish next ytar's Gopher with
out the assistance of the fraternities. It
was decided at the election that the frats
should be represented by five men nnd
the barbs by eight. Thtreupon the frat
who had been demanding six members on
the board withdrew.
By the action of Jane Lathrop Stanford,
sole surviving founder of the university,
property to tho value of upwards of two
millions of dollars has Ken added to the
university endowment. The property con
sists of the Stanford mansion. The house
wns built In 1875 by Senator Stanford and
U valued at about $700,000, The costly
treasures within Its walls, Including many
fine paintings, imoks, statues, bronze and
mosaic works, are valued ut about twlco
that sum.
Subscribe for Tho Nebraskan, only 1.00.
Tabic Board $3...
per Week.
Menl Tickets, 21 Meals, S3.
Will be made to STUDENTS upon application.
By taking the.
And Norfolk Branch.
All Points in Kansas.
Keep tliis in mind when going on foot-ball trips or any vacation.
fprmk 1 a a tLJ :i 9H
sk gi r iiiSSBBHrnlnMfc
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas
City Ticket Office. 201 0 Street
H. C Townhknd, Gon'l P. & T. A.
F. D. Coknkli.. C. P.& T. A.
Hutchins & Hyatt
C O A L &
lOiO O Street, Tolophono 225
First National Bank,
Capital - - $400,000.00
Surplus . - 100,000.00
N. S, HAItWOOD. President.
CHAS. A. BANNA, Vice-President.
F. M. COOK.fCashler,
II. S. FltKEMAN, Ass't Cashier.
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
316 S. South Twelfth St.
Meals 15 cts.
Don Cameron's lunch counter, 118 South
Eleventh street.
Chas. B. Gregory R
TJ. of N.i 91.
Office A
At 1100 0 St, S
Lincoln, Neb. H
The Tailor....
nils le fo rcp.
Cleaning and Repairing also Done.
126 So, llth Si,
Over Wohlenburg's Cigar
Try the..