The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, December 11, 1896, Image 3

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", . 0crnrl of Kcnrnoy, Nebr., visited
wVbth )nt Saturday nn.l Suminy,
h. oiirlMninn vnontlon will begin nt
, Adork Wednesday evening, Docom.
,1. OCIOl"
Helen llnliin U I" In tho city, nn.l
"mployc.l " "wk m "rown " dn,R
mi.. Klllo Uuckloy of Cond. Nerb., bus
rrglSlPrc11 lor "" """""""
yet? The lettering Ib mndo from n spec
Inl dyo, nrul Ujey nro tho nenlest tnblots
i yot gotten out.
A fair slr.eit audience heard tho Ottum
wn male quartet In thu university chnivl
Inst Saturday evening. Ncnrly every
number was encored nnd nil wcro heart
lly niip1nulpl.
Dr. C. K. Uessey will deliver the. ml
dross of welcome beforo tbo dnlrymen's
association December 1R, In tho nbsenco of
Chancellor MnoIcnn Who will bo In Min
nesota on that date.
C. H. Adams,
Thotn PI Inflt
pon Adams, brother of
wn Initiated In Rota
guturdny nigii
Vtc, I'l.-ments nml John llnntlolnh nro
rf?orto,l ,ii. bnvhiR resigned from tho unl-
vMlty "1"' c,";
...i. ih1Ir W.. linn returned from
priroli "tid will take up university work
(rln w' w-mewter.
Mnry Horn writes from ChlcnRo tlmt
rtP enj'"" her work there In tho John
(wnr ut'inry very much.
Tho crniliRte club will moot nt tho homo
ol Dm i:dRren Snturdny nlfiht for tho
purposr ir electing olllcurs.
The fooibfill nnd glee club pictures linvo
in tuKn. nnd proofs nro now In tho
hands of the critical members.
Coach Robinson hns been tnklnR some
"jettlnR up exercises" nnd pays that It
is nbout as cruel as a football Ramo.
All the students of horticulture nro
taking H " an elective. Seven different
euurPio nro represented In the olnss.
During the dairymen's exhibit, the or
mory '1H 1,c Plv'n over to the display of
fcuttir. cheese nnd such like products.
The Catholic students of tho university
mrt lust Monday nlRht and organized n
Catholic club with twenty-flvo mombors.
A volition nsklnR thnt tho library bo
not closed durlnR tho chnpol service Is
Wnc assiduously circulated by Rurlolgh.
At LclRhion's you will nnd n complete
Ftork of Christmas novelties. Useful Rifts
are quoted at prices that nro wny dowr
lnvltntlons for Mr. Peterson's weddlnR
have been Issued. Mr. Peterson Is ex
pected back In tlmo to take up the work
of the tlrst yenr's Bhnkespouro class, the
beRlnnlns of tho second semester.
Al Cochran, tho. machinist who hns
chnrRo of ithc euro of tho Journal lypc
settlnR machines, promises tho Nebrnskan
nn InterestlUR nrtlclo Tor next week on
tho structure nnd workings of tho differ
ent kinds of machine that have been
Kor caret ul, tnorouRh competent work
In correcting nil forms of oyc-strnln, go
to 1! M. Retts, room M Hlehards block,
corner of 11th nnd O streets. Hours; 9
to 12 n. m. 1 to 4 p. m. Examination nnd
consultnlton free.
Tho largo clock in use In the physical
laboratory hns leen transferred to the
astronomlcnl obsorvntory. Tho time Is
furnished to tbo laboratory by means of
nn electrical circuit. Tho clock Is regu
lated by tbo stnrs nnd Is therefore absol
utely correct.
Wo hnvo n few dozen of thnt W cent lot
of fountain pens still left. They will not
Inst a week, so If you want to secure n
good nrtlcle for little money come nnd
Investigate Herpolshi'lmer &. Co'a book department.
Iledueed pr'.m on suits ami overcoats nt
tors from n Life, by Elisabeth Stuart
lMtclpH, The Dimumtlon of Tluron Ware
by Unrnld Frederick, for snle nt llcrpol
sholmcr &. Co's. book department.
Tho elnss In Jnurnnlbm will aid tho de
pnrtment of publlulty by writing speo
Inl articles on the different dopnrttnonts ot
university work. Knob student will write
ono or moro of these nrtlcles. They will
bo furnished to the different papers of tho
state for ptiblientlon.
Tho Nebraska Wosleynn pauses long
enough In Its editorials on college rowdies
wbloh frequent Thanksgiving dny games
nt Omaha, to sny this of our conch. "Wo
doslro to congratulate the state university
on their couoh, Mr, HohluHou. Uosldes
knowing his buslnuss ho Is a perfect gentleman."
At the Pershing Hides ball. Miss Wright
of tho conservatory, bad her fnsclnntor
exchanged. She would bo very glad If
tho iorson who got tho wrong one, should
return It to her. It Is valuable to her
ns It wns a gift, nnd she is very anxious
to have possession of it ngnln. Its color
was black.
The Union Hoys debating club will de
bate the following nt tholr next, meeting,
Resolved thnt state universities nro sup
erior in their principle nnd operation to
denominational colleges. Our Methodist
neighbor can doubtlessly supply lots of
argument on the negative sldo of this
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
This Is your time to buy holiday goods
utE. Fleming's, tho Jeweler, 1224 O street.
.Don't fall to call. You will save money
by so doing.
The students who are conducting the
mission Sumlny school, nro planning an
entertainment and tree for the school
Christmas eve.
Beta Thetn PI fraternity, have removed
from their old quarters in the Burr block
and are now settled in a tint at C31 South
Eleventh street.
Dean Reese has boon nttendlng court
at Schuyler for sovoral days. Mr, Bob
bins has been conducting the classes dur
ing his absence.
King Mnnett, n story of Old Virginia
and Mnssnchusetts Hay by J. F. Stlnton
(J. S. of Dale) is tho most populnr of
recent books. You enn get it nt reduced
prlco at Horpolsheimer Co's book de
As useful nnd pleasing n Christmas
present as you can mnke Is a fountain
pen. Tho combined fountain pun and
hair pin mndo by Wntermnn Is the most
original thing you ever snw. For sale at
Herpolshoimer & Co's.
The Y. M. C. A. glee Club Is In demand.
Thoy sang Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
nnd Sunday, during tho convention. Sun
day evening they will sing nt tho First
Presbyterian church, and Frldny even
ing of this week nt tho muslcnlo to be
given by tho Union literary society, Fri
day night.
1 have the largest and beat equipped
stock of diamonds to be found in the
city, which I will sell as cheap as any
one, weight and quality considered.
1143 O street, Lincoln Nebr.
Miss Rosa Bouton addressed the Wo
man's club Monday nfternoon on the
manufacture at beet sugar. She traced
tho manufacture from tho raw boot to
the finished product ready for the table.
Tho tnlk was thoroughly enjoyed ly all
Tho university Y. M. C A. is negotiat
ing for n lunso of the vacant lot at the
corner of Fourteenth and P streets, for
tho purpose of making a skating rink of
It during the winter. The lot chosen is
centrally located and with plenty of cold
weather the enterprise ought to prove a
success. Mr, Oury will probably be select
ed to act as business manager.
As tho new caps and chovrons have now
arrived and the cadots are In full uniform,
the Commandant will order a dress pnr
ado of tho battalion on tho first afternoon
on which the weather will permit of out
door drill.
On Thursday evening December 1", Mrs.
Manning's elocution classes will give a
recital In tho chapel. The last number
will bo a farce by John Kendrlck Bnngs,
"A Chafing dish Pantry." All are Invited
to attend, no ndmlssion'wlll be charged.
Wednesday evening occurs the recital to
be given by the pupils ot the university
school of music This Is the regular hol
iday recital.
Fraternity men should not forget that
Wcsterlleld can do their tonsorlnl work
the best of any man in the city. 117 North
Thirteenth street.
The meeting of tho English club has
been npiln posponed. This time to Satur
day December 12. It will meet then nt
the home of Miss Prey.
Miss Florence Smith, assistant cata
loguer, is reported as being such bettor.
Bhe is expected to resume her vork again
by the first of the year.
Constaneer's barber shop is at 1010 O
street. When you want a neat hair cut
and a clean shave, have one of his exper
ienced men do it for you.
Harry Harbor, son of Professor Barbor.
was down from Nebraska City for a brief
visit, Saturday and Sunday. He reports
Allen Fling and himsolf as doing quite
well in their two positions ns the heads of
tho two departments of Latin and chem
istry. Professor Lyon has received a large
number of inquiries regarding the school
of agriculture. Tho work will all be car
ried on nt the state farm this yoar. Many
of tbo students who attended last year
intend to return, and many new ones are
H. C. Pntmelee celebrated his twenty
second birthday last Friday. A choice
box of delicacies received from home, was
generously passed around.
Mr. and Mrs. Barton of Kearney spent
Saturday with Professor and Mrs. Bar
tour. Mr. Barton has been making a geo
logical survey of Nebraska.
Mr. H. II. Wilson will nddress the pol
itical economy club next Tuesduy evening.
December 22. He -will speak on the mun
icipal ownership of natural monopolies.
Horace Greely Whltmore, has given up
his position as manager of the Evening
Post, and is now engaged in seeking a
piece of political jle, under the dispensa
tion of Mr. Wolfe. He is tne jeaaer in
the race for an Important position in the
state house.
T. E. Bruegzer '92, who -went to Ger.
many in company with Ernest Gerrard,
writes that he intends to make a trip to
Italy, from there along the Mediterran
ean, finally landing at San Francisco. He
intends then to make his home somewhere
on the coast.
By tnkingr the
And Norfolk Branch.
All Points in Kansas.
Keep this in mind when going on foot-ball trips or any vacation.
The seniors have definitely decided upon
the Btyli- of hat and cane thoy are to
ear and carry respectively, and orders
e already being placed for the same.
Dr. BoHhey will deliver a lecture before
& farmers' institute at York on the evon
'iB of December 18. The subject of Ills
wk will be, "Grasses and other Forest
Manager Oury in considering the plan
of flooding the tennis courts for a skating
'Ink, tho proceeds of the enterprise to be
used for tho benefit of the Athletic as-'Watlon.
r- Ouy Barnes who was taicen men
"h appendicitis six weeks ago, is entlro
V recovered and -will resume his studies
ut the university. He is a member of the
Cla88 Of MOO.
A party consisting of about forty stu
dents from the Lincoln high school, to
gether with the instructors, visited Ne
braska hall and the museum last week.
Their object was to learn facts respect
ing the rocks, fossils and similar mater
ial, from which to draw data for essays.
Professor Swoezy haB connected -with
the observatory clock an apparatus for
ringing the university class bells. The
bell circuit nas not yet been connected
with the clock but the change will be made
as soon as the matter can be brought be
fore the faculty.
F. 13. Cornell Selects One from the Four
Teams of tho Interstate League.
F. D. Cornell who has officiated as re
feree and umpire in many ri the games
of the louguo, and who knows more about
theso players individually than any man
in the west, has figured out an all west
ern team. Two Nebraska men are given
places on it, with two more clobely con
testing. His line up would be: Right end
Wiggins of Nebraska.rlght tackle Leigh
ton of Iowa, right guard A. Hill of Mis
souri, center Walker of Kansas, left guard
Hamll of Kansas, left tackle Conley of
Missouri, left end Thomas of Iowa, quar
ter back, Thorpe of Nebraska, right half
Holbrook of Iowa, left half Baine of Kan
sas, full back Hester of Kansas. Sub
stitutes, Fltzpatrick of Kansas, Pearse of
Nebraska, Blatln of Missouri In the line,
and Shodd of Nebraska, Meyers of Iowa,
and Voigts of Kansas backs.
He says of the Nebraska players,"For
the position of quarter-back. I would
choose Thorpe of Nebraska. Thorpe's
heady punting which has been one of the
features of Nebraska's play entit'.s him j
to the place. Shedd and Volghts could
fill either of the places of half backs If
It were necessary. There Is not much
doubt as to the ends, Thomas of Iowa and
Wiggins of Nebraska proving themselves
to be stars In these positions." He men
tions Poarse favably among the tack
les and Turner, guards.
Discount to Students.
Wholesale and Hetail Florists.
We always have on hand a choice variety
of roses, carnations and all cut flowers
and give 15 per cent discount to students
ordering as a club. Call and see us. Cor
ner of Twelfth and O streets, Funke Opera
House block. Telephone 22t- Lincoln Nebr.
Chas. B. Gregory C
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas City.
City Ticket Office. 1201 0 Street
H. C. Towjjkenij, Gen'l P. & T. A.
P. D. Cornell, O. P. L T. A.
TJ. of .. '91.
Office A
At 1100 0 St, S
Lincoln, Neb. H
Professor Richards Is In receipt of a let
ter, addressed to the "Mr. or Mrs. of the
Emanuel Training School." It is a re
quest from a ludy resident to Inform her
of the coming of that "gypsy woman"
whom she supposes to be an attendant
of the university.
New books, Artie by George Ade, Seats
of the Mighty by Gilbert Parker, Story of
Sentimental Tommy by J. M. Barrle, The
Herb Moon, by John Oliver Hobbs, The
Have vn !.,.,,. , . -nw Tin- Heart of Prlnoess Orsa, by Anthony Hope,
tonlty of Nebraska, tablets at the Co-Op 'a Lady of Quality by Mrs. Burnett. Chap-
The Burlington will on December 24 and
.25, also on December 31 nnd January 1,
1897, sell round trip tickets to points with
in 200 miles at one fare and ,a third. Tick
ets good to return until Jtinuary 4, 1897
Take advantage of this nnd -visit your
frlonds. G. W. Bonnell, C P. & T. A.
When you take
The Nebraskan
You are getting a good
The university luncheon room Is be
coming more popular every day. The
girls furnish nothing but itrlctly home
made goods. The prices are:
Soup C cents
Baked BeanB C centB
Plum pudding D cents
Cranberry sauce 5 cents
Sandwich 8 cents
Bread and buttor 2. cents
2 Doughnuts Scents
Pumpkin pie 4 cents
Coffee .i,... 4 oents
Tea 4 cents
Coooa 4 cents
Milk S cents
First National Bank,
N. B. HARWOOD, President.
CHAS. A. IIANNA. Vice-President.
F. M. COOK. Cunhler.
H S. FREEMAN, Ass't Cashier.
Liyery, Baggage,
129 North Eleventh Street.
Telephone No. 3L
Special attention given to party calls
All calls answered promptly, day or
night Hock Nob. 39, 42, 54, 55, 76 and