The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 13, 1896, Image 3

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H c.-l'Inkorton'B boarding olV.
night Plncc. right board, right price ut
1200 T street. f ,
0. H. Alton Wf' initiated Into Alpha
Thetii fli! last night.
I.osllo Mnrtln was visiting frlondH nt
,l,o university, Friday.
Westcrflcld, tho bnrbcr. Una dono work
for students for seventeen ycnrB.
The best $2.00 board In tho city nt 1200
T street. 18.00 per calendar montli.
II '. Kmorson will have cliargo ot
Professor Card's clashes whllo liu absent.
1'rofessor Caldwell addressed tho tonch
cr' association In Bertram! last Sutur-
" - nlty last Thursday, and watched tho boys
fiovi-ral young men under Professor Card Hno up nt practice.
nrc gathering seeds of native plants ror
ter will remain abroad until June. He
will visit several universities, and take
some special courses. Ho will pay par
ticular attention to sugar manufacture.
J, P. Kowo, laboratory assistant In
geology, 1ms Just made, a trip 'to Qrooly
and 'Wheeler counties to measure and ox
nmlno tho peat beds found all along Cedar
Professor Wolfe gave the. first of his
soiles of lectures on "Kthlcs," In tho Uni
versalis! church last Bunday. Tho subject
of his next paper will bo "Tho Founda
tion of Morality."
The Palladia!! Hoys' debating club will
debate the (piestlon, Saturday evening,
"Kesolved: That the United States
should Interfere and assist In securing
Cuban Independence.
Hud Jones who played guard on the
Varsity last year and elected captain at
the end ot tho senson, visited tho unlver-
the government.
Ilnvo your tonsorial work dono nt Wcs
tcrllcld's. You will get tho lntcot style.
of linlr cut there.
The glee club Is practicing regularly.
A concert Is being arranged for, to bo giv
en about December 14.
There will be a meeting of the senior
clnss today nt 2 o'clock. Important Ques
tion will bo brought up.
rrof. H. H. Nicholson will address the
beet sugar convention which meets at
Grand Island November 10.
Professor Barber has had n box placed
on the door of room 20, for the reception
of Latin composition papers.
Constancer the popular bnrbcr Is locnt
at 1022 O street. Ho employs tho best
artists of nny shop In tho city.
Any article that will add comfort to the
Y. W. C. A. rooms will bo thankfully re
ceived. A clock Is especially needed.
Miss Isora "Wells, n former student of
the university has been visiting Miss
Maude Atkinson tho past week.
Miss Mary L. Jones, the librarian, lect
ured at the state normal at Peru Wednes
day evening on "Tho Use of Books."
Fraternity men will find that Wester-
field docs the best kind of tonsorial work
at bis shop, UT North Thirteenth street.
A Y. M. C. A. reception will be given
at the home of Mrs. F. M. Hall, corner
of Eleventh and D streets, Saturday
L. II. Hobblns Is back from Princeton
visiting old university friends. He re
turned to look after his business affairs
In Lincoln.
Professor Harbour Is preparing a report
for the Irrigation congress In Arizona on
"Irrigation by Hand-made Wind Mills in
There Is much ogltatlon going on
among a certain class of tho student body
concerning opening the library durlnt
chapel time.
Mr. Dell Kelzer of tho Topeka Capital,
talked to tho class in Journalism Thurs
day morning.
The literary societies have not ad
journed their meetings for tho preliminary
debates, and will therefore meet as usual
this evening.
Among tho new books lately added to
the library aro Wilson's "Tales of tho
Itorder." and Taylor's "Cases in Consti
tutional Law."
Jonas II. Lien who has been spending
Ills tltne and energy for tho free silver
eausi., ri-turned to take up his work at
the university Wednesday.
Mr. Samuel Avery Is expected to ar
rive from Germany the latter part of the
week. Ho will at onco tako charge of
several classes In chemistry.
The University Bryan club Is trying to
make arrangements to have Mr. Bryan
address Its mombors nnd tho students of
the university, In tho near future.
The college sottlomont Is in need of
chairs, children's books, games nnd pic
tures. Any of these articles will bo thank
fully received by the board of directors.
Tho physics olnss, which has b"en moot
ing most any whoro whllo Nebrnrka hall
lm8 been being repaired, mot again In
tho physics lecture room last Monday
Hoy Montgomery and Oeorgo Hellyor
of Nebraska City were Initiated Into Sig
ma Chi, last Thursday. This is tho first
initiation tho "Slgs" have had this year.
Mr. H. A. Sonter, a graduate of tho
chemical department of tho unlvorslty
I'ns Just pnssed with honor, tho oxnmln-
Professor Brace has received several re
quests from towns In the state to lvo
lectures on the X rays. Ho expected to bo
able to comply with them soon, but as yet
has made no definite program.
Dr. C. K. Bessey has now the routine
work of tho yenr nearly completed nnd
will again tako up tho work on his now
book entitled, "Systematic Botany"
which he hopes to finish this year.
Dr. C. E. Bessey will prepnro a paper
for tho noxt horticulture meeting which
wli; be hold at the university In January
ISO". Tho subject will bo "Forest trees
and their Distribution In Nebraska."
On account of lack ot room, Professor
Barbour Is not able to Illustrate his lect
ures with lantern slides. Ho has a
very large number of these slides, which
he has been collecting for the past ten
Several specimens were received last
week by the botanical department from
Reverend Bates of Long Pino, Nebr.
They were of special Interest because of
being the llrst of their kind ever found in
The Co-Op. has secured some very neat
university letter head paper this year
with envelopes to match. The lettering
Is done with a dye, nnd shows up well.
A lnrge stock was laid In so as to sup
ply all demands.
A book on the Morn of Palestine and
Serla bus Just been published by Dr.
George L. Post, of Beyrouth. It Is ex
ceedingly interesting and valuable to bot
anists as it is the llrst work ever pub
lished on that subject.
Do you know that headaches and many
nervous affections are due to the eye
strain, which can bo cured by scientifically
litted glasses? Examination and consul
tation free. H. M. Betts, Ulchnrds bl'k.
Boom 32. Hours 9 to 12 a. m. 1 to 6 p. m.
New apparatus Is being prepared for ex
perimenting with the X rays. With the
apparatus at hand at present, only photo
graphs of the hands and feet can be taken.
Professor Brace expects to be able to
take the entire body as soon as his appa
ratus is completed.
Professor Card left Monday for Wash
ington, D. C, to attend the meeting held
In the Interest of the experimental sta
tlons. Ho expects to visit his old home In
Pennsylvania before he returns. Chancel
lor MacLean and Professor Lyon are also
attending the meeting.
C. A. Fisher, assistant in geology, has a
leave of absence for two months In order
to assist Messrs. Darton and McFarland
of the United States geological survey.
These gentlemen have been detailed to
make an exact study of tho geology of a
number of counties in Nebraska.
Cards are out announcing tho marriage
of Miss Lillian Scolleld of Wuhoo to Mr.
direction of thi buter and almost for
got to dismiss tho battalion
The last book of Ian MacLaron "Kale
Cnrneglo", has Just been published by
Dood Mend and Co. The scene Is lnld
llko that of tho "Bonnie llrlor Hush" nnd
"Auld Lang Hyno"-ln Lrumtoohty nnd
a good many of our old acquaintances
from theso plnces como forward ngaln In
"Kato Carnegie." The book as well as all
latest publications Is to la- had at Her
polshelmer and Co's book department, at
about wholesale price. Also a full lino
of note books, fountnln pens etc., etc.
The following woro elected members ot
tho Aniortcnn Chemlcnl society November
fl: Active, Miss Mary Fossler; associate,
Fred C. Cooloy, Frank C. Culver, Ben
ton Dnlcs, Gcorgo Hclmrod, M. E. Hllt
ner, Helen F. Lunger, Eva O'Sulllvnn,
II. C. Parmolee and It. W. Thatcher.
Aprqpos of this It mny be snld that No
brasku has the largest membership In
this society of any state west of tho MIs
slppl, and as largo as many ot the col
leges of tho ei'stern states. She now has
twenty-live members, and Is quite proud
of her chemical record.
Dr. E. O. Ulrleh has Just sont to tho
university tho largost collection of Hryo
isoa which ho has over put up for any
college. This set represents ovcry form
found In America, save one or two ox
tromcly raro forms. Tho whole set num
bors about 2T0 specimens. In addition to
these, there aro ground slides ot every
specimen In tho collection showing the
microscopic structure of each. This
puts at tho disposal of the stu
dent tho most complete set of
Hryozoa that can be brought together
In any university. It was only through the
extra efforts of Professor Barbour that tho
university was able to obtain this valua
ble collection. It was prepared for Yale.
A postponed meeting of the athletic
board met In the ofllce of the physlcnl dir
ector Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
All were present except Professor Owens
and Sidney White. After much discus
sion, the election of the manager of the
base ball team was left for tho next meet
ing. George Shedd was elected manager
of the track team. Tills means that ho
Is to bo tho manager of flcld-dny affairs.
E. A. Moore was elected assistant mana
ger. Harrison Oury was selected as the
delegate to the annual meeting of the
ofllcers of tho interstate football league.
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
Jeweler, Optician and Engraver.
Dealer in "Watclios, Diamonds, Clocks,
Silverware, Jowolry, etc., etc.
All goods sold ongraved froo ot chargo, and no charge mndo for ex
amining tho eyes.
1143 O Street
Lincoln, Neb.
By taking Ua ,
Tho Pershing Rifles are now getting
down to hard work nnd are showing up
well under tho corrmund of Captain
Schwarz. Tho company Is now drilling
by tho metronome ana is getting the ca
dence and manunl down to a lino point.
Tho battalion Is benefitted by this extra
drill as most of the battalion drill mast
ers are members of tho Rifles. At tho
last meeting of tho Rifles, It was decided
to organizo a football team. Charles
Schwarz was elected captain, and Ralph
Suxton manager of the new team. It
Is expeclally desired to play n gome with
the Thurston Rifles tenm of Omaha.
' flJ&UPffipk
Browning, King, & Co.
Norfolk, Albion and Cedar Rapids.
BRANCHES: All Points in Kansas.
Keep this in mind when going on foot-balltrips or any vacation.
No one In Justice to himself can afford to
Ignoro our rpeclal valueB In young mon'B
Nobby Fall Bults. They are marvels of
beauty, and aro cut and made by our own
oxporlenced tailors. You get tho same 111
and make In our goodB whether you pay
$5 or $25 for your suit. Our experience of
Harry Robertson of Bentrlco which will over flfty-slx years of clothing manufact-
occur at the brldo's home In Wuhoo Nov
ftnbor 18, at 8 p. ro. Miss Scolleld attend
ed the university last year and made
many warm friends who will wish her
much happiness.
The Morrill geological expedition has
Just received from Danville, 111., In ox
change for specimens, a large numbor of
raro fossils. Tho peculiarity of this sot Is
that it consists of beautiful shells of high
ly ornamented structures, which consist
entirely of iron pyrite. They closely re
semble gold or bronze.
Tho Omaha club has appointed a com-
mitteo to sec that the senior class of the
Omaha high school Is brought down to go
tnrough tho university. Tho club Is doing
much to got Omaha pfioplo Interested In
the university. Another meeting will be
held on Friday at 1 p. m. AH Omaha stu
dents are urged to bo present.
On last Mondny at tho conclusion ot
drill, tho result of tho gnmo botweon tho
university and tho Kansas City Medics
was announced. Tho adjutant became so
Dlseount to Students.
Wholesale and Retail Florists.
We always have on hand a choice variety
of roses, carnations and all cut flowers
uiid glvo ID per cent discount' to students
ordering as a club. Call and seo us. Cor
ner of Twelfth and O streets, Funke Opera
House block. Telephone 824. Lincoln Nebr.
urlng, wholesaling and retailing should be
worth a great deal to you. Besides our
gicat experience our business 1b conducted
on the "honor bright" plan. Everything
Is marked in plain figures and you will
find no "dark cabinet" work in our
MEN'S SUITS, $2.75, $3.45, $4.05, JG.60,
, on hats this week. Call and see, the nobby
fall shapes In stiff and Fedora hats.
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas City.
City Ticket Office, 201 0 Street.
H. C. Townbenu, Gon'l P. & T. A.
P. D. Coknkll, O. P. & T. A.
fihas. B. Gregory G
TJ. of N '91.
Office A
At uooo st, s
Lincoln, Neb. H
....i ,i.,in rnm tlilnllnir nf Hill font-
"Hon for tho degree of doctor of l'""""' ' bil vo, Iltld tho HUppor awaiting him
oihy at Heidelberg, Germany. Mr. Ben- Jnnoilutoly Bturtort off ln tll0
Browning, King & Co.,
1 013-1 010 0 STREET.
Once in a while
it happens.
that tho locul ticket agent can
not give you all tho informa
tion you roquire.
Whon thiB is tho case, write
to mo. I huvo copies of tho
latest rate sheott) and ruilroafl
time tublos and am toll you
EVERYTHING you want to
know ubout tho boBt und choap-
est way to rouoh Donvor, Salt
Luke City, Ogdon, Doudwood,
San Frunoisco, Lob Angoloa,
Helena, Butte, Spokuno, Bout
tlo, Titcoma, Portland, or uny
other wostorn or northwoBtorn
J. FRANCIS, General TaBBongor Agont
Omuha, Nebraska.