The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 13, 1896, Image 2

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    The Nebraskan.
A Weekly Nowapipor Issued Every Fri
day Noon, by tho Students of tho Un
iversity of Nebraska.
Entered as Second Clans Mall Matter.
F. T. Itllcy Managing Editor.
Edith Schwartz Ass't M'glng Ed.
It. II. linker Editorial.
Kalo Snow Walker - - - Fraternities.
Oliver Chnthbors Athletics
E. B. Perry Local.
O. W. Molor Local
J. C. Hltchman Local.
A. E. Parmclcc II. F. Qago.
Harry W. Doubrava, Ass't business M'g'r.
Tho Nobrnskan will bo sent to any ad
dress upon receipt of tho subscription
prlco, which Is ono dollar a year. Con-' t"l " " K0,l 0,,ly as It, was tomorrow.
trlbutlons aro solicited from all. "l ' honest man. I pay my debt
If I owo a mint n solitary nickel. 1 urn not
Address all communications to Tho No- tho fellow to repay IiIh kindness to mo
braakan, University of Nobrusko, Wth a nickel worth only fifty cents. No
nevorl navor!
Howuver stroiiKly tho Missouri football
players were Juslllled In striking Umpire
Dean of lown, their action will go on re
cord us one of the accumulating blotches
which are being added to tho already
itucstlonable sport of football. That tho
deed was ungcntlpmnnly. Is putting It too
Hank Lewis camo up from Suit Creek
bottoms yesterday to save the country.
There was an Indescribable sensation
In his panting bosom. Hank thought It
was patriotic emotion, a physician Would
Imvo said "soda biscuit." I
When h reached tho corner of
Twelfth and O streets, ho could contain
himself no longer. Llko n true eltlxon ;
and a soldler'H son ho at onco proceeded
to dofy tho combined powers of anarchy ,
and repudiation.
Nover us long as his head waved above
the sod on his grave would he suffer the '
country for .vhlch his father had fit to
pass Into tho hands of a lot of political
bumtooters. men who had snuck In to
power on a wave of misunderstanding.
"Gcutclmcn, 1 am a sample of the med-1
loserlty of this country, a class different i
from those sneaking hounds that would
sell their dirty birthrights for a part of
partagc.) Wlm1 we demand Is a dollar
I saw the queerest race today
Out at a county fair.
The riders nil woro tiny tots.
The rncurH nil wero rare.
1 saw n little winsome maid,
With Hying- yellow hair
Hold fast and ride around a ring
Upon a big brown bear,
Another ono laughed loud In glee
And rnccd around tho track,
And sho wuh seated fcnrlcssly
Upon (i lion's back.
And ono rode on u tiger llerce,
Another on a deer,
Will o others rode on prancing steeds
Without n sign of fear.
And round and round tho track they
All tit u mpld ihicp.
And no one beat. tin. nil tiled hard
To win i he fnniiv raer.
At last tho racci enino to rout,
Tho muslo ceased to sound,
And all the little tots went homo
And loft the morry-go-round.
William Heed Dunroy In Youths' Companion.
New Students
Voter Attention is called to our store
as the best place to buy Clothing and
Ask the old students about us,
Outside the cold lny fog crept to the
door and rolling slowly down from the
roof curled about tho lurid lantern and
over tho dimmed pnnes of the shadowy
little w.dtlng room.
Penniless Petu stretched In n serpen-
Tho prodigal son without tho fatted
calf tho runaway bicyclist with pipe
stems. Princeton Tiger
Math Tute How do you make V equal
Henceforth Missouri will hold a t,no l'8ltton over the lion arms of Hunts xv aort,,rw,.i if i knew I wouldn't be
position In football circles that will not bo "ot meant for beds, tries to force from ,,UHt(M, H0 0ften.-U. of M. Wrinkle.
tliem n llttlo rest. Falling to sleep lie
sits up. shivers, studies tho steady old Grid Iron mathematlcs-Frcshlelgh-
clock In the corner and catching a bold "w '' men arc there on a football
sign of tho operator's handiwork, slowly tonm?" Senior-Ten and a quurler.-Cor-
puzzlcs out, "Lndlcs will not and you are ,u'l Widow.
Ready to Wear or Tailor Made.
enviable. Missouri nas not heard the
last of that disgraceful light on Frank
lin Held.
Many u student knows to his sorrow
what a grnnd rush there Is through the ' requested not to spit on the Jloor."
halls of the central building at tho end Again he spelled It through, then with
of classes. Our days as students, are the dawn of understanding, a half hum
full of rush and hurry from morning till ' orous glimmer lightens his scrubby face.
night, at tho very best. Can't we do
something to help on the work begun by
our faculty when they gave us ten min
utes between classes. Is there nny real
uso In forming In little groups at this
particular tlmo of day to save your
country or dcmonltlze tho dress-mnkor?
Some body by the merest chanco may
have a little business on hand quite as
important as yours and may wish to pnss
you. Let's have a little more thought
for the comfort nnd rights of other peo
ple. It takes nil the enthusiasm that the
veriest crank can command to look for
wurd favorably to Nebraska's chances of
winning the football championship. Kan
sas ran up a score against us that will
bo utmost Impossible to wipe out nt the
Thnnksglvlng gnmc. From the present
outlook for the tenm, this might come to
"Dut doant apply old man, ef yen Hint
got no terbuc."
Caller Is Miss llloomer in? Servant
No, sir. Caller Hut I Just saw her come
In. Servant Yes, sir. but she saw you
llrst Ynle Record.
"I don't seo where It comes In" Say-
He shivers again, gazes drowsily at tho jK w,leh the man with a Jag gracefully
tossed his night key Into the gutter ana
fell asleep on the door mat. Princeton
toes of his mlsmatcd shoes, and attempts
to retire further Into his old clothes,
wrapping like n turtle Into Its shell.
His chin sinks to the dirty red necker
chief the clock forgets to tick and tocks
softlL and Penniless Peto Is whirled
Prof. noys, don't stand there loafing.
You should bo nt homo studying. Stu-
away on u drenmlund vestlbuled, lux- dent We are not loafing. There lire only
three of us and It tnkes leaven to make
a loaf. Ex.
urtously reclining in tho softest chair.
My brother's bed is empty. The slant
ing grny of tho moonlight shows tho cold
of Its still repose. Where before It used
to enfold close the tousled locks of his
nnughty head, his pretty head, tho cover
lid glares garish In tho ghostly white.
O dumb mouthed river, you who hold
my brother tonight, let not your crossing
struggling currents toss him, but carry
Small boy Hurry
D. Howery "What)
Farmer Hill "Do)
up! man killed!
Princeton Tiger.
Thnt's an Idle argument," said the pro
fessor ns the freshman stnted his excuse
for not having prepnred his lesson. "In
whnt way sir?" asked the student. "Well
and WOMEN.,,
Perkins & Shelddn Cd.
1129 STRG6T,
him snfe. like a fairy king in cllln hands
pass. As n whole the team la (Irm in Its ! beyond the mire and its filthy slime nnd , ll wo"'1 work around here," replied the
belief thut Iowa will be benten nt that tho treacherous holds of the slinking Professor-Ynlo Record,
eventful gnme. Tho result of the Missouri I sand, to a clean cut crag in your silent ' Mr. Sprlgglns (gently) My dear, n Hos
game, does not show Iowa up so strongly. deeps. There Into n fitting niche bear j ton m(in wn8 pnot ftt )y a burglar nnd
The Saturday previous, Missouri played a him, lay him down gently nnd kiss him , j,H nfe wn8 nved by n buttln which the
hard game with tho Vanderbllt team. He- light lovingly, then glide away softly. ! bullet struck. Mrs. SnrlgKlns-Woll whnt
side, Missouri played her greatest gnmo reverently, still, nnd lenve him alone with
ngnlnst Nebrnsku. There can tie no God In his sleep,
doubt of this. While Missouri was In bad
shape nt the Nebraska game, she pulled
herself together In wonderful shape and
put n up brilliant gnme. It wns not ex
pected that after sho could meet the dis
couragements, nnd win from lown. Ne
brnsku is the strongest tenm In the league
todny, barring only her liability to fum
blo and become unsteady.
Tho wind swirled about the corner nnd
up the street. It Hopped the sticky bill
about his pnsty trousers and smeared
tho gluey dough over the heroine's (lam
ing cheeks and stuck the during hero
fast to tho telgrnph pole. "Damn." an
grily muttered the youthful bill-poster
ns he Jerked and fussed to nrrnnge the
troublesome bills. He wns a little fel
ls it too much to expect that ono place , iow dressed In u shiny glutinous armor
nbout our university building should be that cracked when he moved. He wan
kept sacred to study? At times ono nl- fr too small to manage the unruly sheets
most longs for the good old days In the j tossed by the malice of the winds. He
old llbrnry where no one dnred to breathe
for fear of disturbing no not his neigh
bor, but the librarian. Those days are
gone. Take up your books, find a pleas
ant place all by yourself In the library,
and settle mind nnd body for work. In
a moment you nre made painfully aware
that you Imvo neighbors. They laugh
nnd giggle in n most Inane manner and
indulgo In gossip Idiotic nnd useless.
Sometimes n well directed frown iivnlln
you much nnd pence reigns supreme for
a second but no longer. Such neighbors
of It? Mr. Sprlgglns (meekly) Nothing;
only the buttons must hnve been on.
Doston Traveler.
strove uwkwnrdly to make two hnnds
do the work of four. The dripping dnub
brush hold nt rest In his busy nrms while
his hnnds struggled with the sheet,
strenmed ItH slimy load over his cap nnd
down his neck. The bill fluttered nbovo
Just out of reach, or would close nbout
him like a winding sheet on u sticky
It lies on his back on the hlllMdc.
Dead years ago when the hoarse
lunged charge thundered up that fatal
nro not long Husceptlblo to such mild re- I slope, a rllle-ball toro through Its puls-
stralnt. For tho snko of common pol
iteness if for no bettor rsnson take It
upon yourself to correct growing evil,
and have moro regard for others. Many
enn take this reproof to themselves if
they will.
It will not take n great strooh of Im
agination on the part of Nebraska players
to picture to thomselves, that Missouri
crowd rushing upon tho field ni tho hint
of nn unfair decision. In fact. Manager
Oury enn testify vory emphatically Hint
tho Tigers' admiring rooters, nro always
willing to lond a helping hand In case any
of their players aro In need of such. Tho
college spirit of those Mlssourlann is an
enigma to his more cultured western
brethorn. It can bo expected that the
editorial oyo of Mr. Rok, will be directed
townrd that llttlo village of Columbia In
a few days.
"Say, futhor, why have all tho pictures
got frames?" "Why, you littld fool, so
that tho artWt muy know when to atop
painting, of courso." Fllegonde Hlattor.
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lng life walls.
Now tho uncomfortable bones lie bare
on tho rocky soil with grinning skull
turned In unblinking stare to the sun,
at night scaring the fleeting moon by Its
spectral shnpo.
Tho bony claws of tho outstretched
arms grip the sod In n sunseloss grasp,
clinging to earth like a mother found
child, slowly melting In backward growth
Into tho clay again, whence it camo.
Tho uniform clings with falling hold
to tho shrnklng stock of whitening bones,
wlilo the glided cap with Its melalled
front pillows the ompty bond dry nnd
whistling In tho curious winds. G. E. T.
A teacher In ono of the suburban public
schools was giving tho children a short
lecture on tho national system of finance.
Holding up a pastebourd disk cut to iho
size of a silver dollar she Huld: "Koto
tho size of this, children. It Is meroly
a pastebourd Imitation of n dollar. If It
woro a real dollar what would It be made
of?" "Freo silver!" piped a llttlo girt on
tho rear row of Heats.-Chlcago Tribune
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"I tell you, sir, tho election of McKln
ley means tho ireturn of prosperity!"
"How do you know7" "Great Scott! I've
bet every dollar I have on him!" Rox
bury Gazette.
Still Proud: "Yes, brethren," said the
convert, "I am un humble Christian now,
but In my unregenerate days I flatter
myself that you wouldn't meet a finer or
moro thoroughbred sinner in a day's
walk." Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Muy I kiss you, Miss Jane?" "I am
sorry to see, Mr. Hrlggs, thut you, too,
are uffected by tho prevailing cause of
business depression." "And thut Is?"
"Iuclc of confidence." Then he kissed
her. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"So you want to bo n.y son-in-law, do
you?" usked the olu man, with as much
fierceness as he could assume. "Well,"
said tho young man, standing first on ono
foot and then on the other, "I suppoo
I'll have to bo If I marry Mumle." Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
ICIder Keepalong: "You ought not to
lot tho polltleul situation disturb you -i
single moment, my brother. Providence
Is watching over tho affairs of this coun
try." Deacon Ironside: "I don't ki ow,
elder: I don't know. vm nfrald provl
donce doosn't realize the full oxtent of
the dungor this tlmo." Chlougo Tribune.
Clara: "I wonder how Edith came to
marry that horrid Mr. Kreosus, after huv
1MB boon waited upon by that chmmliA
Churloy Dudoklns. Charley was so fond
of music, and Kreosus doosn't know
enough about It to turn over the leavfB
ui music ior ono." Aunt Susan: "Per
haps not: but Mr. Kreesus can turn over
tho leaves of hU oheuk book most beau-tlfully."-.iioston
ft BEST Work Best Service 1
(( Established
l 1889.
I Telephone
Most Complete and
Modern Equipment.
"""7,- " Q-v,'-j'''''"i.aii'Mi"
p,.prl.,ors Capital Cafe.
Oysters, Fish and Gnmc in Season.
Also Restaurant at 1418 0 St. LINCOLN, NEBR.
Open all night. Give us a call.
Lincoln Fruit Stand
Puccinklli Bnos., Props.
and Confectionery.
Crackorjuck fio per packao.
This Is tho way live dollars looked
"When my father') cash I burned;
Put this Is tho way that Jlvor looks
Now that It must be earned.
-Cornell Widow.
Books and Stationery,
College Text Books.
And a comploto Btock of Stundurd and
MiBcoIluneotiB BooltB.
FUNfCF Opera House
I ,afllL Cor. 12th and OSU.
FRANK C. ZBimUNG, Manager.
Friday, Nov. 13
American Tragedian.
Walker Wliiteside
Presenting Paul Kester and Walker
Whiteside's dramatization of Pulwer
Lytton's novel,
Eugene Aram,
Produced In All Its Detail.
Popular prices, J1.00, 75, DO, and 23 cents-