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Vol.. V. No. 8
Price 5 Cents.
They Played Bettor Foot-Ball Than
Our College Boys.
Professional Uniwn was too Much for our
ColliM' Boys-Thoy Played a Ootid
tiiiiuo Have NolhhiK lo ho
AHliiunvil of Details.
Tin- football hoys from tho stale unl
vorslt) went out to M street park yes
tenlay afternoon nntt unsuccessfully
met tliflr old opponents, the team from
llutte, M.uit.. of which tho Denver
papers said recently there 1h none betto.
In tin- ooiintiy. Few people oxpectod
NVWasku would win, but for a few
minutes after the beginning of the gae
things looked pretty close. Nebraska
played well, but Butte beef was too
much for them and tlu-y .succumbed by
a score of 20 to C.
The day wns an Ideal football dny.
There was only the slightest broeae and
thai blowing lengthwise of tho Held. A
orj fair ciwwd was In attendance, but
it nitelii have beon larger If a misun
derstanding had not side-tracked an tid
ntuv notice.
Tin- game was called at 3:1'-. Ne
b.aska had won the too? anil defended
the west gunl. Butte kicked Tor
twenty-live yanls. Packard made the
first play for Nebraska, but fumbled
the ball and Butte got It. Thoy kept
It only two minutes and a half, but
that was enough time for them to rush
it to Nebraska's goal anil score. Las-
Hell took It over and kicked goal.
Nebraska's kick-off crossed the line
ami tlu-y tried It over, mailing thirty
yards and suffering no return. Now
Neb.aska had been very kind and had
handed the ball over on the first play
t Butte so Butte, not to be behind In
generosity, mo returned" the compli
ment and Nebraska didn't do n thing
tni; so ne. A beautiful quaiter punt
helptd this along. Shedd carried the
bail over uul kicked goal, tying the
some. Butt fl, Nebraska 0.
W hen th.s touchdown was made, the
can e had )een on just ten minutes.
Butte kicked off guln and Nebraska
toueh.-d the line a few times, but win
eini II. d t. punt. Thorpe did this for
flf,j .irds. L.iswell re turned twenty
ya lis .ml then Butte kept tho gains go
ing till at .1:211 another touchdown had
Urn soneil. But although Laswell
oouM huek the lino and punt he
i. kuk a little bit. lit this
cas.- thf iall was directly In front of the
pm-t an. I no opposing wind blowing. Out
it Lint k over and the crowd guyeil
him Seme Butte 10, Nebraska C.
N-biai-ka kicked off once more ami
dut.tiK :.-!' test of the llrst half the ball
went luck and forth between the teams,
l'h l-.iim good defensive work ami
'h- j:i ,u,. part of the playing being
done in Butte's territory. Shedtl made a
brilliant tush through the line and
dnj..-i ., the ball for a fifteen-yard
Rain, and a little later I'earse covered
him. if .th glory by going through the
Hnr anl g( ttlng a winner and on the
vry ih-m p'.ay blocking a punt and
during the ball for Nebraska. But
"re ti. )aif ,.n,j,Hi The ball wns In
N'ebiankas possession and nineteen
J'.d fim Butte's coal.
N'ebiiifka did not score In the second
half. The boys prayed good ball and
made many lril1lant anil heady plays,
but Butte's steady line play with an
occasional lunge around the ends al
ways regained what Nebraska's tricks
had lout them. Butte scorod twice In
his half, hut I.aswell kicked only one
ff the g.ilH.
n the last kick-off Thorpe sent the
tall fifty-three yanls. Laswell caught
It and punted back sixty-eight yards
to Thorpe and a Butte man downed
mm n the centre line. The ball moved
towaids Butte's goal for n while, but
oon Butte got It and by steady line
work returned It past the centre and
when time was called the ball was In
Huttffi hands and twenty yards from
ibranka's goal.
Sw Butte 20, Nebraska 0.
''"ring tho llrst half Packard retired
"h a had arm and Garrett took his
'" This h Onrrett's first game and
h didn't do much with the ball, but ho
dW wine line defensive work and was
In the pinyH from the word go. In the
second half Hairy .Tone took Bobbins'
place. This Is the llrst playing Jones
has done since the Donne game when
he sp.alued his ankle.
Two Butte men wore disabled In the
game. Benson, iiunrtor-bnck, guvi way
to Hulllvan and Harrington took Per
ham's place at end.
The features of tln Kami were Las
well's powerful lunges through tho line
and the oxeellenl support the whole
team guvo him. Also his punting. Not
loss worthy of praise was the defensive
game I'earse put up. Shetlil was In
good form, but did not have strong
enough Interference, Thete was very
little poo.- playing on the whole team.
The line-up was:
Butte. Nobnsku.
Perlmm and
Harrington loft oud Bonedl.i
Slater left tackle Dungan
Hooper left guard Tin nor
Braham ....
MoPhorson .
centre Molford
right guard Kullar
ight tickle lVatfO
..right end Wiggins
Benson and
Sullivan quarter Thorpe
MoMlllen left half Bobbins
and Jones.
Dyaart . . . right hair Shedd
I.aswell full Packard
and linnet t.
Olllclals: Umpire Itoscoe Pound of Lin
coln. Hoforeo C. 10. Mulns of Crete.
Linesmen D. G. Shrlvors of Butte, C.
K. Shull of Lincoln.
A telegram has Im?cii received from the
Michigan manager which states thnt he
would like to cancel the game with Ne
braska, scheduled at Ann Arbor on the
eighteenth of this month. Word was sent
hack, that Nebraska could not possibly
cancel tho game, without canceling the
ono that has been schoduien with tho Chi
cago Athletic club. This would Involve
unite a llnancial loss upon Nebraska, un
less tho Chicago people wore willing, as
the conditions of tho contract are unite
stiff. Word has not Ik-oii received In ro
pl to the answer sent Michigan by the
president of the Athletic boardr
After tho MIssourl-lowu game was
played the teams stand as follows: Iowa.
Kansas. Nebraska Missouri. Iowa has
the pennant practically cinched. She has
not been scoied against this season In a
league game. Kansas has a righting
chance, hut she has to depend upon Ne
braska winning from Iowa hy such a
score as twelve to nothing. Besides this
Kansas will have to beat Missouri, which
Is haidly possible, as the Missouiiuns will
strain every nerve to heat her. As Mis
souri has not won u league game this sea
son, bhe will make the most desperate ef
forts to bent Kansas. Nebraska' chance
tor tin. p.'iiuotii dupt-nd upon Missouri
heating Kansas, and herself beating Io
wa by such a scoie as twenty-four to
nothing. This Is regarded as quite pos
sible hy some of the moil sanguine of
Nebraska's admirers. There Is no doubt
hut Hint Nebraska will play the game of
her life on Thanksgiving day.
The Thanksgiving game will bo tho llfth
annual game between the two universi
ties, and the fourth, since tho organiza
tion of the loaguo. Tho first game was
won by lowu b the score of .'l lo 0.
Nebraska did not have a coach that year
hut for a llttlu while when a Grlunell play
er olllclated In that capacity. The next
game, the llrst league one. resulted In a
tie, tho scoie being 10 to 10. The next
year Nebraska won by the score of '.
to 0. and last your the score was G to 0
in Nebraska's favor. It Is niixlloss to
say that Nebraska will try to live up to
hur record this year.
The Kngllsh club met at tho homo of
Miss Loulso Pound last Saturday even
ing. About twenty-live members wore
present. The following program was car
ried out.
Poem-Bond by Mr. Shrove, and writ
ton by a young girl from tho Blind asy
lum at Nebraska City.
Story J. v. uoneiyou
Voual solo H. C. House
Hlory Miss Nellllo Dean
Hssay H. B. Alexander
Piano solo Miss Maud Hnmmond
Story J- Sargoaut
Story MIsh Amy Briiner
Vocal solo Miss Getner
After rofroshmouts wore served. Mr.
Lohinor sang. At tho business session,
tho final roport of tho committee on con
constltutlou was adopted. .
Don Cameron's lunoh counter,
lOlovcnth street.
118 South
But We Los: tho League Gamo With
The T. am Bet urns Prom Its Tup With
Doleut and Victory dlt.ually Divid
ed Play a Wodden Indian
Game tit Lawrence.
Well we have played' Kansas and lost.
Kansas can hardly clilin that she won
from Nebraska. Only hat Nebraska lost
to her. It was a game replete with ruin-
bllng. It started In the. llrst half, and so
rattled our hoys that they never pulled
inemseives togeiner again. The game
was played Saturday on Mcl'ook Held at
Lawrence Kansas, and was the second of
the Interstate league series.
Nebraska won the toss and chose the
west end of the Held.' Baltic kicked on
for Kansas and Nebraska regained ten
yards, and then lost tho ball on a fumble.
Baluo. llamll and Hester then hit the
line for gains of live yards. Nearly the
whole of the llrst half consisted of see
sawing up and down the Held in Nebraska
territory Kansas wns given several
yards' gain for off-side plays, mid by
steadily working the ball down tho Held
Baltic was shoved over for a touchdown
In fifteen minutes of play. Walker kicked
goal. Nebraska by a lucky punt on the
part of Thorne brought the ball within
two feet of Kansas' line, and regaining
It on a fumble hy Kansas, pushed Wig
gins over for her only touch down. Hest
er was hurt and Crooks took his place
as full-back.
Then Kansas begun her "tandem"
play, and used It constantly as a batter-lug-ram
on the Nebraska line. Pltzpni
rick. Mossc and Crooks making good
gains each time, and nearly scoring a
touch down buforo lime was called, so
tho llrst half ended. Nebraska t. Kitn-
sas- fl.
Nebraska kicked off. and Balne re
gained fifteen yards. Pnlne punted thir
ty yards on the next play, and Kansas
got the ball on a foul tackle by Nebras
ka. Balne was given the ball, anil by
splendid interference on the part of tin
Kansas backs and ends made a run
fifty yards scoring a touch down,
or kicked anulher goal.
Nebraska kicked off. and after short i ory. for the locals had defeated Kansas
gains Balne punted forty-live yards. Ne- S to a. and Saturday. Kansas bested Ne
btaska lost the ImiII by failure to work bmska by the score of IS to 4. But form
hr ,Tls-rrnHK nlnv. Kansas made con- Is treacherous In football, as It Is in
stant gains by using her tandem play,
mid getting fairly close to the Nebraska
line. Balne tried for a goal from the field,
but failed. Bolli elevens now Indulged in
considerable punting, but the ImiII kept
getting neaior to Nebraska's goal line.
Finally Pltzpatrlck was shoved over for
the third touch down. Walker kicked
goal. Score. Kansas IS. Nobraskn I. .That
endod the scoring for both sides. The ro
malulug seven minutes wore token up
with plays near the center of the field.
Nebraska had the ball when time was
The olllclals Of ihe game were: Lleilten-
irit Smith of Baldwin umpire Prod Cor
nel of Lincoln, refeiee. Finder of Donne
linesman. The line up was:
Kansas Position Nebraska
Whitney right end Wiggins
Foster right tackle Ponrse
Mvimii right guard Tumor
Wnlkor Center Bobbins
Fltzpairick left guard Keller
llunill left end Jones
Kennedy uuarter back Thorpe
Baluo right naif Shedd
Volght loft half Cook
Hester full back Packard
There wero about .V spectators.
Says Kansas May Lose Six of the Points
Scored Against Nebraska.
To a Nebraskan roprosontatlvo, Mr.
Boblnson, tho coach, saltl that ho was
thoroughly satisfied vlth the work of the
team. Concerning tho gamo with Kansas
university, ho said that tho day was very
eolfl and the hoys were not prepared for
It. The Kansas players wore
with thick clothing and blankets, and
wee cared 'or. "Our nun." he said, "were
In better condition than tho Kansas team
when thoy wont on the Hold. Before the
llrst half was over, our men woro thor
oughly chilled, they were so cold thnt
they inado twenty-live fumbles during the
game. Hanson played the best game In
tin- line.
The umpire made two unfortunate di
cIxIuiih, A kick was made by ono of our
mon. Tho ball was 'muffed', that Is
dropped, by a Kansas man. Pearse took
the ball and carried It to within twenty
feet of the Kansas goal line. The umpire
decided that the Kansas man made a ftilr
catoh. so the hall had to bo brought hack
and given lo Kansas. I talked with some
of their men afterwards and they all said
It was a wrong decision. This decision
probably changed the whole course of the
game. Another time Tlicpo tried for a
fair catoh. hut was tiiekled by a Kansas
man who got tho ball. Although It Is
a foul play lo taekle a man under such
conditions. It was decided the other way
and the ball was given to Kansas.
"There Is a possibility of having six of
the points scored against us by Kansas,
removed, on account of the manner In
which they kicked goal. The rules say
that goal must he kicked by a 'place kick
The Kansas men kicked goal when tho
ball was held above ground. It Is to bo
decided whether or not a 'place kick'
means a kick from tho ground."
Speaking of the game with the Medical
college Monday. Mr. Boblnson said: "The
hoys showed up much bttcr Monday.
There were only two rumbles. Our boys
completely outplayed the Medics. In the
Kansas Medics game, the Kansas men
did not get within forty-live feet of tho
Medics' goal. The Medics claim to bo
champions of the west. They ban not
been sroreil against this year, before tho
game with our team."
It may be added that If the score against
Nebraska Is reduced six points. It will only
be necessary for the team to beat Iowa
sixteen points to win the pennant.
It Was a Well palyed Contest The Ne
braska Boys Show up In Their
True Style of Play.
All tho members of tho team are firm
In their belief that If they had put up the
game at Lawrence that they did at Kan
sas City, they would have won by n big
margin. Although worn out considerable
thoy. wero-In. fsilrly .good shape, and (tut
up a game thnt startled the Medics.
The Kansas City Star has this to say
of tho game with the Kansas City Med-
The llere-st and most stubborn battle
waged oi) the local grid Iron this sason
was the game played between the teami.
, of
the university of Nebraska and the
Kanxns City Medlcnl college. On form
I the Medics should have had an easy vlct-
all things else, and the Medics were hunt
en by the score of 4 to fi.
The score should have been a tie, for
with onl minute to play the ball wn
passed to O'Donnell. who made twenty
live yaids around the light end. scoring
a touchdown for the locals. Time wns
then called, hut the referee allowed the
Medics to try for the goal. Taylor made
n poor kick ml fulled In the effort, thus
giving Nebraska the victory.
Both tuiims wero evenly matched In
the first half, and neither team whs note
to score. Towiinl the end ot the second
half the Medics commenced to show lack
of training, and the Varsity boys plunged
through their line at will for costly gains.
lOach team put up a slow- game, the Ne
braska Itoys showing fatigue from their
hard battle of Sat unlay with Kansas.
The Medics did not seem to put Into their
game that snap and ginger essential In a
winning team.
If Nebraska Is any where near the In
terstate championship her rivals have
very poor teams this year. The only
man on the victor's team who could play
football In fast company was tnc cap
tain and full-back. Thorpe. He gave on
exhibition of punting and free kinking
that has never been collided on the local
grid Iron. Kvery time when the thlrrt
down occurred and It was necessary for
a kick. Thorpe dropped behind the line,
received the ball and punted successfully.
The result would bo a gain of twenty-live
or thirty yards each time. He handled
tils mon with the confidence of a veter
an. Thorpe Is also a clever runner and
i several occasions made gains of ten
and twenty yards without Interference.
Turner and Whipple were a tower oi
strength for Nibrnskn toward the close
of tho game. They took turns at hitting
the Medics' Hue and In hourly every in
stance gained their ground.
For the Medics, tho host work was done
by Pendleton Piatt. O'Donnoll and Lew
Is The tenia hIiuWciI lack of sand and
nerve In tin second half and allowert
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The Two Teams Put Up an Exciting
and Close Game.
The Seniors Were Fairly Outplayed Ju
niors Had Better Men, and Wero
Superior in Team Work
Klndler Saved Them.
The annual football gamo between tho
senior and Junior teams was played last
Wednesday afternoon on tho university
campus at 2 o'clock. The gume was hotly
contested throughout and finally resulted
In a victory for the Juniors hy a score of
fl to 0. The Juniors played a faster game
than the scnloi-s. Their team work was
a little better, but otherwiso the teams
were evenly matched us the close score In
dicates. Neither side scored during tho
first half of the game, in tho second
half after much hard work tho Juniors
finally pushwl Klndlur over the lino for a
touchdown. There was a great deal of
fumbling throughout tho game but It
made no mulct lal difference as one side
was as bad as tho other on that point.
Klndler and McKay for the Juniors, ran
well with the ball and hit the lino hard
for good gains, while Doubrava and Kuhl
iniui made the greatest gains for the sen
iors. Shrove played a very good game at
light end.
Following Is the Hue up:
Juniors Position Seniors
Bliss left end Plllsbury
Moore left tackle Jorgenson
Strock loft guard Crook
Sttllson center Bengali
Cushman light guard IOmerson
Mueller right tackle McMlchael
Corey right end Shrove
Morrison quarter Hedge
McKay right half Doubrava
Iteedy loft half Kuhlman
Klndler full Saxton
Substitutes: Juniors; Hcndy, Bridge,
True and Fnurot. Seniors; Pnrmelee,
Blcketts and Ciuneron.
The game wac called at 2.1.1. Plllsbury
kicked off for thirty yards and Klndler
brought It hack ten. Beedy then went
through the center for five yards. Kln
dler bucked the line for Hvo yards and
McKay followed with three more. Moore
end Klndler failed to advance the ball
and the seniors now took It on downs.
Saxtou and Kuhlman bucked the center
but gained only four yards and the Jun
iors again got the ball. After two In
effectual attempts to advance It. Corey
carried It around left end for ton yards.
Bliss' made two more around tho right end
but at this Juncture of tho gume time was
called to allow Moore to tie his shoo string
and the game then proceeded. Klndler
went through the center for llc yards.
McKay was tackled by McMiohaet mid
failed to gain. Time was again called to
put Our j' off the field as tho Juniors ob
jected lo the words of wisdom which It
was claimed he was pouring Into the ears
of the sonloru. Klndler wont through the
center for five and two yards successive
ly. McKay bucked the line but bumped
up against Beagan and consequently
failed to gain. Beedy and Klndler failed
to advance the ball. Corey was sent
around left end but Shrove broke through
and tackled him and the Juniors lost three
yanls. The ball was then given to t e
seniors Doubrava and Saxtou each made
three yards. Kuhlman gained three more
around the end but dropped the ball and
Moore fell on It. Bliss made four yards
around the right end and Klndler gained
ton. McKay bucked the center hut Bea
gan laid down and no gain was made.
Needy gained two yards and Klndler
three. McKay took tho hall but wns was
finely tackled by Shrove. In the next two
downs Klndler gained fifteen yards. Tho
Seniors then took the ball on downs. The
ball was fumbled but Shrove picked It
up and went around tho loft end for forty
yards where he was prettily tackled by
.Morrison. Kuhlman went around the end
for fifteen yards and through tho center
for three more. Time was called with
the ball on the Juniors forty yard line.
Score, sonlors 0. Juniors 0.
In the second half tho Juniors kicked off
for forty ya'. .is. Kuhlman brought tho
ball back ten yards. Tho Juniors got the
b.-ill on downs. Bliss was then sent around
the right end for twonty-llvo yards. West
erman took Pillsbury's place at loft end.
Tlie Juniors now advanced tho bull to
within five yards of the seniors goal. Here
the sonlors braced up end took tho hall.
It was then passed hack for a punt hut
the Juniors made an off side play and tin
seniors were given ten yards and tho ball.
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