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Vol V. No.
Price 5 Cisnts.
Mass-Meeting Has Very Satisfactory
m,n Not Vt In Their Positions but Can
dMatcs aie Working Hard tor Places.
onw K"' '" ,,! ll!,,ol'.v- tw uulvor
,ty rli.UH'1 W "Hvd oVorHowillg. At
ihe mwiwfm' Mummy morning that
thftV WW KvllK to I'O 11 IIIUSS lllCClllIK
d)wUW our lootbnll affairs, everyone
took th matter straight to heart iitiil
Prrvd ' loosened purso strings. It
was on of the most popular domonstru
don of eollegt !,l,,,u ,,mt l,, unlvvr
slty lu fwr experienced. After the de
votional ixtv l"s were ovor. stimltiK of
th hymn was dispensed with and the
ft-esrvpUlon proceeded to business. Dr.
tonl called the mooting to order ami
rommeniled that a temporary chairman
t elected. Mr. Oury placed tho iinmi) of
Chancellor MnrLean lt nomination, and
h -8 elected unanimously. Ho took
tt office saying that ho was now Hfor
th audience as Student MncLonn. Dr.
FUnc w., .hen culled upon for remarks
up th- nature anil Intent of tho moot-
H' irof'or begun his remarks In his
.-auaiterMlo humorous way. Ho snld
that ho had been Instructed to state the
fact una work ui enthusiasm. He be
gan by recalling the custom at his Alma
Mt.r In m t'.rs perlnlnlnc to athletics,
and the contrast ho drew between his
iU;r of :' members and ours of 15U)
tu hardly nattering to the university of
.'brst!k.. He continued by making a
sironp Ioh for the athletes of tho uni
versity to come to th rescue of Nebras
ka's honor. He sal J that If there was
anyon. there who had not discovered
himself, h. wanted i-onieono else to dis
cover him. arvl urs him to come out
on the prnrtlce Held. He wanted to see
everyone contribute ills mltu to the sub
5rrlttoii thut would be taken up. He
concluded by asking that u little more
tnthusiasm be manifested by the stu
dents at lance In turning out and wutch
inc the ira-U,.- games.
Dr. Ward roiiowed Professor Fling by
son wvll dirtied remarks. Mr Oury
was then . all.-d forward and made a
buine. stat. mnt. He said that the tiu
msrjlty had pledged Us honor In secur
es a con eh ami promising him Ids sal
ary. Th.r. was a dullcil In the trous
ary and th.- outlook for rt amies was
father unpromising. Suits were needel
1 other ,ipphe which could not lie s.
vd for less than JSO. Moreover.
whnlult of Kauies had lieen itrnuiKetl
d tin- uri.-rslty was plowed to play
'hoi. Thi. would be lmHisslble almost
Jtr th.- .r.-seut conditions of affairs.
At the oiRuMon of his remarks, sub
tlMlon lits were passed around by a
irp or 1. 1;. rs. The Chancellor made a
rr Jpiroiriate address while the tellers
nidku.K the canvass. The Chan
'lltr .,.s fr.iiu.iitly applauded. He
lovwl hlm.-lf not inrkliiK in coIIcku en
talam. Wbtrii Hi. total whs ; t wa
Moumvd that It amounted lo isns.nn
SiM th.-n moiv ims com- in and It Is
lmji.-.l thai the pledged amount will
fach tri uf t,s however, some of the
iJKfrs wr. .lupliiHted. ami allowiiiK foi
JM. the al.o.-iatlon will et at least $
fnm thH ma.s-ineotlnp. With what the
"ully .-., KiVtt tlu jyj nmrk w, u.
The work of collect Inn tin. money is
liK on win, quwitlonulde success. Of
total amount pleilKotl. but a small
Portion hs found its wnj In tin
"! t the proper authorltlos. Oltle-
Wllrctom have iwun apK)lnted. ind
y alone have the authority to receive
"' T,,ey re Klven a receipt lnok
M all are cautioned to take a receipt
., n lht,' Pay the amount of their
'th the llnanclal cn&iuragement
oun" thf hyH XIonc,a'- the dlmal
"tlook Is clearltiK away Homew-hnt.
ine men are turnlnB out better for
Practice, and the rivalry for places In
'ncreaslnsr. Coach Robinson eprung a
e surprlFe upon the candidates for
PMtionB. by announcing Wednesday
,"ernoon. mt they would get down
DrJT?rk Monuay- There was an ex
Predion of wonder depicted on many
countenance. "Wonder what he
ra"s this" one fellow was heard to re
mark, after lie had inft tho Hold. This
evidently menus that nystomatle work
Is to 1)0 MtUltOtl.
Tho team Is slouiy dollnliiK Itself,
hut Cone!) rtnolnsnu has nothing to
say iim yet us to the dlfteient posltlon.s
the men will play. He Is keeping quiet
ami wutehlng thorn. It may bo that
u game will be secured with a. Council I
HIuiTh team inudo up of fonnor col
lege men. Spooner Is amonn im play
ers. Uotlnlte terms have nut lson
made yet, and It Is doubtful If tho date
will be secured. If not the llrst game
scheduled will ho played two weeks
front tomorrow, with Donne's nllogod
tigers. Kvon If a pi notice game Is not
secured then, enough men are turning
out to put up a stiff second eleven that
will give the llrst men all thej can iIm.
Tho appearance of Whipple c.n tho
Held every Jtlght, for the past week
has put encouragement Into the heart
of everybody. Then too. Captain Uud
Jones Is (.Mining back. Ho has boon
working hard all summer and It Is
thought that be has lost none of his
strength thereby. Humors ot his death
In a railroad wreck have been Hying
about, but these have been proved ca
nards. He 'has boon neard from per
sonally, and he says that ho will come
us soon as he can get away. It may
be a week or tendays. however, be
fore ho arrives. Of tho other old mon
who aro out. George Shcdd Is on hand
and ready to itll his old position be-
,,,.,. . I
iiiini 1. 11- iim- its .iiiii-ihiv;i. wi ue i
Thorpe Is a candidate for quarter
back. It Is thought that Orlle can
have about what he wants, by tho
game he Is putting up. Cowglll Is an
Onialui boy who will work for the pos
ition of full-back, which position he
played on tlio Omaha High school
team. He Is small but of a stocky
build. His strip weight is 145. He is
quick and active, and above all willing
nml there Is no doubt but that lie will
push somebody very hard for the h)s
Ition. He Is a good punter and oan
send tho ball us far as anyone on the
Hold. Kollar will try for center. He
is an old player, having been In two
or throe games Inst season. Melford
will soon be back, and try for the jos
ition of tackle. Whipple Is also work
ing for this iosltlon. l'ackanl, Wig
gins, Jones and Cameron, appear reg
ularly on the practice Held, and n
doubt, ench will be rewarded by a jws
Itlmt .m the llrst eleven. Cook Is a
former Lincoln hlKh school player who
Is working hunt to le put on ttie llrst
team as half-back. He played this
position last year, with the high school
boys and did very well. His strip
weight Is 16a, and ho lu almost six feet
Itenedlct is a now man on the foot
ball Held. He puts up an earnest ef
fort, and In tho last tew days had
made good progress. He will make It
a tussle for some ot the old players
to got ahead of him. I'earse is a new
man from Dakota, though ho is not
now to the game of the grid-lion. Ho
weigns lis. sirippeu ami is ovor six
feet in height. He Is one of the most
ivomlslng of the now players.
The Hrst meeting of the Junior An-
nual board was hold last Friday. All
the memtiers except one aro back.
Work will bo pushed at onoe. Contri
butions of every kind are solicited
from everybody. Students whether of
' or not who would like to see a
good Annual are requested to send in
suggestions and other contributions to
any uf tho members of the board.
Committees will be appointed next
The senior class hold a mooting Fri
day afternoon in room 3, ITnlverslty
hall, for the purpose of electing of Moth
for the Hist aomoster. Tho following
worv chosen: .Miss Nellie Griggs, pres
ident; William Grant, vice-president;
-Miss Kate Walker, secretary, J. V.
Cortelyou, treasurer; L. A. Hlcketts
historian: Louie Sherman, sergoant-at
arms. Working committees for the
year were also appointed. One com
mittee lias the matter or a class play
In charge, anottier the organization of
a class football team. A committee
was appointed to seek out a suitable
commencement speaker, as was also
one to wrestle with the vexing ques
tion of class Insignia. The Sombrero
editors will have ttie co-operation of
an energetic committee from this
class. The class of 97 is thoroughly
enthusiastic, and muoh may conlldent
ly be expected of It during the coming
What the Greeks of the University
are Doing.
The Holl figure up to Lre Proportion.
Phl and Trl Delta Initiate.
Thnt the frats are on hand and up to
their old-time doings. Is evident from tho
various musical whistles that echo about
the campus. They are back In force, and
to a close observer, ail are doing u mon
or less amount of "rushlm?."
Phi Delta Theta. Is tho llrst of the
boys' fraternities to have an Initiation.
Thursdiy evening. Howard C. Parunlee
of Omaha, and Charley Manslleld of Ash
land, were Introduced lo the mysteries
of that orgnnlxntlou.
Most or last year's Phi Delta Thetas
will be found ngnln this fall In their old
rooms In the State block. Hoy Stone Is
studying In Dresden now. but will enter
the university again In '!". Will Hay
ward Is also In Germany, studying. Will
Westerman Is touching Latin In the high
school at Decatur. 111. "Spook" Spooner ,
Is at his home In Council ItlnfTs and will I
nitOmlilv .il. iv .villi in.. iii.,iii fiii.iimii
. ', ,,., , , . , ,
team. Lawrence Pllsbury Is studying j
. ,.
medlclne lu Denver. Arthur Montmoren
cy intends to enter a law otllce lu Omaha.
The Phis now have thirteen active mem
bers. They are: J. C. Jones. W. 11. Oury.
Sy Lyman, Phil Hussell, Chas. True. K.
H. Davenport. J. T. Sunnier. Halph Hag
gard. Kert Uitetlon. It. S. .Mueller. Louie
Westerman. II. C. Parmelee and Char
ley Manslleld.
Sigma Alpha Kpsllon will occupy the
same rooms In the Harris block that It
had last year. Tho rooms have lieen re
furnished and put into better shape and
the boys will have a pleasant homelike
place to live In. Krneat Arthur, Harry
Minor and Clarence. JIVfft will not be
back this year. Those who will bo here
or who have already arrived are: Wll
lard Clapp. Sid White. Kdgar Morrill,
George Hartlett. Harmon, Will Green. B.
Sawyer. H. Sawyer OrlU Thorpe. Sid
oil.. Heed Dunroy and Iaslle Martin.
Of the Hetas. the following under grad
uates have returned: L. A. Hlcketts. II.
II. Bverett. Fred C. Cooley. Chas. Hon
dy. W. II. ladiman. Dave Burks. Jas.
Itnrks. H. P. Ijui Jr.. Maurice Hyde. B.
M. Crumb. F. L. ltaln. M. A. Hartlgnu
uud Carl It. Iturnham. Or the gnulu
nto Items, V. It. McLuoas Is principal
of the Fnlrbury high school. C. B. Ad
ams. Jr. N dlKuiio; gold from the liowels
of the earth at Apex Colo. B. C. Ames
will enter the Junior law class. II. W.
Hobluson alias "Uuck" is taking law
at Ann Arbor. Geo. H, Whaley ':, Is
iwstlng lu the department of philosophy.
The Item Isjys are rejoicing at the re
turn of Carl liurnhiuu who has leoii lu
Monivlrt Ca, .luring the past year.
, Hem Tnu chapter of Delta Tail Delia
i will le ipiariered this year at ISIS O
J street. A line large hall and adjoining
i TOOms hn been secured and the luiys
I fter two venrs oxiwrlonce with e'mp-
ler house. Intend to try life in a block.
The chapter commences the college
year with twelve ucttv members. Of
these are all undergraduates except Br
nest Gerrard who has been abroad for a
year and Is back lu the university for
his doctor's degree.
Wllinur W. Wilson, law "."i. Is practic
ing lu Nebraska City .A. J. Weaver '
and law , Is soon to locate In Salt Uiko
City, where he will Join Into partner
ship with James Johnson "M. Adam Mc
Miillen Is In Lincoln In newspaper work.
J. H. Harnes will be employed tills
year at tho boot-sugar works In Nor
folk. Bugoiio llrown has loft life's
school and his bereaved brothers mourn
his loss by dcntli among them.
The active membors nre: T. K. Ilur
rows. G. H. Thomas. It. II. Manloy H.
I'. Teolo. Will McKay. A. A. Glllman,
J. A. Savlllo, F. T. Klley, L. M. Weav
er, II. J. Lehnhoff O. G. Whipple, and
B. A. Gerrard.
Tho Sigma Chls start the year with
fourteen active members. Lawrence H.
Packard, C, C. Young. R. C. Saxtou, II.
W. Doubrava, D. W. Hawksworth, G.
II. HIsser. U. S. Lnngworthy, George
Iiurgett, Jr. A. A. Blschof V. P. Sheldon,
C. II. Cosgrove, J. B. Fechet, Paul and
John Fitzgerald. Those . not returning
aro: J. W. Dixon, now practicing law at
Nebraska City, C. C. Pulls, with tho
Michigan Cenirul railroad company at
Detroit Mloh., and U. 1 King who Is
at present Unvoting In tho middle states.
The Slgs are temporarily located In their
old hall.
Phi Kappa Psl house at Twelfth and
G streets was opon during tho srtinmor.
Jesse Howe. Hhormnn A. White, Frank
llrown uud P. A. Powers hold forth
while tho fellows were constantly drop
ping In for 11 few days, llurton W. Wll-
I son spout tlio summer at Salt Lake City
returning to enter the law college. J.
1. Howo was tit his old homo In Illinois
during August. Hairy Shedd ran his
dally paper at Ashland two months and
then In company with Urnest Wlggon
horn, and George Shcdd spent two
months on a pleasure trip In Colorado
uud Wyoming. Ward lllldreth and Kd
1 Kllott also spent the summer In Colo
rado. Clark Oberlles 'W was nmrrlen In
June to Miss Kiln Hall and the boys
duly cetebrnted the event. Tho couple
arc living In a lovely little cottage In
Kmu Lincoln while Clark posts In Kn
gllsh literature tills year and during odd
moments talks business for tho Ober
lles Coal company. Rufus Houtley "!l
Is superluteiulnut uf schools at Sheltou
Nebr. II. I.. Kimball ', has established
a law otllce at Wayne, Nebr.. and 1. M.
Hcntley, 'M Is back al Cornell where ho
will lake his degree In philosophy,
J. P.
Sedgwick will attend Hush Medical tills
viiir and Dick Heed Is coiitemnlntlnir inl
!..... i,,,. , ,,., ., , .i, i- ,..m,
gaging in business at Atlanta da., with
WitlU-i Morrow, lu June Frank Steln
er came down from Minneapolis to seo
the boys.
Phi Kappa Psl has seventeen men back
this year. They are: B. C. Blllott, Ward
lllldreth, Frank Drown, Chas. Thomp
son. Clint Norton. Jesse Howe, Harry
Shcdd. B. A. Wlggenhorn. Craig Spen
cer. S. A. White. It. W. Wilson. V. C.
Harbor. Olio llrown. Pert Christie. Kd
gar Clark George Shcdd and Fritz Kors
meycr. Of the local frntorntty. Alpha Theta
Chi. six active members aro back. Do
Alton Saunders, 't'3. has entered the chair
of botany In the South Dakota Agricul
tural college at Hrooklngs. H. S. llllt
ner '!d. Is assistant chemist at the exper
Imeutal station. He will divide his time
between work at the state farm and at
the university. G. L. Town. !G has ae
cepte.l the priuclpalshlp of the high
school al Junction City, Kansas. C. A.
Turiell Is l.-nchlug a French class and
posting In modern languagus. I. S. Cut
ter, formerly "J7. will teach sciences In
the Humboli high school, tho coming
your. Benton Dales will assist in the
chemical laboratory. G. 11. Hiokoits.
formerly "V. has returned from Chicago.
and expects to be in Lincoln this year,
fho active members are: J. V. V.. Cor
telyou. laiule Sherman, O. T. Brwin
Tom Hlcketts Fred Humphrey and lion
ton Dales.
Among tho girls' fraternities, or rather
"sororities". Kappa Kappa Gamma, leads
with a membership of twenty active
members. They are: May Whiting. Flor
ence Winger. Jessie Jury. Anna Ilroady,
Grace Ilroady. Nelly Griggs. Bllen Gere,
Frances Gere. Stella Blllott. Cora Crop
sey. Naamali Lowe, Laura Houtz, May
Colson. Grace Lemlng. Nell Lull, Uelma
Luu. Mabel Hlchards. Lottie Whedou.
Doru Hurley and Maud Hisser.
Miss Bna Hlcketts ;. Is teaching Bng
llsh literature in tho Lincoln high school.
Miss Florence Winger 'P.. was grunted
a fellowship In psychology, and Is now
acting as assistant lu the psychology lab
oratory. Miss Jessie Jury '!, Is taking
post-gnuluate work this year. Miss Mur
iel Gere '10, Is teaching lu Falls City.
Miss Martha llurks 'M, Is teaching Lat
in in tho Beatrice high school.
Tho thirteenth biennial convention of
Kappa Kappa Gamma was held at Bv-
anstowu III. (luring the last week In
August. Miss Anna Ilroady wont as del
egte from this chapter. Mlssos Jones.
Whiting. Winger. Klrker and Billot also
attended the convention. Thoy bring
back the good news that tho Invitation
of Sigma chapter has been accepted, and
the next convention occuring In 1SDS,
will be held here In Lincoln.
Tho only Delta Gamma who is not back
this year. Is Helen Hnrwood. She Is
studying at the Sorbonno. Paris. Tho
chapter roll now has fifteen members
as follows: Edna Polk, Georgle Camp.
Clara Mulliken, Clara Parks, Clara Wat
kins, Blanche Garten, Mabel Ricketts.
Joy Webster, Helen Welch, He'ien Woods,
Jessie Lansing. Nella Cochrane Selmu
Norene, Georgluna Case, Alice Slaughter,
and Laura Bridge. Ono of the nbovo
named Is a pledged member.
(Contlducd on fourth patco).
Cadet Appointments and Promotions
are Read.
Lance Corporals Aailgned with the Prosptct
ol Further Promotion
The cadet promotions were road boforo
the batalllon at assembly last Friday.
The appointments had been promised tho
preceding Wednesday yet they were hard
ly expected. It Is no day's task to pro
par them, and the cadets were sur
prised notwithstanding tho promise.
The commissioned start wt appointed
as follows: First Lieutenant anil Ad
lutant. Howard C. Parmelee; First Lteu
tenant and Quartermaster, John P. Cam
eron. The non-commissioned staff will con
sist or: Sergeant Major. C. W. Weeks;
Quartermaster Sergeant, C. C Culver.
Sergeant and Drum Major. B, 11. Krlng;
Color Sergeunt. L. J. Belknap.
Acting Adjutant Parmelee. Hrst road
the promotions, then the assignments
to companies were rend as rollows:
Company. A: Captain W. 11. Oury,
First Lieutenants. H. A. Emerson uud
Charles B. Crownover. Second Lieuten
ants, Chas. Kiihlmau and B. F. Piper,
First Sergeant. Halph Haggard; Ser
geants, p. W. Pinkerton, M. A. Hyde,
J. A. Savlllo. C. A. Fisher. B. O. Weber,
H. W. Thatcher.
Company B: Captain, H. C. Saxtou;
First Lieutenants, F. A. Korsmoyer nnd
I. V. Hedge; Second Lieutenants. Geo.
11. Thomas and J. N. Shrove, vice J. C.
Jones, resigned; First Sergeant, Phil
Russell. Sergeants. B. H. Morrison, An
drew Wetzel, B. !R. Davenport, Geo. J.
Lyon, George Burget.
Company, C: Captain. Hugh Wilson.
First Lieutenants, II. B. Reagan uud F.
S. Phllbrlck. Second Lieutenants, C. A.
Bose nnd J. C. Norton, First Sergennt,
C. II. True: Sergeants. A. A. Babcock,
Chas. Hendy. B. D. Baughart, E. A.
Wlggenhorn. Win. C. Horn.
Company. D: Captain, II. J. LelmholT,
First Lieutenants. J. V. Cortelyou. nnd
Wm. M. Grant. Second Lieutenants, A.
It. Llnquest. vice C. C. Griggs resigned,
and It. S. Baker. First Sergeant. S. A.
White. Sergwmts. V. C. Barber, T. F.
Roddy. 11. B. Noyes. H. S. Evans. J. V.
Cadets were not promoted to the full
grade or corporals. Innce corporals
wero named as rollows: Geo. C. Shcdd,
T. L. Lytic. J. B. Fechet, J. D. Hnstle.
O. G. Whipple. G. W. Helmrod. C. L.
Shuff. II- F. Gage. . O. Garrlnger. J
S. Corby. Hurt Whedou. 11. O. Sutton,
B. T. Turner. C. W. Taylor, II. W. Dav
is jr.. Earl McCreary. G. II. Warner. G.
K. Hartlett. Jas. E. Messonger. A. A.
Baer. J. T. Sumner. F. H. Woodland, B.
W. Benedict. O. Brown. R. D. Read, A.
L. Brown. Burt Christie. J. L. Ranson,
N. M. Davidson,. Aloxnndor Ettlng. H.
T. Beans, nnd L. B. Mumford.
The lance corporals will be promoted
to tho full rnnk of corporals as soon as
they prove themselves worthy, as drill
masters of the new endets.
The Pershing Rifles mot for tho Hrst
time last night in the armory. Election
of otllcers was held which resulted as
follows: Captain. Chas. F. Schwarz.
First Lieutenant. W. It. Oury. Second
Lieutenant. II. C. Parmelee. First Ser
geant. C. W. Weeks: Sergounts. Wm.
Grant. U. V. Hedge, nnd II. F. Gago. M.
A. Hyde was made second sergeant nnd
consequently right guide.
It was decided to hold a hop on tho
evening of the llrst Friday In December.
Llcutoii'tnt Pershing is expected to bo
On Wednesday evening a reception
was given to the students by the
members of St. Paul Methodist church.
A short phonograph concert was given
after which light refreshments were
served In the parlors. Everyone was
made to become' acquainted with every
body else;
Last week the boys of ttie class of
'98 held an enthusiastic meeting In
room 3, on the subject of a class foot
bait tenm. Everybody was in favor
of having a team and working in the
interests of n class league. KIndler
was elected manager. He would be
pleased to meet with managers from
the other classes and organize n league
I of the classes and fix dates for gamea.