The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, May 15, 1896, Image 3

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ptnMonery at LclKlrton's.
roturnod from
.M..11M TI1O1MIW0I1
,,,1i, T.m HflKi will give an
mil 1'inv lonlutlil.
Ti. .onloro ordered tholr comnioneo-
i in nations Monday.
,., f, ,,r Plliw will deliver llio com-,rn,-Miunt
addict n Mvotor, Noli.
Tii, om'cuHvp commit tot of tlio board
f , li.-titi met Wednesday.
T 11
pi, nt
l'lUfiillm! will lioltl tliolr iminml
in Lincoln l'nrk next Baturday.
T, iirlitn him tit lntost In line sttr-
02-0 South Kloventh.
Moii't i.v i
bland club wnn postponed
-veiling owing to tho rnln.
Oomo iitul look nl our Huo of nookllos,
Our iiogllgie shirts nre the lntOHt.
Anna liuimwn for
Hesperian hoard for
niiMulitMH ,if thi
tho coming your.
Tho iV.Mis, Itollnns nnd Pnllndlnns
will hot'l nlcnlc nt Uncoln park next
Thrro will ho n mooting of the nthlotlc
board Friday nt 4 i. m. In the physical
director' ollloe.
Company 11 hntl n company Inspection
Momlnv Tho rlllos nnd accoutrement
were In excellent conilltlon.
Florence nnd John Farwell will give
n dancing party .at the Lansing hall
FrMny evening, May 1R.
The ball team will go to Omaha to
,1nv (Friday) to play two gamer,
with the university cluh of that place.
F W. Taylor left
Fr.ilix on huslnoss.
n,t Friday.
for Chicago bst
Ho will return
The Mngllsh cltth will moot tomorrow
ovonlng with Meaars. Abbott. May 80.
1'rofcHHor Hhcrnuin will address the
eluh on tho "Short Story." Tho next
number of tho magazine will ho pub
lished .lune 1,
"1 toll you." said a hoy with llory
locks, " It Isn't what It Is ornoked up to
be, this being on a ladder with tho night
watch trying to pull It down and Uhle
nt the other end trying to pull It In
the window."
The University Mounting association
hold Its annual election of olllcers Sat
urday afternoon. The following olll
cers were elected: 1 evident, It. S.
linker; vlce-prosldont, Klnton, and secretary-treasurer,
F. 12. Kdgorton.
Tho l'hl Kappa Psl fraternity enter
tained A. C. lSllason nnd C. W Horn
camji of the Minnesota chapter the
first of the week. Mr. Kllason was the
Minnesota representative at tho Intel -stnte
oratorical contest held nt Topekn,
Kns., last Friday.
Another practlcnl drill north of town
was scheduled Monday, but the heavy
shower before tho battallllon could be
formed prevented It, Tho colors wero
taken out encased. No salutes or hon
ors nre rendered when tne colors are
Mis Nellie hntl -puny
or friends In
manner lust Krldny
nt- i tallied a emu
n ninut delight rul
v nlng. When u
Al Conirdon Is not attending clnssos
on account of an extra lot of cheek,
exiimvl by the mumps.
The botany excursion to Wrsplnc
Vntrr. In spite of tho rnln, wns very
Miecofiil. A number of now collec-
lions 'vere gnthorod.
We are now doing business nt 212
South Eleventh street. Haven't yon a
pn-iip to be framed at reasonable
pr'tc' Lincoln Frame & Art 0N )
The l.nin'bill players nro worrying be-,-uo
their eastern trip cmos nt th"
ime time as the endet onenmpment.
The imv of the gymnasium class will
c',' th lr exhibition next sntuniny
nirht AilmlMlon will bo by ticket.
iiu Hose and the Kuhlmnn boys will
l i- f.r home next Saturday. They
xx III 'bond jrnng of hands" on a beet
fnim this summer.
l'rof-niinr limner nnd Dr. Tetors will
make n trip through tho state this week.
Th. v 111 tnrt Wednosdny nnd return
uin ilny.
Th, Hinlor class held a meeting on
MinUv to arrange for tho olass piny.
Pnrii were assigned to tho different
m mliera.
leorge Hnrtlott will glvo n lawn party
smiirday evening. It Is supposed that
hammocks xvlll dock tho shadowy cor
n is of the yard.
The nse of Delta Tnu Doltn chaptor
house has been granted tho Y. M. and
Y W. P. A. for a rocoptlon some ovon
Ine before college closes.
The xvorst frlghtonod people on tho
gioiinda Inst Tuesday during tho storm
n the girls In company Q, which
was drilling in tho armory.
It' member that on the night of the
- ii or prom. W. O. Forbes can furnish
ii with reliable hack service. Tele
j U .in- 31; olllce 131 North IDIeveiUh.
I'.ineh work hud to bo suspended for
th In week. If we have another blow
Ilk.- that of Tuoadny we shall hnve to
pi nit some trees to shade the benches.
The athletes of the university ar
w tking hard to get Into condition for
tl l.l d.iy. Shue find H. D. Hancock nrc
I ' h lame on account of over-training
U. P. Teele xvlll lend the Y. M. C. A.
"ilng in Dellan hall Sunday after-
ii" n. Every young man in the unl-"-lty
la invited to attend the meet-
k ft
The IT. ii. d.C. boys will debate the
iiiitlon: "Resolved. That nil descrip
tions of homicides nnd other spnsatlonnl
material should bo pnohibltod from the
"This," said Tabar Toolo as he stood
looking at tho delnpldated condition 'f
the armory after tho wind storm, "Is
Jum retribution for taking away tho
Mlvllege of equality nt the bath tub."
Tlie PalladlaiiB, at their special busl
nes meeting Wednesday afternoon, se
lected S. J. Corey, E. 1-. Mooro and Mls I
Editor of Nebraskan:
In your last week's Issue there ap
peared n reply to a letter of mine, In
tho Hesperian of April 27. regarding
Phi Hetn Kappa. Had the gentleman
seen lit to publish his communication
In tho same paper In whloh my letter
appeared 1 would not felt called upon
to reply. Hut as he did not, allow mo
to correct a few orroneous Impressions
his article convoys.
1 do not exactly see tho application
of his smnll-boy-nnd-a-quarter-of-nn-orange
story. I simply used Donne for
comparison bemuse most of our stu
dents nro familiar with its standing. 1
could have made tho comparison
equally 'well with tho gentleman's be
loved Howdoln, and then 1 suppose he
would have exclaimed: "How might
ily doth Howdoln loom up!" 1 did not
state, nor did 1 have any intention of
stating, that twenty-seven of the P.
11. K. schools rank with Doano, ns he
would have us believe by bunching
the names of the colleges. Twelve of
those schools rank fnr nbove Donne
nnd Howdoln. too, by the way, but they
also rank about as tar below the uni
versity of Nebraska.
Tho gentleman snys Howdoln hns
graduated nearly 3,000 persons. Well,
what of it? There is a normal school
In Indiana thnt has graduated nearly
G.000; according to such logic
tho normal sohool Is twice ns
grant a college ns Howdoln.
Hut, Mr. Editor, we are willing to let
such arguments ns tho nge of tho olm
troes about "a grand old campus" go
unanswoied. Any intelligent person
must know thnt elm-treos do not hold
membership in P. 11. K., and James
Howdoln could have slept xvlth Hen
Jamln Franklin for fifty yenrs with
out making Howdoln n great collage.
And what If Howdoln hns a bettor
classical course than Doane, it could
have a better classical course than
Harvard and still rank twenty or
thirty notches below the university of
Nebraska. As to his list of great men
Howdoln has graduated well and good.
I mentioned two of the same names in
my letter.
Hut I congratulate Mr. Fling on hav
ing the courage of hie convictions in
expressing his views the recently
elected P. IJ. K. member hnve not
shown much of this spirit. Again he
call. P. H. K. a fraternlo : thnt Is ex
actly tthat it ! 11" eM'i.imy nan iiui
recelfd the qui ui "f the P H K. ring
up here, for In th. unlei-it these
gentlemen neer mint ion the xxmd fra
ternity In connection with it The or
organizntion Is only a great and glor
ious seholaiihlp society with them.
Mr. Fling Inform us thnt "every un
piejudlced, fair-minded student with
the interest of the unhers-lty at hiart
Will see the advantage to be derived
from this cultured, scholarly fra
ternity." No less than two professors,
xvho are both ndvocntes of P. H. IC.
have admitted to me that even they be
lieved P. B. K. an aristocracy.
If the gentleman thinks an
aristocracy all rluht that Is his
privilege, he can bestow nil manner of
praise on It. As for me, I do not be
lieve an aristocracy Rood, and I feel
sure th,ie are "fair-minded student i
having the interest of the university ui
htarf who agree xvlth me.
person enters thnt .lnneing hnll on the
third Hour of iho i.u lesideiioe or llio
balcony adjoining xx it it a merry couple,
audi as wns tho one Kiblny night, he
can't help but have n gr, at llmo Those
enjoying this tnro item were Mr. and
Mis. .lunge, Missis UleUeltH, Lowe.
Hiildwln, lloaton, On nip, Richards
Ulsser, and Messrs. Cosmmvo, Lang
worthy. Forbes, Adams, Helniro.l.
Dnvlil Murks, .lames Murks, llartlgan
and Liui.
Suroly It wasn't pride wlion Profes
sor Caldwell took a tumblo, yot tho
good iiiofoaior had unite n fall Tuos
ilny. This Is how It wns; Whon tho
wind and rain caino down on ua onu
of tho swinging wost windows In tho
Aiiieri'iu niniory room mow ill. suv
oral student hold tho window shut
while 80vctnl others bogun a quota for
tho janitor and nails. Now Professor
Caldwell Is llttlo hut ho has grit, and
whon ho saw tho window blowing In
in splto of tho boys, ho pushed with
tho rost. Hut the wind turned tho pro
fessor a fienil-siunmcrsuult while ho
still clung to tho window. The profes
sor and Tabor Tcole camo out of tho
fray with skinned fingers, but no lives
wcro lost and you'u iimi American
history nt Its old stand.
J. H. Holmes, '84, Is slnco May 1 tho
father of a llttlo daughtor that camo
to his homo at Newton, Pn where ho
! Instructor In science at the George
The rain Tuesday proves conclusive
ly that tho windows in tho west end of
tho library building arc N. G. They
take wntor liko a catch basin In n
Miss lluliboll (of lloston, ns tho ball
goes over tho fence, and Holelianty
makes a home run) Now, what do
they cull tluif.'
Her Kscort A homer.
MKs llubbell (delighted) Homer!
Homer! Why, this game can't bo so
awfully vulgar, when they nnmo one
cf llio points nftcr tho greatest poet
i lint ever lived! Puck.
Four good men arc employed at Con-st.-vneer's
barber shop, 1010 O street,
where you get the cleanest shave and
noaitcst hair cut..
Tim Congregation Itiferroil.
Whon tho bellows gave out nnd the
organist In a Rooklnnd church wns un
ablo to get anything but a few groans
from the instrument, and the pastor re
marked: "The organist has failed us
at a vital moment; lot us rise and
sing 'Praise God, from whom all bless
ings How.' " some of tho people xvon
dered Just what he meant. Lowlson
Evoning Journal.
I'or lliiiiiuiilly.
"What may I do for humanity'"
Her bosom heaved with l he
emotions thnt filled -her honrt.
"I would save lives," she cried,
She wns somewhat uncertain whether
she would achieve more by becoming
an army nurse or by having a trolley
jar fendor put on her bicycle, Detroit
tKBSabBXmar, nUi SiilTl
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gent's Gloves
1235 to 1239 O St
Jeweler, Optician, and Engraver
All noods sold cugravou fren of ohnrgo, and no charge tnado for examining
t'.c cyea.
I 1 43 O Street.
Lincoln, Neb
Is tho I'noPEii Plaok to got your Mouls.
1130 N ST
Sealer in all kinds of
Dan Cameron's lunch
South Eleventh street.
counter, US
I.utd'ii Vniinc Drniti
Molllnnis You wcro in lovo with
lint beautiful Miss Jones before bho
1 nrrlod old (toldbiif;, weren't you?
tins Do Smith Don't talk about her.
y lv for hor lies buried in my
Mcllinnlb Well you niiht as well
Mirr'iot your burled love, for thoy
r tro njj o plant old Goldbug. llo
lii-d of apoploxy last nijfht.
Rock Springs,
Wier City,
Canon City,
Office, 1100 0 Street
Richards' Block.
Yards, 14th & Y Sts.
Nos. 343 & 345.
A l.lltlo Niitunt l.iri.
"Unnatural child," moaned the
She wept.
"Have you made up your mind to pi
on the stage?" he flercelj demanded.
"No. fath-r." she faltered. "The
does not call for it."
"Forgive mi. You"
He gathered her to his bosom.
"are not quite so unnatural ns I
thought." Detroit Trlbuno.
133 SoUth 12 St.
Calls special attention of the readers of
The Nebraskan, to the fact that they can gst
the best and cheapest meals there of any
place in the city. A square meal 15 cents
Short orders at all hours. 1 O Per cent off on
$3 Tickets
L C. Holaday, Prop.
MiiHli'itl Item.
Mr Neighborly 'What ore you go
ing to mnko out of your son?
Mrs. Fondrnothor "We are going to
make a great piano player out of him.
"How far has he got?"
"He hasn't commenced to take lei
sons yet, but wo nre lotting hli hair
Cigars and News,
1207 O Stroot.
Telephone 1.
Telephone 199.
827-331 North Twelfth St.