The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 17, 1896, Image 3

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t,'ip HiiiMfHicry at LelghUm's,
illn)), Andrews In now reported much
bettor. m m ,
Tiipro l nnnor of a Rtnnll university
.lally n-xt ycar.
(tnt. 1 w- A(lamR (yf Ruporlor vis
ing IiIh hoii Monday.
II. 11. Hlu'iW enmn U from Ashland
Milny '" H,,(' '"'' 'HyH'
fliiidi-ntH are beginning to plan for
,ho summer vacation.
p A. I.ynmn'n brother paid him a vlfllt
the flr' part of tho woolc.
The Kngllsh club 'ineotH
Wort's tomorrow evening.
at AHhh
Mary lvchot awl Ilolwi Nance wont
to'o.wha to ni'o Nat Goodwin.
Pace nnd his chosen nlno afo out prac
ticing baseball every day now.
MIps Ili'U'ti llanwood will Htudy
ihi' Frewh libraries next year.
MIhhph Lulu Wirt and Jennie Ilnrbor
have Ihhmi visiting friends In tho city.
Mr Knmiey of Mncoln has boon
hired an couch Tor our baseball huln.
Tho assaying clans aro dolnK some
Rood work under Mr. Illltner's direc
tion. A subscription for the tennis associ
ation baa 'I0' circulating tho imst
wcok. . , .
Milsi Woller of Omaha wan tho guest
Miss Slaughter tho IIphI nrt of the
Tho Hngllsti Hub will meet tomorrow
ovonlng with Miss Jutla Wort, 1IW1 10
Chancellor iMnoLonn
ivpllon to Mio sonlor
will give a ro
closw HatuiUay
Tho attiuMancc at tire university
summer school this year promises 'to
lie large.
Th. V. M C. A. will ihold a business
mating next Saturday night to elect a
Cliff Wescott was called 'homo, this
morning onibuslnoss, to '1ms gone two or
three days.
o. D. McColl and Frnnk P. Long of
Kansas state university were visitors
Professor A. II. Wntoi'houso of Grand
Island visited tho university Fnlday
and Sniurdny.
The school of ngnlotilturo tfias dis
banded for the year, otter a very suc-
(vful season.
Tho classical alcove Is a very popular
and bi-nellulul place for the Greek and
Latin students.
Tli" next nu mixer of tho Nebraska
Literary iMnguxlno will be puWIshed
the ilrst of June.
D. Ferguson 1b preparing a paper on
tho ethics of Journalism, as a special
topic in Journalism.
Tho Dellan girlB gave a leap year
Party Saturday evening at tho home of
MIbh Hattlo Harding.
A baseball subscription has been
floating around this week. Talk about
being Hooded with rain.
University 'baseiball will be about tho
r"ly thing of the national game wo
shall see In 'Lincoln this year.
Sigma Alpha 'Epsllon gave another
Informal danca and card party at their
rooms last Saturday evening.
That frat plature; you want it
framed, Got our prices. Lincoln Frame
& Art Co.. 220 South Eleventh street.
Fred p. Teal, '97, ot tho Chicago
homeopathic medical college, is vdslt
nt? Omaha friends at the university.
Professor Fling wMl deliver an ad
dress at (Ashland ithls owning at the
Invitation of the Woman's club of that
Tio Palladlan glrla will give a spc
il Program one week from Friday
evening. None of itho boys have been
ftWo rto find out tho naturo of the pro
Gram, for the girls are keeping that
Part of the matter Beoret.
William need Junroy left for Omaha
nfl substitute reporter on tho World
Herald, IHo will only bo gonn a month,
however, n (ho could not slay away
from Lincoln longer than that.
O. in . llowman, '01, has been visiting
university tfrlonds lately. Ho hnfl 1oon
touching at Alllanco for Mio pat two
The 'commit too on college sottlenvont
work Is trylnr; to obtain a number of
games to put In their cottage on W
'Prof. Harbour lectured last Friday
ovonlng at York for tho boncllt of tho
Hoys' club of tho Congregational
AIIsh Grace 'Alien, tenoning at Wnro
Ndltr., stopped hero on her wny homo
to call on 'lnr ''brother, 0. H. Allen, luft
Judge- Glffen of Tecumsoh (began his
course of lectures before the law stu
dents on 'Wlils and AdmlnlHtratilons"
this week.
The IPalladlan girls will give their
annual program on the 21Mi of April.
Tho Palladlan 'boys WHI give theirs on
the fith of ftlny.
The standards for high Jumping and
polo-vnultlnghavo boon placed near tho
armory, and Held day 'practice ihns bo
gun In earnest.
IOrnest Gerrard ihas returned from
Gwrmuny nnd Is now In dloston making
up his thesis on the material he col
lected 'While there.
Philip Julius Magulro and Junius
Sterling (Morton are among the dele
gates chosen to the state convention of
tho gold democrats.
Tho Ilrst guard mounting of tho sea
son took place Wednesday evening.
Tho entire drill hour Friday will be
devoted to this exorcise.
You will II ml tho host stock of floe sta
tionery In the west at I.elghton's, 202
and 20C South Eleventh street. Their
prices aro always ivaonaible.
Tho senior class considered tho fon
lor promenado preliminaries at tlvelr
mooting Monday. V. It. MaLnicas was
apiolntod imaater of ceremonies.
Thoro aro several promising young
freshmen writers In the English depart
ment who will "probably make tho Eng
lish clulb iboforo Uie year Is out.
Hal Beans staid in 'Lincoln all day
last Sunday and says It was the longest
day of Ills life. Hcwill call on the young
lady In Omaha next Sunday as usual.
The rain last week 'Interfered some
what with work on the new tennis
courts, ibutithey wlllibe finished so that
playing can 'begin by the Ilrst of next
Tho university electrician can find a
job stringing up tho disconnected wires
under some of tho (library tables a few
more incadescents could thus Ibe put
Into use.
The Ph1 Kappa Pfil fraternity will
spend a week camping on Ernest Wlg
genhorn's Island In tho Platte, near
Ashland, immediately after school
closes Jn June.
OIlss Louise Pound's "The nomaunt
of tho Hose; Additional Evidence That
It is umvucerfl" was tne leaumg ar
ticle In the last numlber of Modern
Language Notes.
Great preparations are being made
for bringing out a orowU at tho Joint
dolbate of the TJ. B. D. C. and Doane on
tho 25th of 'April. A fare-and-a-thlrd
rate has 'been secured.
On account of tho rain Friday even
ing the attendance at the different so
cieties was small. At the request of
tho Unions all assembled In Union Stall
and held a Joint meeting.
lino of ethics, tho need of Introspection
and ifrlondly ee, blolmu. The fraternity
was tho Ideal iplnco for such a spirit.
Tho talk iwuh most beneficial to tho
A largo crowd gathers on tho campus
ovory day to watch our athletes prac-
tlco for Hold day,
J, V. Crabtroo has boon chosen as an
Instructor for tho Sarpy county Insti
tute "this summer.
Georgo Horgort wont to Nebraska.
City this mornliiK. Ho wn called homo
hv tho death of his grandmother,
Tho work In tho university seminar
historical class for the rest of tho year
will consist of special papers, which are
to bo prepared by the members of tho
Mlsa Hon ton entertained the ladles'
club of the city In tlio oliiiiiUi.!
room Tuesday afternoon, Uollcate re
freshments wore served and the tlmo
wis passed agreeably.
Professor Barber's wheel exploded on
the Btiroet Wednesday afternoon. Thoso
who wore nenr by when the accident
occurred thought another pop had been
produced. The professor led his wheel
Prof. Barbour received two kangaroo
rats this week. Tha animals are very
rare and have n striking resemblance
to the kangaroo. They may bo seen In
the curative room, Nebraska hall.
Tho young ladles' military company
is doing some llnu drilling. An old
soldier was heard U remark the other
day that Captain llllott had tho snap
and metal to makiia good captain.
Burton W. Wllsm and Julius P.
Sedgwick returned from Cleveland
Sunday afternoon, lyhcre they had buen
In attendance at tie national conven
tion of the Plil Kniba Psl fraternity.
Y. M. C. A. will neat Sunday after
noon ait 4 o'clock It Dellan hall. Sub
j, "-The Little Fxes That Spoil the
Grape Vines." Eiry voung man in
the university InvltMl to be prtvJort.
Tho following slgi Is lasted through
out tiro German mlverslty libraries:
"Wash your "hands ileforo using books."
It nhould ibe given a prominent place
in our own library and rending room.
iMr. Hunter, of tin well-known print
ing company, has kindly placed a clock
In his Eleventh stree: window. If it
were not kept a ibalf hur slow univer
sity students would appreciate It more.
"Meals 10 coins and up" the hollow
freah'mnn .read; and lu passed on In
search of another chop-house, wisely
concluding that an expenditure of 10
cents ought to .bring a meal that could
be kept down.
There aro a lot of giddy girls who
make It a point to gather in the library
alcoves and liolu a regular gossiping
match. It Is worse than any sowing
society or woman's club. They ought
to be suppressed.
The P. B. D. C. and tho Maxwell boys
will have a Joint debate in Palladian
hall April 25. Messrs. Sloan, Hunting
and Klndlcr will represent the P. B. D.
C, and Warner, Beach and Castor .the
Maxwells. The question to bo debated
Is "greenbacks."
The faculty has recently made ar
rangements for recommending thoso
students who expect to teach to the
boards of the high schools of tho state.
Tho students are requested to make
themselves known If they Intend to
teach next year.
Tno library Is an exceedingly popular
resort for those desiring to study In the
ovonlng. But It seems strange that It
should too necessary for tho librarian
to make such frequent requests for
"less noise" In a room filled with such
ambitious students.
""". - -
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gent's Gloves
1235 t0 1239 O St.
Jeweler, Optician, and Engraver.
All Roods sold ongrnvod froo of clmrgo, nnd no ohargo mndo for examining
Clio oyos,
1 1 43 C Street.
Lincoln, Neb,
la tho I'noPEii Place to got your Monls.
1130 N ST.
Doalor in all kinds of
Dr. F. 8. Stein, u)t ono Umo an in
structor 1n the English department,
wUH deliver the 1accailaureate sermon
before the pradiuatlvo class of Platts-
mouth hlph school, (May 31.
At the convention of tho American
Uenulblloan collepre league A. J. Weaver
was elected first vice-president. Hoag
land, (Martin and Killen were the other
delegates from the university.
Clarence Sldnner, who 'ho3 been an
assistant dn tho electrical department
for tho past tlvo weeks, will leave dn
July for Germany, where ho will con
tinue lids studies (n electricity.
Professor Caldwell addressed the
young men of the Phi Kappa Psl fra-
terndtv last Sunday afternoon at tne
Gv -O
Rock Springs,
Wler City,
Canon City,
Office, 1100 0 Street
Richards' Block.
Yards, 14th ft Y Sts.
Nos. 343 & 345.
133 SoUfeh 12 Si
Calls special attention of the readers of
The Nebraskan, to the fact that they can gst
the best and cheapest meals there of any
place in the city. A square meal 15 cents
Short orders at all hours. 10 Per cent off on
$3 Tickets
L C. Holaday, Prop.
" Miiu.ui iteeu jjurwoy jeii ior uuiauu i iwiuiy i. ....... ... ..w
lat Tuesday, whore ho soea to work ' oharitor 'house. (Ills talk was along tho
Someone seems to io making a sys
tematdc raid on alio books dn tho econ
omic department. We are 'happy to
see that such intense interest Is mani
fested In economic studies. The per
son (n question will undoubtedly make
an alble and honest statesman.
Tho ibotany, zoology, geology and all
othfer "ology" classes h'odd tho present
pleasant weather with delight. It
means many enJoyaJblc excursions into
tho neighboring country for specimens.
Lator, itrtps wdll ibe planned to Weep
ing Water, Ashland and BeJlevlow,
If you got up too late for breakfast
Sunday morning, come dawn1 to Francia
Bros.' restaurtinit, 127 no. llth and get
a plate of cakes and ooffe. Special of
fer to students for Hon days. A $1.10
ticket for 80 cents.
Telephone 199.
327-331 North Twelfth St.