The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, January 31, 1896, Image 2

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The Nebbaskan.
Wovkly Nowmpr Iwitiml Uvory 1'rlilnjr Noon
nt tlio Unlvornlly of Nvliraiikn,
r. t. iiii.Kv,
MiiiiiikIiik I'.illtor
Mlnn.Io l.otlrlilKO.
(i I.. Hlmtf,
.1 (3. Illtcliimiii,
i K AilnniH,
I I). Mnrtln,
H, tl. Hloitn,
It. H. Miii-Mor,
ATAK1' AllTlllTH.
V, 0, Wiillliwforil
0. 0. Culver,
" " liv limit
l'rlco pur tiionllii
I ,7A
Andrea nil CouimiiiilciitloiiN lo Tun NimiiADKAN,
Unlvoritlly nl Nnbruikii.
Merit alwayH rticolvos recognition.
It mioa'KB for ItBolf. TIiIh In hIiowu In
tho notion of ox-Snporlnlondont Knr
loy of IMitttHinonth in uncaring Hovrnl
of our nrofoflBorH to deliver u courao of
lectures boforo tho Cuba county lnnM
tutoB. Thorn) Institutes hnvo boon ur
rungod hy Mr. Rirloy to aid tlio
touohorB In tholr work na woll aH to
bring 'thorn In cloHor touch with tho
broader and bottor education of today.
Much credit Ja dtto to him for taking
hold of tho ontorprlso and pushing It
to a buccobh.. Although not a gradu
ate o: itho unlvorBlty ho fully appreci
ates tho good work It la doing In tho
caitHO of higher education. TIiobo dn
Btltutcs ni"o coininondable and cannot
fall to bear fruitful romilta. While our
professors have but littlo tlmo for loot
tiring tin different suctlonRot tho state,
It cortnlnly Ib truo thoy nro good and
faithful supportora of all that 1b
worthy in gonoral oducatlon.
This Ib an ago of papers and periodi
cals, and It Is InoxciiBablo lndolonco
not lo bo informed on Important toplca
of itho day. It must bo romomborod
tho currant ovonts of today becotno
hlHtory tomorrow. Tho Btudont who
grasps tho prcsont as It comes has also
tho Immediate past at his or her com
mand. Thoro Is no Isolated fast ii
history nor Is thoro an Isolated currant
ovont. Thon wo should not Isolate
ourselves from tho prcsont by giving
our wholo nttontlon ito tho toxt bookB
to tho exclusion of our surroundings.
Do not bo a bookworm! Bo wldo-awake.
Know something of llfo around as well
as current knowledge. Uy so doing
tho truo purposo of a collego oducatlon
will bo realized. Lot ovory student ar
range his or her courso of study for
tho second Homester so as to gather a
knowledgo of tho currant ovonts of tho
Wo hope that boforo anothor sem
ester ends that tho present abominable
system of examinations will bo abol
ished. Tho now plan has proved its
possesion of all disadvantages prophe
sied of it. Its only advantage has been
that somoof tho professors notin favor
of tho now system havo oxcucsd their
classes after a ono hour examination,
whllo others havo kept within tho
bounds of tho now regulations as faj
as possiblo, and held almost ordinary
recitations. Yot to tho students n trial
of tho now system has been far from
comfortable, and many cannot say they
havo had oven a half day's reat bo
itweon tho ond and beginning of tho
two somesters,
Examinations aro generally looked
upon by tho student-body as a necos
Bary ovll, and if thoy must bo tolerated
thoy Bhotild bo presented in a way that
is at least free from torture. If tlio
design Is to Increnso tho population of
tho insane asylums, thon let the now
Bystom of examination provail.
It is to bo rogrotod, thoro aro many
students who aro unconvorsant with
current events. This Is undoubtedly
a thoughtless neglect upon tholr part.
For it is the wish of all to Improve
ovory opportunity and leavo no roses
by tho waysldo. But can this bo done
by constant attention to toxt books?
No. Tho widest culture afforded by a
collego education Is unattainable with
out a fair knowledgo of current hap
penings. Our mental horizon must bo
broadened by general reading and ob
servation. This may bo easily dono by
spending a fow minutes dally in ac
quiring genoral information, which our
library has placed within itho reach of
nil. Tlio choicest magazines and pe
riodicals with their rich stores of ma-
terltil aro at ovory titdontH' roinmniul.
Thoy nro Biiroly worth road lug. Hhould
wo not utlllzo thorn to oscapo a Jimt
orltlolBin? Tho want of tlmo cannot)
bo pleaded. For in truth, bouio tlmo
dn:iy Ih Hponl usoloBflly, which could bo
ub(m1 mora profitably In reading cur
rant toplcH.
tn vlow of thooxtromo youth of noma
of tho froBhmon, it hnB boon thought
best to prohibit tho wholo class from
wearing mustaches on tho campus.
By order of tho sophomoro clnnn.
Slzo a Btudont up b wlioro ho situ
In chapol. If ho goofl there for a few
moments of (pilot and worship, ho takes
a Boat down In front, near tho platronn.
That Ib, after ho has been In tho rear
hoiUb onco. Back thoro romlnds ono
of the Lansing "nigger hoavon." The
clamor Ib llko an auction books drop
ping, Beats croaking, glrlB giggling.
You got a Bcrap of tho pBalin wind-
wlohed In with tho latest athletic iiowb,
and tho prayor mingled with bits of
gosBlp about tho last dnneo and somo
hnndBomo boy In tho gallory. Ono vIb
lt Jb enough.
And now ho hnd como back. Twenty
yonrs ago thoy had boon Interested in
each other. Twonty years ago thoy
had parted. A slight mlBundorstaud
ing, a word or two, and ho had gone
away, leaving nothing but a bit of bluo
ribbon. Sho was to Bond It If over hIio
needed him. How sho had tronsurad
that ribbon dearly, tondorly, ns tho
last token of tholr love. It wns fadod
and worn, yot sho kopt It at tho bottom
of lior Jowol box. Often sho hnd wopt
ovor It when sho was weary and felt
as If thoro had boon a miBtako.Twonty
years of lonollnoBs and empty llfo; and
merely a Utile ribbon holding back the
suiiBhlno. Why did sho not sond it to
him? Sho did not know oxactly. At
times sho almoBt did so, but something
invariably held her back. Tho ribbon
was a pari of her llfo. She could not
bear to give it up.
And now ho had como bock. Sho
was thinking moro and more of the
ribbon and of him. What momorlesl
What thoughts! It all seemed so long
ago. Iind ho changed? And what of
his lovo? Would ho como to her for
tlio faded bit of color? Could Bho glvo
it up to him? And tho twonty years
that were gone, what of thorn?
There is ono thing that very young
students should always kcop in mind.
It is this: Keep your mouth shut. It
will prevent microbes from getting in
ami foolishness from getting out.
Speaking of poetry, what is tho mat
tor with tho following? It is a touch
ing littlo plaint, addressed by a certain
fraternity to ono of its members who
had gouo off and got married. It was
entitled, "Wail of tho Brothers." It
had about twonty verses and tho boys
who wore lott were m a desporate Btato.
Wo glvo the flrst and last stanzas:
"Ho has koiio from our midst, oh, wo
1)1 ou d iuid entreated,
That ho would not sail o'or tho treacher
ous wave,
But tho smiles ot a ulren our efforts de
feated, Our hopus of hla futuro llo low In tho
1 Brave."
ftor about twolvo pages of this sort
of stuff thoy wind up as follows:
"Wall, wall, all yo brothers, wall tho do
parted; Bo warned iby tho fato of tho fallen tho
And whllo weeping for him, In tho Kloom
Gazo not towards tho land whoro tho
slronH do smllo."
Ovor at Iowa thoy say that Missouri
Is seoklng a special appropriation from
tho legislature for tho purposo of se
curing a nurso and a crato of Million's
baby food. Success, old Mlzzery.
Yorgen Amudthers waa again de
spondent and desplto all tho good
natured raillery and chaining of his
roommate, which usually brought him
back to a Joyous temperament, ho per
sistently refused to bo comforted, or
oven to appear sociable.
"I boliovo I'm hoo-doood," was all
his gonial roommate could got out of
him. But Yorgen had acted In a simi
lar mannor and told him the same
thing bo many times boforo that ho did
not pay any particular attention to
him. Whon bod-tlmo emtio, however,
and wtlll no ohango tin tho mood or
position of tho form Hitting upon lh
odgo of tho bod with IiIb head bowed In
his hands and his olhows resting upoil
his knooB, tho putlonco of tho watching
ivMitmnato wn Incoming exhausted,
drubbing tho dlHconwlato Yorgni: by,
tho coat collar, bringing him rather
niiildonly out of IiIb ravorlo, ho do
niandod to know tho causo of JiIb
troublo, ut tho samo tlmo ndnionlHhlmf
him to "act white."
Yorgon looked up rather BheoplBhly,
rubbing and blinking his oycB as thd
strong light ntruck thorn.
"Woll," rapllod his roommato rather
Imperiously, "what's up7"
"I don't boliovo thoso sovon yearn
ovor will paBH," enmo reluctantly from
Yorgon's llpH. Again ho foil bnok In )
to IiIb old position, muttorlng nemo
thlng about boing "roportod whon ho
wasn't responsible for that distance."
Ills roommato yawned and assuming
an expression of roHlgnatlon
carelessly ilnnulrod If ho In-
luloudod to tali him IiIb trouhlos, and
what did ho moan by "thoso bovoii
Yorgon bracod hlmsolf for the effort,
whllo Ills roomate tilted his chair back
and put his hands in ills trousers
pockotB. Ho appeared to havo no in
trcBt In IiIb friend's troubles. IIo know
that aftor ho hnd related llioiu Ills
usual Jovial disposition would return.
That was enough. Yorgon began slow
ly. "I havo had lots of hard luck slnco
I camo to tho university. Mothor told
mo when I broke that looking gins.-
I'd havo sovon yonts' bad luck. But
it Beomod to culminate today. You
know Holon?"
To tills declarative statement, uttered
Interrogatively, his roomniato noddutj
atllmatlvely. Ho had never been In
troduced to "Helen," yot from his
friend's rapturous descriptions of her,
ho considered himself fully acquainted
with her. Yorgon resumed:
"You soo, it was Just aftor 'lab and
I thought I'd go homo with hor; its
only two blocks, I forgot my watch
was llftcen minutes slow. Wo woro
crossing Thirteenth street, which Is
without a paved crossing, whon Helen's
rubber camo off. T" ho mud was awfully
thick there, too. 1 handed her her
books and Btooped to put hor rubber on.
I had Just got It fully off, whon tho
'assembly sounded' and I had to cut
and run for drill, or olso bo roportod
for bolng late In formation.
"I was sorry to leavo Holon that
way. Wonder If she got out all right,
and if sho'll ovor speak to mo again?"
Ho gazed into the face of his room
mate for an answer. Tho incredulous
Hinllo ho saw there was stUnclont.
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