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Vol. IV. No. UJ.
Piucn, r Cknth
Taken Tholr Polln nnd Oo ITomo-Kaniiaii
Awnrdod tho Ponnant-Tho Intor-
Btato Mooting.
Tlio western interstate university
football nsHoolntlon hold ItH minimi
mooting at lowu City, In., Saturday,
December 21. Tho four Btntos In tho
iiKHocliiUon wore roprosontod, Ne
braska by A. S. White, tho Htato mil
verslty of Missouri by Prof. II. T. Cory
of tho Missouri ntato un I vocally, Kali
ans by R. K. Moody tronHiiror of Kan
Biia unlvorfllty and manngor of tho Knn
BaB team for a number of years imBt
and Iowa by Manngor lnurenoo of tho
Iowa tonm.
Tlio mooting was called to ordor In
St. Juiio'b hotel at 1 p. m. by Mnnngor
Lnurowo of Iowa, who noted ns prosl
dont of tho association In tho nbsonco
of President Larraboo. Tho first busl-
upon him as a manngor. Tlio grounds
of tho protoBt woro mechanical and ns
'tho protest hnd not boon proporly on
torod MlRsourl'fl motion to declnro tho
Hcoro fl to 0 In favor of Missouri ro
eolvod no socond and was dofeated.
Missouri now mado tho grandstand
play for which sho enmo all tho way
from Columbia to do and which could
Jiavo boon dono by lottor, viz., that of
withdrawing from l.ho association.
For sonio tlmo past It has boon ro
portod In tho St. Iiuls and Kansas
City papors that Missouri contem
plated thlfl stop, claiming that tho as
sociation did hot no good and filled
dates whloh could lo filled by hor with
eastern teams. This was apparont In
tho nrrnngomont of tho schodulo when
Manngor Cory of Missouri refused (o
piny tho longuo games on cortaln dates
having sold thoso dates to St. Louis
panties for eastorn gamos.
Missouri's protest on tho Missouri
Nobraska gamo soomod but a pretext
ror getting out of tho nssoclatlon with
ns much grnco ns possible Tho nsso-
Sttf 1)"h
'i r i i js-m
ft StU
W f' ' v:
Missouri's Position.
ncss of Clio meeting was ealletnipby
Mr. Whlto or Nobraska by motion to
adjust tho expenses of umpires,
referees, etc., for tho pnst Benson. It
was carried and tho oxponses pro-rated
among tho four stntes. Missouri thon
presented a bill of $55 against Ne
braska jus balance unpaid by the
Omaha university club on expenses in
Hie Missouri-Nebraska game of
November 2. Mr. Whlto objected to
Missouri's looking to Nobraskn for tho
balance, Inasmuch ns tho expenses of
both teams woro to bo paid by tho
Omaha university club, and offered a
resolution which was seconded by
lowu, that tho Omaha unlvorstty club
be required to scttlo with Missouri ns
per agreement. Tho resolution was
unnnlmously carried.
Nobraskn'8 protest on the Kansas
Nebraska gamo wis noL called up ns
most of tho football authorities of tho
oast wore against Nebraska's Interpre
tation of rule SO of the Yalo-Prlncoton
rules, that but ono end rusher could
play back of tho lino at a tlmo. Iowa
.md Nobraska both played but ono 'end'
back of the lino at a tlmo and this
position was uphold by Lieutenant
Wright in the Missouri-Nebraska
name. In tho Nobmska-Knnsas gamo
Kansas playod both 'ends' back of tlio
lino from tho start and was objected to
by Captain Wilson of Nebraska. Tho
umplro sustained Kansas' position and
it was on this ground that Nebraska
filed hor protest. Missouri and Iowa
both had protosts against Kansas, but
they woro not presontod, whoroupon
tlio ponnant, Which is a beautiful silvor
nip, was awarded to Kansas, with No
braska as second place.
Tho schedule was noxt arranged and
is to bo found bolow.
Missouri thon presented her protest
against tho Missouri-Nebraska gamo
on the ground that ahe had had no
voice in tho selection of either umplro
or referee In that gamo, sustaining her
position byttho production of tho corre
spondence 'between Manager Cory of
Missouri and Manager Sheldon of No
braska, and claiming that Manager
Sholdon had been unfair and alBo neg
lectful t us duties whloh devolvod
fetation will In "the future be composed
of tho threo romalnlng states, thus
forming a triangular lenguo.
All throe of tho lenguo tonms have
gamos with Missouri and tlio schodulo
ns arranged boforo Missouri's with
drawal is as follows:
October 20 Knnsas-Iowa at Iowa
City, In.
Ootolwr 2fi Missouri-Nebraska at
Columbia, Mo.
November 7 Kansas-Nebraska at
Iawronco, Kas.
Novombor 9 Missourl-lowa at Col
timhiu, Mo.
Thanksgiving. Novombor 20 Kansas-Missouri
at Kansas City.
Thanksgiving, Novombor 2G Nc-braska-lowa
at Omaha.
Frod D. Cornell of Lincoln was
choson goncral manngor of tlio associa
tion for tho coming year.
Tho following ofllcers were oleotod
for tho ensuing year: Presidont, It. K.
Moody, Kansas; vlco-presldont, A. J.
Weaver, Nobraska; secretary and
tronsuror, C. D. Hurling, Iowa.
Y. M. C. A. WORK.
Did you got any of tho book marks
given away ns a Now Year greeting to
tho students by tho Christian associa
tions? Threo thousand dainty little
cards tin colors, bearing on ono side tho
greeting: "Tho Christian Associations
Wish You a Happy Now Year," and on
tho other somo neat quotation from
suoli porsons as Emerson, Richard Bax
ter. Alice Cary, Hood, Lincoln, Gav
flold. our own Chancellor MacLoan, and
.tl.n. mttn nntiAntniMAni n ,W ftTl ll TO1 Vftt-
I lng to aid itholr follow student in every
way pos3lblo and loso no opportunity
ito mnko pleasant and profitable tho
time spent at tho association meetings,
which are hold at 4 o'clock ovory Sun
day afternoon. If you aro accustomed
to read Sunday afternoons, just nso one
of tho book marks .to keep your place
while you spend an hour In one of ttie
association meetings.
Tho Ewlng Clothing company aro the
popular priced clothiers of Lincoln. A
call will convince you. 1115 and 1117 O.
At Ed. Young's, tho best variety,
Hiul nqwa and cigars, 1204 O Btreet.
Ovor 100 authored in tlio Armory Tuoh
day IQvoning nnrt Talked ti Ovor -A
Oood i'itld Day 1'romlHod.
On Tuosday evening an informal
athletic talk and an exhibition of ath
letic Blldes wns glvon lu tho gymna
sium to an attentlvo iiudlonco of about
ono hundred sludomts. Dr. Ward wa
first called upon for a fow remarks lit
whloh ho stated the present favorable
condition of things for good records JiJ
tho spring, and of the internal wlilob
tho unlvorslty as a wholo was taklnd.
In tho subject of athletics. It Is not at
all unlikely that If a good athlotlc team
can bo formed and aotno good records
mndo at our own held day that tliq unl
vorslty of Nebraska can bo represented
in tho meeting of western colleges In
Chicago later in the spring.
Aftor Dr. Ward's remarks tho lights
woro turned out and ovor fifty athlotlc
slides exhibited. Flrs'lcamoBonic copies
of engravings from an ancient boqk of
athlotlcs published In 1G72. In 'con
nection with thoso, which illustrated
some forms of Greek athletics, the
Greek gamos and pontathlon wore
spoken of.
About fourteen slldos Illustrated dif
ferent stages of tlint most gracolul of
all exorcises, polo vaulting. Somo
showed poor form, othors good, Ono
fine ono showed a Harvard student ovor
tho bar at ten foot. Thon followoil Illus
trations of the hammer throw, high
jump and various methods of tlio start
ing in sprint races. Several colored
Klidos illustrated hurdling In a very of
foctlvo way, nlso positions in the
shot throw. A number of football
slides woro shown, somo tackles, an
end play, somo foothill shoos, a Yalo
Hnrvnrd gaum -ami others. An inter
ostlng slldo showed a pontathlon scow
card with somo voiy good scoros, aiu".
Its use was explained. Copies of sonic
of the recent nionsiremont charts of
football mon woro of Intorost ns thoy
showed tho degree o! physical dovolop.
niont of somo of tho football loams.
A handsome tabot of oak and
trimmed with brats wns shown or,
which aro to bo cnivcd the names of
bust year's football team. Tho tablet
is .tho gift of Profossr Barbour. Aftoi
the lecture the matter of gymnasium
hours for athlotlc jractlco was dis
cussed and much Interest wns shown.
On tho whole tho opening wns a very
successful ono.
Tho matter of deciding upon hours
for athletic practice in tho gymnasium
Is a difficult ono as all poriods seem
full. Thoro aro (two short periods,
which can run regularly through the
week ono or tho other of whloh will
probably lilt most mon who dosiro to
got regular training. Those poriods
aro 12:15 to 12:45 and IJ to 0:30. Some
ovening hour can probably bo arrangod
for special praotlco. This is tho tlmo
for thoso who aro interested in ath
lotlcs to show their Interest by register
ing in tho gymnasium, for ono or both
of thoso hours. All tlio necessary ex
pense that will bo involved will bo for
a pair of gymnasium shoes. Good
shoos can bo obtained at tho Sandor-son-Davls
store for So cents. Classes
will bogln on tlmo and close on time
and a good deal enn be accomplished
in a half an hour. Do not fall to join
a class. R. a. C.
Wednesday night a crowd of boys
met -Jn tho chapel to start out for n
serenading tour. Although it Is not
exactly tlio tlmo of year whon sere
nades aro supposed to grow in abund
ance, yet the night was mild and pleas
ant enough tc make outdoor singing
enjoyable. The boys were all mou
singing on tho gleo club this year or
some previous year so it did not take
muoh tilmo to got a dozon or moro songs
dn shapo. To say thoy had a glorious
tlmo would bo putting It mildly, Judg
ing from all accounts, and as each fol
low gives a different story 4t Is rattier
hard to furnish a nnrrntlvo.
About tho third houso thoy struck wns
dnrk, but a reil-hondod servant sltiolc
hor bond out of tlio third story window
so tlio boys stopped and gavo hor a
song, nnywny. At ono of tho numer
ous houses tho occupants onmo out and
sat on tlio porch to onjoy tho concert
and woro so nppreolatlvo Hint tho fol
lows sung ovory song In tholr ropor
tolro. At nnothor plnco thoy serenaded
a girl who lived 1n ono of a row of ter
races and one of tho sorenadors swears
that every blamed window In tho ter
raco wns oponod boforo thoy finished
tholr first number, Thoy nlso struoU
Captain Gullfoylo and tho chancellor's.
At the latter placo thoy woro takon Ji
and glvon refreshments, About 12
o'clock thoy finished their Itlnornrj
and wont Into Don Cnmoron's to talk
It ovor. Aftor a groat deal of llgur.lnL'
thoy decided that thoy had walkcil
four miles and a half, sung, at ono plnco
or another, all of firteon songs, oaten
twonty-olght doughnuts, split fourteen
throats and soronnded forty-three
girls, lo say nothing of tho numorou
Doth tho Dellan and "Union societies
have special programs tonight. Tho
Dollan is an alumni program In celebra
tion of tho now hall secured by the so
ciety. Tit will bo largely reminiscent.
Tho Union Is to 'have a ooremonlal in
stallation of itho now ofllcers. TUio fol
lowing aro the programs.
Violin solo Prof. G. C. Menzondorf
"Organization of tho Dollan Society"
13. R. Holmes, '90
"Debating Clubs".. Prank D. Eager, '93
"Tho Trials of an Alumnus"
lOltmboth 0!. Field, 93
Song ix. O. Williams, '91
"Rolatlon of tho Stato to tho Unlvor
slty" Randolph MoNltt
"Dollan Talos" Alice C. Hunter, '95
"Tho College Man In Politics"
T. S. Allon, '89
Song "Ould Lang Syno"
Music Piano solo "La Feuntalne"
(Idyllo) Lysbcrg
Anna 13. Anderson.
13x-Prosldont J. II. McGuffy
Coronation and Onith
President W. II. Rhodes
Music Zither solo (solootcd)
A. C. Mayor
....13x-Socrotary J. Norman Shrevo
Papyrus Llteratao
Secretary Mabol 11. Dempster
Ch lnkus Biigetmtls
Ex-Troasuror Oharlos Kuhlman
Gold Abhandlung..TroasurorC.M.Barr
Music Vocal solo "Rcqutom and
Hallelujah" Hutchinson
Port Evans.
Renuntlaitlo Consorls.Ex-CritlcJ.II.Llen
Reclt do la Critique.... Critic Anna Prey
Ileofones Woard
Ex-Marshal J. C. Camoron
Fallon Arch-Angol
Marshal J. II McGuffoy
Music Vocal aolo "Tho Daisy"
Lulgl Arditl
Mrs Dora Zodikor Gunn.
Chlof Justlco Nowbranch will conduct
tho coromonlos.
Ushers, in honor, Misses Rolofson and
Inaugural, Miss Francis Morton.
Recitation, Mr. II. D. Walkor. (a)
"The Mountain Daisy, (b) "Cuddlo
Story, (Impromptu), Miss Manda
Reading, Miss Lulu Burrows.
The Lincoln news agency, headquar
ters for news, magazines and novels.
Harper's Century, Munsey's, Scribner's,
Cosmopolitan and other periodicals al
ways in stock. N. E. corner Eleventh
and O streets, Richard block, J, E.
Pearson, manager.
All Preliminary Arrannomt nt Completed
TlokotH nro Limited to B0 -To bo
Hold February 12.
Preparations for tho Junior prome
nade are well undor way, and '07 prom
ises to rodoom liorsolf for not issuing
tho Somboro this year. All tho sub
committees liavo been elected, tlio
junior-senior law ombrogllo settled,
and each mom hor of tho committee
working with a will to seo that tho
ovont Is a success.
Wednesday, February 12, Is the date
that has boon sot. This brings this
ovont the first In tho series of tho chnr-tor-day
occasions. Tho tickets have
already boon Issued and tho numbor
limited to fifty-five. Two dollars is tho
prlco charged for tho valunblo bits of
oard-lonrd. Tho promonndo will bo
held in tho Lincoln hotel, the same
plnco ns last year. Romomborlng tho
crowded condition, the committoo
thought It ndvlsablo to restrict tho
number, so twenty couples will enjoy
the festivities this year. Tho orchestra
and patronossos have not yet been
selected, but all minor details aro be
ing oared for ns rapidly as possible.
Everything calculated to insure the
financial succoss of tho project is being
carefully watched, and economy is be
ing practiced In ovory direction whore
it will not conflict with tho comfort
and onjoymont of tho gnosts.
Tho various committees aro as fol
lows: On hall, Robinson, Lehnhoff,
tlmo, Hall, Haggard, Sawyer; music,
Lohnhoff, Anna Broady, Haggard
on floor, Rowo, Saxton, Sawyor, Cook,
Camoron; printing, Saxton, Haggard,
Cook; program, Anna Broady, Robin
son, Lohnhoff; decorations, Mablo
Rlckotts, Hall, Camoron, Miss Holso
Saxton, Sawyor, Lohnhoff; finance,
Rowo, Robinson; patronesses, Miss
Rlckotts, Miss Broady, Sawyor.
A decided explosion shook Lincoln
until sho rattled last Friday night. A
satisfactory reason for tho noise has
not yot boon given. Professor Barbour
adhoros to tlio bollof that It was a
meteorite and porslsts in keeping his
oyos flxod upon tho ground in tho hope
of saving tho pieces.
A. J. Woavor was roposlng peace
fully at Falls City and denies tho alle
gation that ho was making a political
speech at 'tho tlmo.
Professor Fosslor's wheel is still In
tact, and ho could not have fallon
Culver remains in good physical
condition which does not gtvo evidence
that ho fell from tho roof of Nobraska
Missouri withdrew from the football
loaguo about that time, but close in
vestigation falls to make the two
ovonts simultaneous.
Tho whoroabouts of tho "Dean" at
that hour woro unknown. Ills rota
tion to ttio Incident consequently can
not bo doflndtoly traced.
Tho only romalnlng possibility which
could causo such a commotion is tlio
fact that McMal dropped "something"
heavy and cumbersome about that
You will find good warm undorwear
at tho vory lowest prices at the Ewlng
Clothing Co., 1115-1117 O street.
Burlington's personally conducted
excursions to Utah and California. A
Pullman tourist sleeping car will leave
Lincoln every Thursday at 12:15 .p.
m. for Denver, Salt Lake, Ogden, San
FranclRco and Los Angeles. Only $5
for a double berth Lincoln to Los An
geles in ono of those cars. Remember
there is no change of cars. For full in
formation and tickets apply at Bur
lington & Missouri depot or city ticket
office, corner Tenth and O streets.
Q. W. Bonnell, C. P. & T. A.