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Vol IV. No. 10.
Phioi:, f Cunts
. -r .
1 1 utUpa Hard FlRht hut tho Nebras
ka boys Worn Too Strong
Clearly Outplayed
Onoo more wo have met the Haw-
eea and ft hoy nro ours! The Thanks-
phlng pome has become anlndlsponsa-
part of tho fostlvltles of the day at
(in, ilia anil Rood weather assures a fine
! , i,uv.l Tills year tho woathor prophet
did not pull his wires right, however,
iini oim i mil viiivvu wiis uiuiiuHinnmr
, iioiiB-h to come through tho mud and
nnsi 10 the game. Hut tho spirits of
iIkiso who came niado up for tho
.. iihor and It was a glorious game.
I was not yet R:30 when a telephone
in- -sago arrived at tho university tell
ing of the Nebraska's victory by a
s. ore of G to 0. The rod light was
i iiod and soon ovorybody know the
von Since then it has boon told
ifiain and again how tho Hnwkeycj
. ame for conquost and met defeat.
How they appeared on the field clnl in
their sorrel sweators and gamboled
round in the mud like lambs on n
n'oen meadow. How the cup dofondcrs
- wintered out and watched them a
lule and then bow they did 'om.
In the beginning Iowa soemcd to own
tho earth. But in the ond they quit
t laimed It to Nebraska with all Us ap
purtenances and belongings.
The game was evonly fought during
the greater part of the itimo of play.
Fair kicked off, Iowa having won the
toss and chosen the gou,j Tho ball re
mained in Iowa's possession but a
short tlmo when it wont to Nobraska
on downs. Nebraska advanced It to
Iowa's ton-yard lino, whore it was lost
on an excusable fumble, but Iowa re
gained forty-five yards boforo Kepler
could be stopped.
Iowa reached Nebraska's twenty-
I rrPTttrtl?bnl1-OTrtr.ak
in Iowa territory again. At Iowa's
five-yard line Nobraska lost on downs.
Tune was called with the ball in tho
'entre of Olio field. No score.
Then Jones. Bud .lones, of Lincoln,
Was called 'into tho game,
Tho' he limped somewhat on Iris loft
lame foot,
lie "got there' just tho same.
nd "Whipple, lengthy Whipple,
Tho Apollo or the it cam,
iimil helped tho hall along
nd made the bloaohors scream.
Hut all tho boys togothor.
Tho' lame and bruised and soro.
Downed the picked team from Iowa,
And rofusod to lot thoni scoro.
Thomas kicked off In the second hnlf
ami Nobraska advanced tho hull -metro
'"in sixty yards hof ore losing It on a
tinnhlo Iowa it 'for just threo
I'I.ivh when Nebraska took it on downs
md sent Shedd over the lino for tho
oni touchdown of tho game. An easy
-'! was kicked.
HaywardundSpooiiorwont out of tho
P"iip shortly aftor this and Whipple
unil Packard took tholr positions. Tint
In le new plnying was done when tlmo
tt.i8 called. Tho hall wub In tho cen
tre of the ilold In Nobrntfku'B jiobsuh
slon. Nobnirtkii (i, Iowa 0.
The line-up:
Holbrook . . .Loft ond Wiggins
Gardner ...Loft tnoklo Qury
Walker . ..Loft guard .Wilson, Oapt
Lolghton Capt Right guard ....Ktillur
' "fon Juiitro Mllford
Canton Right .taoklo ...Huywurd
TIM. I 1.
W'oniua TUght ond Thom.o
fc"-wyor Quarter Spooner
;,IoW 1-oft half (ICIiik
laln Right hulf ShodU
K"I,lo' 'Full iFuir
UmpireWill iplxloy.
Hoforoe -GriBwold.
LlneBinon-ainllullou and Artor.
rfho excursion from "Lincoln re
turned after rtho theatre was out. MoBt
"f tho 'teum stayed In Omalm till tvi-
day. i
You twill illnd good warm iiindurwoari
"t tliu wory Jlowest -prteus at the TDwlng'
Clothing Qon "1115-1117 O street
The fishmau nml nophomoro foot
lall loamS clashed together on tho
campus Saturday nttornoon to see
which class of tho university should
lioar tho honor of being tho most skll
ful on it 1.1 Kriillron, os both of these
teams consider tho seniors and juniors
easy meat
Morrison kicked oft to Wilson, who
aided by good Interference, carried, tho
hall ninety yards for a touclidown, be
fore tho sophs had aroused themselves
from tholr somnlferesness. Wilson
kicked goal. Morrison again kicked
off and as soon as the sophs got the
ball, thoy pushed it over and kicked
goal. The ball was pushed around the
centre until time was called, nnd tho
first half ended sophs 6, freshman C.
It was not long after tho second half
was called when tho freshles made an
other touchdown, Hisy nnd Wilson
carrying tho Wil. No goal was kicked.
Hasty k Joked off. Tho sophs' super
ior wcightjpvns itclling and they ad
vanced thSjbaUt steadily by terrible
rushes of lankier "and good gains by
McKay fcjja touchdown. Morrison
missed goal? Only one more minute
was loft. Score: Sophs 10, Freshman
to. r
The lln$
Stein ..
Hull ...
Moore .
. . Brown
.Ijort end .
.Loft Hackle
.Loft guard
.Centre Doubt
.Right guard ...Plnkham
.Bight tackle Carver
..Bight end .Montgomery
..Quarter Roador
, Bight hair Ryan
..Left bai; . .Josso Wilson
..Pull back Hasty
Stock .,,-,..
Kindlor .,.
Missouri has protested the Nebraska
game, claiming that It was an unfair
decision whlcb gave Nebraska the ball
and a touclidown after tho punt was
blocked, 1n tho first hair. Nobraska
bas protested tbo Kansas game, be
cauToT n'ocorJItngTo" Tier IntoYpTo'Di'tlo'n"
of the rules, "Harvard intorforonco"
was played by the Kansas team. It
will bo a surprise if oitbor or the pro
tests Is allowed. ir thoy aro not, Kan
sas undoubtedly has tho pennant, as
sho bas tlhe loast numbor of points
soorod against bor. The standing of
tbo olubs Is as follows:
Team. Kas. Neb. Mo. la.
Kansas 8 0 n
Nobraska 4 .. 31! 0
Missouri 12 10 .. 4
Iowa 0 0 0
Total 1C 18 38 HI!
TliiB gives Kansas the pennant on
the dose margin of four points, Ne
braska mid Missouri bolng tied for sec
ond plnco, oaoh ihaviug eighteen points
scored against It.
Tho ohapol was comfortably flllod as
to tho lower ipart on Wednesday evon
iug by an mttontlve audiouce assembled
to listen to the third recital given by
the pupils of the university school or
niUHio. A fair sprinkling or students
wore present. Or courHo theso reoituls
are not supposed to be finished and
artistic. They are simply to show tho
progress niade Hiy tbo ombryo musl
oliuis, and as Hiiuh ure iutorosting.
The intoriirotntlon or the music showod
inuuli Btudy and ipuluHtaklng on the
ijiart of thoso who imrtloljiuted. The
piano program consisted of the follow
ing numburs:
"Third FunttiBio" Melon Jloptmirk
Gujttrudo lluiiseu.
"Sahorao," "Album Loaf" Gado
Mary Kottorlng.
IProludo "Andanto RdllproBr"
Murth 31UBBQ.
iBouru No. 1 iBaoh1
iLo Papulllons Grog-!!
Mae 'Colson.
QUiore wore 'but two voice numbers,
one 'by MIbb 'Gortrudo Wright and one
iby MIbb Hmogono Clinton. MIbb Wright
Bang a Bong by A'bt Bmoothly and well.
A Boronado thy RoBewlng wus the boIoc
tion sung by "MIbb Clinton. 'Ono violin
Bdleotlon wus ipluyel by Willie Mudra.i
"Yunkoo iDoodle," with variations, wubI
the Boleotion.
Will ho Hold ot tho InnslnR Docom-
bor 18th A Hclldny Tour Ar-
rnnKod for tho Club.
Tho (lleo nnd Banjo clubs compris
ing over thirty men will give tholr third
annual concert at the Lansing theatre
on tlie night of tho ISth, The clubs by
connuuit hard drill ore in trim for a con
cert earlier than ever lxforo. The num
ber In both clubs hnis been Increased and
the most attractive and pleasing pro
gram ever presented by a glee and
banjo club In this city has been ar
ranged. Tho sonts nr? .all new and
catchy and are full of ty local oollnro
flavor that eharaotorlaed the Princeton
concert last year. Thtfe who have
been lucky enough to hoar the banjo
club say that tdiey plaV tho latest
two-stons In a way to brine joy to ibe
hearts of tlho various twlj-sxep fieadi In
the university'. There are to be sevwal
noveJtles In the programSnirtably a tvw
college song written especially for this
i-iiiiwn nnu a iiiL-uioy iiui m me mie?i
popular airs sung as only a glee club
can sing thorn. The manager Halph
Andrews bas decided to lower the prlr
of tickets to r0 cents in order that ever
man and woman In the university can
enjoy this first musical event given by
college students. The various frater
nities, societies and olubs are making
arrangements.for lox partloe and thra
tre partlos and it looks much as If this
should be a social as wail as a musical
event. This Is a thing you cannot
afford to miss. See thalt you do your
share. '
1900'S HOI.
Tho class of 1900 bop, given at
Representative ball Friday evening n
week ago, was the most elaborate affair.
over undertaken by any of tho lower
classes. The -decorations wore of tbo
class, unlvorslty and national colors,
and potted chrysanthemums were ar
ranged around tbo speaker's desk.
'Orchestra mnfjie wssirjiiDhod and
eighteen numbers -danced, wbicb wore
thoroughly enjoyed. Much credit for
flic successful termination -of tho re
ception Is duo ito tho committee on ar
rangements, Fred Ryiins, Vincent
O'Shea and Miss Morrisey.
Whoroas, It bas boon ploaslng to
Almighty God to Tomovo rrom a fiold
of Christian work Mrs. Mary 12. Wing,
niothor of our class mnta, Thomas 12.
Wing, be It
Resolvod, That class or 90, Col
logo or Law , extend our hoartfelt sym
pauty to -our class mate In this, his
hour of afillctlon.
Resolved, That a coil' or these res
olutions ibe sproad 'Upon the minutes or
tho ohiBs; that a copy bo sent to the
bereaved class mato unQ published in
the collogo papors.
C. 12. Tlu. - i
ProroBsor White to claBs in chem
istry: 1I fliopo the oung men who
have boon In Uho 'habit or looking the
Htools to itholr desks in the laboratory
will doslBt at once. II would also be
much iplousod Jf threo young 111011 -who
match iponnloB iwlhllo fhoy aro doing
laboratory work would (try to give up
that bud habit."
Thankhglvlng wltnoBHod the fifth an
nual game between MIbhoui'I and Kan
bub at ICinisiiB City. The scores.
1801 -Missouri 8, Kansas 22.
1B92 MlBsourl 4, KaiiBUB 12.
IBlia Missouri 12, Kansas 4.
1804 MiBsouri 12, Kansas 18.
1895 Missouri 12, Kansas C.
Tlie Ponusyhtiula-Oonioll game .to
Bulted 40 to 2 dn Ponn8jinuv.ia'B favor.
Tlroake Hcloked 'two goals from the field
and Blx goalB from iib -many cbanceB.
Tiho two ipolntB far 'Cornell u-eBultod
from a sufoty iBroake tmade Hiy fum
bling the 'ball while behind the iline for
u punt.
T)on 'Cameron's Hunch
south Eleventh stroet.
counter, 118
It was what in vulgar Kngllsh mlgh'
be callcil a mob. Tney wero standing,
sitting down and lying down In artistic
and comfortable positions all around
the room. Thoy wore different In man
ner, slr.o and feature, hut In one way
thoy were nllko they wero nil smok
ing. From the Youthful Borneo, with
his cigar between his thumb and fore
finger who was thinking very Intensely
of something, to tho Star Idiot with his
cigar In the extreme right comer of his
mouth, who never thought of anything
and never expected to, thoy wero all
pulling assiduously. The cause of this
cosmopolitan gathoriiiE and tholr com
mon occunatrton was that tho nililod
Fool ,,a,i m(A n crmv,, of thom on vho
. . , . . , , . ,, ,
bi.ii.-i-i .iuii in n hi ui iiiiiiriiui.ti RViifi
osity had opened his heart and in
cidentally his purso and bought a box
of cigars and they had geno
to the
nearest frnt rooms to augment their
ciwl nnd to lo justice to this cxtra-
onllnary Instance of cnlargomont of
lno 10nrti yearly cveryono was smok-
, ,. ,.r,, nT11 , ,, ,,,. wnr.n ,.
furtivo glances oast at the oion box on
tho table, lCvldontly thoy were trying
to finish their present weed in ordor to
have anothor crack at the box which
( ws not yet empty.
Tho Amateur Thosplan lay at full
length on a tufted loung. with a clus
ter of rebellious curls over his eyes,
"looking just like n full grown cherub,"
ventured the Commissioned Officer,
wac received in roturn for his doubt
ful compliment, a Greek Lexicon on
tho sido of the head, thrown from the
unerring hand of the scandalized and
rovongeful aspirant for histrionic
laurels. Unlike most of his comrades,
the Amateur Thespian was not smok
ing against time for tlie very simple
and sufficient reason that he didn't
need to. Ho knew either by Invitation
or investigation that thore wore five
cigars in the capacious pocket of tJhe
Banjo Fiend's overcoat and ho had the
comfortable assurance that he was the
only one who did know it He was
moreovor quite confident that ho could
porsuado the Banjo FJond to offer him
at least two of ithem, so he smoked
away in his charactorisWc fashion.
The Star Idiot did not seem to be on-joj-ing
his smoke. To toll tho truth a
cigar did not agree with him at all and
ho never would have smoked had ho
not considered it indispensable in his
character of "man about town." The
smoke was always gotiuug in his eyes
and nose and after the first fow imffs
be was sure to grow faint and while he
was recuperating his cigar would go
out. Tli on tli ore was always ithe
haunting fear t3iat he would put the
wrong end in his moutfli. Between
this -uneasiness and the iaintness and
tho -unpleasantness or swallowing hair
tho moke, the Star Idiot was ill at
ease. He tried desporatly not to show
it, however, and sat with an assump
tion -or elegant -ease and languor, con
tinuously flicking off real or Imaginary
ashes from (the end of 'his cigar.
"ThlB is a Tory good cigar," re
marked the Banjo Fiend by way of
starting a conversation and contem
pornnoouBly pnulslng the taste or itihe
donor. Euclh smoker agreed with him
readily. The Banjo Fiend was au
thority on good cigars and good banjos
and anything 'he cared to suy about
either waB listened to wltili awo and
veneration by Ihis fellow students;
wihuthor Hie knew uiijthlng else in the
world did mot matter in the least iho
never claimed any other knowledge
and mo one thought of enquiring.
"Yob, and its Tory popular, too," said
ithe 'Gilded Fool, trying mot to fed
puffed mp. "Ratlher strange that Whey
Bell ,bo miany of thorn, Booing that Its a
high priced cigar. People have to
work hard ifor every cent mow, you
Tlie Amateur TheBpiau Biniled. It
wub iroally Tory amusing to hear IJk'iB
kind of u speech from tho 'Gilded Fool,'
Who never 'did a stroke 'of work in Ix'lBi
Hlfe and wlhoBe father 'gave mini every I
cent he ever ihud Ju IIlIb pocket. The I
(ContliiuttU nu4tli pufiu )
Will bo Hold In tho Chnpal-A Spirited
Contast Promlsod Mnndarson-
Gstnhrook Prize.
The finals In tho preliminary Kan-sns-Nebraska
debates take place this
evening l he ehnpel. It promisor to be
the most spirited contest for oratorical
honors yet witnessed in the university
The lioys bnve all loen working hard
and it Is assured that thp winners will
not have a walk-away. There Is much
more Interest being manifested by the
participants Man ever was put Into the
local oratorical contest. An added fea
ture this yar Is tho Mnmk.von-lCsta-brook
priz which Is $S0 for first place
and $10 for second. These prizes will
In annually offered ad already they
have wnoil tholr purpose jn increas
ing the rivalry among the debaters. The
program for the evening Is as follows:
Vocal solo J. Albers
Debate "Uesolved. That the United
States Should Heeognlzo Cuba
as a Belligerent Tower."
Affirmative, C M. Barr, It, S. Baker,
H. V. Qualntance, A. J. Weaver.
Negative, J. M. Uodgers, J. H. Lien.
H, K. New-branch, H. 1 lavltt.
Voonl solo Miss Cutter
lVcskn of judfres.
The judges are: Professors Adanns,
Caldwell. Fling, Wolfe and Dean
The Central Church of Christ was
filled Sunday afternoon by friends, as
sembled to pay the last respects to all
that was mortal ot Mrs. Esther Barber,
wife of Prof. G. E. Barber, head or the
Latin department. Short services were
held at the residence, after which the
cortege moved to the church. The
casket was borne by Prof. C E. Bessey
and Prof, A. M-. Wilson, representing
the university. Porter Hedge and Ed
win Joary, representing the church and
C A Lyman and Samuel McClay, as
reprcsontat3?cs oFihVti:'Ar7tr
As the procession entered the church
Mrs. H. J. Kirschsteln played the fun
eral march. "Le Regret," by Shubert.
Tlie casket and the spnee around it
were covered with rare and beautiful
floral offerings. Among them was a
mound inscribed ''Mother," from the
children, a pillow marked "Our Presi
dent," from Appomattox WT. R. C ;
opon gates with the inscription "Rest."
from the ladles' aid society; A broken
wheel from Professor Barber's stu
dents; a cluster of chrysanthemums
from the ladies' faculty club; offerings
from tho Delta Tau Delta and Phi
Knppa Psl fratornities, besides many
Individual ouerings.
It is not generally known that stu
dents are privileged to take books from
the city library. Our librarian, Miss
Jones, wishes it announced that they
are. Registration blanks may be se
cured from her or at the university
librarian's desk. It is only necessary
to have -0110 of theBO signed and the
student, although not a resident -of Lin
coln, miay then eommance to secure
books from the city library,
Joe Boardsley has 'been temporarily
employed Jn the office of the state
board or transportation at stenograph
er, the position hlB father used to
Clyde C McDowell took his first ride
In the -patron wagon the other night
He was wanted aB a witness In police
courtand tihe hoodlum waB -driven up to
hlB tdoor and he got In as though It
were a cara'iufie and the driver wab lib
Budd 'Gillespie or the .cadet Iband has
developed a remarkable idegree tof dex
terity with Mb mew skates.
The Sigma lArpka Qflpsllon fraternity
gave a delightfully informal .dance at
their roomB on TYJday might. The
a'ooms were ttubtofully deoorated and
the (dancing -program was enjoyed to
the fullest extent.