The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 22, 1895, Image 3

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Will Carney Ih working In the gold
tnlni'H nt Ward, Colo,
Mr. Hurt Abry'M father
ilnyH with him tliin week
Soo our lino of Ovorconts
tm SYamT I : I ;3
MMio Dellan literary society will give,
a miiHlcul program soon.
Mr. Porter Ihih boon fontiiilly liiHtn.ll-
ed as Janltoi of University Hall.
MIhh Lisle Wilkinson hns boon miff or
lug from ti Hovcro attack of totiHllltlH.
If they uhocI "Wool 'Soup' " probably
they would not havo Hhrunk ho much.
1 U. Hraun'H grill room Ih becoming a
popular placo for fratornlty HproalH.
Mr. Hort Oarrlngor was out of HChool
all of laHt week on account of tonsllltls.
Professor Urunor Ih busy Identifying
a lot of Mexican birds that ho captured
in '!:!
i Miff WoHCOtt of IMnttHinouth wiib vis
iting old Unlvorsnty frlondH tho llrHt
nf the week.
Dr. R. 11. Woloott will address tho
medical HtudontH thlH (Friday) evening
In Nebraska hall. '
11. K. Whooler Ih back visiting hla
friends. After tho Omaha gamo ho will
return to Khiihiih.
('arl Korloko of lMattHinouth Hpent the
early part of tho week with bin oouhIu,
Ki newt Wlggonhorn.
The Kwlng Clothing Co. are showing
the bent vnlui'H In $8 and $10 huUh and
NfU'iints In Lincoln.
Ue. Will Urown, 'Ul, who ban boon at
(leneva. Neb., died Sunday, November
17th. of typhoid fever,
Principal Kllllau and brother of tho
Greenwood HchoolH woro visiting thu
I'nlverslty last week.
Kupt. Overboil of AHhland brought
up about twenty high HChool HtudontH
to see the game Saturday.
Will McKay roportod the Doano and
Kansas games for tho Journal and tho
Council Iilurfs Nonpareil.
.Mrs. II. II. Shedd of Ashland spent
Saturday and Sunday with her sons,
Harry and Georgo Shedd.
Al Moss circulated among his old
friends a few bonis Thursday. Ho Is
teaching In Jefferson county.
Occupancy of tho library for recita
tion rooms has boon delayed until af
ter the Thanksgiving recess.
You will find good warm underwear
at the very lowest prices at the Kwlng
Clothing Co., llin-im O streot.
If you want neckwear that is up to
date go to the Ewlng Clothing Co. Thoy
are tho leaders In Furnishing Goods.
Last Friday the recall sounded at
5:r5 the proper time by tho way. Hun
gry cadets rejoiced much thereat.
The Commandant announced Friday
night, that all cadets absent from the
foot ball game would bo reported.
Miss .Tosslo Shultz of Heatrlce has
registered at tho conservatory, and is
also carrying some University work.
MMio ofllcors havo decided to adopt
tho military cap, similar to tho one tho
commandant wears, and have sent for
S. A. Clark, county suporlntondont of
Saunders county was visiting his son,
ISdgar, and taking In tho 'Varsity,
Carl Marley, "J5, Is ow a mombor of
tho llrm of LambortHon & Hall, and Ih
practicing law with all the guHto of a
Tho Chancolior lias formally an
nounced the MMuinksglvlng recess will
be from Wednesday evening to Mon
day morning.
The Library building Is being rapidly
put In shape for occupanoy. Our library
facilltlos are suporb, tho reading-room
being oifpeolally linn.
The. botanical department Is busily
engaged in proof-reading on the seminar
publications, and Dr. Rossoy's book,
which he Is re-edltlng.
MMio many frlondH of Ulllle Wilson will
be pained to learn that ho Ih confined
to IiIh homo, near College View, threat
ened with typhoid fever,
The Janitors all remained on the
ground 'ast MMiemlay evening. MMils
moans that our Jollflcatlons aro to bo
kept In certain bounds,
Arthur Pancoast, who Ih teaching at
AHhland, vlHlted frlondH at tho univer
sity Saturday and Sunday. Ho Wiih
down for tho Kansas game.
Tht next mooting of tho political
economy club will bo addressed by Hon.
L. D. Klchards, of Fremont. It will bo
held In two or throe wooks.
Oloe club lehearsal MMio club sings,
"Ob the beautiful Miller's daughter."
MMio director Don't hold tho daugh
ter so long, especially tho first tlmo.
Dr. HosHoy got word yesterday of the
shipment of a largo invoice of botanic
al apparatus from Germany, which has
boon long expected and anxiously look
ed for.
Mr. Shear has returned from his trip
to tho Ulack Hills, llo collected a line
lot of specimens of the trees of that
region, and tho trip was entirely suc
cessful. '
MMio mother of Rort Gordon died Sun
day morning at her residence, 1227 S
street. Mrs. Gordon has boon keeping
house for her two sons while thoy at
tended school.
Heta MMiota PI will give an Informal
dance at their chapter houso Saturday
evening. MMils Is the first party of tho
season and the boys are endeavoring to
make It a grand success.
Mr. McLood was a little late to bis
ten o'clock class Tuesday and when
he arrived all but a prep and a pretty
girl had bled themselves thoncoforth.
Results are being awaited.
Miss Jones Is moving Into her now
office. It has a very handsome desk
with all sorts of convenient pigeonholes
and drawers; a couch; and will have a
small table for the letterpross.
Tie fore going home for MMuinksglvlng
you should examine the lino of new
bookH JiiHt received at Horpolsholmor's
book department. The very latest and
popular are there at tho lowest prices.
See our special line of $lfi suits made
to order. Special bargains In pants,
$11.75. A good overcoat, $10. Geo. W.
Frasor, agent for Independence Wool
Manufacturing Co., 11!) North Thir
teenth street.
During the week, Tie v. C. S. Harrison
of Weeping Water, Professor Fordyco
of Wesloyan University and Professor
Taylor of the I-dncoln Polytechnic were
visitors In the botanical department of
the university.
MMie Phi Kappa Psl Initiates two new
men Thursday night, Frank , Stclnor
and Charlie MMiompson. After the cere
monies tho boys adjourned to P. P..
Hraun's grill room whore an elegant
supper was served.
MMioso people who wont to English I!
woro heartless creatures. "Woro thoy
so selfish that they would not forego
tho pleasure of the lecture In ordor to
allow tho professor to go to the gamo?
Verily it looks that way.
MMio marshals at Crete aro moro sav
age than Omaha pollcomon. Thoy carry
heavy canos and do not hosltato to uso
thorn. Several of tho unlvorslty boys
woro struck by those mon, while Doano
men wore allowed to crowd In.
Dr. Ressey Is preparing a course of
locturos, which aro to follow tho lec
tures given by Professor Tlarbour In
Omaha on tho 17th, 23d, and 28th of this
month. This course 1h a part of tho
unlvorslty oxtonslon courses.
The Palladlails gave a party last Sat
urday evening, November 10, at tho
homo of Miss Ttcdford, 405 South Twen-ty-Hlxth
street. Nearly all the members
of tho society and some of tholr frlondH
woro present. Many novelties In the
way of games and amusements wore
Introduced, which made tho evening an
especially pleasant one. Dellcuto re
freshments were served.
II you w in ..i vt'Ht pocket Testamen
muted on India paper, Iml one inc,
wide and li:ilf tm in ;h til lok, just look
overt io HtJc't at Ilorpo lHliulmor&Co'H.
Pho rooters at the Kansas gamo
clamored vlgorqusly for a fellow to
take his cute little cap off from a reg
ular chrysanthemum head of hair of
a rather pale hue. It was afterwards
discovered to be Captain Lee of Doano
A dancing club, composed of about
twenty-five Unl. boys, has been organiz
ed, with L. A. llrown as president; Goo.
Hlssor, secretary-treasurer, and C. L.
Shuff reporter. MMio boys expect to dis
pel all considerations of hard work ono
evening each month and substitute a
good time.
You are Invited to attend the Mis
sionary Mooting In Chapel Sunday,
Nov. 21, 4 p. in. MIhh Coir will load.
Mr. Lunn, Mr. Walker, and Miss Bur
rows will toll us about Robert and Mary
Moffalt, John G. Paton, and Moravian
Missions. Three examples of abiding
faith. MIsh llooso will sing.
Professor Fling went to Palmyra Fri
day morning to Investigate the claims
of the high hcIiooI to be placed on the
accredited list. In the afternoon ho
lectured boforo the County M'eachoi'H'
association on tho mothodH of teaching
history. Professor Fling Is becoming
very well known throughout tho stnto
and his methods In many places tiro be
ing adopted.
The Phi Kappa Psl fratornlty wound
up the foot ball gamo Saturday by on
Informal little party In the evening. In
honor of tholr two now Initiates, Frank
Stelner and Charlie Thompson, and
Piott. tho Kansas captain. About
twenty couple enjoyed the hospitality
of the chapter house, dancing and
playing cards. Mrs. Wllloughby's or
chestra furnished the music and Ices
were served In the library.
MMie M'ennls association met Wednes
day evening and perfected plans for
tho coming year. It was decided to
put In three new courts with perma
nent back-nets directly west of the Li
brary. A committee was appointed on
grounds and on finance. Tho report of
tho treasurer showed $28.0!i and ono-half
dozen balls on bjind. Tho now courts
will cost In tho neighborhood of $100 and
will be the finest In the west.
i i i mtm I " lui
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gent's Gloves
1235 t0 I239 O St
olephono 199.
327-331 North Twelfth St.
Jeweler, Optician, and Engraver.
All goods sold engraved froo of eharyo, and no clinrgo mado for examining
tho oyos.
1 143 O Street. - - Lincoln, Neb.
MMio preliminary debates woro com
pleted on MMiursday evening of last
week. MMio attendance was some larg
er than on tho Tuesday night boforo,
but not nearly so large as It should have
been. Quite a number of those who did
attend woro outsiders and not students
In the university.
MMiere were two questions debated
during the evening. The first was on the
subject: "Resolved, That congress
should establish arbitration boards for
tho settlement of labor disputes." The
speakers were A. C. Mayor, Clint Rarr,
13. Coleman and J. II. McGuffey.
The other question debated was: "Re
solved, That the policy of the United
States should bo the extension of its ter
ritory." A. J. Weaver, It. S. Raker, II.
P, Lcavltt and O. W. Meier were tho
The Judges, Profs. Caldwell, "Wolfe
and Adams, then rondorod their decis
ion. MMiey Holooted the following ns
the eight host out of the slxtoon who
had dobatod: A. J. Woavor, It. S. Rakor,
.T. II. Lien. II. 10. Newbranch, II. P.
Leavltt, Clint Rarr, II. "V. Qualutance
and J. M. Rodgers.
Those olgbt mon will dobato tho ques
tion, "Resolved, That congress was not
Justllied in extending the franchise to
the nogro after the abolition of slavery."
In tho collogo chapel, on Friday ovonlng.
Decembor 10. An admission fee of ton
cents will bo charged. Whatovor Is re
ceived will go toward mooting tho ex
pense of tho dobato noxt spring.
Tho president of the debating associa
tion wlsbos MMie Nebraskan to urgo ov
ory oyal student to do what ho can to
mako theso debates a succos. TIiuh
far but llttlo Interest has beon shown.
If tho students do tholr duty, the chap
el will bo filled on tho ovonlng of De
comber Cth, and thoso who aro there will
be repaid for their time.
Corner llth and R Streets.
"Will Seat SO People.
RegfQaa? jBoard at SB2.50.
Tickets $3.00.
jXTTrPjr ,.
!!& So. 1 1th St. Ground Floor.
Special Kates to s Shxbents,
. . TO . .
"The Italy of America,"
Southern California has very truthfully beon culled; with its fruits and flowers, u,
Veritable Summerland.
Students, whon you want to go homo either to points on tho main lino or to
KfriuvS W
If you lmvo trouble with your eyes
see Dr. Magoo at once. No chnrgu fo
xuiniuutlon. 1 Itli and O streets.
If you trade with Frank DuToil,
no wa ngont, cigars, etc., you will re
celv'o generous treatment
ATJBiaifcT., ETC,
Always take UNION PACIFIC.
City Ticket Office 1044 O Street.
, D. 8L08S0N,
General Agent.
ICity Tioket Agent