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Y01..IV. No. J).
Pitiorc fi Cknt
Dof.mtocl 24 to O-And Wo Did Not
Hnlf Try-.-hodd'n l.oriK Htin-
I ho DotmlB,
Do-do-do-ro-tno; in-m-m-u-d mud
mil no particular kind of nitul olthor.
ohl ribbon was ohoup In Cruto about
u o'clock Tuesday ovonlng, but they
wanti'il all tlio blnok to dooornto tbi
r.metory with, How Donnu did fall
twenty-four to nothing, Just double tho
score they mndo against us hiMt year.
1 nir man of tho riiiiio gives tho follow
ing details:
Tin- line-up:
f. of N. Doano.
J '.icltii rd loft ond . . . EloholborRor
1 uiry loft tackle Stall
riMi. WllHon..lofl Rtiurd....Capt. Loo
Kollor center Fisher
Jones rlRh t guiml O won
liny ward.... rlRht taoklo Roasouor
Thorpe rlKht end H Konagy
Spoonor qunrtor I..Konngy
Wiggins....' loft half Mains
Shodd rlRht half Johnson
Fa ir full back Sands
Dungnn was substituted for Jones
mar tho ond of tho second hah'. Umplro
('. 1.. ThoinnR. roforoo; Lieut. Smith,
linesmen Mnllallou and Lieut. Hardin
of Crete.
Nobrnska won tho tons and took tho
ball. Tnlr punting 35 yards. It was ro
turnod five yards. Thqn by some Rood
steady lino buoklnR, Doano brouRht It
within tlvo yards of tho center.
(letting ton yards moro on an off-sldo
Play, Wilson went through tho lino for
l." yards. A succession of brilliant
books by Jones. Wiggins and Shodd
took tho ball over tho lino In 12 moro
plays. The attempt at Roal failed, tho
ball hitting the cross bar. Tlmo 15 min
utes. Hero Doano got In aoino of her funny
work. Crabbing. Iho JuilU-Uiuy- uisbcul
laok t the center, but kicked on tho
linll live yards beyond the center. This
was not noticed at llrst, but It showed
up on tho Nebrasknn man's chart when
Donne had the ball on our 15 ynrd line,
while his chart showed It had been ad
anoid but 3fi yards from the center.
This kick-off was for 35 yards. Fair took
It back 1.1 yards, and on tho llrst play
Shodd made 12 yards around tho left
end. We bucked It 0 yards further when
it was lost on downs. Donne then made
some brilliant line bucks, netting them
23 yards: In three chances the advanco
Nobraskn made was 3 yards and gave
up the ball. Doano bucked' It back 13
moro yards, getting tho ball on our 15
yard line. Nebraska took tho ball again
:iud was forced to punt, making 20
yards. In three plays Donne gained 15
yards, then yielded the ball on downs.
Shedd started out with a run for 20
yards, then followed it up with 5 more.
A few more bucks brought It to the con
tor of the field, when time was called.
Score, Nebraska -I, Doano 0.
The second half opened with the
Dnane boys feeling pretty woak. Ne
braska's pace was too swift for them.
Sands kicked off for 35 yards and
Shedd returns 27 of them. Tho third
down finds us with 2 yards to gain and
a punt is attempted. The kick Ib block
ed and we lose 15 yards, but soon have
tho ball on downs. Here the crowd was
treated to a sample of playing they had
never witnessed before. The ball was
20 yards from the center and In Just 11
more plays 75 yards were gained, scor
ing a iouch-down. Shedd started It by
a gain of 7 yards through the line, then
he came around the right end for 28
more. Oury carries the ball 8 yards,
Jones 5, an off-side play gives us ten
more, Shedd and Oury make five yards
through the line, Jones gets 5 more.
Oury takes the ball again and make C
yards, leaving only 4 yards more to
make. Once more Oury takes the ball
and scores a touch-down, Shead kicks
goal; time, 10 minutes.
Sands kicks off for 35 yards again, but
Hayward carries It back 13 yards. After
bucking tho line for C yards, Doane
takes the ball on downs, but after mak
ing' 5 yards they give It up. Hayward
makes 3 through the line and JoneB tvo
more; then Shedd makeB another of
his famous right-end runs for 32 yards,
Oury carries tho ball 12 yards through
tho lino. Three more bucks Just meas
ures flvo yards, so wo keep tho ball.
Hhmld makes I through tho lino and
Oury follows for I more, Oury Is given
tho ball again and In two trials ho
makes 8 yards. Hayward carries It for
I and Wilson takes It within 2 yards of
Doano's goal line. In tho next play, tho
ball was lost on a fumble with 3 yards
loss, Uoauu fumbles In return, but
Sands Rots dlspulod possession of tho
ball behind Donne's lino. Tho umpire
glvkjs him tho benellt of tho doubt, thus
11 safety Is scored for Nebraska, making
the score 12 to 0. In her favor.
Nebraska klckod off. Piatt caught tho
ball and made a good run of thlrty-llvo
yards. Tlmo was cnllod with the ball
In tho center of tho Hold, and tho scoro
stoild: Kansas, 8; Nebraska, 1.
The ball Is then started from Doano's
25 yard Hue. After making (i yards
through the line, she Is forced to punt,
losing S yards and tho ball by so doing.
Nebraska takes the ball and bucks tho
lino S more times, scoring a touch-down,
Hayward, Oury, Wilson and Fair car
rying the ball, inlr carries tho ball
over, makes an elegant leap over tho
lino and getting the bull squarely be
tween the goal post Shedd kicks goal;
time, 22 minutes; score, Nebraska IS;
Doane 0.
Doane kicks oft for 2S yards, but Pack
ard carries It back 10 yards. "We ad
vance G yards and lose tho ball on
tlowns, quickly rocovorlng It. Then
Shedd makes tho play of tho day. Dodg
ing here nnd there about the right end,
brushing off tho little mosquitoes, aid
ed by excellent Interference, ho gts
started down tho Hold nnd Is nwny for
11 touch-down, from which ho kicks goal.
By actual measurement ho made a gain
of just C8 yards. Tlmo 28 minutes; scoro,
Nebraska 24: Donne 0.
Donne kicks off ngaln for 35 yards,
Wiggins carrying It bnck 15. Thorpe
LumJiGa-l yards,lhmugh .the Hiyj.. but
Doane gets the bnll on downs. Johnson
mnkes u run around our right end for
lit yards, the only gain or any nolo
oa.iajn.i nqj, 'opiiui o.t 'pnq ouuoci
thought he ought to be rewarded, so
gave him 10 ynrds, claiming a foul tackle
by Packard. This brings tho ball on our
ten yard Hue. and tho chances for
Doano's scoring are bright. Three more
plays brings them Just live yards near
er, but Hi yards are all they gain In
three moro trials. The crowd now lots
no tlio breutb tliev have been holdlmr.
while Fair punts back for 25 yards. Tho
referee does not seem to be In a hurry
to call time, but after assuring himself
that Doane couldn't score If she had
all night to do It In, he declares the
game ended with tho ball In our terri
tory, 20 yards from the center.
The custom of tendering a reception
to the Chancellor and his wife was duly
observed Wednesday evening by tho
clnss of 'OC. Tho Conservatory parlors
were engaged and every thing conduc
ive to the comfort and enjoyment of
the guests was done. After a neat
speech by Pres. Almy which was res
ondcd to by the Chnncellor In his
characteristic way, the Chancellor nnd
Mrs. MacLean wore elected members
of the class.
Tho floors were then cleared nnd
dancing and games held the attention
of the guests for the remainder of the
Thore was no noticeable disturbance
by undor-classmon something a ma
jority of the students thought 9C did
not deserve, considering their actions
of last year. Only mutterlngs, however,
were the result of this feeling , so noth
ing "Interesting" happened.' The class
of 'DC Is to be congratulated on the non
occurrence of any disturbance.
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After last Saturday no one can say
the Lincoln people Is not enthusiastic
over foot ball.
At E1. Young's, tlie best variety,
and news and cigars, 1204 O street.
KnnsnH Plnya Hor'Hnrvnrd Intorfor.
onoo nnd boat Us H to 4- ,
Nohraska's Hard Luok.
Saturday's football game was tho host
attended of any over played In Lincoln.
There was at least two thousand peo
ple present, Tho bleachers and grand
stand wore full loiig before tho game
was called, John Dixon lod tho cheer-
lug, and If noise e,iilI save tho team
they would have won. ,
Tho day wiih favorable for a good
game, bring cool enough for tho players,
but not cold onntiRlj, to bother tho spoe
ators.. A light nuYthwost wind was
blowing, but not stiong enough to glvo
either sldo an advantage.
At 3 o'clock tho Nebraska boys ap
peared on tho Held. They wore soon fol
lowed by tho Kansas man, and thu
Rnmo was called at :S0 o'clock. Tho de
lay was caused by the choosing of ail
umpire to 1111 the placo of C. II. "Wil
son of Omaha, who had boon agreed up
on, but failed to uppoar.
When they lined Op tho plnyors wore
as follows:
IMatt, Capt.
Mel ford
left end
left tackle
left guard
right guard
right tackle
right ond
quarter? back
Stono and
loft half
right lialf
Dean, Foster, Phillips,
Kennedy woro Kansas substitutes, and
Cameron, Jonos and Packard woro Ne
braska's. Goo. Sweeny of Crete was um
pire; Lent. K. V. Smith of Baldwin,
Kansas, referee, nnd C. C. Borkley of
the. Virginia lnstlUfc.anrt C. F. F.lsho.r
of Doane college, woro linesmen.
Nebraska won the toss nnd chose tho
west gonl. Wllllnmson kicked for for
ty ynrds. Hnywnrd euught the bnll
nnd returned It ten ynrds. By a succos
slon of line plays Nebraska advanced
It ten yards, when the ball was dropped
after a hard tackle. Nebraska soon got
it again on downs, nnd gullied twenty
yards by a succosslon of Hue plnys. An
attempt to punt failed and getting tho
ball, Kansas carrlod It by a succession
of short gains to Nebraska's ten yard
line, whore It was lost to Nebraska on
a fumble.
Nobrnska now advanced thirty yards
by a series of bucks, and a kick by Fair
sent It thirty ynrds more. Jones fell on
tho ball, which was fumbled by Gump,
and It remnlned In tho hands of tho No
brasknns. Whipple carrlod the ball ten
ynrds further, but lost the ball by a
fall, and Kansas getting It at their ten
yard Hue.
Kansas returned It llfteen yards by
lino plays, when It wont to Nebraska
on downs. They carrlod It to Kansas'
ten yard line, but lost It again on a
Kansas mado a short kick for thirty
yards. Spoonor caught the ball and re
turned It live yards.
Stono was now substituted for Bur
noy nnd Burney took Wll.Jamson's place
who went out of the game.
Nebraska again brought tho ball up to
Kansas' ten yard line, but lost It on a
fumblo again.
Stone took the ball and made a fifteen
yards gain around Nebraska's right
end. Tho ball was now placed on Ne
braska's twenty-live yard line by a suc
cession of short gains. Here It was
lost and Nebraska carried the ball to
Kansas' ten yard line for the fourth
time, but again lost it on a fumble.
Knnsas made a fifteen yard gain by
Outland carrying the ball around the
right end, when he was tackled by
TIk rpe, and the time was called for the
first half, with the ball on Kansas'
twenty-five yard line. Score, Kansas 0;
Nebraska, 0.
Fair kicked off, Outland caught the
ball and returned it ten yards. Nebras
ka got the ball on downs and Shedd was
sent around'the end. Gump was hurt In
a tackle and Kennedy was substituted.
llson advanced tho ball, but It was
soon lost on a fumblo.
Stone now made an ond run of twelve
yaids and Outland carrlod It over tho
sldo lino within ten yards of Nebraska's
KOiil. Kansas scored In two moro plays.
Tho ball was touched down near tho
sldo Hue, and tho punt out fallod, Scoro,
Kansas -I; Nebraska 0.
Nebraska kicked off, and Outland
caught tho bnll, and returned It llftoon
yards. Nebraska took tho ball on
downs, and by a succosslon of lino plays
carried It to Kansas' ilvu yard lino,
when tho ball wont to Kansas on downs.
Kansas tried a lino play, but did not
Rain and then determined to kick. Fair
blocked tho kick and touched tho ball
down. Nebraska kicked out, Shodd
caught tho ball, but fallod to make a
goal kick, Score, Kansas I; and Nebras
ka I.
Kansas kicked off, Fair caught the
ball and carried It back llftoon yards.
Kansas soon took' the ball on downs,
nnd by a succession of end runs made
a second touch clown In eight minutes.
They failed to kick goal and tho score
stood: Kansas, S; Nebraska, I.
A protest has been Hied with tho of
ficers of tho leiiRiie iiRalnst awarding
Saturday's game to Kansas. Accord
ing to Nebraska's interpretation of tho
rules, only ono ond can bo played be
hind the line. Missouri wanted to
play her Harvard Interference (having
both ends back of tho line) but Capt.
Wilson protested and a ruling was then
made, the result being that Missouri
had to keep ono end In thu line. Kan
sas was allowed to play both her ends
hind the lino, according to Sweeney's
ruling. Dy tho way, Sweeney Is now a
Donne man and Doane plays hor Hurv
nrd Interference hence the ruling. Tho
protest will probnbly not bo ruled on
until tho regular annual mooting, when
tho pennant Is awarded.
livciiBc of a tJa, thtuiannnntJlsaw.arj!.-,
ed tho team having tho least number
of points scored against It. As It now
stands, Kansas leads with only four
against her. Missouri has ton nnd Ne
braska eighteen, Iowa eighty-six. Our
chances depended upon Kansas boating
Missouri last year. They now depend
upon Missouri beating Kansas which
is very likely, tho only question being
will she score enough paints against
her to cover our majority, and will
Kansas scoro onough to keep Missouri
from tho pennant? Should the Kansas
Missouri gomo result, Missouri 14, Kon
sas C, provided wo shut out Iowa, tho
three of us will bo tied for tho pen.
"We can only hope that Missouri will
rub It Into Kansas about. 1G to S.
Tho south side of the foot ball grounds
presented a very pretty appearance
Saturday. Tho ground was lined four
deop, with carriages decorated with the
scarlet and cream and with the colors
of the vnilous fratornltles. Tho Phi
Kappa Psl's had the tally-ho decoratod
profusely with our colors and the lav
ondor nnd pink of the fraternity. Tho
Hesperian party had a largo band wag
on with a scarlet and cream banner
with Hesperian In large lottors.
The Phi Psl party was Mlssos Wal
ton, Edna Polk, Jessie Jury, Mayslo
Amos, Cora Cropsoy, Mabel Richards,
May Whiting, Emily Wooks, PyorB.
Messrs. Mapes, Korsmeyer, Wiggon
horn, Norton, Elliott. Hlldreth, Sedg
wick. Wilson, Shodd.
The Kensington parties woro Miss
Colson, Miss Hughes, Itussel Thorpe
and Doc Everett; Miss Williamson,
Miss Nance, E. P.. Sawyer and Corby;
Miss RickettB, Miss Adams, Ed. Ad
ams and Mike Hartlgan; Clara Wat
kins, Ulanche Garten, Gertie Hansen,
Ernest Ames and Harry Robinson;
Marie Fechot, Maude Rlsser, Charley
Pulls and Jim Fechetj Miss Lowe,
Miss Lau, Frank Stelner and Edgar
Morrill; Marie Marshall, May Moore,
John Dixon and Joo MalllUeu; Clara
Parks, Helen Welsh, Earl McCreery
and Doctor Wolcott; Ellen and Francse
Geere, Grace Lemlng and Laura Houtz;
Lottie Wheedon, Maggie "Wheedon,
Stella Elliot and C. O. Wheedon; Miss
Hammond, Miss Rolff, Horace Whit
more and Ed. Strode.
Our Ono Chnnoo Loft of Winning tho
Ponnnnt Will MmBourl Do
Hor Pnrt ?
Our ono chanco of winning the pen
nant depends upon our shutting out
Iowa, and of Missouri beating Kansas
by a score of about HI to 8. Our bovs nre
going to work hard to do their part. It
Is quite posslblo thoy will. Tho following
song provided much amusement for tho
boys and spectators last year. It will
bo sung again next Thursday:
Iowa, Iowa, wo'vo boon thlnkln'
What a cold day It will be.
When tho Unl. of Nebraska
Gets a swlpo at such as thoo.
Whistle Refrain,
lown, Iowa, we've boon thlnkln'
When our team gets on the Hold,
Llttlo boys, from Iowa City,
Must tho game so easily yield.
Whistle Rofrnin.
Iowa, Iowa, wo'vo boon thlnkln'
That tho boys of Nebraska
Will with oaso upon tho grid-Iron
Do tho boys of Iowa.
Whistle Refrain.
Iowa, Iowa, wo'vo boon thlnkln'
Listen to what we're going to toll,
Hotter take your scmw.ny 'leven
And go straightway down to Kansas.
Whistle Itefraln.
In harmony with a custom that Is
several years old, and conforming to
the proclamation of tho Chancellor, I.
Otis G. Whipple, manager of the foot
ball team of tho University of Nebraska,
by virtue of tho authority vested In mo
by the athletic association, do hereby
designate and sot apart
Thursday, tho 28th day of November,
A. D 1S05, as a day of hilarious and
joyful thanksgiving to Almighty Mars
for ,"lls blessings to us as a football
leajnnflrnn"rtlTfiatle association, and an
a university, nnd I earnestly request
that on this day all manner of mental
work may bo laid aside, and our stu
dents assemble together In tho usual
football fields and In their boarding
houses and in such manner as their spir
its may approve, render tnanks to the
great Mars for tho manifold victories
gained and enjoyed under tho bcnlfi
cont Intlueuco of tho Ynlc-Prlnceton
football rules of tho present season.
The University of Nebraska has in
deed great reason to fool a deep sense
of gratltudo to Billy Wilson, the captain
of tho team. In the midst of tho univer
sal grief occasioned by tho Kansas de
feat tho students of tho university
hnve enjoyed great satisfaction over
tho numerous victories of tho season
now drawing to a close.
Victory has again smiled upon our
football team, blessing tho efforts of the
players, with touch-downs sufficient to
meet all ordinary wnnts, and peace and
contontmont provall throughout the un
iversity. Lot us also this day remember the
Inme nnd the halt among the football
players, not by prayers alone, but by
doses of Kendall's Spavin cure, Witch
Hazel and St. Jacob's OH, applied in
such quantities as will render the re
cipients thereof strong and well able
to play accustomed positions next year.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
subscribed my name nnd cnused to be
nfilxed the great seal of the athletic as
sociation. Done in the Bowling Alley at the Uni
versity of Nebraska, this twenty-first
day of November, In the year of our
Lord olghteon hundred and ninety-five;
In the year of the university the twenty
sixth; nnd In the year of the football
toam the fifth. By tho
Private Secretary.
Everyone who is interested In debat
ing is Invited to attend the Pall Boys
Debating club. It meets every Satur
day evening.
The Phi Kappa Psi men Bhowed their
far-sightedness whey they engaged a
tally-ho last spring. They had by far
the finest turnout seen on the field.
Don Cameron's lunch counter, 118
south Eleventh strest.