The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 19, 1895, Image 1

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Voi, III. No. 2ii.
PlUUH Five Cents.
oa njHH
Tho Ziottor Rooolvod Trom Noal 0. Doran
Allows ub to Boml Twonty Mon
ThoJCommtttlo will Aot.
As to tho proposod Inlor-stato
moot to bo hold at KunsitB Oily,
tho following letter which hits
boon received bv Fred Barnos,
will givo nil tho information now
in tho hands of tho oonimittoo
which was appointod to tuko
charge of tho nmttor.
ISIit. F. E. Barnes,
Lincoln, Ni:n.
Dear Sih: Sineo my last lot
tor wo have outlined with A. .1.
Post or, of Kansas University, tho
following probitblo list of ovonts
during tho proposod "Meet" ut
Fitiruiount Park, May 24th and
Friday, Mav 24th.
100 yard dash.
220 yard dash.
410 yard dash.
Punning long jump.
Standing high jump.
Punning high jump.
Standing broad jump.
Ono halE-milo bicyclo race.
One milo bicyclo raco.
Baso-ball game.
Saturday, May 25th.
Ono milo run.
10 pound hammer.
10 pound shot.
Polo vault.
Ono c,uartor-milo bicyclo raco.
Two milo bicyclo raco.
Baso-ball gamo.
Those of courso tiro subject to
chaugo, but will probably bo tho
ovonts most suited to such a
"moot" and was outlinod chiefly
to enable tho various universities
to got into practice so as to bo
ready for tho "Moot". Wo would
sufiiiost that tho list of members
of your ball team and athletic
toam should bo mailed to us at
least n week prior to the ditto of tho
"Meet" and that tho same should
be approved by your Chancellor
as a guarantee of members being
enrolled studouts, this will bo re
quired of ouch univorsity. The
numbor of contestants of each
university will bo limited to
twenty, including captain and
manager. "Wo will pay all ex
pense of railroad faros and hotol
bills, teams to board at tho ulttb
house in tho park, meals to bo
furnished at tho Park Oafo, and
to bo paid by us. Wo will fur
nish all starters, umpires, roforeos,
and timo-keopors. This is I think
a full and concise statement of
our position in tho matter and I
trust you will lo.t us know shortly
as to whether the proposition will
bo accepted, and if wo can depend
upon your taking part in the
Wo must know something dofi-
nilo boforo long in order that wo
may proporly advertise and got
tho thing boforo tho public. Wo
havo no doubt that a very good
and suocossful entertainment can
bo arranged, and that all con
nected will bo porfoctly satisfied
with tho arrangonionts.
Trusting to hoar from you at ait
early date, wo beg to remain,
Yours truly,
NEAL S. Doran.
Tno BlacJ Art, Blackod.
Last Friday ovoning occurred
tho Palladian boy's annual pro
gram. Groat preparations woro
made and no ono wasdisappo tiled.
Tho first part of tho program was
takott up with orations, papers,
and itiusio. Tho boys aro eortain
ly to bo congratulated on tho
numbor of musicians and spoakors
thoy havo. Then followod the
principal feature of tho evening
'Tho Black Art Blacked," a farce
comedy on tho minstrol show
order. It was well carried out
and afforded a gr at deal of
amusoniont for the audience.
Another interesting ovent in
connection with tho program was
tho fact that the girls "rushed tho
slato." Thov didit in tho most
approved stylo, as tho beys will
all testify. Invitations woro writ
ton in French and replies rocoivod
in Norwogian. Somo wont in
short-hand and canto back Ion"
hand. At any rato till tho boys
arrived safoly and on time.
When tho society had adjourned
tho young ladies had a vory pleas
ant surprise in store for thoir
victims. They proceeded at
onco to Prof. Jay Barrett's sanc
tum in tho now library building
whero a delicious feast awaited
them. After carousing to thoir
hoart's contont, tho party broke
up with three choers for tho Uni,
three for tho Pall, girls, and threo
for Prof. Barrett. Tho evening
will long bo romomborod in Pal
ladian circles as a most enjoyable
Lettor of Thanks.
Springfield, Mass., Mar. 23.
To the Chancellor, Professors, and
Y. M. C. A. Students oj the Uni
versity of Nebraska:
Dear Friends: 1 havo just
received, through Dr. P. A. Clark,
in tho form of a check for 30,
tho vory kind and practical ex
pressions of your intorost in our
association training school.
It will givo us much pleasure
to decorate tho door of ono of tho
rooms with tho nanio "University
of Nobraska," as a permanent
testimonial of tho interest which
you have thus manifested, and 1
trust that from time to timo stu
dents from tho university upon
whoso heart tho work of tho Y.
M. C. A., in ono or another of its
departments has been laid, may
make his way to this institution,
and find himself all the more at
homo among us booause the nanio
of his room and its furnishings
will bo a constant remindor of
your Christian lovo and holpful
noss, Boforo breaking ground for
this groatly needed building tho
trusfeos of tho school dooided
that wo ought to have, either in
hand, or in good subscriptions,
payable before Septombor noxt,
tho sum of 15,000, and you will
rojoieo with us in hearing that at
our trustees' mooting last Wednes
day, tho 20th inst , 1 was por
ntittod to announco to thorn that
tho sum of 1(5,01.0 had been
raised in this form. Ground,
theroforo, will bo brokon with as
littlo delay as possible cortainly
within tho noxt two weeks.
Again thanking you ono and
all for your kindnoss. boliovo mo,
Vory Bincoroly yours,
Oliver O. Morse.
'90 Passes Resolutions.
Tho senior class of tho Stato
University mot Thursday and
passed tho following resolutions
rospocting tho resignation of
Chaucollor Oanfiold:
AVhereas, Mr. James II. Can
field has doohtrod his intontion of
severing his connection with tho
Univorsity of Nebraska, whero ho
hits so long and faithfully sorted
as chancellor; therefore, bo it
Resolved, That it is with pro
found regrot that tho class of '95
loarns of tho resignation of Mr.
Can field from this institution.
Resolved, That Chaucollor Can
field has ever had tho fullest ro
spect and esteem of tho class of
Resolved, That wo rccogni.o his
labors during tho past four years
as unceasing, untiring and unsel
fish efforts in tho intorests of No
braska Univorsity.
Resolved, That in losing Mr.
Canftold, tho university loses a
wiso oxocutive, an able supporter
and a staunch friend.
Resolved, That Mr. Cunfiold, as
an honorary mombor of tho class
of '95, has the sincoro good wishes
of that class for continued suc
cess in his future fields of labor.
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions bo presented to Chan
cellor Canftold, and that a copy bo
furnished tho college and city
papers for publication.
European Tours.
E. M. Jenkins & Co. have pro
pared a series of personally con
ducted tours to Palestine, Egypt,
England, and the continent dur
ing tho coming season.
For namnhlots. oxnoiiRo. ntn.
apply at Lincoln agency, 120 L 0
Tho inspection of company "0"
resulted in tho reporting of four
men. In company "D" there
woro five reported. This was the
last inspection by tho commandant.
Donartmonts or Elootrloal Hnfrlnoorlnff
and Physios Divhloil Prof. Owens
Given the Ohalr-Other Oliung-os.
At tho mooting of tho board of
rogonts last weok somo changos
and promotions were mado in tho
faculty. Tho dopartmeuts of eloc
trical onginooring and physics,
which havo up to this timo boon
as one, with Prof. Braco at its
head, was divided and mado sop
arato dopartmonts, giving Prof.
Owons the chair over tho olec
trical onginooring. Prof. Stout,
adjunct professor of civil ongin
ooring, was mado asbociato pro
fossor. Prof. Wilson, associato
professor of Latin laiigttago and
litoraturo, and Prof. Piohards
associato professor of manual
training. Mr. Burnet was made
adjunct professor of Gomanic
Tho dopartuiont of pedagogy
will bo mado sopatato from phi
losophy and a professor for that
position is now being sought by
the oxocutivo committee.
The salary of Judge Reoso was
raised so that ho could dovoto his
whole timo to tho law school, and
ho will now givo up his practice.
Prof. Edgron was rewarded by a
"raiso" and now receives a salary
oqual to that of any other heads
of dopartmonts.
Salad Throe pounds of liver
worst, a hard boiled org chopped
up and two cabbago loaves. Lot
stand for about a weok. II. O.
Whit more.
Uolicious cako Throe cups
sugar, oigl.t eggs, ono toaspoonful
of milk, mjx for au hour aud then
throw out in tho back yard and
make tho cook do it for you.
Florence Far well.
Lemon Pio Thin roll of cellu
loid, ono pint of ox tail soup, covor
over with largo quantity of soap
suds Ivory preferred. Maud
Messrs. Sherman and McNoal,
two of the speakers who aro to
represent us in tho Kansas-Ne-braska
debate this year, listened
to tho Kansas boys dobato at Law
rence last Friday evening. The
question discussed is the ono
agrood upon for the final contest.
Our boys havo now "stolon all
thoir thunder" and havo it in
manuscript form.
During tho past weok a numbor
of inquiries have come in to tho
department of botany in regard
to tho pestiferous woods of tho
stato. Not only tho Russian
thistle but other noxious weeds
bother the farmers, aud they tend
in for information as to hoy to
got rid of these pests.
i i'