The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, February 14, 1895, Page 13, Image 21

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Field Day will bo mado one o unusunl interest this
year on account o the medals which will bo offered.
One, a gold medal, is in the possession of! the Athletic
association at present and will bo presented to the best
all around athlete. This will be decided by points, a
minimum and maximum boing arranged in each event
nd the numbor of points scored being determined pro
portionally. There will probably be medals for each
event also.
The Field day will be celebrated sometime in May
and some arrangement will be made to enable those
who wish to enter to train in the Armory. The follow
ing program has been arranged:
1. Mile bicycle race.
2. Foot ball punt.
8. 100 yards dash.
4. 220 yards dash.
5. 440 yardB dash.
6. 880 yards dash. ...
7. Mile run. 'fc:g
8. Class or orgauization'relay race;
9. 120 yard hurdle race.
10. Standing broad jump.
11. Runniug broad jump.
12. Running high jump.
13. Standing high jump.
14. Pole vault, height.
15. Sixteen pound hammer throw.
10. Sixteen pound Bhot put.
17. Base ball throw.
Besides this there will be a wrestling and boxing
exhibition hold in the armory, probably on the 28d of
March. There will bo throe classes for each, heavy
weight, middle weight and light weight. The first will
include all over 158 pounds, the second all between
133 and 158 pounds, and the third all under 183. The
sparring shall be for points. The wrestling shall bo
catch-as-catch-can and three points shall be necessary
for a down. Both evouts will be contested in pairs, the
winners' to contest with each other. Medals will prob
ably be obtained for those events.
E. O. Page, )
J. P. Cameron, V Committee.
W. H. Haywahd. )
I am glad to help tho boys, too, when thoy writo,
but these columns are intended for the girls.
Rush A.
E. P. In leaving a reoitation room, in going up
stairs as down, a woll bred young lady precedes a
gentleman never waits for him.
A. M. and R No, spoon holders are no longer
used but if one should be fancied tho one you are
using now would do very nicely.
H. M. When a gentleman is whore a lady is put
ting on her oloak he should offer to help her assume
it, but he need not be more than hour in so doing, un
the sleeves are very large.
Simplicity. It is very bad taste to call a woman
Mrs. Dr. Smith. It would be quite as suitable to
say Mrs. Salesman Jones or Mrs. Broker Bones,
though I don't doubt she did.
S. A. E. 1. It is very improper for a man to smoke
in the presence of a woman and certainly dj gentle
man will do this when walking on the street with a
woman, even if he is engaged or married to her.
J;' V. Z. (1) My dear girl, do not grieve over the
fact that you blush easily. It is a charm peouliar to
youth and one that is very fascinating. (2) Judging
from tho sample you sent, his eyes must bo brown.
E. EL. I caunot recommend any hair dye or face
bleach unless it be " Howard's Face Bleach." In offer
ing his arm a gentleman simply says, ""Will you not
take my arm?" But it is not necessary to take it off.
O. E. and others. My dear girls I feol safe in tell
ing you that any well conducted young lady may
safely go about the university unattended at most
hours oE the day. N. A "chap"oron is N never a
Anxiety. If a strauger slams the library door in
your face it is sufficient for you to bov and say "thank
you;" if the offender be a friend a simple nod is
enough, but one cannot be too particular on ch oc
casions. Flo. F. "While it would not be in good taste to re
fuse him on account of his height, especially one of
such military rank, yet it would be quite impracticable
to dance with stilts on. Better avoid him, if possible,
throughout the evening.
Anxious Junior Aftor Senior "Scrap." I should
advise cold cream, to be obtained at any drug house.
No, even if your tie was red, the maiden had no right
to snatch it and out it up; it was very ill-brad; how
over, I should overlook it.
Don't go off mad, as you did last year,
And leave Company "B" away in the rear.
II - I .