The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, January 18, 1895, Image 1

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-rfHTft r 1 ftffftrif I. in iimY if jr W nf III 11
Vm. III.' No. 111.
!Nobrasln Will Gol tho Tlckot
Monoy Probably
lor-stnto Lofiuuo Qets Down
BUblnoas-NobrnaKn Goto
livorythlnpr Shu Aaka.
n adjourned nioolinyof tho ln--Slalo
Foot I :i 1 1 association was
1 last Saturday in tho Millard
Intel in Omaha. All four states
lid 1 1
o represented. 1 no delegates
0 Barnes from Nebraska, Lara-
from Iowa, Moody from Kan
's and tJudo Lawson from Mis-
Sovoral important changes wore
ido in tho constitution. The
imbcr of actual hours of work
noil in any institution luqunlily
piayor was raised lroin nvo to
mis important ennnge was
made H) provont proiossionaiism
ah mueii a possible. Uoroaflor
ium' v .u iitiv iiiuuiiiilo wj iiivj iiau-
ftown 111 wluoli tltu president re-
mlos, instead 01 at Omaha or Ivan-
fisas C Uy as heretofore.
the election ol ollicers was coin-
Dieted as loilows:
President, Lara bee of Iowa.
Vice 1'resiuent, .Judge Lawson
Toi. Missouri.
Lreasurer, Moody of Kansas.
1 Secretary lelll 01 Nebraska.
A Nebraska demanded tho tfoU due
from lvans:is on railroad fare
lvansas objected - lo, . piiyingtliioUu.wing-UcicijtdwdUUiiauUJJ.
money, lowa lavorou .Nebraska s
uaini, while Missouri was inclined
10 suie Willi ivansas. Alter both
sides ol ine ease nail been pre
sented, .Judge Lawson doomed ihat
.Nouraska nad 1110 oetter cause and
should nave the money.
Judge Ijiiwson was appointed
to piueiiase the pouuani 111 bl.
Louis. lhis peimaut will be an
elegant silver cup. Two designs
1 , 1
are lo be selected by Mr. Lawson
and sent lo tho various colleges for
their decision as lo which snail be
retained, ine college winning the
cup tnree successive umos will
it as permanent property.
As was anticipated lUissouri
Would consent to no pooling ot the
r names. Oi course
it is ery natural mat Kansas and
.Missouri siiouid not wish to pool
ior , ..I gate receipts at Kan&as
Lit, as they are very much larger
than Hie loccipls ol Jowa and
.iNcuraska at Omaha, the league
should oy all means not bo broken
up ior such a minor consideration.
JSo ueneral manager was elected
lor 1110 ensuing year as no one
eotilu ue agreed upon. This ques
tion win be settled later. An
winalm man will probably be
Alio schedule for next year was
ai ranged as loilows:
I Nebraska vs. Missouri at
Nov. 2
' Iowa vs. Kansas at Law
L ronco.
j Nebraska vs. Kansas at
Nov. lw
1 Alissnnri vs. IoWjl at
' lowa City.
I Nebraska vb. Jowa at
iThanksgiv- : Omaha.
mg Day. " Kansas vs. Missouri
L at Kansas City.
It will readily bo boon that this
schedule is very nivi""- l" -;
raska. YVo have tho game witn
Kansas on our own grounds and
he Missouri game at umana, pri 10-
:ioiilly our own grounds. niu
IMiinilrriviurr ammo with Jowa aviU
- ---n n . .. nr . I
0 at Omaha as boloro. 0 piay
11 our league games in this state.
)nv team will not have to make a
ng tr
ip just previous to 11 game,
ivi must bo "swiped" this
It PromlHOS to bo Dooklodly
The prospect for 0110 of the
liorcost. contests bohvoon tho barbs
and fraH that the univorsity has
enjoyed for some time ii vory
bright, for this afternoon at I
o'olook. At this iiupovbmt hour
tho olcolion of ollicors and dolo
gatos of the local Oratoriivil ano
oiation is to bo held. Hoth sides
are working hard, tho frats less
openly, but nevertheless as ener
getically as their opponents.
Yesterday afternoon both the
L'alladian and Union lileary socie
ties held caucuses and determined
upon a ticket lo be put in the Held.
Tho ollicors to bo elected are: pres
ident, vice president, secretary and
treasurer besides four delegates lo
tho state convention.
Tho State association is com
posed of tho University, Doane,
Coiner and Wesleyan colleges.
This year the election of a secre
tary lor the State association falls
to tho University. Faoh delegation
from the four colleges has one
vote, and with that of the presi
dent's of the association, live
votes are possible for the secre
tary. Tho will of tho majority ol
each delegation decides for which
man that delegation will vote, tho
president having the deciding vote.
J'hus tho result of today's election
will uooido but one, ol the live
votes lo bo cast for tho secretary.
It is understood that the two
the field:
Jiarbs For president, II. M
Newbrauch; vice president, J. T.
Corey; secretary and treasurer,
Y. l'J. Klmoro; delegates, "W. II.
Forsyth, Jvatharine Molick, C. K.
WoKlon. J'aul Piey or .1. V.
Frats -For president, Charles
Jones; vice president, ; secre
tary ami treasurer, L. Packard;
delegates, V. K. Mo Lucas, A. .J.
Weaver, F. llaughlon, Bert Kim
ball. It is impossible to toll from
present indications, which ticket
lias tho best support. The inter
est aroused will probably draw
quite an attendance which will not
twenty-livo cents a head for the
Artist's Recital Program.
Tho second Artists' recital which
will be given by Martinus Siovo
king and Miss Susie Scholield "will
bo hold in tho university ehapol
next Wednesday evening at 5S o'
clock. Tlio lollowing program
will bo rendered:
1. Tuccataand Fuguo D minor..
. liaoh-Fasslg
J. Poor Uynt fcSuito Grieg
11, Morning
b. Asos duiith
c, Anitrus danuo
(. lu tho hall ol' tho mountain king
3, Dauso Maoabo Saint Saons
I For two pianos.J
Miss Susio Scoiiold, Mr. Siovoking
1. Firo scono Irom tho "Gottordam-
moring Wagnor
5. Twoltlh Kuiitlbodio liongroiso..
. in Tho, Library.
Since tho Jioginningof the school
year, 11)10 books have lieon receiv
ed by the library. Of thoso books
2 IS have been gifts; and most of
these gifts were from tho govern
ment. This number does not in
clude the January assignment.
Miss Jones lately received U
volumes of an old magazine call
ed the Merchants' Magazine. It
began in ISM and is devoted to
commercial interests.
Last Yonr'a "Onck Company"
to holcln Military Ball.
Oommltlsoa Appolntatl nntl Oihor
Prall miliarias SUIkI Bnttullon
News or thw Wook.
As is probably well known to
tho University, t lie color company
for this year is company UB."
Last .Juno, before admiring
lhousands(0. Company "11" swept
up the held of tho competitive
drills amid ilea foiling applause,
an easy winner. Tho Omaha cup,
that beautiful trophy won by
Company "A" in Omaha in IS'.):.',
was theirs. They had scored
higher than any company had ever
done. In olhor words thoy were
right "in it". That night the
company ate ice cream on Dixon
the gallant captain. They smoked
the peace pipe (Joe Ueardley's)
around tho iig boulder; they
yelled: they wont wild; thoy had
spasms (ol joy).
And the other cadets stood
around in a daze and stared en
viously at Co. "Ij. '
Company "IT also won the ar
tillery guidon. This year there
were promoted from Co. ki."
two captains and two lirst ser
geants, showing what the victory
meant to tho individuals.
And so the members of this
year's company have deckled to
celebrate by giving a military
JiiL-illlJlJLiiUd this semester.
It will probably bo hold on du'iday
evening, Frbruary 1, and it prom
ises to be a very swell a Hair.
The ollicors of this years com
pany are as loilows: Captain,
Chas. Flliott; First Lieut. Chas.
Jiinds; Second Lieut. Art Weaver;
First Sergeant, Chas. Schwartz,
bergeanU, Adam-, Barnes, Wil
son, Bossoy, Toole; Corporals,
Saxlon, Cutter, 11. Wilson, Dales,
Culver, .Jones, Cameron, licagan.
The committee consists of the
following: Adams, Saxton. Kiloy,
ixobbins, and Jones.
Battalion Notes.
Lieutenant Pershing spent Mon
day and Tuesday in Chicago much
to the delight ol those who had not
prepared their tactics' lesson. .
For some unaccountable reason
the plan for holding a military hop
which tho 'Varsity Killed cherished
for a few sweet moments has fallen
It was announced last Wednesday
thjit hereafter there would bo in
spection of one company every
Monday night.
The commandant has procured
about IUU copies of tho now artillery
tactics, which Lieutenant Elliott
has for sale.
The bond for J 25 cadet rillesand
accoutrements and for 4 breech
loading cannons has been received
by Mr. Dales and the articles men
tioned will be here soon.
Mrs. Bryan will Speak.
At tho present time a now char
tor for tho city of Lincoln is about
to 1)0 presented to tho legislature.
It is therefore opportune that tho
politioal economy chili of tho State
University has secured tw;o ad
dresses on municipal questions to
bo given at its next mooting, AVed
nosday, Jail., 2:, at S p. m., in
room IJ. Tho lirst address will be
by Mrs. W. J. Brynn on tkEiliei
eucy of Municipal Government
Abroad anil at Homo." This will
bo followed' by a paper by Miss
Mary L. Jones on "Corruption in
City Government." All aro in
vited to attend.
That Senior Hat oovors a
Multitude of
'tWJ, -
j ti r
Tho Horticultural Exhibit.
On last Tuesday afternoon the
mooting of the Nebraska Horticul
tural Society began its midwinter
session in room II, Nebraska Hall.
Long tables wore liuilt and plates
by the hundred were soon displayed
containing apples of every descrip
tion, color and size. 'I hero were
yellow apples and red apples and
speckled apples. Apples that made
one's mouth water lo look at. In
looking at the splendid exhibit one
would never suppose that there
had been a drouth in tho stale. Tho
tables looked like they had been
set for a feast to Pomona. Beauti
ful palms lent a tropical appear
ance to the place, and the lucious
fruit was templing enough for the
Apple-hungry people crowded
the exhibit, and it was only by
posting up signs containing the
legend, "Yield Not lo Temptation"
and like admonitions that it was
possible to retain tho exhibit. Some
waggisli student, with no fear of
1 1 1
consequences in his soul, wrote lit
tle signs, such as "Take One,"
"Help Yourself," and put them
on the templing plates of apples.
Soon after these signs went up the
overcoat pockets of some ol the
students bulged suspiciously when
they loft tho room.
'the sturdy farmers came with
all their unsophisticated airs and
discussed the weighty subjects of
the manner in which to raise the
diU'erent sorts of apples, how to
prevent blight and disease from
destroying the trees, and other
matters interesting only to growers
of fruit.
A few llowors wore on exhibition
along with a largo collection of
palms. After a prosperous and
well attended session the meeting
closed on Thursday night. The
apples were packed away and the
tables dismantled, and the exhibit
was a thing of tho past.
Historical Notes.
Mr. Barrett has just received a
cane from John G. Goss of Bollvuo
Nel). There is nothing specially
noticeable about jtho cano until its
history is found out. It was carv
ed from the wood of the old trad
ing fort built at Bellvue in 1S10.
Mr. Barrett thinks it a valuable
addition to tho historical museum.
Henry Foulanolle, a brother of
Logan Fontanel le the last chief of
the Omaha Indians attended tho
mooting of tho Historical Society.
Ilo was born in Nobraska in 1S3J.
The Old Way.
Sinco Maud learned to skate the
"old way"
I have heard the authorities
That, of course, it's all -right
But looks better at night
Than in tbo broad light
y rk A M v
1 Lli
Mooting of tho Athlotlc Asso
elation Callocl.
Objootlormblo I'onturos of UloailnK
Offloors to ha (lono Awny with
--ttvorybocly Como.
There will lie a meeting of tho
athletic association Tuesday at 1 p.
m. Tho object is lo take somp ac
tion looking to a revision of tho
constitution. This matter has boon
talked of for some time as a great
deal of clamor and grumbling has
arisen at various stages in tho his
tory of athletics in the U. of N.
over tho election of ollicors for tho
various associations. Somo plan to
take away the power of the col lego
politician is to bo devised, and any
one who has a plan is requested to
make the same known.
One measure that has been pvo
posed is to elect a board to consist
of nine members, three from tho
students, three from the alumni
and three from the faculty. This
board is to have the say of "yes"
or "no" to any action taken by tho
association or any of its organiza
tions, or in other words, nothing
can be legally done without its
approval. These mombers aro to
1)0 selected by a majority of tho
students present. Another plan
is the adoption of the rules which
were published by the Nkhkaskan
as "suggestions'' last December.
There aro quite a number of them
but al! will apply very fittingly to
tho condition ot athletics in tho
Another important thing to lie
decided is a date for the Held day
exercises, tho appointment of com
mit tecs, etc. Jt is thought every
0110 can be present who will, at this
hour, but there js so much to bo
done, it is feared that it will have
to be protracted unless expediency
is exorcised. It has been suggest
ed that many of these things should
bo considered before, so that
all will be prepared for what is
coining. 1 bus no objectionable
measure can be railroaded through.
The Dramatic Club.
Arrangements are being made by
the manager of the Dramatic Club
to present "Chums" and "The
Open Gate" in Ashland about Jan.
2."), 1 SJ.. The former is a rollick
ing college farce, produced last
year liy the Harvard Dramatic
Club in Itoston, over which tho
critics raved. The latter is 0110 of
Charles FYohman's popular curtain
The affair at Ashland will bo un
doubtedly a social as well as a
linaucial success.
It is to bo hoped that when tho
club appears bejore a Lincoln audi
ence, the entire si udeut body Avill
turn out and give the club the sup
port to which it is justly entitled,
as strictly a representative univer
sity organization.
The ollicors of the organization
aio: J. M. Bontloy, president; Maud
Shaw, secretary; Mrs. Manning,
director; Fred C. Cooloy, manager.
The Banjo Club.
Tho University has at last a real
banjo club. It is not a club of two
or three mandolins, a guitar, and a
couplo of banjos as was the club of
last year, which called itself a
"banjo club," but it is composed
of two Imnjeanrircs, live banjos, a
picillo banjo and two guitars.
The men aro all old players and
thoir progress under Mr. Planquo
of tho Conservatory has boon truly
remarkable. The gloo club will
have to look to its laurels in earn
est, for tho banjo boys intond U,
play second to no musical club in
tho Uni.
, I
, i&mva&tAmwtf&M -gfe iaafcaf'u rSr jafe-jgjtte
is. ..
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