The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, December 20, 1894, Page 18, Image 18

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v.uul gone with its ups and
''downs," and Nebraska has, for the first
time in her history, the satisfaction of
holding thcv pennant. This achievnient
has been attained through difficulties hard
to be understood, except by a few who
arc closely in touch with the team and its
trials, lhc season opened with the cap
tain in Europe, and with few of the old
uplaycrs bade, and those who were here
could get no benefit from their practice,
because it was without system, not even a code of sig
nals having yet been devised. Added to this was the
utter indifference of the school toward athletics, fos
tered at that time by those high in authority. Things
went from bad to worse until the management realizing
that something must be done, and that quickly, se
cured the services of Frank Crawford, of Omaha, who
took charge, not of the team, because there was none,
but of such of the men as had persevered in coming
out to practice, just one week before the first scheduled
game. From that time affairs began to brighten or
der was brought out of chaos. Several of the old men
came back just in the nick of time, and in one week a
fairly good team was put in the field, strong enough,
at least, to give Grinnell the worst drubbing she ever
had. The next act of the tragedy was the defeat given
us by Doane, which again threw a damper over our ris
ing hopes, as such defeats always do. It was at this
stage of the game that the parents of several of the
best players forbade their playing, and for one week
no practice of any consequence was obtained, not un
til the before mentioned players, with the aid of those
interested, could change the verdict of the parents.
Another trouble here arose, No one had yet been
found who could play quarter back at all satisfactorily,
and the Missouri game was coming on just seven days
after the Doane defeat. The result was that we faced
Missouri with our team very much broken up, and
were again defeated, though the score was close and
the team played in hard luck.
The deleat of this game was a blessing in disguise,
for the team began to practice now in dead earnest,
making end runs the feature of 1th playing. The effect
was marvelous, and in the two week intervening before
the Kansas game a different team had been developed
in both offensive and defensive playing. The result
was as surprising to some as it was pleasing to others.
Kansas would never have scored but for a fluke. Fol
lowing this on Monday was the defeat of the strong,
never defeatetl Baker team. This filled to overflowing
our cup of joy to say nothing of that of the whole uni
versity. The tide had turned and that for all time.
The boys little dreamed of what was in store for them
when they should get home. Neither prince or poten
tate ever received a more enthusiastic welcome than
was given them. Support was no longer lacking and
prosperity had at length crowned the efforts of the
faithful few.
In the Omaha game Nebraska was successful beyond
their wildest dreams. The story is too familiar to be
repented here of how the Scarlet and Cream floated
triumphant from Lincoln to Omaha, and how we came
back wildly joyful in the fact that the pennant for
which we have boon struggling these years was at
length ours.
For the benefit of those who have followed the team
through its doubtful vicissitudes of this scaon, the fol
lowing sketch of each player and his characteristics is
Captain Dern, height 5 feet n inches, weight 175,
age twenty-two, has filled his place this year as one
of the best tackles in the west. His captaincy has not
hurt him in the least, and he has given the signals this
year in a sensible and cool-headed manner, lie plays
a hard game in the line and tackles hard. Carrying
the ball from his position at tackle is one of his
best points. He leaves his place with remarkable
speed and follows his blocking closely Me is often
put clear around the end foa touchdown. Me has
captained the team with entire satisfaction to every
one, both players and sympathizers. Me will prob
ably be missed more than any other man next year
Mammang, height 5 feet 10 inches, weight 185, age
twenty-four, is a new man this year. Me filled the po
sition of center with entire satisfaction. Me plays low
and is almost immovable. Me passes the ball to quar
ter in a sure and speedy manner. Me breaks through
the line in good shape and is more than a match for
any center in the league. Next year he will probably
play tackle and will undoubtedly fill the position in a
remarkable manner. '
Yout, height 5 feet 1 1, weight 160, age 22, comes from
Brock, and is one of the pioneers of foot ball in the
University. Me played right-half this year to the entire
satisfaction of everybody concerned. Mis first intro
duction to the game was on the end playing on the
Varsity in '92 where he learned to tackle so well. But
the last two seasons he has played behind the line.
Mis end runs were phenomenal. 1 Ie rarely failed to pass
one or two men by his clever dodging and no apponent
has ever been able to bring him down when once he
had passed them. Me leaves this year for Harvard.
Mis place will be hard to fill both on the team and in
school, for there is not a man in the University who is
more popular than Vont.
Fair, height 6 feet, weight 185, age 21, is a new man in
the school, but not in the arts of the game, having
played half-back two years in a small school in Atchi
son, Kansas. Me was put in as full-back, and although
without experience, he filled the position with great
credit to himself. 1 Ie is a sure punter and rarely fails
to send the ball down the field from thirty to fifty
yards. Me is one of the best ground gainers on the
team and the captain often entrusted the ball to him for
the final gain. Mis strongest point is his blocking
which he does in a skillful and heady manner. lie will
probably be back next year.
Whipple, height 6 feet 3 inches, weight 1S5, age 19, is
from Omaha where he had his first experience in. the
game, playing tackle in the high school team which
won the high school championship of the state in '93.
1 Ie played right tackle on the varsity last year and won
an enviable reputation, meeting no one who could match
him. Me was unfortunate this year, receiving a erious
injury which prevented him playing until the Missouri
game, lie played end the remainder of the season
and no gain was made around him. Mis strongest
points were his tackling and the marvelous manner of
getting into the interference. Me is a strong all round
player and will add much strength to the team next
Frank, age nineteen, weight 160, height 5 feet 9
inches; comes from the Omaha High school. He
would make one of the best all around players in the
University if he would train. He bucks the line and
punts very well. He was put on as substitute end,
which, without doubt, he would fill very satisfactorily.