The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 02, 1894, Image 1

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i - '" ' n r . 1 1
No,. 6.
Pkior F
1 4
Tho LlncolnAggrogatlonStarta
"off With a Rush.
Mada by fend Runa, ButOury Fallo
to Klok a Goal.
Scoros two Touoh-downs In
First Half.
But They Don't Win tho damo-Failod to
Klok Goal or wo Would Have
Tied tho Soore.
Kansas Cm-, Nov. 3. Special
telegram lo tho Nkbiuskan. Tho
Nebraska boys reached horo at 1)
o'clock Friday ovoning. They
seemed to bo in much bettor trim
thuu they did a year ago, when
they entered the town at 5 o'clock
jn the morning.
The game was hold at Exposition
park, which is located about a milo
and a half from tho center of tho
city. They arc a .good deal like
our grounds om , larger. The
grand stand is better, and there is
a live minute cable car service.
The gamo had been well advertised,
posters everywhere, and consider
able intorst aroused.
This is tho way thoy lino up.
Gibson l. k Whipple
Conloy i t Dern
Thompson L. a Jones
Thompson J., c Homing
Hill r. u Wilson
Latimor u. t Oury
Allio r. e Shuo
lvans q. n Spooncr
Anderson i ii Yont
Shawhan l. h Flippin
Young f. r Hay ward
. Substitutes for Nebraska Frank,
Tho gamo was not calle 1 until
15:80, owing to the usual delays,
choosing umpire, roforee, and lines
man. Finally Mastin was selected
as umpire, Woodson roferct, and
Williamson linesman.
Nobraska won tho toss and took
tho south goal. Evans started the
game by kicking tho ball out of
bounds. Hayward got it and
punted for forty yards.
Missouri took the ball and punted
Shuo fell on it, and tho next play
netted thirty yards by Flippin
going around right end.
Yont was tried for loft end run,
but lost two yards. Flippin then
went around tho end fori; touch
down. It took.just seven minutes.
Oury missed goal. Score, Ne
braska , Missouri 0.
Young then punts thirty yards
on tho kick oil'. Hay ward sends it
Imok for forty more. Missouri
gained by steady rushes. Whipple
"hurt his kneo at this juncture.
, Spoonor fumbles and Nebraska
loses ground. Wiggins' off-sido
play brings ball to live yard lino.
yo can't jiold thorn and they make
a touch-down ii soventeon minutes.
Audorsoji kicks goal.
Hayward punts on kick oil'
fjjjyty yards. PonniB off side play
lajps us ten yards. Missouri hero
lYP'rfesjerjss-evoss for ftyv yards.
, 0;pon't, pupk tpoir lmo. nay
Wjjrd ,;puit;cd .in Ihp wrong direo
lion for flyo yards. Flippin and
Yont lost ton yards ami again thoy
push us over. Goal is kicked.
Time, twenty minutes.
This ends the first half with score
113 to I, the wrong end to. Shuo's
playing is lino, but Hayward a lit
tlo weak. Spoonor is doing well
at quarter. Tho Missourians aro
lining up Flip pretty fast.
Tho ground is in line condition.
Tho weather lino. Attendance is
SOD but they're all yelling lor
The second h-ilf opened 'up under
rather gloomy prospects for the
Nobraska boys. Tho terrific rushes
their opponents made were not to
bo withstood. Tho fact that thoy
had bucked tho lino successfully
for nearly the entire length of tho
field, tended to discourago thorn
considerably. Novertholcss they
oomo up smiling tho next round
and joined battle with new vim and
Thoy did a little better in this
half, but no use. Missouri makes
another touch-down with a goal
which wins tho gamo. Shuo and
Flippin each made a touch-down
in this half but only from one
of them was a goal kicked owing
to tho ball not being planted be
hind the goal posts. Thus endeth
the second lesson (Missouri won,
IS to 14 sorry.)
L. II. Roiuuns.
An Inspiration.
It was astonishing to seo how
many young mon camo to tho
measuring room who did not know
how to tauo a full breath who ap
parently had novor filled their
lungs full. There may bo an ex
cess of air stirring in Nebraska,
but no amount outside tho lungs
will over compensate for a lack in
side. Now while these crisp, delicious
October mornings aro coming on
one after the other, tho first thing
for cvory one, to do on going out
into tho morning air is to fill tho
lungs full timo after time.
Breathe ! ! Brcatho till the head
grows dizzy. That simply shows
that you are not used to it.
Brcatho till tho ribs crack, brcatho
till tho buttons or tho corset strings
burst and in respiring leaving an
inch more leeway. Emulate- tho
ambitious frog of fable. You can
not burst. Follow this up not
once or twice but morning after
morning for tho whole school year
and you will add, if not a cubit to
your stature, at least an inch or
two to your chest girth, and ten or
twenty cubic inches to your chest
capacity. This will mean a large
addition to strength and vitality.
'Aro 1h tho Bunio to iih an mil!; to tmbica
Or water la to HhIi or pomllnniH to clox,
Or roots and alrba unto an Injun Doctor,
Or boyB to girls."
What Thoy Say.
Tho Chancellor has received ro
turns from all departments con
corning student expenses for tho
coming year. Every department.
ho says, reports that it has guarded
carefully against all needless ex
ponso several roport a consider
able lessoned expense, only one re
ports any increaso and seems to
givo a good explanation and reason
for that.
Freshman, (reading May bless
ings bo upon tho head of Cadmus,
or whoever it was that invented
books Carlylo.) "1 guess Car
lylo novor had to tako
Saxon. ' '
Univorsity of Wisconsin claims
to have tho 'finest college gymna-
- 1 siuni in tho world. Ex,
Somo Unl Boys Got Into
Trouble also tho Coolor.
Murrv Crowd Gooo to Colloao
Vlow Y. M. C. A. noooptlon
Olhor Hnpponlnun.
Wednesday was Hallowo'on, a
dale generally observed by uni
versity students, and for once a
little alleged fun was indulged in,
in which "hard times" did not
figure. Groups
wandered about
of "our boys"
tho streets until
early morning, tearing up side
walks, crossings, etc. Some did
not stay out so late, owing to a
check in their career caused by the
appearance of a policeman on tho
scene. This necessitated an invol
untary cessation of hostilities, also
a show of coin, to the amount of
12 per capita. To avoid all sus
picion, however, thoy attended
their S oclock clashes, Thursday
morning. Several parlies took the
attention of many, and to keep the
boys out of mischief, the Y. M. C
A. hold a reception which was well
Unions Celebrate.
No merrier crowd ever left Uni
versity Hall than loft about seven
o'clock on Hallowe'en. Two large
carryalls were at the disposal of
this crowd of forty young people
No one who went will ever tell
that the driver did not know the
road and consequently got lost in
the shuffle, and bygan to enquire.
"Say, fellow, are wo on the right
road ? " "Why, how do I know"
"Say, where did you say those
cat-tails were"
Thoso pcoplo went around hvo
or thrco sections before they reached
their destination, at 10:30.
The night was spent after the
manner of all Hallowe'en parties, in
games, music, banqueting, and the
usual merry makings.
Tho return was made through
tho mud and cold with tho usual
mishaps. When these people
gathorod for classes, the next day.
thoy passed one another with such
"Yes its' tho same day."
"But oh, such a difference in the
Miss Shell gave a very pleasant
little Halloween party at the home
of Mrs. Morris Garner. Thooven
ing was very pleasantly spent in
fortune telling, and various Hal
lowe'en amusements. Then danc
ing was indulged in until n late
hour. Tho participants were
Misses Bessie Turner, ilennie Har
bor, Lola Paddock, Miss Wort,
Ijoihi Deweese, Edna Polk, Mrs.
Scribner, and Miss Turner. Messrs
Cullen, Barber, Virgil Barber,
Charley Harbor, Morrill, and Wil
son. A delightful Hallowe'en party
was given by Miss Ann Wilder.
Tho various ways of telling fort
unes and of finding out who is to
bo each girls future "for bettor, for" were gone through with.
After all had learned their fate,
daint) refreshments wore served,
Then followed ghost stories in tho
dark, till tho girls wero as nervous
as real witches. Thoso present
wore Misses Ellon Smith, Libbie
Soacrest, h lo Winger, Cora Crop
soy, Gortrudo Hanson, Mattio
Burks, Miss Main, Miss Chase,
"Marion Smith, and Ella Fitch.
Delta Gamma Initiation.
Wednesday ovoning tho Dolta.
Gamma fraternity took unto itself
seven now members. Tho unsus
pecting "pledges" wore brought
I from south Lincoln to Holen Greg-
ory's house in very peculiar con
veyances. Purl of tho initiation took place
in ii vacant house near Helen Greg
ory's. When that was demolished
the party adjourned to Sara
Schwab's, when thu ''solemn part!'
took place. Jn the course of the
initiation somo flash liirht pictures
of tho victims wore .secured, which
aro blood-curdling.
After tho initiation tho dining
room was thrown open, where an
elaborate .spread was prepared.
Tho table was decorated with roses
and tho Delta Gamma colors.
About twenty-four Delta Gammas
were present. Tho initiates wero
Jessie Lansing, Helen Woods, Mrs.
Ida .Jackson, Selma Noron, Nolia
Cochrane, Edna Polk, and Geor
giana Case.
Says There is no Unkind Feel
ing Toward the Unl Boys.
Tho Chancellor extended to
President Gates, of Iowa College,
his congratulations upon tho clean
and honest playing of the Iowa
boys when they were at Lincoln;
iind received the following charac
teristic reply:
"1 IhrtiiK you heartily for taking
pains to send so good an account
of my boys. It is a great pleasure
k know that they were able to win
for themselves such a word of con
fidence while I hey were abroad.
Naturally they feel a little bit
sore over their doieai, mil inai is
an orthodox way for boys to feel
under these circumstances. They
have, of course, a large number of
reasons and theories by which to
account for it; which is also per
fectly natural. General')' there is
omo adequate, reason, or combina
ition of reasons for such disaster as
lliey have suffered. It is not al
ways untrue that among tho rea
sons that might be adduced there
:s.M lurking suspicion that the other
fvllows were a bit stronger.
l.have heard no unkind words of
their treatment while away. Their
criticisms have been on certain
kind of play with which they are
unfamiliar. Hut even these have
not luvn .spoken of in an unkind
It is not always possiblo to keep
rough play like football free from
objectionable elomonts; but when
lie done it is suporu irnin-
Showing the Attendance in the
Various Departments.
From the reports from heads of
iJopartmonts, just submitted to the
chancellor, mo louowmg munvu
to be the departmental attendance
nl tho university at the present
English '0
Physical Training 7015
Mathematics W
Latin 7f
German lul)
English Literature -US
Chemistry MM
Physics ' ;17
European History WS
. . ,1AI
: ,)vi
Manual Training
. -j i 'i
Itnninncn Linimiinros 205
JClooution 1851
Philosophy 1 y
Greek . 11
Geology J-l
American History 130
Political and JSeonomio Science. 80
Military TO
Zoology 75
Electrical Engineering 5(5
Civil Engineering 50
Agriculture 1
Entomology . 23
Horticulture 18
Hebrew 2
Tho soniors of Lake Forest Uni
vcrsit)', Ills., have decided against.
cap and gown. Hut thoy Have de
cided to wear "something weird."
Military Cadets Only for S
and Artillery Drill. x
Lloutonant Purshlntr Sprlnga'Sl
Drlao Llout Hardin's Schonv
anttalllon Nows.
A surprise was sprung on J
cadets Monday evening at
when tho orders were read, thay
officers in charge should sond
1 1 ti ,n,i,l in 4 ,il t r i 4 ,n, In4 is l,T
milhary-like in deportment, atfi
tion and gonoral military bear!!
From this list, tho lioutor
chooses the best mon, and tl
will bo assigned to the pormaf
artillery and cavalry compan
Those who aro not chosen will
obliged to drill with new cadeti
setting up exercises while-
others are reaping tho reward
their labors hv not having to (I
through tho winter.
The lieutenant has put his i
down on those cadets who no
stand ui) in a military fashion,
if thevdo only in ranks, who1
around with half their uniformj
and half someting else, or who!
not salute when they should. A
now the cadet who didn't stand
straight is feeling extremely so;
The names ot the luclcy cad
will be read off about Thanks
ing lime.
Lieutenant Hardin's Scheie
Lieutenant Hardin camor ' "
from Doane to seo the fl
game lasr Saturday. Hj)
enthusiastic about his battalion,
rather his company,
for he oil
has eighty men.
Ho has a gnT
scheme tor their annual encan
ment next year. He wants
battalion to march overland
Milfordor some other point do
that way, and his battalion will
there ahead of us, laying tor
along the roadomowhoroand wh'
wo appear on the scone they
emit blood-curdling yolls,and the
upon will ensue tho most torriffi
battle over witnessed by the olddj
when all are killed or winded
will be discovered mat wo a
friends and not enemies. Thoy V,
then sue lor peace, ami we w
camp peacefully beside the st$
waters of the Blue, or Salt Cre
or whatever conies handy.
When Lieutenant Pershing w
asked for his view of this schon:
lm (lid unl minm to f)ivnv
WlwiOwti. tinv iviH nf it will I
carried out, is as yet doubtful.
Battalion Notes.
When a cadet brings back
sick-book signed by Doctor Clari
he does not need further authorij
to be absent, but simply makes oj
his request and hands it in. Tl
first sergeant finding that he is aj
sent, goes to his sick book and?
his name is there, no furthor uu
thoritv is ucceessary. 5
Tho gunners this week wc
Saxton, Hobbins, Kring and Wal
Lieutenant Hinds wandered iw
nmonir Company A's ranks Mo
day ovoning giving somo valuab
information, isut ho was not
all appreciated by tho short co
poral ot that empany.
Lieutenant Ponn, tho officer d
tailed ass instructor ofmitita
science inho Omaha high Wido
visited tho university last Frida
lie got some pointers trom ou
way oi doing things, and express'
himself as vorynnuch pleased wi
the showing or tho battalion.
Tho Dial of Sti Mary's (
Kansas, is a publication of thi
two pages on the magazine m
,.i,l ,o nvinnMiirwl r mhi'lf nvinna '
IB II VlltllUllU OlIUUV.
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