The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, January 31, 1894, Image 2

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    The Nebraskan.
A Weekly lnjx ijAiied nt ilio I n vor ilyof
AJF. Miintvoiikncv KtlMo'-ln-Clilor
lira. Wiiit.mouk Hiinlntw Maimirer
L. n. JMi.mtHY Literary
Fiu:r Haiinkb uhloilo
L II. llATt'lKl.l) . ,..I.nw
W. L Wkatkiimann KxclmiiRtt
i I
1..,. m ., K. K. DROWN, Vice President.
R. K. MOORU, President. f
HUnion SaydJgs IUnkK?
hi South Tcntn acreec.
mtm iTTTfiTT Paidow Saumfls and Time Deposits.
Students Who Patronize
Mips OitwimtY
J. w. Hkahson,
from some other recess and put
it in here. To have recitations
and examinations going on at
once is bad enough, but after. a
week of this kind, to start out
.i .-.i i. ..
T. 1 .ll 1 ......... KJ UN ilUUllllM aUIUUSlCI 3 WUI N IS il
vve nave wukcu, pn-uiui-n, t
oven raved "college spirit" until good deal of a strain on the
some people have opined that we , nninS S of the average
were a little crazy on the subject, j student's brain- We Pretlict thal
Perhaps we are. But here goes
again. The way that the stu
dents of the U. of N. supported,
days. We get two weeks at
Christmas and this year two
.days at Charter Day. This is
probably the reason why it was
not thought necessary to leave a
vacant day or two between the
two semesters. It seems to us. Students wno rawoii. - P'i atHICDC
that it would have been ndvis-i.lTOTipft Ar W AH PEL Tf vJcir Mit:K
able to have taken a day or so, w, Novor Regret It.
Thoy sou oiynsn uiounnu i
or rather did not support, the
Athletic Association last Salur
day night was nothing more or
the result will be very listless
and heartless work for the first
week or two of the second
2136 O St.-
.1.11 Wrlulit. r. i:. .Johnson .1 II MrCliiy.
Pioxl'lonl. Vlce-l'roddpnt. Cashier.
I John A. Ames. A-Vl ChIi.
he : Columbia
CAPITAL 250,000.
A. S. Haymnid. Chas.West. Thox. Cochrane. A. II Clark
Reasonable Prices.
First National Bank,
CAPITAI $400,000.00
SURPLUS 100,000.00
N. S. II AUWOOD, T'renldmit. ,
UHAS.A. I1ANNA, Vleo l'rciddont.
V. M.OOOK. CrtHlilor.
C. s Liri'iM-uriiium
.1, 8. FIIKKMAN, Ahs'I Cashiers
N. H. Hurwood J. I. MucFarland
V. M. Clarke T. M. Marquette
Chas II. Hnnna John H. Ames
Joliu Kltzircrolil II. K. Mooro
n. u.Comt C.T. IlOKlfR
KM. Cook .1. L. Cnnwn
President Schieffer of thelTlie New (OLUMBIAN BAKERY
t T m y r
less than disgraceful. It would university 01 lowa maae a re- 1337 O STREET.
not have been believed before Port t0 the Bojird of ReSents' T7RB5H gREHt), (ZflKES HNt) pIBS ,
that niirht that there were less ' showing the total income of a , H PARTY CAKES A SPECIALTY.
.than seventy-five out of our number of State Universities to j
i, 200 students who had enough ' D0 as '"ows :
., J JM:n,,:.
energy ana get-up w siuena a.uiigau ,W)uuu A MIT A I PflHH 6 Ticket S5.00
Hectare iriven for the benefit of Wiscosin 380,4. s8 ' JJ. 1 111.11 illl UH1 JJ 5 Ticket - - - 4,20
our most imnortant organization. ! California 33q,oq3
Ir wasn't tvn nprps?nrv to it-, Minnesota . 302 soo , MEALS SERVED AT ALL HOURS-
it s asn t c en necessaij to at- minnesoui 3o-,5oo c w ERANDHORST, Prop. - 121 North Eleventh St.
4 A j .... i . !... i.. A.. !. Ai.t ... I i innnio i-iiw v- i
ICI1U 111U 1CCIUI C, IMUllgll lllUl WUH I "ia --,yw
-to be desired. If any had heard i Nebraska 1531825
very Day
The Only First-class Ealng House
in he City 1
-Eli Perkins before, or didn't care
.to hear him at all, they might at
"least have.purchased a ticket or
'tickets. Fifty cents or a dollar
Iowa 125,000
These figures may explain
why we haven't a 'great jnany
things that we want and- need.
r- -i ., . . ...
is not a fortune ana mere are ve rank very low in income,
few of lis vho could not have j Nearly all the other important
spa.ed it. The typical Nebraska State Universities have a great
student seems to be, above every- deal more money to work with
thing else, selfish. If you give , than the U. of N. Until our
him a two dollar entertainment revenue is increased we cannot
for a quarter, if the night is hope to rival our richer sisters,
balmy and June like, if he has It is wonderful that we have
-his lessons for a week ahead, he done as much as we have. Con-
may possibly turn out. If the
entertainment is only worth
what he pays lor it, if it looks as
sidering our income, we think it
is no mere boast to say that the
University of Nebraska does
if it might snow next week, or more than any other University
if there is an examination with-! in the west, if not in the coun
in a month, he turns himself into (try. That, under existing cir
a regular clam. His shell and 'cumstances, the U. of N. should
his pocket book are closed as have made.for itself a reputation
tight as a time lock with the extending not only over the
combination lost. Will we ever whole United States, but to the
awake to the fact that we are , intellectual centers of the Old
not individual atoms struggling World, is little short of the mar
against every other individual vellous. It must be that we have
atom, but an organization, a be-. had some master minds among
ing which will thrive only as our students. Other"' schools are
each part thrives? Some parts; known by their faculties. We
may not be interested in the pur- are known by our graduates,
suits and amusements that others Chicago points to Von Hoist
are. Nevertheless they ought to and Harper, obtained for the
support those pursuits and institution by Rockafeller's mil
amusements to some extent. The lions. We point to Howard,
help given to the whole Uni- Warner and Little at Stanford,
versity in this way will repay a MacMillan and Frankforter at
thousand times any slight per-1 Minnesota, and Caldwell, who
sonal inconvenience occasioned, j remains with his ama mater in
Don't be a clam. spite of flattering offers else-
1 where. These are onr own, pro-
The U. of N. is as a rule quite j ducts of Nebraska's own intel
generous in the matter of holi-' lectual workshop. It is to them
Stiff Hats Made to Order from $2.60 to $4.00.
Wh- pay 15,(10 for n Hut when jou enn ret one miulo to Order the
flmpool your heuri, nnyMyie, for Icsr money and just as pood a
Hat? Why do you Ret h newHIn lint when you can pet your old
one mmle its fjood iih new for 11 .2fiV
Lincoln Stiff Hat Factorj, 1M So. lift St
Window Shades and Mouldings, Artists' and Photographers'
Materials; Drawing Instruments and Supplies.
A. T. LEMING & CO., 1106 0 St., 118 M. 11th St.
and others like them that the Uni I ,
owes its reputation, not to the
niggardly legislators who begin
buildings only to leave them
half finished as toys for the ele-!
$4, $5 TO $10.
Largest line of Woolenti In the HtU.
Inspection Solicited.
Lincoln Pants Co.
1223 O STREET.
ii JmjMiKtttt
umce, io. ii,h i, btreet. Ground Floor.
Hours. 7 to 9 a. in. ;l to 3. Mnd7 to8 p.
We earnestly Invite all Stu
dents to visit our store before
making any purchases In the
line of Dry Goods, Cloaks,
Ladles' Furnishing Goods and
Men's Furnishing Goods. Our
stocks are especially attractive.
We refer new students to any of
the professorsor any old stu
dent in the University as to
our manner of doing business.
Very respectfully,
133 to 135 South Eleventh St.
MuiiufueturfH his wn Shir b. They fit the
form and pleuM? the eye.
A Fuu. Link ok . . .
Men's FurnishingGoods
Our shirts ko direct from the manufacturer
to the consumer. No middlemen's profits.
Ten per cent discount to students.
93JI O Street, Basement State National
Hank Building.
Hutchins & Hyatt
SgCaiion City,
'Bock Springs,
Pennsylvania Anthracite
All Kinds of COAL So WOOD ob Hand
1004 O St. Telephone 225.