The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1893, Page 20, Image 9

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wedge and made a touch down without losing
the ball.
Yont made another twenty-live yard run.
The ball vsi3 touched down at one side of
the field and punted out. Pace failed to
kick the goal, partly on account of the long
distance and partly because he had been
hurt. No one could object as his kicking
was altogether excellent.
To give a dcailcd account of the playing
is superfluous as it was of the same charac
ter as in the first. Doanc punted
twice with good effect, but the play
was a doubtful one as Nebraska
seldom lost the ball. Ourv was given more
ml O
plays in this half and did well, making ten
3'ards at one time through the line. He lost
the ball in one scrimmage and Kenagy.
Doane's right end, got it. It looked for a few
seconds as though Donne was going to score.
Kenagy' s poor running and Yont's and
Shue's good running prevented it. Kenagy
had a good start and if he had attended
strictly to his business and not looked over
his :;houlder so much the score would have
looked different. As it was Shue got hold
of him and gave him a twist but lost him.
Yont then jumped lovingly on to his neck
and downed him just seven yards from our
line. Then Doane's twelfth player, the um
pire, did his best for them, but it was no use.
Nebraska held them like a stone wall,
although they got five trials when they should
have had only four. We got the ball and
worked it back a few yards. At this stage
of the game Owens, Doane's center, was
hurt. Jeffries, their coach, who played cen
ter for Ann Arbor, took his place. Pace ob
jected as he was not down in the list of subs.
They persisted in playing him. To even
things up Shue, who was prettiy well fagged,
went out and Crawford took his place. As
Crawford and Jeffries have played over sixty
games of base ball and foot ball together,
this was rather interesting. Donne" lost by
the trade as Hopewell held Jeffries even and
Crawford took care of three of Doane's line
men with apparent ease. He would hit one
playfully in the ribs and rub his elbow
across another's eyes, at the same time lift
ing a third oil' his feet and dropping him
against the others. He makes a hole us big
as a barn and if he can only teach the boys
to do one-half as well we have the pennant
cinched. Well the ball travelled rapidly
clown the field and Flippen touched down
between the goal posts and Pace kicked
another goal.
Doanc stuck to the checker-board start,
but only made Cwc yards. After a line play
or two Fuller punted to our fifteen yard line.
Yont got the ball and made five yards. The
umpire got in his deadly work again and
gave the ball to Doane. The play was un
interesting fo' awhile except for the umpire,
who let Jeffries take the ball away from
Hopewell after he had called down. Ne
braska soon got the ball again a-.idthcn came
the star play of the game. Yont took the ball
and Flippin, Johnston, and Lowrie blocked
for him. We are generally rather weak in
blocking, but ibis time it was faultless.
Lowrie did his work first. Up came one of
Doane's line men. Lowrie fell against his
ribs and over he went. Then Flippin car
ressed one or two with good effect. Johns
ton, the little man with the mammoth arti
ficial ear, sawed wood and prevented one or
two eager Doane men from touching Yout.
Yont pushed one oil with a good flat hand
play. The ball started from the second line
beyond the center toward our goal. When
Yout stopped he was between Doane's goal
posts and everybody thnl had any voice left
wns howling like a Sioux Indian. Sixty
yard runs are rare birds in this part of the
country and they are going to let Professor
Bruner stun" this one and put it in the
museum. There were but a few moments
left and no more playing was done. Score
of game, Nebraska iS, Doane o.
The game as a whole was just what might
have been expected. Our play altogether
was good, but there are one or two ragged
edges. Our blocking can be improved.
There are one or two weak places in the line,
between right guard and right tackle and be
tween left end and left tackle. Doane put
up a pretty game and blocks, as a rule, bet
ter than the Uni, They are not in the same
class with our team, however.