The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1893, Page 19, Image 8

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The team appeared on the ground a little
before three. Our boys were rcsplendant in
new white sweaters with a large red N.
They were in a Tally-ho. Doano's men fol
lowed in a carry-all. They didn't look as
big as our boys, but that, as was soon soon,
was owing to their black sweaters more than
one of eighteen. With one or two waits
when Doane men got hurt, the ball is pushed
steadily down the Held chiefly by Yont and
Flippin, until Yont touches it down near the
post and Pace kicks the goal about fifteen
minutes after the play began.
1 he ball is brought to the center and
to any lack ot beef. We had little advantage Doae tries the checker board for ten yards.
in weight.
The teams lined up as follows :
Kcnagy right-eud-lcft Johnston
Williams right-tncklc-left Oury
Lrcc right-guard-luft Wilson
jcflVi"s Center Hopewell
Varr left-guard-right Dem
Visiter lcft-lacklc-right Whipple
Houston left-end-right.
( Shue
.right-lmlf-left Vlippin
Whipple gets his long arms around the man
and that ends that play. They take the ball
twenty yards towards our goal line in four
plays and then we get the ball on a fumble.
Flippin gains five, Lowrie three, Flippin
four. Yont gains three, Flippin gains five,
twu and seven, Yont runs ten, Oury gains
live, two and three. Then Nebraska loses the
ball on four downs. Doane carries the ball
thirty yards on plays by Fisher and Mains,
Mains getting laid out in the last of them.
K I if. i-..4 Nebraska PT'lS lho h:tll nnrl tlinn it's tlin cnmr
Stull f n-.i-.m. .-..... .Wl - o - , v..
Uavitt Quarter 1'acc ti"g over again, except that they lose it
Fuller Full Lowrie again for a minute. Flippin, Yont and
Larrabee and Waterman were referee and Whipple hit the line and Yont makes a
umpire in the first half and changed places, twenty yard run. Flippin carries the ball
as usual, in the second. Larrabee gave uni- over pretty well to one side and Pace kicks a
vcrsal satisfaction, but for a "yellow" job of very diflicult goal.
umpiring give mo that measl looking fellow The ball comes to the center and Doane
from Crete. He absolutely refused to mark gets fifteen yards on the checker board,
the starting point in a series of downs and They carry the ball well into our territory,
invariably stole a yard or two. If it hadn't Williams and Feese both doing good work,
been that we were winning in spite of him Shue makes some good tackles and finally
his chances for a safe return to the valley of we get the ball on four downs. Flippin,
the beautiful Blue would have been slitn. Oury and Yont get back some of the lost
Doane won the toss and took the ball, ground but Doane plays well and we lose the
This gave the Uni the wind in this half. ball. Doane then takes the ball within ten
During the inevitable wait before the play yt rds of our line chiefly on plays of Mains
began Doane edrfied the spectators by going and Fisher. Williams is hurt again. The
through a Delsarte setting-up exercise. half ends with Doane pretty near to score,
At last they line up. Doane starts with but "a miss is as good as a mile." Our men
the famous Deland double-flying wedge, or have a habit of playing like fiends when the
checker board play. They make fifteen hall is near our goal and it is doubtful if
yards before Shue gets the man with the ball. Doane could have scored had the half not
They then gain nearly twentr yards more in have been up. Pace was hurt in the last scrim
four plays against the line. This brings the mage and it was doubtful for a while if he
ball dangerously near our goal and the boys could go on. When the time came to play
brace up. Doane loses the ball on four he was ready, however. Score for first half:
downs. It's our turn now. Yont makes five, Nebraska, 12 ; Doane, o.
Flippin three, Whipple five and so on. Yont The second half was the same as the first
makes two fine runs, one of twenty-five and only more so. Nebraska started with a