The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1893, Page 14, Image 3

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Most of us, however, have spent no money, the signs. Suppose that on Hallowe'en some
Talk is notoriously cheap. It is now to he adventurous soph sees fit to change them
seen to what extent the team will he cncour- about. The next morning Dr. Floyd will be
aged for their hard work by the presence of surprised by an invasion of prep, mathoma-
students at games. Don't miss one if you ticians and Lieutenant Pershing will find his
help it. And then there are dillerent recitation room filled with a bewildered lot
ways of going to a football game. Don't go of prep, chemists who would wonder what
alone and leave your voice at home. Take had became of their apparatus. To prevent
your sister or somebody else's sister. If such a calamity as this let every new student
Flippen or Oury or Vont makes a good play evert himself to learn the characteristics of
tell him about it. College spirit has been each building so thoroughly that he can find
preached in this paper till the editors are al- them even in the dark.
most tired of it, but once more we appeal tor
a good generous display of it. jt js lo be expected that college students
will be more or less careless ol property
What has become of the University De- rights. In one of Warner's sketches he tells
bating club? Its career was entirely too of a student at the gates of Heaven who when
short. While it existed it was quite popular, asked if he had ever stolen, said "Not at all,
It has a legitimate radon d' elre. There are except the usual ' college conveyances.'" St.
a great many students in the university who Peter forgave that easily. Theoretically this
belong neither to the literary societies or to is all right, but in practice it isn't. When a
the fraternities. These have no opportunity man comes rushing out of a recitation in a
for literary work outside of the class room, hurry and finds that his hat is gone and one
For these if for no others the debating club of the crop of two or three years ago left in
was an excellent thing. The classes in its place, it is to say the least provoking. Of
public speaking, of course, give excellent course it is always simply a mistake, but its
training, but there is still the class room funny that the trade is always one way. We
stamp on the work. The presence of a pro- have yet to learn of anybody finding a good
lessor for some unaccountable reason acts as hat in place of a poor one. If we must show
a sort of damper on the average student's our college spirits by appropriating what
enthusiasm. There would be more energy does not belong to us let us restrict our el
and honest desire to win shown in a debating forts to looting the enemy. Steal a barber's
club than in the class room. Some of the pole or two or a few chickens when at camp
many students who are not devoting their but respect the property of fellow students,
whole time to foot ball should resuscitate the We are all about equally poor'and equally
old organization. unable to purchase extra hats and umbrellas
in these hard times.
The average new student thinks he knows
a great deal and doesn't know very much. Professor Caldwell's American History
It was probably a consequence of the latter Seminar is the most popular one in the Uni
fact that it was considered necessary to label versity. Ti.ere are at present twelve mem
the various buildings. The signs are by no bers. The period of the civil war and re
means beautiful and it seems to us might construction will be studied at these meet
have been dispensed with. It would't take ings and a special topic will be investigated
more than two or three months for the great by each student. The desire is to take sub
majority of the men to distinguish the ar- jects which have not been thoroughly worked
mory from the chemical laboratory. As it is up, and to make the investigation as nearly
now some of them may learn thern only by original as possible.