The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1893, Image 2

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The Nebraskan
Vot. II. Lincoln, Nebraska, Octobkr 22, 1893. No. 2.
T M B NEBRASKAN The fespcriau said it wished its readers to
o 11 7T criticize it if there was good cause for criti-
A Scini-Moiitlily Paper Issued at the University or Nebraska. csm. otherwise these words would not be
Entered as second-class mail timttor. " penned. We really fail to see any particular
jioAun ov koitors: connection between the library and the fact
A. V. Montmokkncy Kditor-in-Chicr that students receive a special discount on
1.. B. Literary ci0thinfr at 's. Neither is it in the prov-
J. II. Johnston Athletic , .... , ,., . . r ' . ,
K. J. Hatkiki.1. Law School 'ncol lhe change editor to inform us that
W. i. Wkstkrmann KncIuuikc guarantees good work on shoes. Il
Miss Martha Burks, ) savors very much of back woods journalism
Miss HKMtN Grroorv, Local J . . , ,.
h. C. Oukrmkr. 1 to put advertisements in among the reading
11. G. Whitmork Business Maagcr tnatter of a paper. We beg the Hesperian
A Representative College Paper. for the sake of our common pride and care,
Subscription i.txfper year.TT paid before January i, He University, to cease this pernicious habit.
1893, otherwise J1.50 '
All subscriptions will be continued until ordered Great development in any one direction is
fViff1!0'1' apt to cause a weakness in some other. This
ri-Mfovt tl nas l see,ns been the case in our scientific
department. In botany and chemistry we
. are unexcelled, but nearly even' visitor, or
If it were not that we firmly believe that too ;U ft . romnrks the tota ab
much of a good thing is an impossibility, we sence of inalniclion in astronomy. Of course
would hesitate to appear before the University U) glve thoroilgh instruction requires the out
public again so soon. Inevitable and una- ,av of a amounl of money for appam
voidable accidents delayed our first issue until Thh js praclically impossible, but it
chronology was badly mixed. Some things seems ng .f some elementary work miuht be
were referred to as yet to be which had become (lone Ag k ig there ;s m) way by which Wfi
ancient history before the paper finally es- c.m QyQn a gcnernl itlea of this science.
caped and made its bow to the public. We We cnn hnr(Hy haye a Yerkes telescope or
sincerely apologize for our shortcomings, or even a mUe Qie guch as Lick presented t0
rather our longcomings, and promise that it lhe UnivcrsUy of California, but we might
shan't happen again. get SQme itjea Qf ll0W tbe stars go rounf
and round " with an opera glass if we were
It is rumored that the glee club which ma- tau'ht how.
teriali.ed as a double quartet is to be drop-
ped. It is to be hoped that this rumor is The football season is now open. There
false. We have longed for a glee club for has been lots of enthusiasm displayed in the
years. It would be too bad to lose what we preliminaries. There have been a hundred
have gained towards it. Some sacrifice must or so students standing around in the way of
be made by each member, no doubt, but it the players and shouting a little every even
will be for the University and that should be ing. Some of them have contributed of their
enough, for any loyal student. worldly goods to the support of the team.