The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, May 01, 1893, Image 1

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    The Nebraskan
Vol. I. Lincoln, Nebraska, May, 1893. No. 8.
THE NEBRASKAN. is as if a scene-shifter should stand before
- ---- - --n-rrTt3 the foot lights at a comic opera and tell the
A Monthly Paper, Issued at the University of Nebraska, audiencc when to laugh, It interferes quite
Entered ns socoikI-cIubs mail matter, seriously with the individual interpretation
lToAitn of kuitoub: eve,'y intelligent rcadcr likcs t0 Pt "Pon
T. E. Wing: Editor-in-Chiof what he reads. The habit is a childish one
Miss MAH?XHuSomNsoN::: and requires considerable conceit on the
Fhkd ) part of the commentator for he flatters
Miss Mattik Bukks Local nnd MiscoIIany i- .,. ., . , . . .,,
It. S. BuiiU ) himself this or that good point will escape
HWn"EE-:V".-Biii-nSlSl? "d lcss tdU8t 1" serving
tlian h5mself. The Librarian cannot stand
The Representative College Paper. over everybody in the room to prevent this
jCV'i 1 and similar barbarisms. The common sense
VwOXIOriul, of students worthy the name ought to put a
; stop to such thoughtlessness.
The legislative session has come and gone,
leaving us much to be thankful for and little Speaking of the library it seems most too
to be regretted. The failure to secure the bad that the "no talking1' rule cannot be bet
library appropriation was a sad disappoint- ter observed. There are certain students
ment, especially as the work has been so boys and girls, rather who make a practice
auspiciously begun. But perhaps the disap- of settling down in an alcove and prattling
pointment can be much better borne where away, utterly regardless of everybody within
it is than in other departments where inade- sight or sound. This necessitates a sharp
quate appropriations would mean serious rap from the Librarian's desk which disturbs
handicapping or even extinction. The con- everybody in the room. The offenders are
fidencc expressed in the Regents by putting of two classes. Either children who think
in their hands the entire control of the dis- they have stepped from the sixth grade into
tribution of the general appropriations, the University Library-play-room, where
although only right and proper, is something nothing is quite so smart as to behave con
to be very grateful for. The forward strides trary to the rules ; or more mature students
either accomplished or outlined at the recent who know better but haven't the good breed
Board meeting augur well for our future ad- ing to observe the proprieties of time and
vancement, and make glad the hearts of all piace. The library is for work, not play ; a
loyal students. 'Rah for the U. of N. literary laboratory, not a drawing-room. A
better appreciation of this fact would be a
The abominable habit of making marginal i)00n to all concerned.
comments on the text of library books is b(j,-
coming so common that we want to enter a The class of '94 will inaugurate the cus-
protest before the craze gets beyond control, torn oi a reception and banquet to the seniors,
It is extremely unpleasant, to a reader of any to be tendered sometime during Commencc-
independent judgment ' whatever, to have a ment week. '94 is to be congratulated for
running diagram of the good points in an her enterprise and good taste. Tradition is
article mapped out for him in advance. It supposed to make bitter enemies of juniors