The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 01, 1893, Page 84, Image 4

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Barb or bccattsc he was a Frat. That time,
and the men of that opinion on both sides
have gone, we hope, to join the shades of the
old 17th century bigots. If there is anything
good in a man let it come out and let it have
its influence on the rest of us. It makes no
fe Chancellor's (Column.
Each period seems to have its peculiar
characteristic; a something which distin
guishes it from the preceding age ; a "mark
vt 1 1 I J
weary, rlease torget tne personality oenma
this paper, if the ideas presented are good,
or if you get any pleasure out of reading
what we print be satisfied, if not, ask us to re
sign and we will, if we can't improve, but
don't, if you value our opinion of you, come
around and intimate that what we write would
difference, so long as the idea is helpful, who brand" bv which we readilv recognize it
originated it. This Frat-Barb grunting and ThJs cimracteristic may not have the same
growling and jealousy makes us exceedingly manjfestation (quantitative) in different com-
munities or in different nations but the
peculiar quality of the age can be detected
without much trouble. The aroma may be
subtle and faint, but it is in the air.
The distinguishing characteristic of this
age is alertness. The term is used as mean
in? something more than activity, celeritv :
be very nice if we didn't wear a Frat pin. something olher than qickness, promptness,
Friendly and even sharp criticisms are good briskness It is rather the condition-preced-
for any college paper. We hope to be cnti- em of these Jt s ft certain intentness and
cised for therein lies improvement, and we keenness of perception, a ready play of all
certainly shall criticise when we feel like it. lhe facult;es Its 0pposites mark the stolid,
There is a difference though between sharp sodden sulen man . the man who -s buf. ha,f
criticism and sarcastic slinging of mud. We awake. who hears indistinctly and who
hope to continue in the "Representing" bus.- sees diml . whose senges must be stirrcd
ness till the end of the year and, Providence Qr nQt at al, The aert man ig the
permitting, for many years to come. There elic needle . the other is sim , a bar of
is a big field hereto represent though and we U1 r .U1 . ..
to . , .. . . iron capable of some use, possibly, m the
wish the Hcs-bcnan all possible success in its , , r ., , . . , .
. J . . hands of others ; but supine, heavy, inert
"representing business. , , A , rr , , . , ,
& u'hpn l.t n nnp I r. no nlrf ic tr ha Torono
.. a. ..v hiviiv.1 A k ...N. w . U, OLVP&0
We are going to take a resolution right
here in public. It is this : We shall be glad
to discuss, soberly and earnestly with the
Hesperian any question either of us may
bring up. We shall not do an more scrap
ping on this Frat-Barb question. We've had
our "say" and shall keep quiet hereafter. St.
Peter isn't going to ask whether we were a
"Pal" or a "Sig before he lets us in. As
long as he isn't we needn't worry about the
matter here at the U. of N. where there are
plenty of more profitable subjects to discuss.
ive, to be delicately poised, to sense things
and conditions and men and relations with
the finest possible "feelers."
There is something about this alertness
that amounts almost to commercial or pro
fessional instinct. The hot strife of the
world of today gives phi' to this rather than
to the judgment ; certainly rather than to
very deliberate judgment. Just now all
things are done in haste. The ox team
gives way to quick-stepping horses, and the
horses to steam. The mail becomes weeklv.
then daily, then almost hourly, and is in turn
There are about seventy-five Sombreros supplanted by the telegraph and telephone,
in a box down in the Hesperian office. They The slow going merchant-man becomes the
are for sale cheap. The business managers clipper, and the clipper gives way to the
are also in a box and are vainly trying to steamer, and the steamer to the best of its
persuade '93 to do the square thing and help class, the ocean greyhound. Travel con-
them out of the hole. tinues by night and by day. The world in