The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 01, 1893, Page 83, Image 3

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83 ll,
may .be infidels, too, but you nre not
supposed to know it and it is at least
courteous and unselfish not to disturb
them. The man who insists on making a
disturbance in chapel is irreverent himself,
discourteous to whoever is leading the exer
cises and inconsiderate of all the students
within reach of his voice. He is no gentle
man and if he can't mend his ways he better
stay out of chapel.
The other is about the Uni. yell at the
Lansing the other night when Modjeska was
playing Henry VIII. There is a vast differ
ence between giving a college yell on a
distinctively college occasion and giving it
indiscriminately on occasions where the
students form only a small fraction of the
audience. In one case it is proper, in the
other it is very improper. Giving the yell
the other night and similar inappropriate
demonstrations are in very poor taste, even
if not rowdyish. The idea of its being
"exuberance of college spirit," and that stu
deuts can't enjoy themselves without disgust
ing other people is very largely a fake. We
think proper fun is just as funny as improper
fun. It's a good deal healthier, anywaj for
body and mind. The public sizes us up
from what it sees of us in public. It knows
nothiug about the high marks we all get up
here at school ; it simply judges us by our
behavior. In the eyes of the public a thing
like that yell at the Lansing will go further
in convincing people we are an aggregation
of ill-bred rowdies than a year's work by a
whole class will in the opposite direction.
Even from a purely material, calculating,
selfish standpoint it pays to cultivate good
taste and refined manners.
From these names it will be seen that the
"barb" element has been eliminated and the
paper will be entirely under the control of
the fraternities now. This is not surprising
for the "barbs" always have been to the
"frats" a thorn in the flesh, as it were. We
shall now expect the Ncbraskan to be, more
than ever, a representative paper, but a rep
resentative of the fraternities alone, and not
the representative paper of the Nebraska
State University. Hesperian.
What is now most needed in our college
journalism is a higher dignity a dignity
that will not condescend to lower itself with
the view of making capital thereby. Stcn
tor. We don't believe in mind-reading but the
editor of the Stcntor has so neatly expressed
the only possible conclusion from the Hespe
rian clipping, that we could not refrain from
quoting them side by side. We might say a
word about our principles and about this
"Representative Paper" business. To be
entitled to the name "Representative," a pa
per must consult, in making up its columns,
the sentiments and wishes of all students who
ask or deserve representation. It must re
flect student opinion, debate student ques
tions, cater to student taste. If it does this
fairly and impartially it is representative ; if
not it is partisan and sectional. It makes not
one whit of difference particular stu
dents contribute to the paper, the require
ments are objective not subjective. So long
as the representing conditions are fulfilled it
matters little whether the work is done by, Literary, or Scientific student,
whether by Freshman or Senior, whether by
Frat or Barb. A Barb paper that ignores
Frats and a Frat paper that ignores Barbs
would be equally unrepresentative, so long as
both elements are strongly represented in
University work and life. We propose to
conduct this paper in the interest of the Uni
versity Students. We don't know any differ
ence, in these columns, between a Frat and
Barb. If either one has anything to con
tribute, any question to ask or discuss, any
suggestions to make in fact, anything what
ever to say of interest to the students, these
columns are open to both alike. There was
a time here when a man was worthless, men
tally, morally and socially because he was a