The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, March 01, 1893, Image 1

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    The Nebraskan
Vol. I.
Lincoln, Nebraska, March, 1893.
No. 6.
The Nebraskan.
A Monthly Paper, Issued at the University of Nebraska.
For Special Terms of Subscription for balance of
school year see Inst page reading matter.
Entered ns second-class mall matter.
T. E. Wing Editor-in-Chief
H. G. Whixmobe Business Manager
The Representative College Paper.
Notino to Subscribers and AdvortiBors.
AU subscriptions and advertising bills arc payable to
the Business Manager. No other person attempting to
collect subscriptions or bills of any kind has authority to
do itfie same.
We regret exceedingly the apparent death
of the University Debating Club. Extempo
raneous speaking is better than recitation ;
debate better than oratory. If the club is
not resurrected this month it will be " sure
dead," for these spring days savor strongly
of football, tennis, and evening strolls, to the
exclusion of the heavier indoor meetings. A
good, healthy start right now would give the
Debating Club impetus enough .to carry .it
through to the end of the year, with an im
mense amount of pleasure and profit to all
of us.
The change in editorship of the Ne
braskan, which retires the writer of the
pseudo-philosophic account of the Local
Contest given in our last issue, makes it seem
proper for the present editor to express his
opinion on oratorical style. The withdrawal
of our predecessor alone makes possible this
expression of opinion for we should consider
it discourteous, indeed even insulting, to
print, as the opinion ot this paper, what is
known to be radically opposed to the ideas
of n "brother-editor."
Oratory should appeal to the intellectual and
emotional rather than to the (esthetic sense.
Any school girl or boy, may, with practice,
go through an excellent and perhaps, to
some, .a pleasing pantomime before an audi
ence, but what is artificial cannot be effective.
We believe that the conversational style is
both the ideal and the practical one, not one
whit ahead of the times, and we propose to
stick to it, for better or worse, till the end.
It is unfortunate that Charter Day comes
so near Washington's Birthday. The stu
dents seem perfectly willing to transfer the
pleasure of the legal holiday on the 22d to
the special holiday on the 15th, probably be
cause it comes a week earlier. We don't
care particularly about having two holidays,
in fact, mid-week holidays are terribly exas
perating, but to have to go to school on
Washington's Birthday is throwing cold wa
ter on a student's patriotism. Rather than
run the risk of cooling any more patriotic sen
timent in this University, we believe the au
thorities will have to give us two holidays
next year. Local patriotism demands Char
ter Day, national patriotism Washington's
Birthday. Not because the students want
both, but because conscience and duty de
mand both.
" By their fruits ye shall know them." We
believe the function of the college paper is
to try to reflect the best thoughts of the best
class of students in college, and to express
the judgment of the best element in school
on all live questions that may come' up, in
college politics, society, or whatever students
are interested in. Above all, the ideal col-