The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 01, 1892, Page 27, Image 15

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low. Neither do they break from the line to
help the halves as they should. On the whole
the team plays a much better offensive than
defensive game. Practice and coaching will
remedy these defects.
Illinois' strong points were their tackling
and the work of their halves.
Pound of Lincoln and Arms of Illinois
were chosen as umpire and referee for the
first half, changing for the second half. The
men lined up as-follows:
Illinois Nebraska
Atherton Left end Yont A. E.
Needham Left tackle Howe
Hull : Loft guard Yont J. G.
Ashley Center Hopewell
McCormick Right gunrd Jones
Armstrong Right tncklo Sinclair
Tnckott Right end Church
Cook Quarter bnck Pneo
Slater Loft half Flippin
Sweeney Right half Johnson (Capt)
"Williams (Cnpt). ..FuU'baok Oliver
Illinois won the toss and opened the game
with a V, gaining five yards. By repeatedly
bucking the line, they neared the twenty
five yard line, when McCormick dropt the
ball. Pace falling on it. By using the
wedge and bucking the line, the' reached
the center of the field, when Flippin makes
the banner run of the game, running around
right end, gaining twenty-five j'ards. John
ston and Flippin alternately bucked the line,
Flippin finally carried the ball over and
made a touchdown. Oliver kicks goal.
Score 6 to o. Illinois had ball in center.
By bucking the line, they carried the ball
to within a yard of Nebraska's goal. Illinois
lost the ball to Nebraska on fourth down,
just as time was called.
By this play Nebraska carried it almost to
to Illinois goal, when time is called. Score
6 to o.
In the second half Nebraska soon lost
the ball, Illinois got it as far as the
twenty-five yard line, when Oliver punt
ed it. The ball now advanced first om
way and then another, first one side
getting it, then the other. Both teams em
ployed the tactics of "bucking'' the line,
seemingly the only play they could work
Illinois indulged in dirty work throughout
the game. Huff made a fitting ' end by
slugging Jones, just as time was called. The
manager refused to apologise. The decisions
of the Illinois referee were very partisan.
Sweeney was injured in the second half,
giving way to Hail.
At Denver, on Saturday the 29th, the
team met its first defeat. This defeat will
do much towards improving the play of the
men. They put up a good game, but were
cippled inasmuch as Jones and Sinclair
were both unwell, and could not play the
game they usually do. Besides the high al
titude must be taken into consideration.
The Denver Athletic team has been greatly
strengthened since the Kansas game, and
good coaching, practice and training has had
their effect. There still remain nearly two
weeks in which to get ready for the Kansas
Denver won the toss and the team lined
up as follows :
Lincoln Uonvcr
Yont Left end Hayden
Howe Left tackle ..Burger
Yout Left guard Fillmore
Hopewell Center English
Joins Right guard Backburn
Sinclair Right tackle Clawson
CJiurch Right end Piouts
Paco Quarter back Barton
Flippin Loft half back Field
Johnston Right half back Spalding
Oliver., . . .'Full bnck DoWitt
Babcock, of Denver, umpire, Williams, of
Lincoln, referee.
Denver opened with a V and by rapid cen
ter rushes got the ball to the twenty-five yard
line, when DeWitt kicked it almost to goal,
Field getting it, making touchdown and
kicking goal. Nebraska now used the
whirling wedge, gaining a 'Jew yards but
soon lost them by another twenty-five 3'ard
punt of DeWitt's. For some time both
teams struggled with thj ball, Flippin finally
running' around right almost to Denver's
goal. Yont scored a touchdown for Ne
braska. Oliver failed to kick goal. Score 6
to 4. in favor of Denver.
In the remainder of the first half, Field
3jr- K(f