The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 01, 1892, Page 9, Image 9

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wouldn't take me long to say which Fd take.
Hainry Dale is as big and strong and hand
some a feller as you'll ever meet, and he'd
-ride through fire just to set his eyes on yer
purty face-1'
Moyne looked steadily ahead, her face
srew red as a rose at the mention of that
name so dear to her heart, but she made no
replv and the old man continued.
4SI tell yer that you've got to choose soon,
and the quicker tth better or there'll be
trouble. Not that Fm at all anxious to lose
ye ; not thai iiny darter, but there's bad blood
alween "em, though ther hain said nuthin'.
They'll fight, and it'll be a hard one, loo, one
of these days. 1 seen 'em pass th'other day
and the scowl they give each other meant
bizness. I tell ye somelhin" must be done
The girl's face blanched a little at this
announcement and grew sad and thoughtful.
Her father had told her nothing that she did
mot already know, but ccming from other
lips it had a force which startled her. The
question with her was not which to choose,
for this she had done long ago, but with the
instincts of a sensitive woman she wanted to
make this choice without giving offense t
the other. Therefore, woman-like, she had
shown no preference to either of her deter
mined suitors. But her father's words cut
deeply into her heart and added to the dis
quiet that had been raging for weeks in her
breast. TB&e old man was about to continue
the subject, now that the ice was broken,
when hie daughter exclaimed :
"See, father, look at thatT
Jackson looked in the direction her finger
pointed and saw the intumed moccasin tracks
of fully a dozen Indians. ( ,'
I don't like this, father, and Tm goliig
back. Our cattle are all out on the range
and the boys are at the house. They will be
surprised and the slock run off- I'll go back
and together we will drive the cattle into the
This turn in affairs rather pleased him as
he thought more of the 'good time" he would
have with his chums at the fort than of the
danger that might befall his children or his
properly, fsom the few Indians that-had strag
gled across his path, so lie jogged on toward
She (bit- The Sicux were seen occasionally but
they had always been friendly and the old man
never thought of danger. He chuckled a bit to
himself and murmured the oft repeated say
ing that "wimmin is queer critters anyhow."
He reached the fort before noon, mcl his
friends,, looked long and lovingly on the red
liquor which the suiter sold to all comers,
sung his gay old songs, danced and made
merry for the crowd that always welcomed
him because he had money and would "set
"cm up," and in due time was happily un
conscious of Indians or anything else. The
soldiers who liked the jolly old man picked
him up late in the evening and gave him a
warm bunk in the guard house, where he
spent the night in drunken slumber.
to be coxnxuED.
Cfje profs.
Miss Josephine Treeman has been ap
pointed instructor in Latin.
Prof. Bowen was happily married to Miss
Helen Stirling at MtL Pleasant, Mich-, Aug
ust 25.
Chancellor Canfield addressed the Y. 31.
and Y. W. C. A. meeting in the chapel at 3
o'clock last Sanday.
Prof. Nicholsoii lias resigned the direct or-
11 ship of the experiment station. The press
of other business necessitated this move. w
The attendance of the faculty during chapel
exercises is increasing. This a1one is a sign
of increased activity among the leaders of
onr school.
The Chancellor and Mrs. Canfield enter
tained the members of the faculty very pleas-