The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 01, 1892, Page 7, Image 7

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haspareiHts when a ymmwg; swam. There, after
a few yearns he mannied tthe mman f hi
cflHwoc a pale, ffiragpe, Mtae eyed HUxem
haired giiiri!,, who JM ra seem staoafj tuwmgh
;ffer tthe iroaggged Bt tthat had ttafficn to her, Wt
with a spirit f room mwoe and adweartnre &
her make wp'tthat went Car toward (resicom
Hng tthe natnral wealkness f her oosaitmtikiwu
A ew calbon was raised in tthe hottoms (Hold
Stogar M3H CmodL, amd J'oHrun amd his hride
foecame its (coapamls. Somehow tthcy did
t get ahmg wdH in tthe mrorid, amid alt her
snggedtiem tthey sdld ttlwar'orttjn'" paclked tap
their fedkgiRgs; and jjoined tthe great cara
wan (of emigrants who were seeking homes
in tthe west. They "halted En Iowa, where
tthey lEwcd and praiflfjered, rantil a ttypfeoid
ferer (canoe and (camriied away tthe flair yoamg
wife, wife Ikad always seemed too trail tfiar
uMe eamth.
Jdfem was Heft with tthree children to came
tor, tthe '.ollieat, Miyne,a sweet girl, who was
Hike 5mage(ef her mother and ttwe Ibeys (f a
more tfeender age. The sUl place seemed so
desolate and lonely ttlhtft Jdba oom refiused
longer tLo Ewe where every shnuh, ewery ttrariH
nm tthe moad and terociy hand is ttibe little
stmeam tthat tflowed hy ttlbeor place meKnaSad
him tof IkSs Rest lowe. For in his mcmgh, made
way he had. 3-croed tthe flitalle wioman as few
are IkmeA, asd he cherished her memory
with a sacredness that am-GKirted 4 dewotSom.
Again has hnoad aones weal into ttibe hands
f gftraagsers. Me .edd his tcxc3c, and laad
rmg his Iliolle tfannHlly onl an o9d unraarie
sdfeooer" jkmg wnlh his hojiehSd eods,
ifer a eo3 tl5ne el is taoe ttoMaad tthesel
a5n,ht witlk 2oo!4yeot2vejpt. Chance
lied hw to Omahsi, tthenoe w.etwacid to tthe
heaMthU ESHkM orn valley, hastlfifidSan place
3o .fiirtt his i&oaered lfancy, he "kept cm and
cm, tantoU a hundaied miHefi or M&CHie heyvi2d
any mespectalble setenaests.
0e leviesiug just a tribe ian was i5s3caitg
Ibehimd ttlhe wele3U) QuDk, lie HiaDled is a moi'ie
of janes raot tfar l&ona ttlbe east Ibank (of ttlhe
INBrJbrara, and jnldbcd Ihis tttatt for ttlbe ought.
In tthe niiing tthe maf ffedafreac (of tthe aoeneay
aaod tthe wild meuaandacnefis of she saTmosind
ings upted to his liking, and he ooandliuded
to explore tthe oownttry for a few days. There
wxs pleity f game and as Doe wa aim ex
ipesraenoed hnnfter he towsd wo ditcshy 5n
coflfledS food ewewgh forlfeiiwsdtriB dkiiM
men, and aim e to end to tthe o9d3eins at FowU
JN?o)!bnara ne dzen aniltes away. It mas
Em tthe ttaM of tthe year whem he flaalliiec), aimd
afltera wcdk aslftteist Halfc he ibeguun ttlkeeinec
ttSiB fa iwsBgh Hmg (calbaia, whadb was to emre
tthe ipaurpaee of htccfaiaff (cxzit tthe oolld as wdlB
as tthe Indians,, who anight chance tto wiil Ms
place. These Indians wtesne tfiroeiliy ouad had
weftoomcd tthe wMe naam aiod this ipvajpooses
with many a enoss "bew, how,,'" Ibwtt all
weseraersfioBOW what a ttieacheros dkamac
tter a wttneiAdyn Indianis, and they do weM to
he prepared tor any emergency- The hoys
were mil nil yet hnt Mioyne was wm ahawast
wtoman jgrown and tthongiinehad the halm,
eyes, coaanSeaMi and featmnes f her m'Otther
she was Earner and stoowgier and had inher
ited onelhiig osf her dasher's maggied coc
sttilisdion. She had heen ttaiDgiht to slbcMKfand
lOiwalld easHBy sraulff a candllr with a zriiSe haflU
at one hxundmed paces- As ttlbe d-GMxns of tthe
caMn weae tthadk amd heavy, wilh ptonl-holles
am either side, she had no tf earns of Imdiaxis,
and with her her fcnasfly WHnadbesler fellt tthat
she con3d hieep one lbaandmed (of tthem at hav
A few acres wene pflosvied in tthe spring amd
p?jmtod to garden ttrnds, which fesnd a meady
safe at tthe fort, and &odsl, almost in spile f
himself, Jack foe3 tthat he was a Ifiiotauie
and was pragperoag heyond his miMeKt ex
pecttattioms, S&am a new wsikmi moad wa
(Opened near his (do r, (over xadkidh m.any a
weatwamd honnd advemlioaier foBd his way.
The Blade Hffls excitement was at its high
est and hmndredfi of eager ffirawelers passed
his door hoaand for tthis new E3 Jorado. Ilis
place hecame Isdwb as Jadtcojfs miijndh and
lmosey came to him almost with oust effort.
This prosperity was not eaaiinely due to his
management as may he saaspeatea, hxit Ho ttibe
feeauty and ancoitapll&Jiimeiils (of Ibis (daughter
((wh wju tthe iMistress of tthe ranch.) Aay