The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 01, 1892, Page 3, Image 3

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sity can .always furnish this in any style and
kind, so Will Johnston and F. D. Eager will
bedetailed for this occasion.
"" A representative of the Athletic association
will visit Omaha to-day, to secure, if possible,
the services of "Mr. Sheldon the Y. M. C.rA.
physical director, as coach for the fool-ball
team. Mr. Sheldon is an old college player
and will, if secured, greatly help us in win
ning the pennant.
The Hesperian has at last discovered that
it needs strengthening. During the past
ten days three separate meetings have
been held to devise ways and means of
improving the paper. It was at first pro
posed to form a joint stock company to carry
out the enterprise, but nothing definite could
be agreed upon. At last it has been decided
upon to continue in the old rut. The only
change will be the election of a board of
editors each year in June instead of January,
This allows one board to continue through
out the whole year.
The University Republican Club has fully
organized for the new year. On the evening
of September 22 the club met and elected
officers. The selections are: President,
Ralph E. Johnson ; vice president, W. H.
Sawyer ; secretary, R. H. Johnson ; treas
urer, Adam McMullen ; historian, Burt
Forbes; sergeant-at-arms, W. E. Rowe.
Other business of importance was transacted.
R. E. Johnson made his report of the Buffalo
convention and E. M. Pollar'and Charles
Stroman reported upon the work of organ
ization among other colleges. It was de
cided to form a Field Home Guard from the
alma mater of that gentleman.
The annual cane break has taken place.
Many thought that class feeling had entirely
died out, though there were rumors afloat
that the Jfhrst year of residence" men would
revive it by carrying canes. Little attention
was paid to these rumors, however, and the
majority of students were surprised when
the above mentioned class, with shouts of
defiance, marched into chapel yesterday,
carrying oak canes. 'Of course ttheretwere
no chapel exercises and all adjourned to;the
campus. As the '"first year of residence"
men greatly outnumbered their opponents
and as they employed the tactics of holding
them down, the breaking lasted for 'half an
hour, resembling a cane rush more thanfa
cane break. A few girls of '95, and '96 then
displayedrtheir class feeling b3 a Tush of their
Lieutenant Perahing made the following
appointments. Wednesday, September .28::
To be cadet captains : '
JE. M. Pollard, JR.. ,S . (Bulla,
F. D. Eager, C. C, Marley.
Adjutant : H. G. iBrber.
Quartermaster.: jj. R. Williams.
'First .Lieutenants:
F. Gund, '
Second Lieutenants :
J. Albers,
J. C. Graham,
Sergeant Major : H.J. Todlesak,,
Drum Major : W. L. Westerman,
First Sergeants :
sH. ASenter,
R. 32. Johnson.
C, A.. Skinner,;'
W. H. Sawyer,
Sergeants :
F. Clements,
R. S. Hiltner,
T. J. Dun-ell,
C. E. Tefft,
W. D. Reed,
L. C. Oberlies,
Cadet-Corporals :
J. A. Canfield',
R. C. Bentley,
.W. H. Foresyth,
Charles Fritts,
C. A. Elliott,
Otis Weeks,
H. C. Upton,
W. Hildreth,
O. T. Reedy,
F. B. Hadley,
CE. Fifer.
F.iF. Tucker,
OR.. "K. Johnson, J
J. P. Beardsley. j
G. W.Brown,
H. G. WhitmoreHto
G.I. Babcck. W '
H.J. Butte, 'Mt--
A. G. Chapman,""
J. M. Bentley,
jJ.iH. Brady,
A. B. Lyon,
&..'R. Welden,
IE. 'Haughton,
J. "H. iBeckman,.
:S. M.Martin, ,
. -
O '.
9 'I