The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 01, 1892, Page 12, Image 12

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presiding themselves with regulation gymna
sium costumes.
Scmb 3urrs,
immerman recently made the world's
bicycle record for two, three, four and live
miles, respectively, 4:37 3-5, 7 :i$ 4-5, 9541,
12 :oo 2-5. He rode a mile in 2 :o6$, a quar
ter in 27 seconds, flying start.
The new instructor in gymnastics, Miss
Wilder, has her oflice in the west end of
Grant hall. It has been fitted up with con
veniences for caring for any student taken
suddenly ill or accidentally injured on the
New rules in foot-ball : no coaching will
be allowed from the side lines ; the coacher
must retire after warning to behind the ropes ;
a touch down made and a try at goal having
failed, the ball is brought to the center of the
the field instead of the twenty-five yard line.
The following officers were elected by the
Athletic Association, September 24th : presi
dent, Charles Stroman ; vice president, James
Canfield ; secretary, F. E. Barnes ; treasurer, t
E. O. Pace ; custodian, W. II. Sawyer ;
board of directors, C. A. Elliott, J. H. John
ston, George FUppin and C. E. Teflt.
A rule in loot-ball has been passed that
whether a man misses or kicks goal, the ball
is returned to the center of the field. The
catcher cannot drop balls punted to him just
before goal. If dropped the punt must be
made again and if dropped on second time,
opponents have kick oil at the center of the
During the past month, cyclist J. S. John
son made the following world's records :
With flying otartt quarter, 26 1-5 seconds ;
half, 55 1-2 seconds ; mile, 1 :$6 3-6. With
standing start, quarter, 31 seconds; half,
58 3-5 seconds ; mile, 2 :oj$. He uses the
elliptical sprocket vheel,which gives a greater
gear' and, it is estimated, saves ten per cent
of the exertion formerly required to drive a
Tho oollogo days arc oonio again
Tho happiest of tho yoar.
For now JProp. John can see Prop. Sue,
With naught to interfere.
No weeds to hoe, no grass to mow,
No chores to do at night.
Aud John enjoys lifo with tho boys,
While class-work is so light.
4No, Albert," replied the fond father, in
answer to his son's interrogation, "Tuflt's
College is not a school of correction."
Only a buttle for glory
Incited by clannish pride;
Only a campus all gory,
Furrowed aud torn, far aud wide.
Only a fow broken noses,
Sprained ankles, black oyes aud sort head-,
Only a Hold strewn with clothing,
And shirts, begrimed aud in shreds.
Only somo heathonish yelling,
Aud groans, as they stand or fall;
Oh, no, it's not strikers rebelling
Simply a cano-rush that's all.
Oh, 'tis now the politician
Lays away his sleek, silk hat
No longer wears his broadcloth suit,
CuiTs, collar, or cravat.
He now puts on old overalls,
Stiff boots, aud dirty coat,
And walks to rural settlements
To work tho farmer vote.
Go, call a coach and let a coach be called,
Aud let tho man who calleth be the caller,
And in his calling let him nothing call
But coach ! coaoh ! coach ! oh, for a coach, yo gods !
When Whittler.sweet singer, died a few weeks ago
And his s.iul to heaven was hurled,
Each frloud that passed by, said to us with a sigh,
He died poor in the goods of this world.
When Sullivan and Corbet t fought a fow weeks ago
Three nations praised tho lighters so bold.
And the papers still ling with "Corbott tho King,"
Who received llfty thousand In gold.
,y .
nun rraxju.'