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Since 1901
Editor: Sarah Baker
Opinion Page Editor Jake Glazesld
Managing Editor Bradtey Davis
'Minor7 issue?
Regent Miller's comments
about race could hurt NU
In a state where it’s sometimes hard to con
vince minorities they're valued, comments like
the ones from NU Regent Drew Miller certainly
don't help extend the welcome mat
Millet ataSatuiday Board ofRegents meeting
in Kearney, asserted recruiting minorities to die
university could hurt its academic reputation.
7hose people, he said, typically score lower on
standardized tests, which could drag down the
test average of the entire university system
Come on. Comments like that are out of place
in this day-and-age.
Especially when the university has been
under increasing pressure from the Legislature
in recentyears to bolster its minority enrollment
In fact, the Legislature, in 1997, required NU
by2002 to reach the midpoint of its peer institu
tions in terms of hiring women and minorities.
Certainly Miller’s views work against goals the
Legislature has charged the university with
What's more, Miller made the insensitive
comments in response to University of Nebraska
at Kearney Chancellor Gladys Styles Johnston’s
suggestion NU include stepped up minority
recruitment in its plan to boost total enrollment
Johnston is black. Is she dragging down the
university system? We would hedge a guess she’s
Unfortunately, views like Miller’s are what
drag down the university system.
Well give Miller the benefit of the doubt and
guess he didn’t mean to say something overtly
If one looks at mere facts and figures, one
might come to the same conclusion Miller did:
Minorities traditionally do score lower on stan
dardized tests than their non-minority counter
But that conclusion begs a critical analysis.
Sociological and statistical studies have indicat
ed standardized tests often include a bias against
minorities’ experiences.
In other words, if you come from a disadvan
taged or “different” background, you might not
have exposure to certain questions asked on
standardized tests, which are typically written
from a white point-of-view.
Because you were bom into a certain socio
economic status, does that mean you shouldn't
have the chance to study at the University of
Certainly not
While the university must be mindful of
measurements used to determine its academic
reputation, its administrators also must look at
the entire picture: A public institution of higher
learning is about more than simple statistical
information. It’s about exemplifying values and
ideals that are pillars of a just and good society.
Comments that are insensitive, at best, and
racist, at worst, are certainly not part of the ideals
a leader of a public university should espouse.
Neither the Legislature nor the university
aims to diversify NU campuses just for appear
ances. Instead, minorities should be recryited
because they’re a valuable - and often scarce, in
this state-resource. Seeing someone who does
n't look like you can help you leam a great deal
a fact not lost on most administrators and law
We call on Miller to explain himselL Perhaps
this newspaper and a good number of con
cerned citizens took his comments the wrong
In any event, Miller should apologize. For
whether his comments were overtly racist or
amply misunderstood, they were most certainly
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Sarah Baker, Jeff Bloom, Bradtey Davis, Jake Glazeski,
Matthew Hansen, Samuel McKewon, Kimberly Sweet
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Letters to the editor
Moan s done his homework
At the outset of the elections, I decided to put
more than just good intentions behind my issues.
Good intentions fill the hearts of most presidential
candidates, but draft translate into results.
Now, with the presidential pot narrowed to two,
my decision means nothing except who I cast a vote
for cm Thesday.
Both candidates have qualifying credentials, sup
porters who vouch for the competency of the candi
date and an attitude of inclusiveness. So who’s the
One to vote for?
The Score! party has run a campaign that speaks
to the talent of its leaders. But in the end, I didn't hear
those traits backing up the party’s platform goals.
The grandfather tuition clause first meant frozen
tuition. Then it meant thatASUN would generate new
solutions for tuition increases. Then it meant students
would get a tuition increase in increments.
toother words, the “grandfather tuition clause” is
nothing more thanapooriy spun lie to get your vote.
So, phis zero for ScoreL
The No Bull party has told students that our e
mail and Dead Wfeek policy sucks. Tm afraid the Dead
W3ek revolution will result in something worse.
But I can respect what I’ve heard from the No Bull
party throughout I’ve heard solutions that resulted
from speaking with administration in control of both
our e-mail and Dead Week. They’ve die necessary
research behind their issues. Phis one for No BulL
It’s a dose call, but only One party has more than
just good intentions. And only Ctoe party hasn't lied to
you. Vote for the One that has done some homework
on his issues: Mixan.
The One Party presidential candidate
Sane! would bring dtaaty
Today, ASUN elections go into their second
rounct tne an too taminar run-on etecnon. btuaenis
have an important choice between two distinctly dif
ferent candidates.
One candidate has passion for students, the other
a passion for maintaining the “status qua" One has an
open mind, the other a deaf ear
Let me be dear Nathan Fuerst is, withoutadoubt,
the best candidate for student body president.
Andy Mixan and the No Bull party stand for most
of what NUForce fought against the status quo and
the maintenance of the same powerful elite in UNL
student government
NUForce brought new people into the process of
student government Andy Mixan win undo this work
single-handedly if elected. Mixan is not a bad person;
rather, he’s unaware of the broad range of student
needs on this campus. He doesn’t seem to reflect a
desire to gather knowledge about students who are
different from himself
Nathan has taken steps to become an aware stu
dent leader who wUl passionately try to represent aU
students, not just an elite few.
As recentASUN presidential and first vice-presi
dential candidates, we believe we have an obligation
to our supporters and the general student body to
step aside and offer our endorsement of one of the
remaining presidential candidates.
We wholly offer that endorsement to Nathan
Fuerst and Jessica Lopez. We need executive leader
ship that cares about students. The Score! candidates
are the only candidates who offer this.
Angela dements
history and political science
NUForce presidential candidate
Erick Kmyungu
NUForce first-vice presidential candidate
The fabric of our vaginas
What is the first thing you
do when you get two e-mails
about tampons and your per
sonal safety?
Well, you pull the plug.
After that, I guess you
should leave the room and
Meed somewhere in privacy,
uoitss, ui ujuim;, yuu Miupiy
don't mind being a medieval
Now, I’m not bashing
medieval women; I just want
ed to provide an exquisite fell person when the issuesl
speak of deal with dirtiness and unruly ways. What else
are stereotypes about medieval women for?
So I got mo exciting e-mails this weekend as I was
saying They consisted of basically the same informa
tion. Basically.
At first, I dkint really care to lode for the difference
between the two e-mails even though, for some odd
reason, Idid read them both. The differences would be
subtle anyway, I told myself. little did I know my life
could depend on it Allow me to explain.
The e-mails were, of course, forwarded by some
one who cares about me and wants to pass on the
scary story because they love me. Gush. They cared
enough to send the two versions of die circulated
“Tampon Scare"-my title for the paranoid literature.
The first version detailed a study by a woman,
Karen Couppert, who is getting her Ph.D. at the
University of Colorado at Boulder
Couppert tells her e-mail recipients that tampons
are dangerous not only for Toxic Shock Syndrome, but
also because they contain two items that could be
potentially harmful: Rayon (for absorbency) and diox
in (a chemical usedmbteachmg the products).
Dioxin is potentially carcinogenic (as is every other
thing inserted into vaginas) and has been linked to
endometriosis and lowsr sperm counts for men and it
breaks down the immune system.
Of course, if there wasn't a potential harmful side
effect for men, only half the population would care.
Now with men involved, the issue would be heard.
Couppert then mentions a snippet from an
Environmental Protection Agency report to give her
findings a bit more dout.
In the second version I received on my e-mail
account, there wereafew paragraphs that the first ver
sion had not been stained with. I wanted to know why
they weren't both the same. When vaginas are at stake,
I want the full dog!
Read that however you will; I simply mean that all
the info about tampons should nofbe kept from me or
any other bleeding female now or ever again!
The second e-mail added this summed up warn
ing that the first one lacked: Have you heard that tam
pon makers include asbestos in tampons? Is it any
wonder that so many women in the world suffer from
cervical cancer and womb tumors? Why do this?
Because asbestos makes you bleed mote; if you bleed
more, you’re going to need more tampons!
Now, I’m not really one for “finding the facts.” I've
never bothered to look into the root of “facts" that
seem to be urban legends, rumors and hoaxes-I just
don't want to know
But today was different. I wanted to know if there
was a correlation between my extended blood flow in
past years and the daim to the insertion of asbestos.
Also, I wanted to know if there would be a correla
tion between women who have stood up against hav
ing to put cotton objects in their vaginas and divorce,
but that was to come later.
I went to a Web site,, to
find the scoop on the “Tampon Soue" and found more
than I bargained far (two sheep and a donkey). First of
all I didrit know that such a Web site existed, and sec
ond, I didn't know that I possessed all the signs that
indicatedlshouki have found this Web siteatang time
As a person who gets many e-mails and believes
every word they say, I realized that I suffer from 1)
naive credulity, 2) a potential for deception, and 3) 1
am especially vulnerable to misinformation. Thist me,
Jack, I can handle the truth. Especially when it's true.
The aforementioned Web site stated the obvious:
“We do know that spontaneous alterations of the texts
erf forwarded e-mails are common; in fact, they're the
rule rather than the exception."
This is exactly what happened whenlreceived two
slightly different emails. The first actually wasn't that
inaccurate, as this sight suggests. The debate over
Dioxin still exists, and the representation by Couppert
may or may not have been accurate; however, the sight
says dial in no way is asbestos found in tampons.
This is your time to choose who to believe or not,
so check out the sight and other surrounding sights on
your own. A good place to start would be where this e
mail excerpt originated in the first place - bdsm, then, dick onTbxic Shock.
Since I’m on this objective stance kick, I might as
well mention that die Web site about myth bashing
could also be a hoax. There are misspelled words and
the name of the Ph.D on the Web site is spelled
Houppert, not Couppert Credible? Maybe.
As someone who usually likes to take great opposi
tion to corporations, I actually decided to look up
some background info in lieu of immediately pointing
my finger at fag business bullies.
No matter who is right or wrong, I think that die
problem lies notwithin chemicals that are harmful for
the body, but within this patriarchal misogynistic soci
ety. If men didn’t want us to hide our womanly
essence, we wouldn't have to wear tampons in the first
I think HI start an e-mail.
Dave did it,
not his band
I felt the cold
steel in my hand
as I pulled the
gun from his
He started
mumbling about
how he didn't
want 10 go on
anymore. 1
brought him
inside to calm him down.
I made some warm tea.
I asked him why he felt life was
unlivable. He handed me die CD, and I
nodded empatheticalty.
It was the music that had rocked
college campuses across this country
to its very foundations. A firestorm of
controversy was unleashed about it,
and everyone who has listened to it has
a strong opinion on it
It's either loved or hated, there’s no
in-between. Of course, the CD the man
had was “Everyday," the new Dave
Matthews Band release.
He asked if I’d heard it yet I said I’d
only heard the first single, “I Did It." I
told him I hadn’t been a big fan of DMB
in the past Sure, I admitted it was real
ly just petty jealousy that fueled my dis
like of his band. I couldn't get over the
way girls I knew adored Dave and die
way guys I knew liked Dave a little too
much. I think all of us have known one
or two completely straight men that
would have had sex with Dave out of
I couldn't relate.
But I did tell
him I thought the
new video was
great, and I was
curious to hear
exacdy what Dave
“did." He put the
album in, and I lis
tened to it with a
completely open
After the first
few songs, I could
see why the album
has been the num
ber one topic of dis
cussion from every
greek house to
every stoner hang
What you're
hearing on
is a Dave
solo album
ng as a
It's different, that's for sure.
After half the album, I couldn't take
it anymore. I’d rather have cigarettes
put out on my genitals for a week than
sit through it again.
It doesn’t just suck.
It really sudcs.
You heard me. I look at Dave
Matthews now and see a modern-day
Huey Lewis. The songs are nothing but
pop drivel. If you enjoy the music on
that disc, you have no soul
Do you think I've gone too far? Well
let’s look at the making of the album for
a second. They started recording in
Virginia in January of2000. The album
was scheduled to come out last sum
mar. The most recent tour was intend
ed to promote the new album. It was
recorded and went so far that a track
listing was posted on the Internet. But
it was never released.
What happened?
The record company didn’t hear
the next "Tripping Billies" or anything
resembling it It was a little too dark for
their liking, so it was postponed. Dave
was flown to Los Angeles to work with
Glen Ballard, the man who has pro
duced hits for Alanis Morrisette,
Aerosmith and others. Dave worked
alone with Glen and came up with
entirely new material in a flourish of
Then the rest of the band was flown
out to listen to the new work. The work
that came from those sessions is the
new album. So the band, which was
what was great about early DMB work,
was reduced to nothing more than a
studio band with no input or creativity
into the music.
If I wanted mat i d listen to KicKy
Martin. What you’re hearing on
"Everyday” is a Dave Matthews solo
album masquerading as a Dave
Matthews Band project
Before 1 wiped my ass with it, I
noticed that the cover of the CD is a
picture of the band. All their previous
albums had no picture on the front,
and they felt even pictures on the
inside of the CD booklet detracted
from the music. Now it's them on the
And I have a theory as to why.
The song “The Space Between” is
sure to be a single, and probably the
next one. This will be huge at all proms
and graduations, and mindless young
boys and girls will have a lot of dispos
able income. Wanting to appear cool,
and older, they will flock to the record
store with money burning a hole in
their pockets.
How will they know what to buy?
Well Dave Matthews’ picture is on the
cover of die CD, making it easy to iden
Did Dave sell out? It’s not that sim
ple. When you get to die level of success
they got to, it’s impossible to "sell out”
But he caved in to the record company.
Guilty as charged.