The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 02, 2001, Page 3, Image 3

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    Proposed bill aims to contract
private, state prisons
The Judiciary Committee
heard testimony on a bill
Thursday that would force pri
vate prisons to adhere to the
same regulations as state pris
LB571, introduced by Sen.
DiAnna Schimek of Lincoln, out
lines how the private prisons
would contract with the
Department of Corrections.
Some fear that private prison
owners would ship inmates from
prisons they own in other states
to Nebraska.
Senator aims to join public,
decertification hearings
Sen. Ernie Chambers wants
to break open some closed
doors. His bill, LB14, would let
the public into now-private
hearings held to decertify state
York attorney Vincent
Valentino, who has defended a
trooper in a decertification hear
ing, said unhitching the hearing
room’s lock was a bad idea.
“It's unfair and misguided,”
he said.
Issuing wetland permits may
be at hands of state
On the heels of a Supreme
Court decision banning the fed
eral government from issuing
permits to drain wetlands, the
Natural Resources Committee
heard testimony on a bill aimed
at giving the state the federal
government's old job.
LB628, introduced by Sen.
Chris Beutler of Lincoln, would
force landowners to file for state
permits before they drain or fill
isolated wetlands.
The federal government
used to run a similar program
before the court decision.
More homeowners with ill
nesses may get homestead
Currently, people older than
age 65. veterans and widows can
get homestead exemptions that
lower their property taxes. s
Sen. Ray Aguilar of Grand
Island and Sen. Adrian Smith of
Gering tried to add a few more to
people to the group protected by
homestead exemptions.
Aguilar’s bill would grant
exemptions to homeowners
with illness who run up medical
bills in excess of $10,000 or more
than 50 percent of their adjusted
Smith's bill would extend the
same benefits to people with
severe heart conditions.
Compiled by George Green
The Associated Press con
tributed to this report
Lincoln streets plagued by
pseudo police officer
A man impersonating a
Lincoln police officer could be
stopping unsuspecting Lincoln
Lincoln Police Officer
Katherine Finnell said a woman
reported she was stopped by a
man who looked like a police
officer on 27th and N streets at
about 9:45 a.m. on Monday.
Finnell said the 44-year-old
woman said she saw lights
behind her and pulled over.
The woman said the man
was in an unmarked white sedan
that had white and blue lights
mounted on top, Finnell said.
The woman described the
pseudo-officer as a white male in
his 20s, about 5-feet-10 inches
tall with a stocky build, short
brown hair and a thin mustache,
Finnell said.
The woman told officers the
man wore an unmarked dark
blue shirt with a silver badge and
name tag possibly bearing the
name “Arden” on the left side of
his shirt, Finnell said.
Finnell said the man also had
a dark hat with a dark bill and sil
ver band.
The woman said the man
stopped her for her cracked
windshield and asked her if she
knew it was cracked, Finnell said.
The man then asked to see
her license and registration,
Finnell said.
The woman was suspicious
when he asked her several ques
tions regarding the owner of the
car and if he would find anything
if he searched the car, Finnell
The man gave the woman’s
information back and sent her
on her way, Finnell said.
FinneU said the man was not
a Lincoln police officer.
One injured, two jailed after
dispute between roommates
A fight between two room
mates ended with a citation and
both in jail.
Officers were alerted to a dis
turbance at an apartment com
plex hallway between Bridgett
Mann, 30, and her roommate,
Jerry Murray, 30, at 1626 D. St at
about 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday,
Finnell said.
Witnesses saw Murray chase
Mann down the hall, scream
obscenities at her and tell her to
get out of his way, Finnell said.
Murray and Mann were
arguing all day, Finnell said.
Finnell said Mann picked up
a knife with a six-inch blade and
stabbed Murray in his abdomen.
Murray was treated for stab
wounds at Bryan LGH West and
was cited for domestic assault
because he hit Mann with a belt.
He was then taken to Lancaster
County Jail for outstanding war
Mann was cited for second
degree assault and also taken to
Lincoln man arrested for
sexual assault charge
A friend of a runaway is now
charged with sexual assault.
Deputy Sheriff Bill Jarrett
said Delos Pumel, 20, was
charged with first degree sexual
assault on a 12-year-old girl
Wednesday after an assault on
Pumel was a distant friend of
the girl who had called him for a
ride after she skipped school all
day, Jarret said.
Jarret said Pumel gave the girl
and a friend a ride to his house
where the initial assault was
Officers found nut about the
assault while interviewing the
girl about why she ran away.
The girl’s friend was also a
witness to some of the assault,
Jarret said.
Jarret said officers inter
viewed Delos in his home
Wednesday and then took him to
the station where he was arrest
Compiled by Jill Conner
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