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    Spade show may lose money
SPADE from pagel
The public can buy tickets
through TlcketMaster for $16.75
by calling (402) 475-1212.
Jill Braband, ASUN
Homecoming Committee co
chairwoman, said the ticket price
is the lowest that could be
charged to allow the sponsors to
make money or at least break
“We would have loved to have
the event be free, but we couldn't
because he is a pricier person to
bring in.” she said.
“The price we based the tick
ets on was the lowest cost for stu
dents and the public that will
hopefully allow us to break even.”
Marlene Beyke, director of
development for student govern
ment, said a well-known per
former like David Spade is what
students have been asking for.
“Of course it's a lofty goal, but
we think students are wanting
major entertainment in
Nebraska,” she said. “So we’re
looking for them to attend the
Posters, local television,
newspapers and radio have car
ried advertisements, Beyke said.
Wills said because student
response to the tickets has been
paltry, advertising will be concen
trated off-campus at local high
schools, restaurants and bars.
Braband said even though
there are a lot of tickets left, she
thinks that everything will work
“I’m optimistic because of
student interest,” she said. “There
“Of course it’s a lofty
goal, but we think
students are wanting
major entertainment
in Nebraska. ”
Marlene Beyke
ASUN director of development
has been publicity. I think the
word will spread.”
If advertising does not help
ticket sales, ASUN has a contin
gency fund in its Homecoming
Beyke would not comment on
whether the fund could cover any
loss from the event.
Osborne dismayed by George article
OSBORNE from page 1
The article painted Hastings
and Nebraska as poor and strug
gling, when in fact the commu
nities are doing quite well, he
Nebraska Republican party
members agree that Osborne
was misled by Platt and unfairly
portrayed in his article.
Ben Kiser, executive director
for the Nebraska Republican
Party, said he didn’t read the
article but said it sounded
Nebraskans in the 3rd
District know Osborne is hon
est, and he receives incredible
support, Kiser said.
“Nebraskans find him to be
honorable and a man of integri
ty,” he said.
Loyal Republicans are not
the only people backing
Osborne regarding the article.
Anne Boyle, chairwoman of
the Nebraska Democratic Party,
said the article did not accurate
ly portray Osborne.
Despite partisan differ
ences, Boyle said, she believes
Osborne is a father figure to
many Nebraskans.
"He truly cares about the
young people he works with,”
she said.
Beyond the controversy,
Osborne said getting misrepre
sented is sometimes just part of
being under the public spot
“You take your hits when
there is no way to duck,” he said.
Scott McClurg/DN
Lincoln police officers work on reports while a Lincoln firefighter puts away backboards after one of the two victims was pro
nounced dead Thursday.
Burger King accident kills 1
CRASH from page 1
police cleared the wreckage.
Lincoln Police Capt. A1
Soukup said police were unable
to determine what caused the
dump truck’s driver to lose con
No damage estimates were
available Thursday, though both
the Buick and the Honda were
Firefighters also had to con
tend with a sizable diesel-fuel
spill from the truck.
The dump truck was esti
mated to weigh 10 tons when
empty and as much as 25 tons
when loaded.
Company officials told The
Associated Press the truck was
loaded with dirt from a con
struction site at the time of the
Yugoslav students
warn newest leaders
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -
Now that Slobodan Milosevic
has been ousted, the youthful
activists who were the soul of the
pro-democracy movement that
swept him away have a message
to Yugoslavia’s new leaders:
“We’re watching you.”
That is hardly an idle threat,
coming from a student move
ment which Milosevic’s loyalists
were never able to subdue
despite often-severe repression.
“Milosevic’s removal was just
the first step,” explains 23-year
old Teodora Smiljkovic. “The job
that still lies ahead is great.
People’s minds need to change.”
Otpor, which means “resist
ance” in Serbian, knows the
price of struggling for its beliefs.
More than any other group,
Otpor activists took the brunt of
the regime’s repression in the
pro-democracy movement that
led to Milosevic’s defeat in Sept
24 elections.
About 9,600 Otpor activists
have been arrested by police in
the past year, spending some
26,000 hours in jail.
Many of them were beaten.
When Sept. 24 elections were
scheduled, Otpor launched a
campaign to encourage Serbs to
vote against Milosevic, telling
them, “He is finished.” The
phrase became the motto of the
pro-democracy movement
“We have become the heart
and soul of the Serbian people,”
said one leader, Pedja Lecic.
Lecic has a point: Thousands of
people have flocked to group’s
offices after police returned two
tons of the group’s prized mem
orabilia. Even the police pilfered
some of the items, returning
only 32 of the 600 T-shirts seized
in pre-election raids.
Otpor's clenched fist symbol
can be seen on buildings, signs
and shop windows everywhere.
Though it had thousands of
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members, Otpor’s strength lay in
its reach: The loose-knit organi
zation had chapters even in the
tiniest villages around the coun
Otpor gained attention with
colorful publicity stunts intend
ed to make ordinary people
reconsider longtime political
beliefs. They inspired optimism
in a nation almost without hope
for its future.
The group, which once
erected a giant cardboard tele
scope in Belgrade to let people
watch the falling star "Slobotea”
and offered people a chance to
punch a Milosevic effigy for a
penny, says it won’t give up its
antics and wants to make sure
the new government stays on
we are warning those who
came where the communists
used to be, to rule honorably,”
Lecic sid. “The whole system has
to change.”
First on their agenda is a
reform of Belgrade University,
Yugoslavia’s premier institution
of higher learning, which was
virtually purged of professors
who didn’t support the old
Otpor plans to file criminal
charges against Milosevic and
other officials who tried to rig
last month’s elections. A lawyer
will take up residence in Otpor’s
Belgrade offices to take evidence
and testimonies from ordinary
people on corruption and crime.
At the same time, Otpor is
preparing an action dubbed
"Resistance bulldozer” - a refer
ence to the Oct. 5 uprising when
the demonstrators stormed
state institutions on a bulldozer,
and took over power.
gives space,
INCUBATOR from page 1
mistakes of others, Henderson
“The Technology
Development Center creates a
win-win situation for the uni
versity”, Frayser said.
The goal of the center is to
assist new technology compa
nies and in turn strengthen the
economy and provide greater
opportunities for Nebraskans.
The center can help retain
faculty and give students
employment opportunities,
Frayser said.
“Faculty are less likely to
leave the state if they have a
business here,” he said.
“When a student graduates
we want them to know there is a
tech park and employment
opportunities in Lincoln,”
Henderson said. “Hopefully we
can keep them here instead of
having them leave for Denver or
Full corn recall may be impossible
WASHINGTON - Genetically
engineered corn linked to a
nationwide recall of taco shells
may have spread further than
expected into the human food
supply. The grain's developer said
Thursday it was uncertain of ever
retrieving the entire crop.
The com was not approved for
human consumption but some of
it was mixed with other grains and
sold to food processors.
About 9 million bushels, or
about 10 percent of this year’s
crop, have not been accounted
for, said officials with Aventis
CropScience, which developed
the grain.
"Obviously, we're going to do
everything we can to try and track
it down. With 100 percent
absolute certainty it’s hard to
know” whether the missing com
will be found, Aventis spokesman
Rick Rountree said.
The com, known as Star Link,
was approved only for animal feed
or industrial uses because scien
tists were unsure about its poten
tial to cause allergic reactions.
Federal officials say the health risk
is remote.
“The vast majority of this com
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is controlled,” said Susan McAvoy,
a spokeswoman for the
Agriculture Department; “We’re
working with Aventis and vigor
ously attempting to locate the
Aventis has canceled its gov
ernment license to market the
crop and agreed to reimburse the
Agriculture Department for the
cost of buying up all of this year’s
The com found in taco shells
was traced to a single mill in Texas.
Aventis has since tracked StarLink
to a variety of locations.
Among the com products in
grocery stores are taco shells, com
chips, and breakfast cereals.
Aventis' inability to track the
com has left food processors up in
the air, said Gene Grabowski, a
spokesman for the Grocery
Manufacturers of America.
"Everyone understands that con
sumer sensitivity on this issue is
highly important even if there is
no evidence of harm," he said.
Mills nationwide have started
testing both incoming com and
unshipped flour for signs of
Starlink, said Betsy Faga, presi
dent of the North American
Millers Association. She was
unaware of any positive tests.
Archer Daniels Midland Co., a
leading grain handler and proces
sor, started testing deliveries at its
elevators a week ago and has
turned away “a handful of trucks
out of hundreds,” said company
spokesman Larry Cunningham.
Aventis was required by the
Environmental Protection Agency
to make sure that farmers did not
sell the corn for food use.
Company officials now acknowl
edge that some farmers either
were not told of the restriction or
forgot about it
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